Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(fff/m) Experiments: Part 2

Experiments II: The Final Experiment

The next day, and for several days after the evening when Jay had gladly offered up his cock and balls to Val’s medical career, the four of them discussed the implications of the offer. Unlike before, where Jay had to win them over to the idea of de-manning him, this time the girls were all too eager to participate. But unlike last time, there’d be no going back for his sex life. His role as a fully functioning male would end the day Lucy, Val and Sasha dissected his joy stick and fun buttons.

First came the obvious issue of children.

“You realize you won’t be able to pee like you used to,” said Val matter-of-factly. “And it also means an end to any career as a father, possibly as a husband, too.”

Sasha gave Jay a look of concern. “What if, later on in life, Jay, you decide you really want to have kids? I’m sure there would be plenty of women who would have you as a husband,“ she paused to look at him, and her eyes looked so kind when she said this. “But you may come to regret and resent us for doing this to you.”

Lucy just added, “You’d never be able to use a public locker room again, that’s for sure.”

“Heh,” laughed Jay. Jay was sitting on the floor, as usual, and as usual was mostly naked. “Don’t worry about it. These balls,” and he slapped his own testicles rather hard for emphasis, “are gonna make lots of little squirts. I’m going to freeze a batch of sperm each week. I went down to the health center the day after we decided and made my first deposit.” Jay grinned. “It’s not like people actually have to have sex anymore to get pregnant.” Then he shrugged, and went back to reading his textbook – Symbolic Consequences and Interpersonal Adaptations of Confrontational Paradigms. ‘Damn, I gotta get me a new major,’ he thought.

“True, true,” mused Val. “Isn’t that how you came about, Lucy?”

Lucy threw a pillow at Val, who in turn through a pillow at Sasha. What ensued was a pillow fight around the room. Jay joined in, but when a pillow caught him square in the nads, Lucy shouted, “NUT TIME”, and the girls then focused on Jay’s crotch instead of each other. He happily spread his legs to give them an open, easy target and laughed the whole time. Since every guy’s fantasy was seeing women have a naked pillow fight, the three girls took off their tops so their own pillows could bounce around while his balls jiggled with each impact. It was hot!

Next, there was discussion about the equipment and procedure. Sasha was adamant that it be completely safe for Jay, and Val was fully confident her uncle would help. As a surgeon and anesthesiologist, and as his special favorite niece for wanting to follow in his footsteps, she was sure he could provide everything necessary.

“Ooo,” said Lucy. “We get ta’putcha under. Val will play doctor, and I’ll play nurse.”

“Hey! No way,” contradicted Jay, heat in his voice. “I want to feel you cutting me up. That’s, like, the whole point!”

“Jay, you can’t feel everything. You’d go into shock and possibly die. We’ll at least have to give you some local anesthetic.” Sasha had a point.

“Hmmm, well O.K, but I only want enough anesthetic to blunt the pain. There’s no way in hell I’m missing this. Look at this thing,” said Jay, squeezing out his big left ball, “This baby was born to be cut open and smeared all over. I just hope we find a good home for it when it’s over.” His face fell a little at that.

Which led to their third conversation: what to do with the leftovers.

This time, Jay was tied up and the girls had taken a break in smashing their knees between his legs. Lucy was fondling his right nut and said, “Jay, after we take your stuff apart, can I keep this? As a souvenir?”

Jay smiled around the used sock that was in his mouth, and nodded “yes”.

“Hey, then I want his fat left ball,” reaching out Val to squeeze it as hard as she could.

Jay grunted assent.

Val turned to Sasha. “I guess that only leaves his cock,” she said, smiling.

Sasha reached over and gently stroked the six and half inch member. “I’ll gladly hold onto it, for you, Jay.” This time she had a roguish smile for their “boy”. Jay swooned a little, and Sasha’s smile turned to a smirk as she punched his nuts with all her might. She gave him a wink as the air blew out his nose from the impact.

While they were making mush of his marbles later that evening, Jay was mostly thinking about the disbursement of the soft parts between his legs. ‘Mebbe, they’ll let me keep my scrotum after it’s cut,’ thought Jay as one testicle was being pulled towards his ass crack, while the other was being crushed in someone’s grip, ‘I can have it turned into a change purse. Wow, I’d sure like to give it to Sasha for her birthday.’

“Hey,” he said out loud, when the session was over, “you guys can have all of my junk except my ball bag. Let me keep that, O.K.?”

“Okay,” they replied without ever looking up form their homework.

If Jay had lived in a state of excited anticipation before his nut-bursting, he now lived in a state of complete sexual arousal from morning ‘til dusk, aching to have his cock and balls split open for the girls to see. He couldn’t stop fantasizing about his testicles being pulled out of their scrotum, dangled from their long cords, and then cut open so that their reproductive contents could be squished out between the girls’ fingers. He couldn’t wait for Val to cut open his rigid dick and show Lucy and Sasha its inner workings, and then cut off his dickhead for them to play with, along with the whole penis at its base so Sasha could keep it as a souvenir.

Between themselves, the three college girls were excited too, and decided to give Jay special attention for the gift he was giving them. So, a few days later, they asked him what they could do for him, in return. Jay was thrilled. He said that all he’d ever wanted was for them to brutalize his ball bag, and so he told them he’d come up with a list of new and inventive ways to hurt him.

