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Men of the Empire (M/groupM) - repost

Men of the Empire


“Welcome, my Lord, to the all-male training, punishment and torture facility. I’m aware that this planet isn’t your favorite to visit, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it none-the-less. Shall we begin the tour?”


The tall, hooded man in combat armor nodded silently, then crossed his arms at his chest. Chamberlain decided this was as good a reply as he was going to get, and let this Lord of the Empire into the first room. It was a huge gymnasium, full of male humans practicing their martial arts. Long rows of men, all with shaved heads, and bare chested, wearing nothing but tight black underwear, each following the moves of the instructor. The two of them stopped to watch. At one point one trainee fouled up the carefully choreographed moves, and the instructed barked at them to stop. He walked down the row, and over a few men, and then without comment punched the offender in the groin with a solid “THOCK” sound. The male grunted as his nuts were pounded up into his abdomen. The teacher followed up with three more fist pounds to the acolyte’s puds, and then turned on his heels and walked back to the front to continue the practice.


“As you can see, my Lord, we have but one punishment here, brutality to the balls. After all, what is the one thing that all males possess which remains vulnerable no matter their muscle mass or strength level? We’ve found that pain is the ultimate motivator, and there is no easier or convenient way to give a male pain that through the delicate organs that swing between his legs. So, everything we do here revolves around that philospohy. Let us proceed to the ‘strengthening chamber’.” They walked past the acolytes, down a hallway and into another room.


Here were men being held stationary by their fellow students, all of whom were naked. Each had one guy holding his arms behind his back, and one on either side to hold the legs open. In front of him stood yet another male student, and his job was to kick the victim in the balls until he could take no more.


“Here we train the men to raise their pain threshold. Nothing is more powerful on the field of battle than to be able to ignore pain, and what better to way to do that than through gut-wrenching testicle abuse? Each of them knows what the feeling is like, as they will spend all day, rotating through the positions on this exercise. They will hold down their comrades and see his balls brutalized. They will get to stand in front of a friend and kick his nuts up into his throat, and they will stand there, helpless as a baby while someone does the same to them. It builds teamwork and breaks their arrogance in the same time.”


The two of them watched as the rows of men had their balls beaten by other naked men, some of whom took running kicks to really paste the testicles that drooped before them, while others simply walked up and kneed their comrade’s suckers over and over and over. Most of the sounds in the room were of the exertions of the kickers or the throaty gurgling of the recipients. The smell of the room was a heady mixture of sweat and pain.


“As they progress, my lord, they are able to hold their own legs open and resist the urge to protect themselves. This is a sign to us that they are beginning to control the most basic aspects of their body and instincts.“ They moved to the second room. Here were real specimens of men, each body ripped and incredibly strong. They were standing naked, legs spread, hands folded on top of their heads, and from in front or behind other operatives were taking running kicks to crush their testicles. And they let them. The victims had the willpower to not flinch or protect themselves, and so they stood there, eyes open, letting their bloated nuts get worked over. None of them even made a sound, they were that controlled.


Chamblerain thought he saw a glint of interest him his Lordship’s eyes. “Would you like test one yourself, my Lord?” His only response was a nod.


“You there, cadet Scott. Stop your attacks and let our Lorship here do it.” The man, who’d been focused on busting his partner’s balls, nodded, and backed away. Lord Tharax moved to stand in front of the recipient soldier and first just fondled the man’s huge, swollen balls, no longer oval from the months and years of abusive training. The soldier just continued to stare straight ahead. Tharax let the organs drop, grabbed the man by the shoulders, looked him in the eye, and then with a loud “CRACK”, whipped his knee directly into the man’s knackers. The man barely flinched. The dark Lord repeated the maneuver several times, and although the man sagged a bit, never took his hands down from his head, nor closed his legs to protect himself. The dark Lord was impressed. 


Lord Tharax nodded to Chamberlain that he’d seen enough of this, and the thinner man, dressed in a military suit, beckoned for his superior to follow. They went down another, even longer, hallway until they reached an auditorium with a circular boxing ring in the center and rows of benches radiating up from it. Today there was no crowd watching except the two of them.


“This is the elimination ring. It is here that we give the final test to those who would become officers. Two men with two balls enter the ring, but only one set of testicles will leave it. The two trainees will fight until one can no longer defend himself. Testicles and the penis are the only permissible targets. Assuming he has not already done so during the course of the game, the winner then ritualistically crushes his opponent’s nuts and leaves the victor. Would you like to watch a match?”


Lord Tharax seemed to consider the offer, then nodded with a grim smile.


