Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(fff/m) Experiments: Part 1

So, to start this new blog off with a bang, I thought I'd post my most recent story series, "Experiements", which stars Jay, Sasha, Val and Lucy. Four college sophomores who develop a taste for ball busting. I tried to make this series have a little for everyone: ball busters/poppers, cutters, foot-fetishists, S&M'ers, etc. The cutting scene was a first for me. Anywho, please enjoy,


Jay was just like every other college kid - horney, sociable, energetic and distracted. He was also extremely lucky, because unlike many college students, his deepest fantasies were to come true, in his second year – to have his balls placed at the mercy of not just one, but three gorgeous girls who lived on the third floor of his dorm. Since he’d reached puberty, he’d had a secret desire to have his nuts busted, and by the good fortune of fate, his wish was granted. Here’s his story:

Jay met Lucy, Sasha and Valery in the dining commons about two weeks after the term started. Lucy was a gorgeous girl with long, black curly hair and an ass that just wouldn’t stop. Sasha was a seductive red-head with silky white skin and a sweet smile. And Valery was a distracted, tom-boy of a dirty blond who Jay later learned like the punk scene.

Being a bit on the shy side, he only struck up a conversation because they happen to sit down right beside him, and started talking about how dry the chicken patty sandwiches were in these dorms. Jay completely agreed, and said so. The conversation then went on to dissect the other lackluster food options, and by the end, the three girls invited Jay up to their dorm room the following day, just to hang out.

Jay was so excited that he rushed back to his room and jammed himself in the closet so he could jerk off in private. He liked all three, but that redhead Sasha was a sex–on-legs, and his spooge ran all over his hand as he envisioned being at her mercy. This was too good to be true, and it was only two weeks into the semester!

Now, Jay was not at all bad looking (brown hair, hazel eyes, medium build, moderately athletic, smooth skin) but he was, as I mentioned, a trifle shy. So, he was somewhat hesitant when he knocked on their door the next day, actually hoping they’d be at class. For better or worse they were there, and after the exchange of pleasantries and personal biographies, they got to talking – the way people do at college.

The four of them covered all kinds of topics; philosophy, art, science, culture. And it was apparent that Jay fit right in with the female trio. He began to visit every day, in between classes and meals, and ended of spending very little time with his own two roomies.

After a few weeks, the girls came to see him as their collective “boy”, and things began to progress in an odd way. One evening they were talking about weird stuff that they’d heard stories of, and Jay related a story that his roommate’s best-friend’s frat brother had told him: that a really common initiation rite of the Sigma Chi’s was to stand at attention, legs spread, while the senior members kicked the initiates in the balls.

“Heh,” chuckled Valery. “I don’t believe it. No guy’s stupid enough to trust his nuts to idiot frat guys who are drunk off their asses.”

“I dunno,” replied Sasha. “I heard the Phi Omegas cum on a cracker and the last one standing has to eat it. If they can do that, anything’s possible.”

“Ewwww,” said Lucy, making a squinchy face. “That’s so icky. What disgusting perverts.”

Valery rejected the notion. “It’s just not possible for men to let themselves get hit in the nuts. My physiology text book said guys have a natural reflex to block it.” All three of them looked at Jay, since he was the only boy, for a definitive answer..

“Yeah, we do” he said with a sudden burst of bravado. ”But we can resist it if we want to.” He decided to put some swagger behind his attitude. “Want me to show y’all how it’s done?” Jay said in a fake Texas drawl, grinning at all of them.

The girls paused, not knowing what to say or do. But then Val, who actually would like to see if it was true or not, chuckled and said “Ok. Stand up and we’ll test it out. It’ll be an experiment.”

Jay got up and stood in front of them, dramatically spreading his legs shoulder-width, and letting them see that he wasn’t nervous (although actually he was but his excitement helped suppress it). He also made a big show of putting his hands behind his back. This was his chance to show them what he was made of!

“Ok.” He said, looking at them.

“Do you want to take an aspirin, or something, to kill the pain?” asked Lucy

“Don’t be dumb,” said Val, “We haven’t kicked him yet.”

“What if he screams when we kick him?” Sasha looked concerned.

“Hmm. Good idea. He needs to be biting on something when it happens” Val looked around. The only thing she saw was an unused tampon. Perfect!

