Friday, June 7, 2013

Little'bro (m/m) - repost



More than any other two brothers you could think of, Tony and Aaron were close. Tony, seventeen, and the older by five years, was the guardian and caretaker of Aaron since their parents had died three years previously in a car crash. Aaron was twelve and adored his older brother. He looked to him for guidance, entertainment and comfort.


Both boys were good looking and had always been physically close. They’d play together, shower together, hang out on the couch, sitting intertwined, and they’d always been physically free with each other. Ever since Aaron was born, Tony had felt protective of Aaron and almost considered him his little twin. When their parents died, the two of them were forced to live in an apartment together, sharing a bed, and although it was a modest lifestyle they were OK financially due to the extraordinarily large life insurance policies of both their parents.


Tony was 5’11” with scruffy mid-length blond hair. He had a muscular, tanned, fit body from years of playing sports, but he wasn’t a jock. He was easy going, informal, and called just about everyone “dude”. If he’d lived in California instead of Webster MA, he would certainly have been a surfer. Aaron was younger, obviously, and had a slimmer build but was still very fit for his age, pure white skin, and had a shy, quite personality. He’d lost both his parents, didn’t like school very much, and mostly just liked to be with Tony.


They’d rock out to grunge music every night, eat Spaghetti-O’s and frozen pizza, watch movies together, and basically lived like every guy dreamed he could – without care, without restrictions and with plenty of company.


Being twelve, Aaron was approaching puberty, and it was now he started noticing Tony’s body, especially his big cock and balls. One day, shortly after they’d moved into the one bedroom apartment, Aaron went into the bedroom to find his big brother naked, on the bed, stroking to some porn mags.


“Hey, little’bro,” said Tony, without looking up or stopping.


“Hey. What are you up to?” asked Aaron. He hopped up on the bed to sit beside Tony. He’d seen Tony naked plenty of times, but never using his equipment for anything but peeing.


“Just jerking off. Want to watch?”


“Ok.” Aaron watched for a few minutes, emotionally aroused by the scene. Tony had a 9.5 inch dick and two enormous egg-shaped nuts, and Aaron was hypnotized by the way Tony’s testicles jiggled as he stroked himself.


“Can I help?” asked Aaron, eventually.


“Sure, little’bro. Here, play with my nuts while I jack.”


Aaron reached out to hold the big eggs and gently rolled them back and forth, squeezing a little and then stretching them out. They were so much bigger than his own, and they seemed to move around in their sack while his brother pleasured himself. The scrotum was big too, and he could pull Tony’s balls a good four inches away from his body.


“Tony? What are they for?”


“They’re for making little’bros like you,” said Tony, turning a page.




“I’m about to cum. I’ll show you.” Tony ramped up the pace of his jacking. Soon he moaned really loudly and Aaron watched as about a dozen squirts of sticky white stuff pumped themselves out of his dick. The splatters coated Tony’s rippling, tight stomach.


“This is cum,” said Tony as he fingered the pools of semen. “It goes into chicks and makes little babies.” Tony lifted one finger so they could both see it glisten in the lamp-light.


“Can you . . . eat it?” asked Aaron with curiosity.


“Sure, here, have a taste.” Tony held up his finger and let his little brother suck the jism off of it.


“Tastes kinda salty.”


Tony tasted some for himself. It was kinda salty, and frothy too. “It’s getting cold though. Most people like it fresh,” he commented.


“You mean you spurt it into their mouths?”


“Yeah, When girls give me head, I cum right down their throat. It feels sooo good. Like fucking a warm blueberry pie.”


“Hey!” said Aaron. “Let’s go get some! I’m hungry.”


“Ok, little’bro. Let me wash off.”


Since Aaron needed to shower too, they both got in and helped each other soap up. Aaron fondled his own equipment. “Mine are so small, Tony. Will they ever get as big as yours?”


Tony soaped up his little brother’s hair with shampoo. “Sure they will. They’ll be great. Just you wait and see.”


That night, after eating pie and drinking rootbeer and watching a horror flick, they were in bed, and Aaron started talking about how much he missed mom and dad, a subject that he brought up a lot, usually at night. This time, Tony told him to scootch over, and with both of them naked, Tony held his little brother tightly too him, making him feel safe and warm.


Two days later, on Saturday, Aaron woke up that morning to find his big brother stroking under the covers.


“Do you do that all the time, Tony?” asked Aaron sleepily.


