Monday, July 26, 2010

OH NOES. I've been censored!

Well. There's no help for it. I'm just going to have to flee to Cuba and be the "Ball Busting Writer In Exile".

To put it another way - the EuA didn't want to publish Gisei because it was "too violent". Anyone who knows the content of the EuA will be at least mildly surprised. Considering the things I've read there, I was. But, there you have it.

I'm not particularly upset at this - I can post just about anything I want on my own blog, and I actually find it kinda cool that my story is "too hot" for the tepid jellyfish who run the EuA. After all, the violence in Gisei is actually rather superficial. The beheading in the first section is implied, not explicit, and there is only one line in the second part where non-testicular violence is depicted: "A bullet ripped through Tom's left temple and splattered his brains all over the wall." Other than that, the violence is all BB.

Ball busting and testicle torture really can't exist without violence, so I'm not sure what to make of it all.

Anywho, just know that, if you read Gisei, you're reading banned material. Kinda cool, no?

!!!UPDATE: My term as a misunderstood artist was short-lived. EuA apparently changed their minds. I guess i'll just have to commit suicide to regain my cache and street-cred. Now . . . where did I put that butter knife . . .?


  1. Wow! Being censored is one of this nation's highest honors if you ask me! Congratulations friend!
    Btw, I'm glad to see you writing so much recently. It's inspiring to lazy slack-offs like me who haven't updated their own blog in forever.
    Thanks for setting an example :)
    [and for making me look bad ;)]


  2. :D

    I thought so too. Kind of exciting. They actually changed their minds and published it, this morning, but hey, for a brief while I was a loner, a rebel.

    *Raises an eyebrow. Getting lazy are we? Well, *whoosh *crack, get back to work, oh talented one! Unless you manage to hire a ghost-animator, no one will do it for you! (Try China - they have a lot of extra people looking for animation work . . . )

  3. Longtime reader of the Archive (sometime contributor) and recent fan of your website. Honestly, what troubles me is the latitude Paolo has in publishing stories. Hard to run an archive about Castration and Penectomy and eschew violence. I've noticed less stories that tweak my fancy posted these days and I really must wonder what quality Paolo may be trashing in the 8 of 10 that doesn't make it if Gisei once fell into that category.


  4. I read more violent stories there, this work is obvious that fine fiction.
    I don't know why Paolo banded you Damn.
    Keep going Nicholas we love your work and special talent ;-)


  5. I agree, Corbin, although, to be fair, as long as I've been following this subject, the EuA is spotty at best for the particular sub-genre that I like - BB and TT. It's mostly filled with stories of just direct castration, of the "cutting" oeuvre.

    Still, what Paolo apparently objected to was:

    1. That the subject material wasn't solely about castration.


    2. That I objected to his pointed remarks (on the boards), thinking that I was trying to pester him into publishing it, which I wasn't. That was a misunderstanding on his part, not mine.

    So . . . on the one hand, I admire him for going through tons of stories he probably doesn't intrinsically like, but I also don't really appreciate his abuse of power (and overall bitchiness). The words "ass-fuck" comes to mind. lol :D

    So. There you have it. And thank you, both of you, for offering support! Woot, It's nice to have one's work appreciated.

  6. I see no reason to object to violence as long as the violence is not to women. It is OK for the women to be violent to the males and especially to cocks and balls. Nut crushing is great when women are doing it. They can use a pair of nuts for ear rings and a cock for a necklace for all I care.


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