As an additional treat, Sasha and Val secretly ordered a special S&M sling, from an online store, and when it came, told Jay he’d have to stay out of their dorm room for a few days. Jay was naturally despondent, but they made up the excuse that they had some serious studying to do. Being handy, Val set up the sling in the right hand corner of their dinky room, while Lucy decoupaged it so it wouldn’t look like it actually was, and to fool the RA into thinking it was some kind of bizarre hanging art. This new hardware would bring “nut time” to a whole new level.

The sling hung from two solid, bolted hooks in the ceiling that Sasha guessed had been there since 1970, when hammock chairs were popular. The sling itself had a manual winch that allowed it to be raised or lowered, and its purpose was to completely secure and suspend a man’s arms, legs, head and torso, but leaving his genitals free to dangle in mid air. A perfect target for kicking, hitting, punching, smacking or perhaps . . . for even more brutal tortures.

When Jay was finally allowed back in their room he saw it, dropped to his knees, and said “THANK YOU LORD!” He loved every inch of it, pastel flowers and all, and after reverently touching it and exploring it with his fingers, stood up and gave them a huge grin. Then he pulled his package out over the top of his sweat pants and said “These are forever in your debt. I want you to know you own them. I am your slave.”

This new development was more than he could have hoped for, and in that moment, decided to wear nothing at all with the girls, so they could see he really was their servant. In about 5 seconds their nut slave was standing stark naked, eagerly awaiting their orders.

“Well, ‘slave’, where’s the list you promised us?” Val demanded playfully.

The naked Jay pulled it out of his backpack, and handed it to her.

Val ran her eye down the list. “It’s quite a list,” she said.

Jay nodded smugly. “I did a lot of research online to find the best torture methods.”

Val smirked, and then read the list to her compatriots:

“Smashing them between the open pages of a book or between two fists,

“Hanging heavy objects from them

(How are we going to do that?” asked Val.

(“Ah,” said Jay, with a smile. He reached down into his backpack and pulled out a leather ball-splitter that had a nice loop at the bottom for a hook. He handed it to Lucy and Sasha who examined it with great interest. Val continued.)

“Puncturing them with needles, or those wicked calipers

(Jay grinned broadly at that. He still wanted to see those sharp ends go right through his ball.)

“Using hypodermics filled with saline to swell them from the inside

“Hitting them with rubber mallets

“Squeezing them with pliers

“Much more cock-busting and bruising

(“Cock busting?” asked Val. She looked up at him, and saw his eyes shine with anticipation. “Heck yeah,” he said. “If I’m gonna loose it, I might as well get some use out of it,” Jay looked down to see Sasha and Lucy hover around his naked crotch, trying to force his balls into his little device. Their rough handling was him some causing some discomfort, so naturally it was enjoyable.)

“Dunking them in really hot and really cold water over and over

(“Oh,” interrupted Lucy glancing up from their work, “my cousin Ben always said that really cold water made his nuts hurt.” “Yup,” said Jay. “Alternating hot and cold makes them ache. A lot. I tried it when you three were ‘busy’” Now he was watching them try and snap the device together. Sasha’s thumb kept pressing accidently into his left epididymis, and was causing its own sweet ache, in the pit of his stomach.)

“Electrocuting them

“Stretching them out and then slapping the cords with a ruler

“Smearing the sack with Ben-Gay

(“What will that do?” asked Sasha. “Ah, man it burns like hell. I tried that too,” replied Jay. Each of his balls stood out proudly now, separate from each other, and the girls were squeezing one gland each and yanking down on the leather loop to see how far they could pull his bound sack. As Jay’s cock waved up and down happily with the repeated pulling, his face took on a look of bliss.)

“And last but not least, standing on my balls again until they *almost pop.”

“Well,” said Lucy, “We certainly know how to do THAT.”

Sasha nodded in agreement while she tried to torque the testicle she was squeezing 360 degrees. She wondering how far it could rotate before it popped off. “Jay,” she asked jokingly, “Would you mind terribly if I twisted your nut off?”

“No! Go right ahead. It will be coming off soon anyways.” Everyone laughed.

In fact for the next few months, most of their jokes revolved around Jay getting his plumbing removed. When playing Go-Fish: “Jay, give me all your cocks,” or at dinner: “This tastes great! What’s it made of?” “Jay’s balls!”, or when discussing campus sports: “That jackass on the polo team hasn’t got any balls. He let them make that score.” “Meh, that’s okay, you can give him mine a month or two.”

When the four of them weren’t studying or playing cards or board games, they were having fun ruining Jay’s manhood. His dick was now not only perpetually hard, but perpetually bruised and battered as well, and leaked a perpetual stream of precum. His balls were always swollen and tender, and his scrotum was starting to stretch far more than normal. The constant sweet agony preventing him from masturbating or indeed, even cumming, so his cock just oozed a perpetual stream of sticky pre-jack all day long with no hope of release. But did he complain? Nope. It was shear bliss.

Every day he’d be hanging from the harness, one or more of the girls making him writhe in pain. They did indeed soak his balls in near-boiling and ice water. But not for the mere ten minutes that he did to himself. For three hours. The ache was so profound that his moaning distracted people at the other end of the hall. They did indeed hang objects from his split balls, like book-bags and water bottles and their single potted plant. Lucy had a lot of fun smashing his balls in a book, and the girls would get into pairs and slam their fist at each other with Jay’s balls in between. They called it the “Sophomore Sandwich – Fully of Nutty Goodness”.