“Just relieving my morning wood, little’bro.”


“Can I help?”


“Sure, do whatever you want.”


Aaron crawled under the covers and positioned himself between his brother’s legs. He decided he wanted to taste those massive eggs of his brother’s, and so he nestled his face under Tony’s ball bag and sucked one big nut in. Tony moaned. Aaron suckled on it for quite a while, then he let it drop out of his mouth so he could swallow the other.


After about five minutes, Aaron felt the ball in his mouth begin to tighten up and pull away from him. “I’m gonna cum, little’bro,” said Tony in a husky voice. “Ooohhh, suck on them. Unnnggh”


So, Aaron opened his mouth as wide as he could and did his best to suck both testicles in at once. He was intrigued to find he could actually feel the deep muscle contractions in his brother’s sack as he came. This time, before it could get cold, Aaron slipped up over his brother’s crotch and tongued the warm jism off those washboard abs. Mmmmm. It was Tony’s essence, and was so warm and tasty.


After that, Aaron participated in Tony’s nut sessions almost every day, and it was a system that worked out well – all the attention to his balls made Tony cum like a race-horse, and Aaron absolutely loved Tony’s nuts, and the taste of the semen afterwards. In fact, after a while, Aaron asked if it could be shot directly in his mouth, and of course Tony agreed. “Sure, little’bro. Whatever you want.”


Aaron quickly learned to anticipate Tony’s imminent eruption. Either through the tightening of his balls or the extra swelling of his cock or the increasingly erratic breathing of his brother, Aaron knew when it was time to scootch around to his brother’s dick and clamp his lips around its purple head. Out the cum would gush, coating his tongue and spilling down his throat.


Coincidently, Aaron began to develop an altogether different relationship with his big brother’s balls around the same time. Tony was a first class wrestler, and as he and Aaron liked to wrestle a lot just for fun, he decided to show his little brother some wrestling techniques.


Typically Tony would arrive after wrestling practice and Aaron would drop his homework and bag of Cheeto’s and tackle his big brother as he walked through the front door. Tony always let himself be pinned to the floor. Then he’d tell Aaron how to weave his arms and legs around his own to lock them, pull him into torturous positions or wreak havoc with his joints and back. Still, Tony was a lot stronger and bigger than Aaron, so he could naturally break out of them whenever he wanted.


One day, while they were both panting on the floor from playing, Aaron asked, “How can someone like me win at wrestling over someone like you? I’m so much smaller.” He seemed a little depressed.


Tony grinned, thinking of all the matches he’d won, and lost. “Go for the nuts, little’bro. They’re a dude’s only weak spot.”


Now Aaron was fascinated and sat up to look at his brother. “What do you mean?”


“When you’ve got a dude’s packaged exposed, hit it with your hand. When his balls come into view, reach out and squeeze ‘em. Flick ‘em with your finger. Slam your foot into them. Whatever it takes. As long as the ref doesn’t see it, no dude can resist you when he’s getting racked.”


“I thought they were to make babies with,” said Aaron, crawling over to his brother’s crotch and cupping what he felt there. Tony had given him tacit permission to touch them whenever he wanted, so he did.


“Yeah, but little dudes like you can’t make it in wrestling without taking shots at the nuts. That’s the way it is.”


Aaron reached into the pants leg of his brother’s shorts, pushed aside his jockstrap and grasped the two ginourmous eggs that dangled there. “How hard do I have to squeeze?” he asked, rolling them around in his hand.


“As hard as you can, little’bro. Try it.”


“OK.” Aaron squeeze the big bollocks together as hard as he could, grating them against his thumb. Tony moaned and tried to curl up. So this is what he meant. Testicles = pain. Interesting.


Tony then ran his little brother through all sorts of wrestling positions; tell him when to take advantage of an open crotch. Aaron got to squeeze, hit, punch, smack and even kick his brother’s big balls, and Tony laughed with each one. That, apparently, was Tony’s response to intense pain. It was a sort of semi-hysterical laughter, and Aaron quite liked it. Tony didn’t seem to mind it so much, either. He kind of liked the high it gave him. For several hours Aaron got to practice on his big bro’s nuts and abused them to best advantage.


As they lay there on the floor, panting, Tony  was holding his racked nuts and still giggling, while Aaron lay there exhausted from punching them.


When his laughter faded into a chuckling groan, Tony said, “You got a mean punch, little’bro. Fantastic. We should practice it more. You might make a great wrestler some day.”