Val grabbed the tampon and said, “Open wide, Jay.”

Jay was happy to comply. And so there he was - in his sweat pants, tennis shoes, a hoodie and a white shirt, ready to take several punts to the nuts.

The three girls had a short huddle to figure out who would go first, and then lined up in front of him. ‘Thank god. It’s Sasha first,’ thought Jay; in her loose white off the shoulder tee-shirt, bra strap showing, and tight jeans, ‘Man she looks gorgeous’, he gushed to himself. Jay wanted her to kick him first, while his nuts were still fresh.

“Ready?” asked Sasha.

“mmphhmmm” said Jay, nodding with a mouth full of cotton padding.

“Ok. Here goes.” Sasha quickly brought her leg up into his crotch and was rewarded with a satisfying thump. Jay coughed, but didn’t otherwise move. Sasha was please and gave him a great big smile.

Then Lucy stepped up deliver a nice, solid kick between his legs. The beautiful arch of her shapely foot connected perfectly with both nuts, and she too looked satisfied. Jay stumbled just a bit, but made sure the legs stayed open so Val could have a go.

Val, being the most aggressive of the three, had put a shoe on, and she smiled at him before she kicked. The kick brought Jay to his knees, and the Tampax fell out of his mouth.

“You O.K.?” asked Sasha.

It took a few moments for his breath to come back, but although it was painful, Jay was enjoying himself. “Yeah,” he panted. “That was wicked.” The girls let him rest, and then they all went back to studying.

Later, as they were just chatting again, Jay revealed that he’d always wanted to have his nuts busted. When the girls asked why, Jay just said, “Dunno. I guess it makes me feel like a real man. Balls Of Steel, and all that.”

“Did it hurt as much as you expected?” Lucy looked over at his crotch.

“No, actually. It gives me a sort of high afterwards. It’s weird”

“Heh. Endorphins,” said Val. “Well, you certainly were able to keep your hands out of the way.”

Jay just grinned. “We should try it out every day,” he said enthusiastically.

And so they did. The next day, it was the same, Jay standing still why they kicked him in the nuts. Then on the third day, Lucy blurted out, “It’s nut time!’, and the name just stuck. Soon every day spent together had its “nut time”. They’d get together in the girl’s room, and study, talk, play games, but what they were all really waiting for was for one of them to yell, “nut time!” and then Jay could assume the position and get his nads racked.

As they all got more and more comfortable with ball-busting action, and as Jay became accustomed to the nut-pain, they could spend more time kicking him. They would laugh and tease him while they blasted their legs into his crotch, and the girls were thrilled to have this kind of entertainment since there was little else to do in the dorms except study.

What did Jay get out of it? He got to watch their pert breasts bounce around while they kicked him or when they jumped up and down in excitement. He got to watch their flat, smooth stomachs tighten as the prepared to ruin him. And he got to watch them wiggle their sexy, manicured toes in anticipation of contact with this groin. It wasn’t long before he got an immediate erection the moment “nut time!” was yelled.

Even though he could initially control himself and not protect his nads, on the longer sessions his hands invariable went to cover his crotch. So, Jay suggested they take turns tying his hands behind his back, so that they could all enjoy an uninterrupted series of testicle attacks, and each girl produced their own favorite hardware. Lucy, whose father was a police officer, used a pair of cuffs. Sasha, being the sexy one, bought some silk rope, and bound his hands with that, and Val, ever practical, just used some telephone cord extensions they had lying around the room.

After about two weeks of nut-busting fun, for some reason Jay felt it was time to let the girls get more intimate with his crotch. When this “nut time” was called, he got off the floor, and instead of just spreading his legs, slid down his sweat pants, taking them off. He also shrugged off his shoes. Now the only thing standing between them and his nuts were his plaid boxers, and it meant that his hardon was now visible, but ‘what the heck’, he thought. The girls seemed to like both developments.

However, after a week of kicking him in his boxers, the girls started to complain that they couldn’t aim very well. The boxers were not only way too baggy, but his erection tented them, and made kicking his balls difficult, if not impossible. Where was the pleasure in kicking his nads if not to feel them squish under their feet?

“Why don’t you put on some speedo’s before you come up here,” suggested Val.