When the night came for his nuts to be pierced with hot needles, he actually jumped up and down and cheered, “YES!” he said, throwing up his arms in triumph.. When he was suspended and secured in his sling, and therefore helpless, and his balls split in two from the splitter, the girls each took long hat-pins (found at a dime-store) and slid them straight through his testicles. Sometimes side to side, sometimes top to bottom.. Oh, the pleasure they had of seeing those needles pierce his plump ball flesh and then burry itself deep inside, and the shear agony that Jay experienced made for one of the funnest, and hottest, busting sessions they’d ever had. Then they rubbed Ben-Gay all over his genitals, and just let him hang there for another hour, writhing in pleasurable agony, while they went back to studying. Lucy and Sasha spent most of their free time torturing Jay.

Val, however had a lot to do beyond fun and games. Most weekends she had to drive to her uncle’s place, so that he could teach her everything she needed to know to perform the vivisection safely. He showed her how to use a space-age laser scalpel, which cauterized as well as cut. He taught her how to calculate anesthesia by body weight and age. She learned about injections and disinfecting. She learned how to make sutures, and her uncle was genuinely impressed at how small and tight hers were. He told her all about orchidectomies and penectomies and what she would need to do to prevent excessive, and possibly lethal, bleeding. He also showed her tapes of both procedures so she could have absolute confidence in her skills. He even let her borrow several syringes filled with saline, and didn’t even ask what it was for. ‘Jay will be grateful for this,’ thought Val.

When she came home one Sunday evening, she found Jay in the sling, raised almost to the ceiling and suspended in the same position as a free-falling sky-diver. Lucy and Sasha were taking turns using his dangling nuts as a punching bag. They both looked like boxers-in-training, making quick rolling punches to his ball-bag. Despite his agony, Jay noticed her arrival and jerked his head in her direction. Val smirked and said murmured to herself, “Home sweet home.”

“Guys, if you can give his balls a rest, I have some news.”

“Oh, yay!” said Lucy. “What is it?”

Sasha stepped away from Jay’s bag and bent over, panting a bit. “This exercise stuff is draining,” she puffed. “And painful. Or, at least for Jay,” she added with a tone of irony as she looked up sideways at Jay’s bloated scrotum and bruised penis.

“Indeed. Well, I’ve got good news. My uncle found us a venue for the Big Day, and he’s secured all of our equipment and medication, and few other special items.”

Jay gave a muffled, “mmmphgreath”

“When’s it gonna be, then?” asked Sasha.

“Two weeks on Monday. I also got the legal papers drawn up AND I bought THIS!” Val reached into her knapsack and pulled out a sexy little camcorder. “And you’re going to learn how to use it, Sashy.”

Lucy stuck her tongue out at Sasha. “That’s right Sashy, I get to be the nurse, and you get to be the cameraman.”

“I’ve decided this is going to be a teaching video, so Lucy you’ll be my student.” Val had now moved over to Jay so she could spend some time with his cock and balls. She always came to miss them over the weekends away.

“Cool. I don’t know anything about anatomy anyway. It’ll be great to see what Jay has inside that sack of his.” She reached over and gave it a backhanded smack. Jay’s whole body shuddered and swung in response. Val, now also close to his danglers, watched the sack swing back, and then slapped it in the same direction, and then in the opposite direction. She kept it up until both Jay and his balls were swinging merrily back in forth in the harness. *Smack (*mmmffh) *Smack (*mmmffh) *Smack (*mmmffth)

Personally, Val had come to really love shear variety of sounds Jay could make: whimpering, moaning, groaning, sniffling, crying, muffled “oofs” and “oohs”, grunts, warbling wails and then that weird keening noise he made on the few occasions he placed his balls on the night stand so they could step on them and squash them nearly flat. So versatile!

Soon, time was getting short. Val spent extra time in the physiology labs perfecting her technique and creating a script to follow. Jay was having trouble going to sleep most nights as his whole groin ached. He simply couldn’t stop thinking about the upcoming “Final Experiment”. Sasha and Lucy were excited too but somewhat sad: Jay wouldn’t have anything left for them to punish. “No worries,” grinned Jay when they admitted this to him. “I‘ll still have a prostate. I hear it’s fun to zap it with an electrified dildo.”

Finally, the weekend came. They all packed their bags and drove out to the teaching veterinary farm/surgery that they’d been given permission to use for the event. Val had booked them into an adjoining cottage, and the property was wooded, lovely, and completely secluded. In a word: ideal.

They arrived on Saturday afternoon, and after settling in, they all decided to go for a walk in the wooded meadows. Soon they were laughing and running around, chasing each other. Then Lucy had an idea. She undid the handcuffs she always had attached to her belt loop, and said, “Jay, how about we play ‘hide’n’kick’. You run away and hide, and whoever finds you gets to kick your nuts into goo”

“Why Lucy, my dear” said Jay with pretend suaveness, “I’d love too,” Without any display of embarrassment, their nut slave took off all his clothing except his shoes, and for the first time, was naked for them in public. Jay reveled in the gentle country breeze that caressed his naked cock and balls, and he felt freer than he’d ever felt before. All his inhibitions had been shed, and soon he’d be offering up his balls to the girls he loved. What a life!

Lucy cuffed him, he grinned impishly, and then ran off to hide.