“On you?” asked Aaron.


“Hell ya! Everyone loves a good nut shot. Take me down all the time. Let’s see what you can do to ‘em.”


So the next evening, Tony walked in, fresh from training.




 Aaron tackled him, and Tony let himself be pulled over. “Hey little bro!”


“Can I play with them?” asked Aaron excited.


Tony knew exactly what he was talking about. He reached into his own shorts to see how they were hanging. “They’re all ready for ya.”




Aaron pulled off his brother’s shorts and jock strap so that he could get at Tony’s naked balls, and Tony just let him. He like his side-kick to feel at ease with his package.


Already on the floor, Tony pulled his knees up to his head, crooked his arms around them, locking his legs in place, and then just let his balls hang there for Aaron to practice on. Aaron first fondled the big eggs. They were loose, moist and soft from being cooped up in the jockstrap after hours of wrestling. There was a heady smell of spicy-sweet crotch scent, which Aaron had become quite fond of. Somehow it reminded him of their father’s scent and that was tremendously comforting.


After some softer play, rolling the floppy eggs around, he set about practicing his technique. Punches, claws, squeezing, twisting. Everything that he could think of until Tony’d had enough. Tony’s shrill laughing died down, eventually.


“Let’s take a shower little brother, and we’ll watch End of the Line after dinner.”




“I’m going to bring over Natasha tomorrow night. You’ll get your first look at snatch,” said Tony confidently as he soaped up his little brother.


“Really? Awesome. Can I watch?”


“Yeah, I’ll fuck her and you can hold my balls. She’s one hot chick. She really puts out after some weed.”


“Alright. Can I suck them too?” Aaron really loved the taste of Tony’s nuts.

“Anything you want. I’ll even let you suck them while I’m inside her, you can get your first taste of pussy.”


“Mmmmm,’ said Aaron as Tony’s strong hands worked their way around his chest, his cock and balls and his tight little ass, slick and smooth from the soap.

The next night, Tony and his evening fuck crashed through the door of the apartment. They’d already lit-up at her place, and now were in the heavy macking stage. Aaron dropped his Wii controller and watched with interest. The couple lurched awkwardly towards the bedroom.


In between lip locks Tony gasped, “Help me undress, little’bro.”


Aaron struggled to pull off his brother’s shoes, then his pants, then his underwear while Tony groped Natasha’s boobs. As soon as Tony’s dick was free he pressed it hard against Natasha’s stomach. Tony ripped off her blouse and bra, and went to town on her breasts, sucking them and licking her nipples.


Soon they were both naked and Tony started pounding away at her, his body buried in her crotch, and her body arched in pleasure. Even though both were preoccupied they spread their legs apart so Aaron could hop up on the bed and get between them. First he felt for Tony’s balls, which were smacking against Natasha’s pussy, then when he had their measure, lay down on his back, skootched up between their legs and let the big testicles flop into his mouth. They jerked around as Tony pressed on with his fucking, but it did made Tony moan louder. It felt so good, Aaron’s warm mouth on his balls and the silky wet warmth of the gash he was plowing.


Natasha didn’t even seem to notice Aaron, but probably wouldn’t have cared even if she had. She was pretty toasted and was known for kinky sex anyways. Aaron was overwhelmed with the smells and sounds and motion, but he stayed glued to his brother’s balls until he felt the usual tightening. Tony was about to cum.


“Little’bro. Slap me. Hard!” requested Tony.


Aaron disengaged, whipped up and around and as Tony made especially deep thrusts, slapped Tony’s scrotum as hard as he could. Natasha screamed in pleasure. Each slap seemed to spur Tony to pump harder until the whole room shook. This was followed by one mind bending orgasm for Tony and three for Natasha. Aaron meanwhile had his hand between both of them, and pulled it out, several times to taste their combined juices. It was fascinating.

This was the first of many tricks that Tony brought home to share with his little brother. After a few times, Aaron got bold and asked to be able to suck Tony’s dick after it had been inside the girl a while. Tony naturally let him, and Aaron discovered he liked the tangy taste of cunt juice combined with his brother’s pre-jack.


Several months later the two teens were laying on the couch, Aaron on top of Tony, both in nothing but socks, watching a movie where the soon-to-be knocked-off blond bimbo character was blowing the sure-to-survive male hero.

