Monday, June 3, 2013

Jill Interlude (f/M) - repost

 . . . Jill Interlude . . .

Keith sat on the patio with his legs spread, naked package touching the concrete and a big grin on his face. Nut-croquet was one of Jill’s new favorite games. With his hands he held the hoop in front of his crotch, framing his testicles perfectly. On the other side of the patio Jill stood with the mallet in her hands and a big fat red ball.

With intense concentration, Jill put down the red ball, lined it up with her target, and whacked the ball as hard as she could into his groin. The ball rocketed across the pavement and straight into Keith’s delicate eggs. It was a direct hit, and Keith’s face twisted slightly into a small grimace. That one hurt. As his own balls bounced from the impact he grabbed the red croquet ball before it could bounce away and rolled it back to Jill for another hit. The rules of the game were that if she could make a direct hit on his balls four times in a row, then she got to smash his nuts with the actually mallet. He’d walk over to the patio furniture, rest his naked balls on the table, and Jill would stand next to him and bring the mallet crashing down on his junk. Usually as hard as she could.

This time she only made three in a row, so they reset and played the game until she hit the mark. Jill clapped excitedly and watched as Keith got up (with some pain) and walked over to the table. To anyone else the scene would be comical or odd, a handsome 26 year old man, outdoors, naked but for some tennis shoes and socks, resting his nutsack on a table, knees slightly bent so his balls lay flush with its surface, and apparently completely at ease and content. But for Jill, it was a normal part of life. Keith was her baby sitter, and one of about a dozen men and boys who offered up their balls for her to regularly punish, and she loved it. Every minute of it.

Standing on a chair next to him, Jill first lowered the mallet so that its head just touched his naked nuts and gently bounced it off them. Love taps, to test the distance and prepare Keith for the pain that would follow. Then she lifted the mallet above her head, and let the weight of it pound Keith’s orbs, flattening them against the stone table. Keith moaned “Oh shit!” softly with each hit. “Oh fuck. Oh shit. Crap that hurts.”

Sasha, Jill’s Akita/Basenji mix dog had come over to watch the fun. His balls were also the playthings of his mistress, and the loyal dog liked nothing more than to have his nuts manhandled by her.

“Look Sasha,” said Jill to the the smiling canine, “I’m flattening Keith’s nuts!” That went on until Jill had had enough of it. She hopped down and let Keith drop to his knees and cup his aching nads, his eyes closed in an attempt to control the pain. Jill ran off to play with the dog, who dutifully rolled over so she could squeeze his big pink balls. The dog panted in pleasure.

Once recovered, Keith went inside and made some sandwiches and cut up a watermelon, and brought it out for them to eat. For the dog he threw some strips of bacon on the ground. Jill and Keith munched away and when they got to the watermelon, sat on the patio and spit seeds at each other. They savored the afternoon breeze, a delightful counterpoint to the hot weather, and watched clouds drift by. Eventually, though, Jill let out a heavy sigh.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” solicited Keith. As always, he was genuinely concerned about his little blond charge. Her happiness meant everything to him.

Jill frowned and toyed with Sasha’s soft ears. “I dunno. I guess . . . I’m bored. Nothing exciting has happened for days. I want to do something really neat.” She looked completely dejected and continued to pet her dog's head while also rolling his big balls around. They were so fun to play with and squeeze.

“Is that all?” asked Keith.

“No. School isn’t fun, and some of the other girls are mean to me. I have lots of boys and their balls to play with, but no girls. They won’t even look at me. I hate it. They’re so mean.” Jill looked completely dejected.

“Hmmm,” said Keith, trying to think of what would cheer her up. A silence engulfed them for a short while, and the answer that came to him wasn’t mental, it was emotional. He needed to give her something of himself. Something that only he could give, as a man, to this little girl.

“Jill, would you like to crush one of my nuts? Right here, right now. I know we’ve been meaning to burst one of them soon, and it might as well be now . . . .”

Jill’s dower disposition brightened up. “Yeah! That would be so fun!” Jill hadn’t burst a testicle for a least a month, and she had been looking forward to taking one of Keith’s. They’d talked about it and Keith had assured her he was looking forward to it as much as she was. He told her repeatedly that his balls belonged to her, and that popping one or both of them just seemed kind of natural. Of course she could!

“OK.” Keith spread his legs wide and leaned forwards a bit so both his balls were laying on the concrete. Then he held out his hands to grasp hers. She gently stepped between his legs and rolled his balls around with one foot. They were large from the constant abuse they received, but so perfectly shaped, so alive and Jill just enjoyed them for a while. Keith watched her foot as she did so, feeling his roly-poly’s roll this way and that.

“You made Cindy with these,” said Jill in a soft voice. “Do you think she’ll be mad that I’m taking one?”

“I hope you take both. Eventually.” He watched her select the larger left nut and put some pressure on it. He sucked in his breath. Testicle pain was one-of-a-kind.

“Cindy would be happy that you’re happy. And that I am too,” said Keith after a moment, looking into Jill’s eyes. 
"Which testicle do you want to rupture, Jill?" asked Keith sincerely.
"I want to pop the one that made Cindy," she replied breathlessly.
"Hmm, well that would probably be my left nut," he said, looking down and assessing his own reproductive equipment. Do that one, we can save my right one for some other time. Any other time, really."
Jill put presure on his left testicle. "Are you sure you want me to burst it?"
"Yes. This means everything to me, Jill. You taking my left nut is the most special moment of my life. All our ballbusting, all my pain has been leading up to this moment. Crush the life out of my left testicle. And do a good job, make Cindy proud.”

They kept looking at each other as Jill let more and more of her weight come to bear on the ball. A small tear formed in the corner of Keith’s eye, both from the pain and the emotion of the moment. Their nut-busting relationship had been building to this moment for months, and the fact that something as minor as Jill’s boredom would result in him losing a ball was of no consequence. Keith kept looking into Jill’s clear blue eyes and as his ball meat became flatter and flatter his eyes grew wide in wonder. He was about to experience something few men dared to imagine, and all he could do was stare at her with awe and amazement, even when the moment of truth came.
Jill cupped his face as the ghoolie flattened. "Tell me how much you want it, Keith."
"I do, I do, bust my little nut Jill! It's gonna pop soon. nnnngggghhhhh AHHHHH," he cried.

To Jill’s satisfaction Keith’s ball popped with an audible burst, like stepping on a water balloon, and Keith’s wide eyes grew even larger, and his mouth formed a silent “O”. His nut had just been crushed. He couldn’t believe it. His ball had just burst. It was ruined. No hope of repair. He was half a man, now. And he didn’t care. It hurt so much he wished he were dead, but he didn’t care.

Jill was smiling at him, letting his ruined ball slide around under her foot, and she held his face, tenderly, watching the various emotions play across it. She bent a little to kiss his forehead and he grabbed her in a hug as she continued to smash the remains of his testicle into the hard concrete. His whole body was shaking but they clung together tight, her in blissful happiness, and him in trembling torment. Pleasure, pain and vulnerability all wrapped together in one perfect, long moment. She’d destroyed 9 testicle before this one, but this had been, by far, the best. She couldn’t wait to take the other, and amazingly so did he!

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