“Or some tighty-whities,” suggested Sasha.

“Ooo,” said Lucy, raising her eyebrows. “That would be sexy.”

Jay had a better idea. “How’bout I just drop them all together. Then you’d have a clear shot at my nuts.” Jay grinned at them. “If my nuts were naked, they’d be a super easy target to hit. Make a louder sound, too.” It would also let his hard cock be free to show them how much he enjoyed “nut time” - a thought he kept to himself.

“Hmmm. We’d have to lock the door from now on, but it all sounds fine to me,” reasoned Val.

“Fun, too.”

“Ooo. Our own naked nut slave,” teased Lucy.

Sasha just gazed at Jay and smiled – a smile that gave him a warm, glowing feeling inside.

So, the next day, there was Jay standing in nothing but a shirt and white socks, his legs spread wide, his hands tied behind his back and his mouth full of female juice absorber. All three girls came up and fondled him before the busting started.

“Awww, he’s got such cute balls,” said Lucy as she cupped them.

“Nice dick, man, “said Val as she stroked it and rubbed her thumb on its supple pink head.

Sasha just ran her hand down his back-side and through the crack of his ass to cup his balls from behind. Jay shivered at this.

Now they had easy access to his genitals, and nothing to stand in the way between his balls and their feet. Everyone ended up having a great time, and the endorphin high he had from these new sessions, where naked feet met naked ball flesh, was mind blowing.

This new phase also led the girls to try new attacks. Knees to his balls, open-handed slaps, punches, squeezes, and all manner of testicular percussion, giving him the pain he so obviously craved. Jay encouraged them to try it all. And, being naked also allowed for other kinds of new experiences.

Of the three, only Val had been with a guy before, and Lucy and Sasha were curious as to Jay’s natural functions as a male. After one session, they all noticed the tip of his dick becoming shiny and moist, and Jay later explained this was precum. The next day, in between busting him, the girls took turns squeezing little pearls of precum from his cock and then tasting it.

“mmm. It’s kinda salty, and little sweet,” observed Lucy as she licked her finger, and then took another drop from his faucet.

“Yeah, and it has a sort of musky smell,” said Sasha, sniffing the drop deeply like it was perfume, and then sucking it off.

“It smells like sex. That’s what sex smells like,” said Val with an air of experience.

“Hmm,” said Lucy. “We should give him something else in return,” as they squeezed more little droplets from his pulsing penis.

“I know. Why don’t we give him some milk! I know if I rub my tits enough, they leak a little.” Lucy seemed proud of her little idea.

“O.K.” said the other two girls in unison. So, they stripped off their shirts and bras and began rubbing their nipples vigorously, trying to get their mammary glands to produce baby-nectar. Jay just watched in awe and fascination.

After a lot of effort, the three girls managed to leak some, and took out the tampon long enough for Jay to lick and suck on their fingers. ‘This is heaven,’ he thought to himself. After that, he always made sure his legs were spread extra wide for their sessions, leaving them no doubt as to whom his balls belonged.

The three girls also developed their own signature ways of torturing him. Val liked to knee his dangling balls after they’d had a few rounds of kicking. Lucy liked squeezing his dick with one hand and his two nuts with the other, as hard as she could, so she could see his skin color change from pink to red and then back again. But it was Sasha’s torture method that made jay melt. She invariably went for the open handed slaps to his dangling nuts. She liked watching him jerk and twitch as she nailed his balls with her pretty little hand, and she always looked him straight in the eyes, while she did this If it weren’t for the excruciating pain, Jay would probably spontaneously cum each and every time she did this.

And Jay also developed a technique for busting his own balls. Each night, upon returning to his own room on the floor below, he would lock himself in the bathroom, or the closet, and masturbate. He found that if he squeezed and stretched his sore nuts just before and while he was cumming, it made for a deep, sweet ache that stayed with him for the rest of the night. Concurrently, a fantasy developed where he envisioned the three girls popped his nuts, either on purpose or by accident. All he could do was hope.

Outside of testicle squashing, Jay became the girls go-to chaperone, their male friend, dinner guest and confidant. The four of them were always seen together, and rarely hung out with anyone else. And it was a blissful existence they had together: eating, classes, studying, and long nut crunching sessions.