“Wow. Look at her hoover him. That shit is great,” commented Tony. Aaron could feel Tony’s dick twitch and press against his stomach, and Aaron felt a sort of natural urge to do something about it. He slid down and engulfed Tony’s swelling cock, taking as much of it in as possible. Tony didn’t say anything; he just looked down a bit, smiled and then continued to watch the sex scene.


“Teeth, little’bro. Watch the teeth. Oh yeah, that’s good. Suck my popsicle. Oh yeah.”


Aaron sucked it as hard as he could and he could feel the shaft pulsing in his mouth. It was rock solid, but the head was soft, and it filled his small mouth as it went down his throat. This was the first time he’d sucked the whole thing, and it was . . . exciting. The taste of semen was becoming stronger, and the movie scene was coming to a climax. So did Tony. His cum gushed out and he bucked his hips. Aaron was taken by surprise this time, and he choked on the geyser of jism. It actually came out his nose.


Tony laughed while his side-kick coughed and spluttered. “Remember to swallow, little’bro. You know it tastes good.”


Aaron nodded, and tried to get the cum out of his nose.


That night something special happened. Aaron had his first erotic dream, and when he woke that morning, he also had his first erection. As Tony rolled over to lay partially between his little brother’s legs he noticed this and started to play with it.


“My little brother’s first woody. Stellar! Let me try something.” He ducked his head under the covers and swallowed Aaron’s cock whole. He wrapped his tongue around the shaft and pistoned his mouth up and down on it. Aaron was out of his mind with pleasure. ‘So this was what sex feels like,’ he thought.


Tony really like the size and taste of his little’bro’s dick – it was so easy to suck whole, and it wasn’t long before Aaron shot his first load down Tony’s throat. Tony continued to suck on it long after it’d burst and this made Aaron twitch. The pleasure was almost too much, and he his breath was ragged and shallow.

Tony’s head popped up from the covers. “You taste good little’bro. Like salty apples.”


Aaron looked down. “Can I taste?”


“Sure.” Tony moved up to Aaron and kissed him, gently at first, but then enough so that the flavor of Aaron’s own seed slipped in with Tony’s tongue. After a while of this, Aaron said, “Teach me how to kiss, Tony.”


“OK.” They spent the next half hour kissing until Tony felt Aaron had the gist of what a good kiss entailed. Then they showered and went on with their day.

For the next few months Aaron got to explore all kinds of fun things about his body, and Tony was extremely thorough in his brother’s sexual education. Everything that could be done was done, dicks were slipped into all possible holes, all holes were tongued and fingered, and a typical morning began with them sixty-nineing, each exploding into the other’s mouth, Aaron always before Tony.


Some of the girls Tony brought over were only too happy to give young Aaron head, and he even got to enter one of them while Tony was fucking her face. Aaron was getting more sex in than a lot of adults, and he was only thirteen.

After their usual after-school wrestling and ball busting, and their habititual shower, which now included Tony fucking little Aaron up the ass using soap as lube, they’d usually watch a move together, entwined, and those movies were now included pornos, which Tony procured from his part-time video store job. It was the best of all worlds.


Everything went swimmingly until about a half a year before Tony was to graduate. His Coach called him into the locker-room for a meeting. Just the two of them.


“Tony. If you want that scholarship to Boston U., you’re going to have to win every match from now until you graduate.”


“Ok.” Said Tony.


“And that means, we’re going to have to eliminate ALL of your weaknesses.”


“Dude?” said Tony, perplexed.


The Coach got up and walked around, and while Tony stood there, the Coach dropped the teen’s pants and underwear. This sort of thing happened all the time, so Tony wasn’t surprised. The Coach grasped Tony’s dangling nuts firmly and squeezed.


“Your weaknesses boy. You lose concentration every time they go for these. They’ll have to go.”


“My nuts? Man!” Tony looked sad for a moment. “Aaron’s gonna miss these babies. Crap. Uhm. OK. Sure . . .”


“Now, we can try toughing them up, first. But if that doesn’t work, you’re gonna have to make it permanent.”


“Cool. I can go with that. How long do I have?” Tony was contemplating a life without balls.


“I’ll give you a month to condition them. After that, well, I want them gone if you can’t get tough. However you want to do it. Just make sure that you’re ready to go by October for the state championships. Without these,” said the Coach, really squishing the boy’s balls around in his hand, “you’ll be invincible.” He let go and Tony’s testicles swung back and forth between his open legs. ’Well,’ thought Tony as he watched them swing, ‘Aaron might like this after all.’


