Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(fFF/M) Another story

The Sock Shop

The door chimed. In walked another rich, female customer looking for a pair of expensive, handmade socks to go with her $1000 Cavalli stiletto boots. She looked around, and loved what she saw. Cindy’s Sock Shop was the place to go, certainly in Santa Fe, but possibly in the whole west, to get the perfect set of socks to match that perfect outfit.

Hidden away in the twisting backstreets of America’s art-center, the little shop was impossible to find unless you already knew it was there, which very few people did. But, for those who were insiders, it was the only place to get cashmere socks with diamonds sewn into the cuff. The only place to get hand-loomed silk and Egyptian cotton tufted socks with real gold thread. The only place to find socks to match the latest Alexander McQueen extravaganza or the perfect anklets to go with those D&G strapped sandals you just bought. But the merchandise was only the half of it. Cindy’s Sock Shop was also known for its outstanding, and unusual, customer service.

The young girl walked to the front. From out of the stock room popped Travis, bright, cheerful, handsome, and the husband of Cindy, the store’s proprietress. He greeted the customer warmly and asked if she had any product in mind. He beckoned her to sit, while he gently took one of her feet in each hand, and slipped off her Cavalli’s. Then, he gently kneaded her right foot, both to provide her pleasure, and to also gauge the quality of her present stockings.

“Ah. You have excellent taste,” he said, his short brown hair looking fashionably ruffled. He looked up at her with his emerald green eyes, “These are French Sea Island cotton socks. Custom made.”

The young blond smiled and flounced her golden tresses. “I bought them in Cannes last fall. I never travel without them.”

The handsome young man smiled at her, and continued to gently rub the small, perfectly shaped foot with both hands. It was so soft and smooth.

“But I think we can do better,” he said. Travis got up and walked over to a shelf and took down a pair of the palest pink socks, so soft they seemed made from the down of a baby bird. He brought them over and laid them on his hand so she could run her fingers over them. She cooed with pleasure as she did so. They were amazing. Then, he kneeled back in front of her.

“May I?” he asked, looking into her sapphire eyes.

“Of course,” she said with a look of coy allure.

Travis gently took off the second shoe and peeled away her old socks. Then, gently cupping each of her feet, slid on the new ones. They were like little clouds of warmth enveloping her foot. She wiggled her toes and actually let out a small moan of pleasure, temporarily forgetting where she was. At that moment, Cindy appeared from the stockroom.

“Hello, miss Verstrum. It’s so good to finally meet you. The Wheatherbuilts have given you such good references. And Teresa is such a dear. How are you?” Cindy smiled unctuously and gently shook her young patron’s hand. The young girl gave her a dazzling white smile.

“Yes, thank you. I’ve been looking forward to visiting the shop for months.”

“Do you like the socks?” asked Cindy. “Those are some of our softest.”

“Oh yes,” gushed the girl. “I’d love to buy them. They’re sooo soft, and warm. I could just float away in them.”

“Naturally, but you’ll have to test them out first.” This was the part the transaction that Cindy, and all the women who were customers, looked forward too. “We insist that everyone test the quality of our socks with the ‘ball test’. My husband, here, will stand still and allow you kick him in the groin as hard as you can, to test their cushioning capacity. If you experience any discomfort then we’ll give you a second pair for half-off, and if you can pop one or more of his balls, we’ll give you the pair for free.”

“Oooooo,” squealed the rich teenager. Then, she looked at Travis for confirmation. He was just smiled and squeezed her foot gently to show he wanted her to nut him.

“Would you like to kick me in the balls with this?” he asked her. He slid his hands and gently rubbed the sole of her foot, letting her imagine them impacting him in his vulnerable genitals.

“Absolutely!” she said, obviously delighted at the prospect.

Travis stood up and unzipped his fly. He reached in and pulled out a soft white pouch that contained his two testicles. The pouch was a cotton and woven nylon blend that hugged his scrotum perfectly, allowing his nuts to dangle free but still cloak them in a veneer of modesty. Then, he put his hands on his head and looked approvingly in her eyes, waiting for her to deliver multiple blows to his crotch.

Cindy smiled and waved for the girl to proceed. “Please, go ahead!” She stepped back to give the girl room, and then tossed her own gorgeous blond hair absentmindedly. Even though she saw it dozens of times a day, she still got exciting seeing her husband get racked.