These good times continued all semester. However, as Christmas approached and final projects came due, things took an unexpected turn. One night, as the four of them sat studying, Val let out a big sigh and said, “This is SO fucked up!”

Only Sasha looked up from her book. “What’s wrong?”

Val pursed her lips. “How am I EVER going to find a suitable project for this crappy Trauma class?” she replied. (Val was a pre-med student, and along with anatomy, physiology, and chemistry classes, she was also taking a First Aid and Trauma class through the Experimental College on campus).

“What’s the requirement?” asked Jay absentmindedly as he flipped a page in his text book – Interpersonal Meanings and Monological Personas in Dialectics. Jay was rather beginning to regret being a Rhet-Comm major.

“It’s totally whack. I’ve got to find a trauma patient, document the damage to their body, and then chart the entire course of their recovery. How the hell am I supposed to do THAT? Hang around Emergency Rooms all day and ask for volunteers?” Val threw down her book in frustration.

There were several moments of silence while they all pondered the problem.

“Hmm, well, mebbe you could . . .” started Sasha/“Well, why not . . . “ began Lucy.

Before either could finish their sentence, Jay blurted out, “I could let you bust and crush my nuts, and then you can document their stages of destruction. I mean they’re only balls after all, and uhm, well . . . I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt that much.” Jay realized his subconscious had just betrayed him. All three girls were staring at him like he had celery growing out his ears.

Val chuckled. “Talk about a Freudian slip.”

Sasha looked worried. “Jay, you can’t mean it. What a horrible thought,” she exclaimed. “You’d be sterile!”’

Lucy just gasped in horrific surprise.

Trying to cover up for the exposure of his deepest fantasy, Jay smoothly said, “Naw. I’ll be fine. We just need a plan to have a car waiting to take me to the hospital. Doctors can fix anything these days. I’ll be right-as-rain. Don’t worry about it!”

It took some convincing and cajoling on his part to get all three of them to agree to his plan. He pointed out that probably never in history had such an experiment been conducted, making it a worthy contribution to science, and even though the words “eunuch” and “castration” came up as objections, Jay let his fulgent confidence overwhelm them.

So, two weeks before the end of term, Val rented a condo in the next town over, a little place called Danneville, so that the experiment could take place far from campus. The condo was only about three blocks from the county hospital, and Lucy had come up with a suitable cover story, quote: “Jay was just showing off on his skateboard, and when he skated up on a railing, slipped and fell on his balls, popping them right then and there! Can you believe it?” Jay thought it was an awesome story, especially since he wouldn’t mind actually doing that, just so the three girls could watch.

But the actual plan was developed by Sasha. She suggested that they first get him drunk (to minimize the psychological trauma he would endure) and then after several hours of brutal ball busting, Jay would willingly place his own balls on the dinging room table and let Sasha and Lucy step on them till they “squished”. Valery would naturally be documenting and taking measurements of them all the while.

On the day of “The Big Experiment”, as they called it, the four of them the hung out in Danneville, visiting shops, eating at restaurants and taking in a movie. The girls were curious if Jay was nervous about what was to come.

“Not at all,” he said with a roguish smile. “I’m excited. How many guys get to have their balls burst by three sexy girls?” Val hit him, Lucy giggle, and Sasha smiled wryly while Jay just laughed. In truth, Jay wasn’t scared, he was damn excited. As proof if this, his dick remained rock hard all day, and he seriously couldn’t wait for the festivities to begin. He was looking forward to having his manhood tested and pushed beyond its limits. His father had always encouraged him to “test his mettle against adversity,” and what could be a greater test of his manhood than this? Literally.

That night, they locked themselves into the condo, cranked up the fireplace so that Jay’s nut-sack would hang nice and loose, and let him shower and shave what little pubic hair he had. This was a special event, and he wanted to present them with a nice body to play with. Jay also dabbed a bit of cologne in his more intimate areas – ‘It’s my night,’ he thought. ‘Gotta smell my best!’ Then he put on the only clothing he was to wear that evening – two brand new white socks which he scrunched down to his ankles. They’d keep his feet warm and make his balls an inviting target for the girls.