When he got home, he let himself be grappled and pulled down into a headlock by Aaron. The kid was really getting good. After a few minutes of breaks and holds on both sides, Tony was put into a position where Aaron had easy access to his balls. Naturally Aaron reached through his pants leg and put pressure on Tony’s left ball. Just his left ball. For the first time Tony said “Wait. Hold on.” Aaron removed his hand in surprise.


Tony extricated himself from the situation and undressed down to his white gym socks. Then he kneeled in front of his younger brother.


“Little’bro. I need you to do me a favor. I want you to kick and hit these little dudes [cupping his balls] until they get tough. They’re, like, getting in the way of my wrestling matches. If I can’t get them tough enough to withstand Coach’s rackings, then these puppies are history.” Tony squeezed out his big loose nuts so they could both contemplate their potential demise.


“What do you mean?” said Aaron.


“You need to hit, kick, squeeze, punch and bust these babies as much as you can for the next month. If that doesn’t work, you’re gonna get to bust them totally. Like in Carver where the guy gets his ball popped with pliers.”


Aaron’s young mind was blown away. “Wow” he said, not believing the reality of it. That was one of his favorite horror flick scenes and Tony knew it. It was the move he request the most and they watched it at least once a month.


“Can we still suck?” Aaron asked in a panicked daze.


Tony tousled his hair. “Sure. All the time. Just make my life a living hell for the next month. You’re a good little dude. I know we’ll make Coach happy.”

And bust them, Aaron did. Now, whenever Tony came home, he was greeting by an enthusiastic kick to the groin instead of a tackle. Then, after eagerly pulling off Tony’s pants and jock strap, it was followed up with numerous kicks, punches and fist slams to Tony’s naked testicles. Aaron wasn’t as big or strong as his brother, but he did his best to toughen the egg-like glands. After sex in the shower, it was dinner time,  and then after dinner, Tony, still naked, would kneel on the carpet so his little’bro could simply kick him between the legs as hard as he could.


Instead of lying passively on the couch together, Aaron filled movie time with roughly squeezing and stretching Tony’s balls as they lay together, creating a constant, continuous pain that ached through Tony’s flat, tight stomach. When the movie was over, Aaron would often rise up between Tony’s legs, smile at him and knee him sharply in the groin, over and over. Tony always smiled back.

“Shit, you’re good at this, little’bro,” Tony said once after some particularly painful knee drops.


In the mornings, since Aaron was the first one awake, Tony’d asked him to wake him up ball-pain, and Aaron did so enthusiastically. He’d find Tony, snoring away, usually semi-erect from wetdreams, and he’d crawl between those open legs, gaze down at the big, helpless, luscious looking balls, and then punish them in whatever manner suited his fancy. Tony would awake with a groan but never lost that erection of his, and out of gratitude for his little dude’s services, would suck off Aaron while he jacked his own dick.


Each week, Coach tested Tony with hard kicks to his balls. If the teen collapsed into a quivering mound of painful laughter, then Coach would give him more “homework.” There was no mercy shown, and Tony had no choice to but to win the upcoming matches if he wanted that scholarship.


Despite the fact that it really wasn’t inhibiting his sex life at all (in fact the abuse actually made Tony hornier than ever) even Aaron noticed how swollen Tony’s ball’s were, and when they were in the shower, before Tony would fuck his little brother’s tight ass, lubed up with soap, Aaron liked to fit just one big nut in his mouth and suck on for while, getting a feel for what his own might be like in a couple of years. They were truly impressive.


All the snatch that Tony fucked that month seemed to enjoy their increased size too. Instead of just fucking them, Tony had the various girls (and Aaron) take turns kicking his nads both before and after sex. But, no matter what they did, Coach just wasn’t satisfied.


At the beginning of November, Coach called him in. Tony didn’t’ even wait, he just stripped as soon as he’d closed the door behind him and bent over. WHAM. WHAM WHAM. Coach tried his best to his scrambled Tony’s eggs. Despite holding his breath and hoping for the best, Tony went down like a sack of bricks.


Coach came over and nudged Tony’s ballsack with his shoe.


“Sorry kid, they’ll have to be taken care of. I can recommend a doctor who’ll do it for a minimal fee.” The coach’s fat Italian face was cocked to the side. “I have . . . connections. You know . . .people who know people.”


“No problem, Coach,” said Tony from the floor, in a broken voice. “I got it all tied up. My little’bro’s gonna nut me. He’ll do a great job. You’ll see.”