The young girl stood up. She bounced on the balls of her feet, getting a sense of the new socks and her sense of balance. Her young, pert breasts bounced slightly in her expensive chemise – she wasn’t wearing a bra. But then of course, when you’re that young, and your breasts are that firm, why bother? Then she reached out to gently play with his two white, nylon clad testicles and rolled them around. How fascinating they were, and what fun to damage!

The girl dropped the nuts, stood back and let loose a flying kick to his bollocks. Her toes connected to the two dangling organs and they bounced around. Travis smiled with a grimace. This was the painful part of his job, but also the sexiest. He got off on the thought of women kicking his nads with their dainty feet. The socks did soften the impact a bit, but he’d learned to enjoy the pain anyway. It always made him feel so vulnerable to the women he worshiped, and it often gave him a hard-on that would last the rest of the day.

The blond girl smiled at her first kick, then got in several more. Travis grunted a few times, but never brought his hands down from his head, and his nuts never retreated back into his pants. They bounced and hung there, soft and white, totally vulnerable to her feet. She kicked him several more times, usually getting him with her toes, but once with the heel. It was heaven.

Eventually she got tired, and stopped, plopping down in the chair to catch her breath.

“And are you still comfortable?” solicited Cindy.

The girl wiggled her toes. Yep. They were fine. “Perfect!” she said. “I’ll take ten pairs. Do you have any in other colors?”

“Yes of course. Travis, go and get them for our young patron.” Cindy smiled as her husband stuffed his nuts back in his pants, zipped up, and then limped off to the back.

The blond left with several thousand dollars worth of socks, a complimentary sapphire ankle bracelet, and an unstoppable grin – she’d just had a guy willingly offer his balls to her for beating. Just think how cool it would have been if she’d popped one.

Later on that day, a second customer walked in. She was tall and stylish, wearing a Chanel suit. She her name was Victoria, and she was a frequent customer, flying all the way from New York several times a year to visit the shop while buying art in Santa Fe. She walked right over to Travis, and kissed him on both cheeks. He kissed her back.

“So good to see you, Miss Rhymes. It’s always a pleasure.”

She whispered in his ear. “The pleasure is all mine.” Then she jammed her knee into his groin as hard as she could. He knew it was coming and had all ready spread his legs slightly to give her access. She rammed his nads over and over, savoring how his body jolted with each impact. Travis actually held the belief that she secretly wanted to scramble his eggs much more than she wanted to buy socks, but he didn’t mind. The agony was so sexy.

When Victoria heard Cindy come out onto the floor, she disengaged from Travis’s groin and walked over to Cindy as if nothing had happened. Cindy knew better, of course, but said nothing, and smiled while they exchanged kisses.

“So good to see you, darling,” said Victoria.

“You’re our favorite customer, Victoria. We look forward to each visit from you. Don’t we Travis?”

Travis was clutching himself, and coughing a bit, but nodded. “Absolutely.”

“Now, what can we get for you today? We have some new sea-foam green Angora’s for doing yoga in. Or some white velvets for your day-dresses. Any thoughts?”

“I’ll see them all.” Victoria sat down, stretched her long, sexy legs, and let Travis service her. He first reached deep into her tight skirt to find the top of her silk stockings, his hand brushing her mound, and then gently rolled them down. First one, then the other. He could feel the moisture in her panties, and her aroma wafted up to him. He smiled at her and started to rub her feet while Cindy gathered the newest stock for her to try.

It was a full hour of first one pair of socks being slipped onto her feet, then used to kick Travis’s balls, then another pair, more kicking, then another. His little nylon nut-pouch got quite the pasting, and Cindy wasn’t surprised when it tore. She had to buy quite a few each month to keep up with the wear and tear. The women could be so brutal!

When Victoria had made her choices, Travis reverently kneeled back in front of her, his swollen testicles still in view, and rolled her stockings back onto her feet, up her shapely legs, and then nestled their necks right next to her pussy. He could feel its puffy folds through her silk underwear, and he made sure to brush it teasingly while he redressed her. She left in as happy a mood as their last customer, and sashayed off, carrying two full bags of socks.

As they approached closing time, a final woman entered the shop. She was in her early thirties, big breasted, narrow waisted, and fairly short. It was Miss DeVere. Travis winced when he saw her – this was going to hurt. However, his erection had already begun. Married to a rich movie mogul in Hollywood, she swaggered in as if she owned the place.