It was Lucy who found him first, lying in a field of wild flowers. She recognized his dick standing up among the stalks. She walked over to him. “Highya lover boy.”
Jay smiled and spread his legs invitingly, so she had access to his manhood. Then she stomped down hard on his whole groin, smashing both his dick and his balls into the dirt. It was great.

Next it was Sasha who found him. She’d run past some trees and caught something pink and at-groin-level out of the corner of her eye. Jay’s dick had betrayed him again. Sasha walked towards the hardon sticking out from the far side of the tree and found him there, looking like he was rather glad she found him. She grinned back, then pushed him against the tree, grabbed his shoulders , kicked his legs open, and kneed him in the nuts as hard as she could. As she felt her thigh ram his hard pebbles, she felt him relax into it. Soon he was actually grinding his balls down against her rock-like kneecap with each thrust, possibly hoping they’d burst right then and there. She began leaning closer to him until she was pressed right against him, her knee pumping a tattoo into his crotch. It was a special moment, for both of them.

Finally it was all three girls who found him during the third round, hiding in the horse-shed. Since Val hadn’t gotten her turn with his balls yet, they pushed him to the ground, and Sasha and Lucy each held one leg open. Val looked down at him. “Are you ready?” she asked, hands on her hips.

“Oh GOD yes. Make me mush,” said Jay, eagerly looking up at her and waiting for her sexy, petite foot to smash into balls.

“Ask me nicely,” demanded Val.

“Please,” he groaned, “please pulp my balls. Take your beautiful foot and splatter them for fun.”
And, she nearly did. Thirty kicks to his bouncing, swelling jewels, Then, the other two girls wanted a go, so it was twenty more each for them. All Jay could think about was what a great way to build up to his emasculation, tomorrow.

On their way back, Jay said, “I’m not sure I can sleep tonight. Thinking about you three de-balling me tomorrow’s is just too much. Well, that and my balls are swollen so much I can’t close my legs,” he said, looking down with satisfaction.

Lucy giggled. Val rolled her eyes.

“We’ll have an all-nighter,” decided Sasha, “And we’ll play board games.”

“O.K.” agreed Jay, “But only if the rules involved busting me.”

“You’re such an idiot, Jay,” said Val. “Those are always the rules,” and smacked him in the nads for being a goober. Jay laughed.

They ate, talked for a while, played games all night, and then everyone had breakfast except Jay. He showered, and then spent a lot of time in the bathroom making his crotch completely hair-free. When he came out he stretched for them, naked, and said with his usual upbeat smile “Lead the way.” Sasha, who was already filming, zoomed in on his bouncing dick which, as expected, was rock hard.

They marched out to the surgery theatre, and found it already set up for them. Jay eagerly climbed onto the table, spread his legs into the stirrups, and then waived at the camera. “This is gonna be GREAT. You guys are gonna see my nuts and my cock split wide open. Hopefully everyone enjoys this as much as I will.” Then he gave the viewing audience a “thumb’s up”, and settled back to watch the show himself. Above the table had been place a series of mirrors, and he would be able to see ever thing Val did to him.

Val washed her hands and put on her gloves, then showed Lucy how to do the same. Next she injected Jay with a mild narcotic/muscle relaxant so that he’d stay relaxed and sanguine, and then both of then settled down between his legs to have some fun.

First Val took some Betadine and massaged it into his cock and balls. Then she washed this off with copious amounts of isopropyl alcohol, partly because iodine didn’t make for a sexy skin tone, but also because she knew it would sting. Then she injected a mild, local anesthetic at several key points, and waited for it to take effect. She poked him with a needle – Jay only moved a little. Then she squeezed one ball to see Jay’s reaction. He looked up, smiled at her and nodded. ‘Good enough,’ though Val.

Next Val put two clamps around his junk. One around the base of his dick to keep it hard, and the other around the base of the scrotum to reduce bleeding. Jay’s dick went from normal red to turgid purple/scarlet as out flowing blood was halted and inflowing blood was trapped. Val’s dick looked the biggest any of them had ever seen it, and his dickhead was almost twice as large as normal. Val looked down at his cock and just murmured “Wow” and Sasha took some time to video it thoroughly.

Now Val started talking as Lucy warmed up the laser-scalpel. “Welcome everyone. This is my Phys. 206 class project – a live vivisection of our friend Jay here, who has graciously offer us his genitals so we can show you what they look like inside. Jay, are you ready?

“Fuck yeah,” said Jay, looking straight up. “Go ahead and start cutting. I want to see my nuts in the raw.”

Val chuckled. “Not so fast. We have a few things to cover before we get to the fun part. I need to first show Lucy, here, about your genitals as seen from the outside.”

“This,” she said, squeezing his now purple dick, “is the penis. The male reproductive organ used to inject semen into whatever orifice it happens to be in. This helmet part,” indicated Val by squeezing the giant purple head, “is called the ‘glans penis’ or just the ‘glans’. It is believed its function is to scoop out the sperm of previous depositors so as to make room for its owner’s sperm.”

“Next we have the shaft of the penis. The actual inner parts extend down into the scrotal area, and so in fact, the penis is larger than it appears from the outside. Go ahead and have a feel.”
Lucy reached with her gloved hand and gave a vicious squeeze to Jay’s dickhead and shaft.

“Now give it a big tug,” said Val.