“Ok. But I’d better see no balls on you next week. When you come in, we’ll fit you for Neuticles. Can’t have the other team staring at a nutless opponent. Crowd won’t cheer for one of those, either.”


Tony came home a while later, sighing. “Well, little’bro. You’re going to get to bust my balls after all. Coach doesn’t want them in my pouch anymore.”


Aaron didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad at this.


“Can you still have sex with no balls?”


“Sure I can. Coach’s gonna give me steroids to keep me built, and he said I can even get hard and cum on them. So, no worries.”


Aaron sighed in relief. Tony and his equipment were his whole life.


Tony reassured him. “Little dudes like you should have as much sex as they want. I’ll still be with you all the time. My dick will still be there for you, and yours will be in my mouth.” Tony ruffled Aaron’s head.


“When are we going to pop them?” said Aaron as he automatically pulled down Tony’s shorts and the speedo-style briefs. The young teen gently groped and suckled on the big baby-makers he loved so much, while Tony continued to talk.


“I think this weekend,” said Tony, looking down. “Coach wants it over and done-with. Yup, the next two days are gonna be filled with ho’s, and then I’m all yours. Aaaahh yeah. Suck ‘em. Suck ‘em hard little’bro. My nuts. Aahhhh. My nuts.” Since he was already on his knees, Aaron moved on to Tony’s huge cock, which was rising up out his bush. He’d become quite skilled at sucking dick, and he could usually get most of his brother’s 9.5 inches down his throat. Tony groaned and pumped his dick into his brother’s face. It wasn’t too long before a thick load gushed down Aaron’s throat.


The next two days were, indeed, filled with “ho’s”. Tony lined up three girls each for Thursday and Friday. Tony pulled Aaron and himself out of school for the festivities, and they gang banged the girls, ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lounged naked in bed and on the sofa together. Tony even managed to score some Brewskies as a treat for them both. It was Aaron’s first taste of alcohol and he loved it! He managed to down three before getting tipsy and throwing up. Tony was proud.


Tony also fucked Aaron at least once on both days - once in the shower, and once last thing at night on Friday. Aaron actually like having Tony’s huge pole up his chute. It made this strange, intense feeling, unlike anything else he’d experienced, and it was quite pleasurable. Tony was always gentle with him, and Friday night, after Tony’d fucked him deeply, they lay there on the bed, basking what seemed like an endless glow.


“Tony,” said Aaron, who was snuggled against him, “Is it going to hurt when I burst them?”


“Naw. No worries there, little’bro. I got me some anesthetic. From my connection. It’ll be fine.”


Aaron leaned over and kissed his brother on the lips, licking the sweat off them, and then questing into his teeth and then past them to his brother’s tongue. This went on for a while, Aaron exploring his brother’s savory mouth.


“Are you going to be able to have babies?” Aaron asked in brief moment between their lip-play.


“Sure. I’m gonna make lots of little squirts. I made a sperm deposit a couple of days ago. Should make for great little kids.”


Aaron laughed. “A sperm deposit? Like a bank?” Aaron thought that was the funniest thing he’d ever heard, and started giggling. Tony tickling him and they rolled around for a while, laughing. When they stopped, Tony noticed his little brother was hard. Aaron hadn’t cum since that morning, so Tony was going to have to do something about it.


“Can’t have little’bros going without head,” and he leaned close to whisper into Aaron’s ear, “Time to make a deposit in my bank, little’bro.” Tony wrapped his warm mouth around Aaron’s dick and sucked it expertly. Aaron was still quick to the finish line, but tried to hold out for as long as possible. When Aaron’s seed spurted into his brother’s beautiful mouth, Tony looked at the bedside clock.


“Eight minutes, little dude. You’re getting better.” As always, Aaron liked to taste his own cum, so Tony snowballed what was left in his mouth into his little brother’s mouth. Aaron sucked on Tony’s tongue for a while; sheer bliss.


They slept soundly, and the next morning, it was the usual sixty-nine, followed by a hot, soapy shower. Then, they went out to breakfast at a diner - something of a novelty to both of them. Usually it was just Cheerios or Frosted Flakes or Fruity Pebbles, but this was a special day, so why not splurge?


Pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, sausages, orange juice - the works. They came home stuffed, and just lay together on the couch for a while, watching cartoons. Inevitably, though, Aaron couldn’t resist Tony’s presence, and he started nuzzling Tony’s neck. Soon it was a full make-out session, and once they were naked, Tony flipped them both over and mounted his younger brother, thrusting his dick, balls deep (for the last time with balls) into him. Tony managed two hot sperm injections, one after another, straight into Aaron’s guts. Aaron loved it. Then there was another hot shower session, where Tony lovingly soaped up his little’bro, explored his whole young body with slick, strong hands and naturally went down on him. Aaron managed two orgasms as well, his young body shuddering at the effort.


They took a nap and when Tony woke up, he knew it was time. He walked into the bathroom, shaved his pubes off, and then injected the anesthetic. He was ready.


Tony walked back into the bedroom. He crawled up on the bed, straddled his little bro’s head and said, “Ok, little’bro, time to burst these bitches. How do you want to do this?”


Aaron looked at the godlike balls there were dangling above his face. What way did he want to punish them until they popped?


“Do I have to rupture them the same way?” said Aaron, reached up to squeeze just one. They were so beautiful.


“Naw. Of course not. Want to just pop one in your mouth right now? Suck it in,” urged Tony, referring to the nad that was currently trapped between his little’bro’s fingers. Tony jiggled his balls to tease Aaron.


“Sure,” said Aaron, smiling up at Tony. “I love you, Tony,”


Tony looked into his brother’s eyes and smiled. “I love you too, little’bro.”


Aaron pulled the big gonad he was holding into his mouth, and while Tony watched the erotic scene, Aaron began to chew on it. Aaron wasn’t particularly creative when it came to testicle popping. He just chewed and chewed and chewed on the tough oyster. The whole situation was utterly bizarre and kinda surreal, but strangely exiting none-the-less. Aaron’s own dick had become hard, and since he couldn’t feel any pain, so had Tony’s.


Tony could feel pressure, though, and the intensity of it made him moan loudly. He ran his hands over his own body, pinching his own nipples and stroking his rigid cock. This was the sexiest thing that he’d ever experienced. Precum dribbled out of his slit, and it slid down into Aaron’s mouth as he tried to burst his brother’s big bubble.


“Oh yeah, little’bro. Chew that testicle. Oh yeah. That’s so hot.”


Aaron chewed all the harder, reaching up to squeeze Tony’s other nut which lolled on his cheek. Meanwhile, Tony starting jacking himself off with his right hand, and reached back to stroke his little brother off with the left.


Tony felt the pressure build in his nut as it got close to destruction, and Aaron could feel the scrotum tighten as Tony got ready to cum. Aaron was also getting close. Would they all go together? As Aaron became more excited and naturally chewed harder, and as he was about to cum in Tony’s fist, Tony’s ball exploded in Aaron’s mouth and Tony’s dick shot a wad of cum all over Aaron’s face. Multiple explosions engulfed the two boys.


The smashed ball in Aaron’s mouth was all sticky and spongy, his forehead was dripping with white jizz, and his brother’s left hand was covered with Aaron’s cum.


To Aaron’s delight, after Tony’d stopped rubbing his dick on his little brother’s forehead, he pulled his ballbag out of Aaron’s mouth, shifted down, and kissed his little’bro deeply. Aaron was doing him such a favor, and it meant a lot to Tony. Tony then licked his own semen off Aarons forehead and plunged his tongue back into his brother’s mouth so they could share the taste. It was totally sexy.


They recovered in less than fifteen minutes, and Tony said they should do the other one, before the injection wore off.


“Let’s make it as hot as the last one,” said Tony as he nuzzled the top of his brother’s head.


“Ok. Uhm. Well. How about I smash it or something.” Aaron was racking his young, inexperienced brain to make it a great experience for both of them.


“Killer. I’ll kneel on a chair and suck you off while you stomp it ‘til it pops.” Tony was really getting into (and off) on having sex with his little’bro. Aaron was so . . . available.


So, seconds later, they were in the kitchen. Both of them were hard again, and Aaron was standing on Tony’s last ball. His teenage dick was in Tony’s mouth and he was pumping it back and forth, while he began to lean his weight on Tony’s egg.


Tony felt the pressure again. It wasn’t painful, but excitingly uncomfortable. In his mind a hot chick was taking his last ball, and his brother’s cum-coated dick tasted sooooo good. The pressure mounted. Aaron was leaning on the big gonad more and more, and it was dimpling in the center. Tony stroked his own dick, which was hard . . . again.