“As my Lord wishes. Ensign, bring in the two cadets.” A young man dressed in a smart uniform flipped a switch on his comlink and a moment later two naked men came into the auditorium and walked to the center, climbing into the ring. One tall and muscular, the other short and compact. They stood there, crouched, facing each other, waiting for the signal to start.


“I believe their names are Sebastian and Zac. Both are 18 year olds and I believe were boyhood friends on Garthos 9 and brought here when they were just 12. I thought you’d enjoy seeing two friends destroy each other. Shall we start?” Chamberlain turned to face the ring and raised his voice.


“On your marks . . . get ready . . . begin!” shouted the academy administrator.


The two young men began to circle each other. They’d trained together, grew up together, and new each other’s moves like the smell of their own cum. Sebastian, the taller one, made the first move, he pitched forward slightly and leapt at his opponent, trying to grapple him, Zac being more nimble, tucked forward into a ball and rolled between Sebastian’s legs, coming up on the other side, and swiveled to face his larger opponent, but Sebastian had already turned around and locked Zac in a choke-hold. While his friend tried to break free, Sebastian began to pound his friend’s rocks, which hung helplessly between his legs. He alternated punches, squeezes and pulls to his friend’s two jewels. Zac struggled mightily, trying to use his own strength to pry away the arm around his neck, but the taller man was stronger, much stronger, so instead Zac switched tactics and reached down to grab his friend’s cock, one he was quite familiar with, and began to yank on it as hard as he could. If he could yank his opponent’s cock out its socket, he might just win.


“I should mention, my Lord, that all the men here satisfy each other’s sexual needs since there are no females allowed in the compound to do so. These two have been lovers for many years.”


It was now Sebastian’s cock vs. Zac’s balls; the balls were getting battered and the cock was getting yanked hard. The two didn’t seem interested in letting up, but Sebastian just crushed Zac’s windpipe with the crook of his arm, and it wasn’t long before the boy passed out from lack of oxygen and went limp. Sebastian let the boy who regularly sucked his dick fall into a heap, and the big man, panting slightly, turned to his superiors. Both noticed the man’s dick was red and bruised looking. He certainly wouldn’t be using it for a while.


Lord Tharax just stared at the victor for a while, and then made a chopping motion with his hand.


“Finish him,” called down Chamberlain.


Sebastian nodded. He arranged his comatose friend so that the boy’s legs were spread wide and his balls were flush with the floor. Then with a series of vicious stomps, he popped the boy’s testicles like they were grapes. And he didn’t just pop them, he liquefied them, knowing he was expected to give the visiting brass a spectacle. He smashed his lover’s nuts over and over, each time making a squelching noise that was music to the dark Lord’s ears. Then Sebastian leaned over, taking his former lover’s cock in his hand and with one massive yank, tore the member right off and raised it up to show Lord Tharax, like an offering.


Chamberalin laughed out, “Good Sebastian, good. You’ve shown the Empire true loyalty today. Ensign, haul the looser away and dispose of him. Shall we move on, my lord?” They left the new officer to both relish his new position and mourn the loss of a friend and sex partner, but it was a crucial lesson in the Empire to learn – only those with the will to walk on others could make it to the top, even if that meant nullifying them.


Now they entered the “punishment zone” as the cadets like to call it. Here those who failed to do their duties within the Empire’s military would find themselves subject to all sorts of abuses.


“I’ve arranged a special demonstration of our nut crushing device, my Lord. Colonel Filben recently lost an important battle near Angor Prime, and the Emperor has sent him here to be punished.” They entered a room with two doors. In front of them, on his knees was the poor Colonel, who was naked, and terrified, but gagged so they wouldn’t have to hear his blubbing or pleas for mercy.  He had a smooth, toned body and an ample package. He wasn’t used to be maltreated, but he bowed his head in shame at the site of one of the Empire’s lords.


“He will be taken into that room there, while we will watch the proceedings from the observation room. Guards, strap him in!” The struggling officer was hauled away and Tharax and Chamberlain entered the observation room. It was set below the other room, and had a clear Plexiglas wall so they could see what went on in the adjoining space. They saw Arturo Filben resist as the guards strapped him into a metal exam chair. His torso was secured, his arms were tied down, his legs were tied both down and open, and a neck clamp was affixed so the he couldn’t move his head. Then they pushed a button and the chairs legs spread his legs even further. The whole chair was angled by hydraulics so that his naked groin was pointed directly at the device on the other side of the room, which looked like nothing less than a huge metal fist.