Lucy put both hands around his male member and then yanked up on it. This revealed the fact that there was, indeed, more cock below the surface of the scrotum. Jay moaned in pleasure.
“The penis can be rigid or soft,” continued Val. “However, it can still be somewhat flexible even in its rigid state. Go ahead and bend it at its base.”

Lucy pushed the penis to its normal state – flush against the belly, then she bent it to the left, the right, and then flat down between the legs, snug against his balls. Then she released it, and it snapped back to its perfectly vertical state. Lucy giggled.

“Excellent. Now we’ll move onto the scrotum. The scrotum is a bag of skin that hangs between men’s legs. Its function is to hold, protect, and cool the testicles, whose function, in turn, is to produce sperm, the male reproductive cell, as well as testosterone, the male sex hormone and small amounts of estrogen, the female sex hormone”

Val held up his bag’o’balls for the camera to see.

“Scrotums come in various sizes, but can be stretched artificially so that the man’s balls hang lower than normal. Jay here has had manual stretching, and found it to be quite enjoyable. Also, scrotums often have some amount of hair on the, although these have been freshly shaved. The scrotum can be loose like this one, or it can contract, especially if it’s cold, or if the male is frightened. Clearly, our volunteer isn’t nervous about his vivisection.”

“That’s for damn sure,” said Lucy loudly.

Jay looked up again and smiled.

“As you can see,” rolling the balls around, “the testicles are free to move around in the scrotum and this allows them to partially avoid damage should they be hit. However, we’ve found through experimentation that repeated percussion or pressure on the testicles will eventually deal a healthy dose of damage, up to and including bursting. You just have to aim well and have a patient volunteer.”

Jay laughed out loud at this.

“Testicles are very delicate, and can be used to easily cause pain to a male. Lucy and I will demonstrate.”

Both of them grabbed a nut and squeezed them with both hands. Sasha hovered over the area, then moved up to film Jay’s eyes roll into the back of his head as let out a lusty, open throated “Oh yeah”. The girls spent almost a minute doing this, arch his neck back in a sexy, tortured way, and then let the ball bag drop.

“Medical removal of the testicles is called orchidectomy, while their historical removal is called castration. The removal of the penis is called a penectomy. We will be doing both today.”

“Normally when an orchidectomy is performed, one or more small incisions are made into the scrotum, and the testicles are pulled out before cutting them off. Then, fake silicon balls are put inside to make the scrotum look normal. However, we cant’ afford those (Lucy snickered), so we’re just going to remove the whole thing, and let Jay, here, keep it as a souvenir. We’ll naturally leave just enough of it to close the gap when we suture him back up. Lucy, the scalpel please.”

Lucy handed over the warmed-up cutting device.

“This is a special laser scalpel which will not only cut cleanly, but cauterize the incisions, preventing bleeding. Now, I’m going to being cutting off the scrotum at its base.” The video camera recorded Jay’s contented sigh.

Val squeezed Jay’s ball bag down and made a tight fist around its root, then she began slowly cutting in a circle, being careful not to cut too deeply and thus bisect the vas deferens. Slowly she cut around it until the supple pink of flesh came off in her hands.

“This is his removed scrotum,” said Val. “First, I’ll clean it,” which she did with more alcohol, and then spread it out on the side table for all to see. “Inside it has a red layer of muscle called the ‘dartos’, and this is responsible for the tightening of the scrotum and its sometimes wrinkled appearance. It is also partially responsible for the involuntary movement that is seen sometimes in testicles, and which we have observed in Jay here, many, many times. We’ve found that the more you hut a man’s nuts, the more vigorously they move on their own. If you’ve never had the chance to witness this, I suggest you track down a local male and test this phenomenon out for yourself.”

Sasha burst out laughing, and nearly dropped the camera.

“Lucy, please put this in the preservative.” Lucy took the scrotum and placed it in a clear plastic container filled with glycerin, then she screwed on the lid and set it aside. Jay’s scrotum floated inside, and he looked over at it with a sense of awe and wonder. His nut sack was in a jar!

“Next, I will first clamp the root of the spermatic cords so as to prevent bleeding. Then I’m going to wash off his balls with some saline solution, and we can have a better look at them.” Val did so, and then took one naked testicle each, and held them up triumphantly.

“Ladies and gentlemen . . .Jay’s balls.” Sasha zoomed in on the organs. They were reddish, and pendulous.

“What you see attached to them is called the ‘cremaster muscle’, and it is responsible for raising or lowering the testicle in response to environmental stimuli. It is also responsible for a significant amount of the pain men experience when they’re kicked there, and this is why the pain is felt in the belly– the root of the cremaster muscle lies up and inside the lower abdomen. Cremaster pain is believed to have evolved to warn a male of potential damage to his reproductive parts, and therefore avoid it in the future. Some males, however, develop a taste for such pain, and even beg for it. Isn’t that right, Jay?” Val indicated to Lucy and they both stretched out a ball and began flicking it with their middle finger.

Jay started moaning “Ohhhhhhh. Fuck yeah. Oooohh. Man!” and trashing his head from side to side.

“Jay, what does this feel like?” asked Val

“Nnnnngggghh, like someone kicked me in the stomach” he replied.

“I rest my case,” said Val, and both dropped their respective nut. To their surprise, Jay looked up and groaned “OMG . . . don’t stop.”