Aaron held onto Tony’s head for stability. The ball under his foot was about to rupture,  and the feeling of Tony’s mouth swallowing his dick was incredible. He pumped Tony’s face harder and harder. The ball dimpled even more. Now most of his weight was directly on it. Just a few more seconds.


“Oh oh oh, yeah!” Aaron was somewhere else entirely. Tony was concentrating on giving his brother good head. The tension built and built. Then, as Aaron ejaculated and Tony slurped on the pumping dick, Tony’s testicle burst like a balloon, creating an audible, wet popping sound, and then it oozed out under Aaron’s foot. It took a few seconds of Aaron grinding the crushed testicle under his foot before Tony let loose cream of his own, splattering on Aarons’ legs. The deed had been done. Coach would be pleased.


Tony then just remained there, kneeling in front of his sibling, and held him tight, face pressed against Aaron’s groin, his cheek rubbing Aaron’s young dick. Aaron meanwhile ran his fingers through Tony’s hair and savored what had been the most intense day of his life.


When the moment had passed, Tony stood up and examined his ballbag. It was full of mushy testicles.


“Well,” he said, “Time to take them out.” He got a sharp knife from the drawer, dipped it in some Vodka to sterilize it, dipped his sack in the Vodka, got a plastic bowl, and made a small incision. Then, while Aaron watched with interest, Tony squeezed out his busted ball-meat. It filled nearly the entire bowl.

“What should we do now?” asked Aaron, poking the ruined organs with a finger.


“Hmmm. Hey, that dog downstairs likes scraps. Go steal him.” Tony was now playing with his flapping, empty scrotum. “Look, how cool is this? Here, squeeze it.”


Aaron reached over and felt the empty bag. It was so soft, so supple and dangled there like an empty pink purse. “Sweet!” agreed Aaron. Then, he ran to put on some shorts. “OK, I’ll be right back,” he said as he sprinted out the door.


The borrowed dog (whose owners had gone out for an early dinner and penned him up in the little enclosed porch) did indeed like Tony’s left-over’s, and both boys went to sleep early that night, Aaron sleeping on top of Tony’s naked form.


The next week, Tony had his custom made Neuticles inserted, and his package looked completely normal. Aaron was thrilled to have his objects of affection back, and that night, when they were showering, Aaron asked, “Do you think I can suck it now?” fondling Tony’s dick to hardness. “I want to see if cum tastes different without your balls.”


Tony, who was washing Aaron’s hair and massaging his scalp gently paused to smiled at Aaron, and finally said, “Great idea, little’bro. Anything you want. Suck away.”


Two orgasms later, Aaron looked up, licking his sticky lips. “Don’t ever stop making cum for me, Tony.”


“Don’t worry, little’bro. I’ll always have some. Just for you.”


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  2. Did you ever at anytime ever hurt your younger brothers balls?

    1. The only balls I've ever hurt are my own. I'm a very gentle person in RL and don't hurt people, on accident or on purpose. So no, I've never pegged my brother in the nuts, nor would I want to. For me this is all fantasy. Besides, my brother isn't particularly sexy.

  3. I’m a young gay boy, and I came here for castration fantasy stories and I’ll own that, but this has to be the HOTTEST story I’ve ever read from you so far. The chemistry and love between these two brothers seems very genuine and real and every time they kissed or fucked I got rock hard. This is the only story I’ve read from you so far that would’ve been amazing even without the castration at the end, these two characters were too loving and genuine for me to actually want either permanently hurt

  4. I’m a young gay boy, and I came here for castration fantasy stories and I’ll own that, but this has to be the HOTTEST story I’ve ever read from you so far. The chemistry and love between these two brothers seems very genuine and real and every time they kissed or fucked I got rock hard. This is the only story I’ve read from you so far that would’ve been amazing even without the castration at the end, these two characters were too loving and genuine for me to actually want either permanently hurt

  5. I’m a gay boy, and I came here for castration fantasy stories and I’ll own that. But this has to be the HOTTEST story I’ve read from you so far, the chemistry and love between these two brothers felt very real and very genuine and every time they fucked or kissed I got rock hard. This is the only story I’ve read from you so far that I think the ending still would’ve been amazing even if no one got permanently injuried, these characters were just to loving and real for me to want to see them permanently hurt

  6. I did read little’cuz and I enjoyed it too and look forward to maybe seeing more of Aaron and tony and the awesome chemistry and of course the sex


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