“As you can see, The Fist, as we like to call it, is really a piston that will fire from across the room directly into his two testicles and pulverizes them. It sometimes takes two or three direct hits to get the organs to burst or split open, but the Emperor wants to make sure Filben suffers so we’re going to do it as many times as is amusing. Ensign, begin the process.” Nodding, the young officer signaled to the technicians, who pushed a bunch of buttons.


The lights in the observation room dimmed and they saw Arturo Filben’s eyes bulge as he knew what was coming. A red light flashed as The Fist was prepped for launch and then . . . WHAM . . . it shot across the room straight between Filben’s legs. Even through the glass and his gag, they could hear the man scream like a little girl. It was intensely amusing. The huge metal fist slowly retracted, slowly so that they could all savor its next move, and then WHAM it pummeled Arturo’s testicles again. Three more times it punched the Colonel in the nads. Then Chamberlain asked the technician to pause so that the organs could be examined. The clear plastic wall slid down and the chair swiveled so that Filben’s crotch was in easy reach. Chamberlain groped the ball bag.


“Have a feel, my Lord.” Tharax squeezed the pulped ballbag.


“As you can see the organs have ruptured, but the Emperor wants us to completely ruin him through this punishment, so I think we can keep going.” Back the chair swung, up went the glass, and back to ball-punching went the machine. WHAM . . .  WHAM  . . .  WHAM. The machine had no compassion for the testicles it was liquefying nor for the man they hung from. Chamberlain and Tharax watched Filben become reduced to gurgling spittle and wild rolling eyes as his ball sack swelled like a beach ball and made squishing sounds each time the huge metal fist crammed into it. Eventually Filben had a mighty seizure just after a punch, and went still, and that was the end of his career, his balls, and possibly his life. The technician activated the machine a few more times to make sure, but the man didn’t stir. Chamberlain signaled to lower the glass again, and both him and Tharax had a final grope of the huge puffy, squishy mass that had once been a Colonel’s proud balls. It was delicious.


“Ensign, dispose of the Colonel and inform the Emperor’s office that his wishes have been carried out.” The young man, who Tharax suspected as have some kind of relationship with Chamberlain smiled conspiratorially and nodded. It would be taken care of.


“Now let’s move on to our torture facilities. I have a special treat for you. We’ve just captured a Republic spy, stationed on Zarilia, and we have him here. In truth, we know he doesn’t have any pertinent intel for us, but we like to keep up our reputation as brutal investigators. So, once we’ve finished with him, he’ll be released so he can return to his command and spread the fear of our Empire. Right this way, my Lord.”


They walked into a big room, filled with medical equipment, sophisticated torture devices and lots of naked men strapped down to beds. They were met by a thin, handsome blond man with angular features and clear, cold blue eyes.


“This is Dr. Ethan Mire, our Director of Human Suffering. Tell Lord Tharax here what you have for us today?”


The man looked the hulking Lord in the eye with a thin, humorless smile. “Of course, my Lord. Over here is Daylen Smith, a Republic spy. As you can see he’s naked and ready to be tortured. There are many ways to achieve this of course, but I thought I’d show you one of our more exotic methods. But first, we need him to be aroused.” The man took a stim and injected it into the base of the man’s shaft. Within two heartbeats it lengthened. Within six it was long and thick, and within ten it was pulsing with a life of its own. It was a nine-incher.


“These,” said Dr. Mire, holding up a clear cylinder vial, “Are venutian annelids, also known as ‘nut worms’.” Inside were two thin white worms, both seeking somewhere warm to crawl into. “They crawl into the penis, through the urethra and then make their way to the testicles, one for each. Once they reach the gonads, they begin to feed on them, slowly eating their way through each testicle until their own bodies fill up the sack. Then, as they produce their own larvae, the balls burst and the victim ejaculates out the next generation of worms. It is quite painful. Some men even die of it. The entire consumption of the balls can take weeks, depending on how much ball meat there is, and we usually have to paralyze the man’s vocal chords to save us the constant moaning of pain. This subject has been recently ‘milked’ so as to provide a scent for the worms to follow.” The doctor first let his victim see the worms he’d just been talking about, then uncorked the tube and laid it on the man’s washboard stomach. The two worms began to crawl out and head, unerringly, for the man’s throbbing cock, lured by the smell of recent ejaculate. They inched their way along and then slowly entered his reproductive tract, and finally disappeared down the inside length of it. The man had a look of panic as he could feel the worms crawl down his plumbing, and they all watched with pleasure.