“Travis, dahhhling, so good to see you. And those healthy nuts of yours.” Cerena wink coyly at him. “I’m going to try my best to pop one, this time. I really want that free pair of socks, you know.” She waggled her finger at him, grinned roguishly, and fluttered her eyelashes. Travis’s dick twitched, and he smiled graciously.

“I can’t wait for you to pop one, Mrs. DeVere. It would be a great honor. Here, have a seat, and we’ll let you relax.” Travis got out one of those stools/foot rests that shoe stores have and sat down on it, in front of Cerena. He brought her right leg to rest on it. She was wearing a vicious pair of Jimmy Choo’s. They were candy red and had five-inch heels. A perfect pair for skewering a pair of nuts, actually. Travis ran his hand over their sexy leather surface, thinking of how much damage they could do to his manhood, and how much this particular women wanted to pop them. Then he slipped the shoes off, one at a time, letting her feet rest on the inclined surface between his legs. Cindy came out.

“Mrs. DeVere. We finally received that pair of Persian socks with the garnet chaplets. Did you want to try them on now?” Cindy smirked slightly. She new this was going to be interesting.

“Oh, of course. But, I was wondering if you had anything special this month? I’m going to a garden party, and I need some good socks to match my outfit. You know, the new Balenciaga summer suit.”

“Of course! I have just the thing.” Cindy disappeared for a short while. Travis massaged the woman’s naked feet, thinking about how much they were going to be hurting him in a moment. He didn’t look at her, just gently rubbed his thumbs into her arches, and pressing each perfectly painted toe.

“Mmmmm. Travis. You do that so well.” Cerena’s head was thrown back as she moaned lustily.

Cindy returned with a emerald silk pouch. She placed it between her husband’s legs so he could extract the socks. Inside were the most radiant, sapphire blue socks Mrs. DeVere had ever seen, and they looked like they’d been crafted of gauze.

“Oh my word! What ARE those?” Cerena reached out to touch them as they lay on Travis’s crotch. They were like a silken cloud.

“Cashmere?” she asked. Cindy shook her head. “Angora?” Another negative. “What . . . what is it?” She kept touching the fabric – she just couldn’t help herself.

“Pure Vicuña,” said Cindy with professional satisfaction.

“Vicuña? What is that?” said Cerena with a perplexed expression. The woman was as ignorant as she was common.

“Oh, just a rare Andean member of the Llama family. Very difficult to harvest from. But, that just adds to the allure, don’t you think?” Cindy smiled patronizingly at her client.

“Oh, yes, yes. Mmmmm. Please put them on. I want to test them, right now!!” The curvaceous lady thrust her naked foot right into Travis’s crotch to show her impatience. The foot smashed into his balls and rammed his rock hard dick. Travis, however, actually ground his cock and balls into her foot in response. He knew she’d enjoy it, plus he wanted her to how much he was looking forward to the pain.

Travis took the $1200 socks and slipped them on. Cerena wiggled her toes, blissfully happy in their soft warmth. They were so, so very warm and cozy. She raised her eyes from her feet to look deep into Travis’s eyes. He knew what to do. Kicking would not be enough this time. He unzipped his fly, reached in to find his two nuts, pulled them out and tore open the new pouch he’d replaced less than an hour ago. He then laid his naked testicles on the stool’s surface and begged the Mrs. DeVere to stand on them.

“There’s a greater chance for you to pop them if you’re standing. I’d hate to you see you fail this time.” Travis smiled bravely and reverently placed her foot his nuts. He actually put it there, knowing it might castrate him. ‘Maybe she’ll crush them both’, he thought, and his rigid pole twitched at this.

Cerena licked her lips greedily. She’d wanted this for so long. Kicking his privates wasn’t intense enough for her anymore. Time to put his manhood to the test.

She stood up, wobbled a bit, and then began to rise on the one foot pressing deeply into his gonads. Travis grunted, but held her steady with both hands. She used what little muscle tone she had to place the full weight of her body on his squishy glands and managed to rise to her full height above him. The two testicles flattened in the arch of her foot, oozing out the sides and then they popped out completely – slippery little devils. Travis gasped. Cerena scowled. ‘How dare they!’ she thought.

“That’s too bad,” commented Cindy, who would have loved to have seen her man’s balls burst, “I was really hoping for some excitement. Why don’t we try another pair and see if you have more success.”