“Moving along,” said Val, ignoring their nut slave’s plea, “I will now remove the cremaster muscle and tie off its ends, so that we can get a look at his nut proper. This will produce a severe ache in our volunteer, lasting up to a month, and has been likened to being kicked in the balls all day long.” Jay’s hand shot up and gave a ‘thumb-up’ to the camera. This procedure took a while, and Val concentrated on it fully. When she was finished, she handed the two thin layers of muscle to Lucy who dropped them into the trash.

“Jay now has no ability to voluntarily move his testicles. Jay, can you try and do so?”

Jay grimace, but then nodded and strained to pull his balls back into the safety of his abdomen. His stomach muscles rippled and his face became reddish, but his balls just hung there, completely oblivious to his wishes.

“That’s enough,” said Val, and their subject let his head fall back again.

“Do you feel the ache?”

“Shit yeah. Mmmmm,” he said licking his lips, “Feels like my nuts are in a vice.”

Val smiled. “Now I will again wash the organs so we can see them in their entirety.” More saline washed over the exposed glands. Then, as in triumph, she help up for all to see, the two organs that had brought all for of them such joy for months now. They were pinkish white, with a big bundle of tubes on the top, which in turn were connected to tubes running into Jay’s body. The scars from when they’d popped his nuts were easily visible, as were the puncture wounds from the various needles they’d tortured them with. Still, they were glorious to see, and Jay just gazed at them as she held them up for him to see. “Awesome,” he said quietly.

“Do you like them, Jay?” asked Lucy.

“Mmmmnnn, They’re perfect. Oh shit! Ahhh, and I want you to have them. Nnnnnggghhh.”

“Awwww,” said Lucy, giving his cock a bit of a rub.

“Moving on,” said Val with a smirk, “we will examine its components. There is the testicle, the epididymis, and the spermatic cord, also known as the ‘vas deferens’. The ball or testicle produces juvenile sperm cells and testosterone. When the sperm cells reach a certain stage of development, they travel up into this collection of tubes here, the epididymis, where they mature. Upon ejaculation, the smooth muscle walls take the stored sperm and propel them up through the vas deferens, past various internal organs like the prostate and seminal vesicles until the whole mass erupts from the tip of this healthy cock of his.” She smacked the tip of his dick with her free hand to emphasize the point. The rigid organ waved back in forth for a while.

“The vas deferens is fairly long, and we can see just how long it is by pulling on the testicle. Lucy you pull that one, I’ll pull this one.” They both grabbed a nut, and pulled to see how far it would stretch. Jay started moaning as it felt like his balls were being ripped out of his body, “Ah fuck, my nuts, aaahh, my nuts”.

Val then measure them. “Ladies and gentlemen, a full six inches.” Lucy dropped her ball, and it fell with a ‘plunk’ back onto the operating table.

“Now, normally when handling a man’s testicles, one must be very careful not to in any way damage these tubes. However, since they’re all coming off in a moment anyway, I’d like to test something.” Val handed Lucy Jay’s left ball back to her..

“It’s not clear to me whether squeezing and pinching the epididimi, once the cremaster muscle has been removed, will cause significant pain. So, Lucy here, and I, will try to turn them into mush and we’ll see how Jay reacts.”

“Ready?” Val turned to Lucy.

“Mmmhmm,” was the reply. Lucy was licking her lips as she focus on her ball.

Val gave Jay a bright smile. “Jay, you ready to have your reproductive license revoked?”

Sasha laughed at the joke.

“Fuck yeah,” said Jay, drooling, “Squish’em into mush. Uhnnnngh”

“Ok. SQUISH!” said Val.

Both girls leaned into it, pressing the slippery clump of tubules as hard as they could. Val’s clump soon made a small squirting noise and popped, covering her hands in a thick white paste, presumable raw sperm. Lucy’s nut was more slippery, and she took much longer to get her clump to deflate. Its sperm load just oozed down the side of his nut.

All three girls could see shudders move up Jay’s body, and that wonderful keening sound was issuing quietly from his lips.

“Care to comment, Mr. Gideon?” asked Sasha as she zoomed in on his face. This was so fun!
“Gggggooodddd daammmmmnnn” was his summary of the experience.

“Well,” said Val. “I think that proves that point,” and both girls dropped their respective nut. Val cleaned off the sperm on her hands with alcohol, and on each ball with more sterile saline.

She next took his left testicle and again held it up to the camera and Lucy. “Continuing: testicles are covered in a tough, fibrous exterior sheath called the ‘tunic vaginalis’ which protects the testicle from damage and rupture. However, if significant force or pressure is put on an individual ball, it will burst open, its contents squishing out, and the man undergoing the experience will endure considerable pain. As you can see from these scars, both of these testicles have had the pleasure of that experience and the fact that they are, for the moment, still intact is witness to the miraculous healing powers of modern science. Thanks to Jay, however we are all going to see what those contents looks like, right Jay?” There was no response.

“Jay, you still there?” asked Lucy, solicitously.

There were a several moments of no reply, and then Jay lifted his head up. “You gonna keep talkin’?” he said groggily. “Or are you gonna cut my ball open?”

“Okie Dokie. We’re now going to slice Jay’s ball wide open and make mush of his manhood. This time, I’m going to use a plain, old fashioned steel scalpel. A nice, sharp, cold, clinical steel scalpel. Mmmmm,” she said, licking her lips. “Oh, thank you, Lucy. Could you also get the preservative jar ready? Cool.”

