Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Perhaps it's just me,

but I find something very . . . suggestive about this photo. Dunno why.

The picture was taken from a really fine book called "New Vintage Type" and is a must-read for anyone into typography and the use of fonts in graphic design.

As for some updates - a second chapter to the adventures of the all-female crew of the Aurora is underway, as is a follow-up to Little'bro. Anywho, cheers to you all!!



  1. That follow-up to "Little'bro" is great news! I loved that story! Thanks for all your stories!

  2. But of course! What else is one to do but write stories of unbelievable sex, improbable ball-busting, and completely fantastical family social structures? It's a known-goal, as they say.

  3. Sorry. Whimsy is running through my veins at the moment. I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland ala Tim Burton. How many roles can Johnny Depp really get away with playing? Only time will tell.


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