Thursday, July 9, 2009

Up ahead . . .

It's a STOP sign. OH NO. Don't worry, a stop sign is just a suggestion, unless there are bunch of policemen about, or you value your life excessively. Either one.

Actually, it's Jill and Jill II, hopefully. Jill has been published for quite a while, Jill II is about a quarter of the way done. When I get time to work on it, I will. After that I plan to finish Tom's Testicle II. And THEN, well, I guess it's on to knew things. I don't want to be like Blizzard and get stuck only having 3 ideas, which are repeated endlessly (Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo).

Therefore, suggestions are welcome.


  1. What's the hold up with Jill 2? It seems like ur not ever going to get done lol plz finish Ty

  2. Ah, well. Actually, I didn't know anyone read this blog, so . . . I didn't know anyone was waiting for it!

    I'll do what I can. Promise.



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