Naturally, Val wanted to make Jay work for this moment. She grasped his larger left ball from behind and lifted it into the light. “Here it is, Jay. Take a good look. This is the last time you’ll see it whole.” Jay managed to raise his head. He was again transfixed by the sight of his own ball.

“You ready to show us what you’re made of, big guy? Tell us how much you want this!” Val squeezed his naked ball between her fingers, and brought the silver knife up to its slick round surface. Light glinted off the scalpel’s cold, uncaring surface.

“SHIT YEAH,” said Jay explosively.

“What was that? I’m not sure I heard that.” Val waited.

“If you don’t tell us what you want, I’m not going to finish. . .”

Jay just stared at his ball, the deadly scalpel hovering over his nut, hardly wanting to breathe. Terrified she’d do it. Terrified she wouldn’t. It was a dream come true, and the male animal in him couldn’t believe it. The moment built, and built and built until suddenly the excitement and desire burst out of him:


“Ok.” Val pushed the scalpel through his outer ball and plunged the scalpel deep its heart..
Jay’s breath “whooshed” out in a huge exhale and his head fell back.

“OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” he yelled, back arched and fists clenched.

Val calmly sliced down through the outer curve of his testicle and when it had fairly split open, she said, “OK. Sashy, Lucy, take a look at THIS.” The finger’s squeezed together and out squished a thick, tan/orange colored paste – the essence of Jay himself.

“Oooo,” said Lucy. “Your nut butter looks tasty, Jay. Quick, do the other one. I want to see it ooze everywhere”

Val reached over and picked up the right ball. Then she sliced it open too, and squished it as hard a she could. Jay’s baby making batter was all over her fingers and dripping between them. She let Lucy give them a squeeze too.

“Squishy,” Lucy commented.

“And here we have the insides of a man’s ball. We’re very privileged to see them on a live man - millions of tiny tubes which produce those little sperm we all know and love so well. Ah, look!”
Out of nowhere, Jack’s dick suddenly began to twitch and pulse. The head swelled, and within a few seconds, arch after arch of semen geysered from it. From where it came, they never figured out, but Sasha was secretly pleased that Jay got to have a last orgasm before being nullified. Jay bucked and moaned while the very last seed of his life was spilt between his legs.

When it stopped, Jay was sweating and shaking, barely conscious. Val scooped the white stuff off their dissection area, and picked up the laser scalpel.

“Say good-bye to your manhood, Jay,”

“Goodbye,” he croaked, looking up at them.

With a quick slice, Jay’s balls dropped into her hand with a plop, and Lucy reverently placed them each into their own jar. The air was filled with the smell of cum and burn spermatic cords.

“Now that our subject’s penis has demonstrated its best, absolutely last ejaculation . . . let us remove it for study.”

Lucy turned to Val. “How are we going to keep it from bleeding all over the place?”

“Ah,” smiled Val knowingly, “Hand me that jar, please. Thanks. Inside here is a specially made tube which fits over the shaft. It’s immersed in liquid nitrogen, and this will freeze the dick solid. Then, we can cut into it without any problems.”

Val carefully rotated the lid, pulled out the tube (white smoke billowing out with a hiss), and set the jar down. She then carefully slid the tube over his gently waving manhood (still happy from its explosion), and let it sit there for precisely a minute.

When it came off, there was his boner, now a dicksicle, ready to be sliced.

The lesson continued.

“At the tip of the glans we see the opening of the urethra, which, as you saw, recently covered us in cum. However, it is also the exit point for urine via the urethra. The urethra joins with the vas deferens further up in the abdomen, and is coated inside with a thin layer of mucus to prevent irritation from urine’s acidity.

“Down at the bottom of the glans, here, there is this cross shaped nexus of tissue. This is the most sensitive part of the penis, and without which a man will have difficulty reaching orgasm. We’re going to permanently deprive Jay of that ability right now.” Val had a huge grin on her face, as she said this.

“Jay, here’s comes the fun part,” teased Lucy. “Were gonna cut off your dickhead!”

“Sasha,” croaked Jay, “Sasha.”

“Yes, Jay. We’ll give it to Sasha.” Val took his dick in one hand, the scalpel in the other, and after a dramatic moment to aim, neatly lopped off Jay’s bulbous meat-helmet. It fell onto the table below. She picked it up and held it to the camera. It was a perfect specimen of its kind, and they all marveled at the power they had over Jay’s sex life.

“Here ya go, Sashy.” Val dropped the lovely pinkish-purple morsel into her hand, and Sasha brought it up to the camera for further examination.

“Pay attention now, everyone, as we are now going to open the penis shaft itself.”

The laser scalpel made a vertical slit in the six inch shaft and then a y incision at its base. Then Val put the scalpel down so she could peel back the layers to reveal the rods of springy flesh which normally held it up.

“The penis is essentially a hemocoel, which means that it gets its rigidity from turgor pressure. More blood rushes into the penis than rushes out, and the blood fills up these three spongy tubes:” Val spread each apart so they all could see them, “the two ‘corpus cavernosum’ into which most of the blood goes, and the single ‘corpus spongiosum’ which swells somewhat, but which mostly surround the urethra through which semen and urine pass.”