Cerena got down. They tried several more pairs, but Travis’s testicles had a knack for survival, and each time her weight was about to pop one, they slipped out of harm’s way. Finally, Cerena decided to settle for some erotic fun. As she was testing out a pair of silk and mohair socks, she told Travis to get out his cock as well.

Travis hesitated and looked at his wife. He was in such pain already. But Cindy only nodded. “Mrs. DeVere deserves our best attentions. We’re lucky to have her as a client.”

Travis nodded. He awkwardly stood up, unlatched his pants, slid them down, and then stepped of them. Both women could see his 8 inch cock throbbing in his black briefs. He pulled them down too, and let his cock and balls hang free. His erection was as healthy and full as it could be, with a silvery pearl of cum on its tip, and his nuts were loose and swollen, hanging red between his legs. He lowered himself onto the foot-stool and let his equipment rest on its cool surface. He looked up at Cerena and held her hands.

Cerena smiled and hopped on his manhood. Then she ground the whole naked package as hard as she could with both feet. She snarled with sexual cruelty while Travis whimpered and wiggled around. It was agonizing!

Cerena made sure to place her weight on his balls over and over, letting them painfully pop out from beneath her feet each time while also grinding his fat cock as hard as she could. Breaking either was her goal. This went on for almost three minutes, but his nuts remained as elusive as any Vicuña, and just as tough.

Finally Cerena hopped off and landed in the chair, winded. Travis toppled over sideways and lay on the floor, moaning in pain and clutching himself. His groin was a mangled mess.

“Well, that was a noble effort, Mrs. DeVere. Perhaps we can tempt you back another time for better odds. Can I recommend some leg exercises that might make you robust enough to nut my husband, here.” Cindy smiled solicitously.

“Oh, very well,” said Cerena in a grumpy voice. “I’ll be back next month. But I’d better get a longer session with him. I want feel those baby-makers burst between my toes!!!’

“Of course. Now, have you decided on a purchase?”

Socks were sold, socks were wrapped, and as Mrs. DeVere was about to leave Travis roused himself to his knees. He had to have a little more pain. “Mrs. DeVere? Would you like to have one last kick? Something to remember until next time?” Travis put his hands on his head and smiled weakly. A thin line of precum dripped to the floor and his nuts hung enticingly.

“Of course!” said Cerena gleefully. She loved the sight of his red, bobbing dick and the two cherries swinging underneath it.

WHAM. One well placed brutal kick to his swollen testicles, and Travis collapsed again. “Thank you, Mrs. DeVere,” came his muffled farewell.

“You’re welcome, you handsome devil. Hmmm. That puts me in mind of dinner. I know this little bistro where the waiters serve you their own oysters, fresh, and there’s a young server whose package I’ve been eying for months.” She licked her lips. “I love the taste of youth.”

She looked down at Travis, and smiled. “Perhaps some time I can persuade you to go to dinner with me, Travis. I could have you for desert! Ah well, fantasies, fantasies. See you next time. Ciao, dahhhlings!”

Cindy walked over to her husband, and wrested one ball from his hands so she could squeezed it cruelly. His balls were so big, and fat. So easy to brutalize. “Hmm,” she commented, “I think I’m going to catch up with her and see this restaurant for myself. Close up the store, and I’ll meet you . . . and these . . . at home.” Cindy caught his eyes and licked her lips too.

All Travis could do was nod and gulp. “Of course, dear.”

“And, I don’t want you to cum before I get home. I have . . . plans for them.” Usually she let him have a wank after getting busted all day, but now he’d have to go home with blue-balls.

“Ciao, dahhhling [mocking Mrs. DeVere]. Keep them swollen for me.” Cindy walked out the door, which chimed again.

His nuts aching, and his rigid dick leaking cum, Travis closed up shop and prepared to go home. What could Cindy possibly have planned for him?

Well, he didn’t know, but as long as it was sexy and painful, he didn’t care. Women were so wonderfully cruel!


  1. WOW!!!! Oh my GOD! That was ridiculous! Absolutely brilliant my friend, absolutely brilliant!! A wonderful concept and masterfully executed! I actually gasped when I read the title. I think "devoured" is the correct word to describe how I read this story. Well done! :)

  2. Love it. I can not wait to see what happens when he gets home.

  3. Brilliant story!! I would happily work in this shop ;)


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