When he came out of the bathroom, the girls admired their fine gelding volunteer, and they let him choose his binding method for the evening. Naturally he chose Sasha’s white silk cord. When he was tied up, Sasha smiled at him and shoved a used tampon (which Jay had specifically requested) into his eager mouth. She then tied it in place with a red scarf, making it a gag. Sasha looked into his eyes, and then down at his rigid dick. She smiled and slapped it playfully, giving
Jay his first taste of pain for the night.

Then the three girls gave Jay an unexpected treat. They stripped down to just their panties, which each had chosen to be extra sexy – either lace or leather, and stood with no bras, just their luscious breasts hanging free in front of Jay. Jay made an odd noise in the back of his throat that sounded like a prayer to god, his dick twitched, and then he spread his legs apart literally as far as they would go. Boy, was he ready to be kicked!

What followed was a glorious two-and-a half hours of his baby makers getting hit, squeezed, kicked and kneed. Jay was hypnotized by the jiggle bosoms that filled his pain-hazed vision. The three girls laughed and joked in amusement while he writhed in sweet pain, and his dick provided fuel to the three girls in the form of precum which they frequently harvested; little drew drops of sweetness which they not only ate but spread all over their breasts and bodies.

But this wasn’t just a sexual adventure, it was a serious experiment. The busting stopped at regular intervals so Val could take dozens of measurements of her subject’s testicles: with sharp pointy calipers (which Jay perversely kept hoping would puncture one or both of his balls), a tape measure, a small scale and her own hands. She measured their size, their weight, and their shape. She squeezed them to see how soft they’d gotten, and she pulled down on his sack as hard as she could to measure stretching distance, She also measured his level of pain.

How could she do this, since he was gagged? By smacking his balls with a closed fist until he nodded for her to stop: it was a scale of one smack being in no pain, and ten smacks indicating excruciating pain. A rather inventive way of providing Jay with further nut torture. To say that Jay was appreciative of this was an understatement. He practically pushed his testicles into her hand when it came time to test his pain level.

When Val finally determined that Jay’s two balls were reaching the point of destruction, they all agreed it was time for Lucy and Sasha to pop them. They untied Jay and let him (and his balls) rest for a while. For a half an hour he whimpered and moaned on the couch. The girls had some refreshments while they waited.

Finally Jay got up and said, “O.K. I’m ready for it. Pop these balls of mine.” Into the dinning room they all marched, and Lucy and Sasha climbed on top of the solid-oak table. Val put Jay’s gag back in, but she didn’t retie his hands. It had been agreed, at Val’s insistence, that Jay would be the one to place the girls’ feet on his nuts, thus circumventing any sticky legal considerations.
Jay stepped up to the edge of the table and pressed his thighs hard against it. Then he squatted until his whole nut-sack lay flush the hard wooden surface. He pushed his testicles out in opposite directions, as far as they would go, so that there’d be plenty of space for the girls’ feet to be side-by-side. When he felt his nuts were ideally placed for easy popping, he beckoned them to step close.

Sasha and Lucy put their two feet, their best two feet, forward, and Jay stared lovingly at those feet. He reached out with one hand each, and caressed them, stroking the soft skin, smooth arches, and sexy pedicures. He then looked up into the two girls’ eyes, and when he saw that he had their full attention, he placed each of the feet on a testicle. This was the moment! And he was totally ready for it.

The girls were amazed at the sense of power they had now, a man’s whole life under their insteps, and both rolled his balls around to get a sense of a testicle’s unique shape. To Lucy, his man-egg felt like a small little rubber ball or a bug of some kind. To Sasha it felt like leeche nut, soft and slippery. In any even, neither had the impression it was going to be very difficult to pop them.

Val, meanwhile, started to stroke Jay’s cock. For what he was doing for them he deserved at least a handjob, and it was something for her to do while she watched. It wasn’t going to require any lube since his dick was dribbling copious amounts of precum, and that suited Val just fine since she hadn’t brought any lube anyway.

Lucy and Sasha started to rub their areolas in pleasure, and started moaning, and Jay wasn’t even looking at his nuts, he was watching them. They began to bare down on his balls, and the two nuggets of maleness began to bulge out from the under their dainty feet. Jay could feel his nuts being flattened and warped, and he began to hyperventilate with excitement. As she watched, Val could also see the progress Lucy and Sasha were making, as Jay’s nutmeat squished out from between their toes. This was so exciting!

