Monday, October 11, 2010

What's your poison of choice?

So, I thought I'd do a roundup to see what people are reading, these days. The question is . . . what is your current favorite story to stoke the flames of passion and let loose those volleys of love juice?

My current fav is Four Toys, by Marbles.

What's yours? Be sure to provide links!


  1. My latest hot read is by bustinsfun, entitled: I Smashed the Soccer Star's Balls!

  2. Cool! I'll take a look-see at it. Thanx for that, bb.

    Soccer's always a good venue for smashing balls. One lone guy, standing there with his legs spread. Waiting for a ball to come flying at him, and then . . . WHAM! Right into his own balls. He goes down like a lead balloon, and his nuts? Squished up inside his jockstrap, quickly swelling between the fingers that are scrabbling to nurse them. Very sexy.

  3. I just re-read "The Sock Shop", which I will admit is (unsurprisingly) one of my not-so guilty pleasures in life ;)
    I don't really go looking for stories these days, so I'll be curious to read the ones listed here.
    Man! That 4 Toys one is brutal! Reminds me a little of the Torturer's Apprentice.
    Alright, back to work :)

  4. The Sock Shop makes me think of boots, and boots makes me think of

    A good song and great boots. Imagine one of those vicious black heels impaling one of your balls . . .

  5. I also like that the background dancers begin wearing super short, low-cut sweaters :) That video always had an effect on my young, "trample-curious" brain.

  6. Trample-curious. Does that make you bitrample? And if it is, do tell me why you buy it. I'll get a six-pack.

  7. From your stories? The Sock Shop was really good.

    But the stories I most liked were written by Jonoffen:

  8. My favorite stories are Jill and Jill 2, love she popped big adult balls;-)
    Also I found fun The roll of dice 1 and 2

    old story Batting in the navy is good too


  9. I remember battling in the navy! Great story. I'll have to check out the rolling of the dice. Good ol' EuA.

    Thanx BB, and thanks anonymous for the Jonoffen link. I've been there before. Quality work.


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