“Erections are initiated and controlled through the ‘autonomic nervous system’, and are caused by the release of nitrous oxide into the arteries of the penis and cause vaso-dilation. Erections can be cause by sexual stimuli, signals from the bladder or in Jay’s case, proximity to someone’s foot.”

“And so, ladies and gentlemen, that about concludes this demonstration. Except for one . . . last . . . thing.” Val gathered the pieces of his segmented dick back together, and with one quick swipe, chopped off his cock at its base. She rolled it around in one had for a few moments, as if she were rolling a Cuban cigar to test for firmness, so that the layers stuck back together and then dropped it into its own jar.

And that, it would seem, was that. No more sex for Jay. No more pummeled nuts. No more tortured testicles. No more orgasms. No more manhood. How was Jay ever going to live with the boredom? How were they?

The rest of the time in the theatre was spent carefully sowing up Jay, who’d passed out sometime during the penile dissection. Val did a superlative job with her suturing, and when his crotched did heal, it would be near perfectly smooth; just a slight mound where his pee-hole was.
The girls cleaned up and drove Jay to a nursing facility (set up for him by Val’s uncle), where he spent several weeks recovering. He was attended to by a physician who noted that his patient was unusually cheerful and jovial for having been recently nullified, and who seemed strangely proud of his new, smooth groin.

Meanwhile, Val turned in her taped assignment, and it was viewed by her whole class, who just sat there, in awe. Soon, it didn’t matter that she got an A+ (with serious comments about unethical experiments), because the tape, along with some footage of Jay being ball-busted, spread around campus, and by the time Jay was back on his feet and attending classes again, everyone knew who he was, and what he’d volunteer for. Jay found he’d become immensely popular, overnight.

Instead of being seen as a freak, all the guys thought he was brave-as-hell for going through with it, and all the girls thought he was completely adorable and romantic. What woman wouldn’t love to have her man offer up his balls for her? It became normal for guys passing him to grab their crotch and give him a “thumbs up”, which he cheerfully returned, and for the girls to try and rub his empty crotch in fascination.

While Jay had been recovering, he’d found an artisan leatherworker online to send his scrotum too. After a month and half it came back to him, just as he’d ordered it – tanned and cured, dyed a beautiful midnight-blue, lined with silk, and then turned into a most expensive looking purse.

On the very day he received it, he tracked down Sasha on campus, bent on one knee before her, and offered her his ball bag to keep forever, as well as his heart. She tearfully accepted and everyone who was watching clapped and cheered. (Years later when they’d married and had children, she’d say “ Now kids, if you want an ice-cream, go get some change out of daddy’s purse.” Only Sasha and Jay ever got the joke.)

. . . conclusion . . . .

With a few weeks to go in the school year, the four of them still hung out a lot, and one day, Jay brought along someone else to the dorm room: a lanky Italian boy with mussed black hair, an athletic body, and an enthusiastic personality.

This was unusual, as they were all a tight group, but Jay introduce Joey as a friend, and they all spent a few hours getting acquainted and joking. Joey seemed nice, intelligent, and eager to get to know them all. After a while, the small talk dwindled, and were forced to endure the dreaded 7 minute silence. It was broken by Joey saying outloud, “So, who’d like to kick my nuts? They’re nice and big.”

Lucy’s eye’s bulged. Val looked at Jay with raised eyebrow. Jay was smiling at Sasha and holding her hand, and Joey was looking at them all, waiting for someone to take him up on his offer.

“You like getting kicked in the nuts too?” blurted out Lucy?

“Sure! I’ve been getting both guys and girls to kick me in the balls since, like, grammar school.”

“Can you take it like a man?” asked Val, skeptically.

“He sure can,” answered Jay for him. Jay’s voice was full of pride. “I’ve been busting his nuts for a week now, and I can tell you from experience, his nuts are fantastic!”

Apparently Joey, like just about everyone else, had seen the tapes and had sought Jay out. Now, it was his turn to be the victim of “nut time”.

He obligingly dropped his drawers to reveal a huge tubular Italian sausage and two giant meat-balls, hanging pendulously in their sack. His pubic hair was thick and curly, and everyone stared lustfully at his low danglers - the left one hanging down quite a bit further than the right one.

Joey told them his favorite position was “doggy-style”, so soon he was naked, on all fours, with everyone kicking his goolies from all angles. It was a free for all of nut busting fun, and Jay got in some of the best kicks of the evening. He knew just how to kick to make it agonizing. It was so wonderful to be on the giving end and feel his instep squash into Joey’s naked nuts.
At the end of the evening, as things were winding down, Lucy said, “Crap. I forgot.”

“Forgot what?” asked Val.

“I still have to turn in my proposal for culinary class tomorrow. I don’t even have a menu planned for it. Shit! What am I going to do?” She looked genuinely panicked.

“What’s the assignment,” asked Sasha calmly

“I have to make a dish out of one unusual or novel ingredient. It has to be something most people have never eaten but natural and organic, and I just can’t think what to do . . .” her voice trailed off.

“Never fear!” said Jay, triumphantly, and reached over to the still nude Joel. Joel was surprised, but he opened his legs to Jay’s grasp.

Jay deftly squeezed Joey’s entire package, making sure he had the freshman’s complete attetion, looked him in the eyes, and said, “Joel, my friend, how’d you like to be part of an experiment?”

A huge smile spread over Joey’s face. “Hell yeah!”


  1. Awesome story. Loved every word of it. Thank you for writing it and sharing it.

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback.


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