More and more they placed their weight on his baby-makers, and Jay became lost in his own world of pain and anticipation of the final moment. His eyes close and he threw his head back, groaning deep in the back of his throat.

“Get ready!” shouted Sasha, “I think mine’s gonna blow.”

“Mine too!” exclaimed Lucy.

Just when they’d reached the orgasm point (the first in their lives), there were two loud “squicks” as Jay’s cahones gave way under their body weight. At the same time, Jay’s cock erupted with a volley of sticky cum which coated both girl’s “busting” feet. Jay then passed out and Val had to catch him to keep him standing, lest his ball-sack be ripped from his body. Sasha and Lucy were still both in the throws of their orgasms, the remains of his balls squirting around under their feet as they shuddered in abject pleasure. What a party!

When the waves of pleasure stopped, the two girls stepped off his manhood and Val guided Jay onto his back. Then she said, “Hold still!” and licked Jay’s cum off of her friend’s feet, rather slowly and thoroughly despite precious time ticking away for saving Jay’s nuts. ‘Why waste a towel,’ thought Val as she serviced between their toes. Sasha thought to herself that it was Val’s consolation prize for not getting to burst something.

Then Val turned her attentions to their broken volunteer. Val measured, weighed, squeezed, stretched and documented his now swollen, mushy balls. Then, it was off to the hospital (after they’d dressed him, of course).

Like Jay had predicted, both of his nuts were able to be saved, and he made a complete recovery in less than a month.

Val naturally got an A+ for her “very informative and pioneering research into a most unusual subject,” and the three girls were happy about this, but not Jay. He was ecstatic. The thought that he have given up his nuts for scientific progress, and was now in the history books, was elating and he actually wished he could do it all over again.

After Christmas vacation, it was back to the usual routine - Jay was only too pleased to get naked almost the moment he entered their dorm room and get tied up so the girls could spend almost all their free time together pasting his fully healed nuts and splattering them all over his pelvis.

On a cold winter night, some months later, as they were all sitting around, reading again (Jay was sitting on the floor in only socks and a shirt), Val suddenly groaned loudly.

“Oh, no! Not again,” she said.

“What is it this time?” asked Sasha, distractedly.

“It’s this anatomy class. That bastard professor wants us to perform and tape a live vivisection of some poor male animal’s reproductive system. I’m not gonna do it! I fucking hate cruelty to animals, and it says here it’s got to be a male ‘mammal’. That’s even worse!”

There was complete dead silence for about a minute until . . .

Jay made a little cough to get his ladies’ attention. He smiled at them, and then simply spread his socked legs apart, so that his package was on full display. His two hands pointed down in a V to indicate that there was a perfectly good set of mammalian genitals right in front of them, fully available for dissection.

“Hmmm,” said Val looking over at his crotch. “That gives me an idea for another experiment,” she said, with a smirk.

“Me too!” said Lucy, and Sasha together, both of them laughing at the thought of ruining Jay’s livelihood again.

And Jay? Well, he was wearing the biggest grin he’d ever had in his life. ‘That scalpel is gonna feel damn good cutting into my balls,’ he thought as they crowded around him to handle his cock and balls, and discuss how to best dissect them. Sasha squeezed his bigger left ball quite roughly as she insisted that it should be the first thing sliced open.

‘What a piece of heaven college is,’ sighed Jay in contentment, as he leaned back and let them decide the fate of his entire reproductive life. ‘I wonder if they’ll cut off my dickhead last,’ he mused.


  1. I love stories like this It was a nice touch when Jay removed his boxes so the ladies could hit their target better since is balls were in plain view for their pleasure. I like that although Jay offered his naked cock and balls for them, he did not expect anything in return even though they did show him their breast and let him see their panties. (I think Jay should have refused their the ladies.

    It was good that Jay literally offered his balls completely and I love the way Val said she could not be cruel to an animal saying "it’s got to be a male ‘mammal is even worse. What would be worse is doing it to a female mammal and the absolute worse would be doing it to a female human.

    The way the ladies all laughed thinking about it, we know they had no problem doing it to a human as long as it was a MALE human.

    I am sure the gals would enjoy cutting Jays balls out. Now to find a few more MALES after they removed Jay's balls and possibly his cock too.

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