Friday, May 3, 2013

Well boys'n'goyles

It would appear that has gone to the great big server in the sky, leaving me with just this blogspot blog to express myself with. I'm still concerned that I will be censored, but I suppose I'll just have to risk it.
Does anyone want me to repost all the stories that wrote on the other blog? or just start with new stuff as I write it? Let me know.
Anywho, cheers and I'll post as I can


  1. Hey Nicholas, it's great to have you back at blogspot! :-))

    I noticed your sensualwriter blog had vanished and I was worried that all your stories would be lost. Thank goodness I was wrong! Yeah, it would be great if you reposted your stories here! I'd really appreciate it!


  2. Repost would be great your stories were amazing


  3. reup would be great please

  4. Please repost, i was sad to see the other site gone and the awesome stories missing. Censorship blows and hopefully it hasn't come to that.

  5. I was worried you had quit. I was looking all over the net for your email to ask. Glad to see that isn't the case. I'd love for you to repost your stories because some of those were favs.

  6. Oh no!!! Dammit, why do adult blog hosts keep dying!? YES! Please repost them all! You're too brilliant to disappear!!!!

  7. repost please =)

  8. Yeah, I'd like a repost :) Also, a request for your newer fics: I like M/M or M/m or m/m or any variation thereof :P (I mean, I like your other work too, but I REALLY like the stuff with only women)

  9. OK. I hear it, you all want me to repost everything. But I've got over 50 stories. It's a fair amount of work to repost all that. Any thoughts on what should be reposted first?

  10. i would prefer the F/M F/m or f/m stuff

    great work man


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