Dr. Mire beckoned them to follow him to another subject so they could see the next stage of the method. He was a burly guy, and his whole body was writhing, despite his restraints. “Here we have a subject that’s had the worms in him for about a week. Notice how his balls are moving around in the scrotum. As the worms eat them the testicles contort and swell. Go ahead, have a feel.” Lord Tharax reached over to feel the man’s sack and gently felt the nuts. Indeed, he could feel the worms pulsing inside them, as the organs were eaten from the inside out.


“Men have described the feeling as being kicked in the balls continuously, without relent, and it reduces even the most stoic spy to jelly. We’ve gotten some of best information from men simply by threatening them with the procedure. Now, if you’ll come over here, you’ll see the final stage of the worm’s life cycle.” The doctor motioned for the assistant to accompany them. The last victim was a tall, muscular man who looked like a soldier, but the most amazing thing was that his balls were HUGE. Ginourmous even, and they were rolling around and twisting in their gossamer thin sack. He only seemed half awake, but even so, they could hear a soft moaning coming from him.


“Let us finish him off, shall we? First we will administer an erectile stimulant. Good, now my assistant will masturbate the subject. My Lord, if you would be so kind as to squeeze his testicles as he does so. The worms often need some assistance to get out.” Lord Tharax stood close and grasped one huge ball in each hand and squeezed the massive things, digging his thumbs in, while the assistant jacked the tall man off. Soon there was a roiling sensation in the two sacks that Tharax held. The man began to moan loudly, and in a short while his back arched. They could all see his body struggling to expel its last wad. The worms were forced out by the mounting orgasm and Tharax’s massive fingers, then through his reproductive system and finally out the tip of the dick. The man’s world exploded as white jizz and white worms splattered his chest, and the two balls that Tharax held deflated like spent balloons. They all watched in fascination as the baby worms writhed around, looking for a new pair of balls to ingest. The man had gone completely limp.


“And there you have it. This man will never cum again. Since we’ve already extracted his intel, he’ll probably get processed into animal feed, although it’s too bad, as the ackk beasts usually like to feed on the genitals first, and they’ll only get an empty sack. Well, they’ll still have his penis.”


Tharax smiled grimly at this comment. All too well did he know of the vicious ackk dogs, who fed on live slaves, and served as guards to the Emperor’s most important outposts.


“If you’ll permit, my Lord,” commented Chamberlain blandly, “we have one last item on the agenda. After you?” he said, ushering the huge man into a final room. Down on their knees, and with their hands bound behind them, were three men, all handsome and all naked. The room was warm and moist, and their cocks and balls hung low.


“These three men are convicted traitors who have agreed to provide you with some entertainment in exchange for their lives. Knowing how much you enjoy hands-on discipline, I invite your Lordship to destroy their manhood’s and make them suffer.” Chamberlain smiled at his cruel Lord, and waited for a response. The response was physical. Tharax immediately pulled the first man to his feet by his neck with one hand, pushed him against a wall, and began to pile-drive his armored knee into the man’s groin. Over and over and over. A relentless ball-bursting jackhammer that went on for some time. The man started to scream, but was cut short by Tharax’s fist smashing into the guy’s voicebox. The pounding didn’t stop until it was certain the man’s testicles had pulped, and Tharax let him drop, to quiver at his feet.


The next man, still on his knees, Tharax walked behind him, kicked the man’s legs even further apart, and then started kicking his goolies from behind, nailing them with his metal boots. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. It was a sickening staccato doom for the man’s precious organs. First one popped, loudly, then the other just gave with a SQUICK, and once the man had collapsed, THarax ground their mushy remains into the metal floor like was squashing a bug. Twist, twist, twist, STOMP. The man’s whole body spasmed for over a minute and finally went still.


And the last man, well, Tharax just kneeled in front of him, took one testicle in each hand, and squeezed the organs. Grating them against one another, and against his thumbs. His gloved hands enveloped the two glands and with some gritting of teeth and a grunt, Tharax cracked the man’s walnuts using pure brutal strength. The two eggs split their seams and leaked out between his fingers. As a surprise, the doomed man spontaneously ejaculated the thickest, ropiest sperm Chamberlain had ever seen onto the floor. Dropped the denatured gonads and letting the man slump, Tharax dipped one gloved finger into the semen and tasted it, licking his lips, thoughtfully. He seemed to enjoy the taste, and repeated the move.


Slowly Tharax stood up again, and Chamberlain could see the Lord was pleased with the day’s experience. “Well, I hope my lord is satisfied with our facility? Is there any refreshment I can offer?”


For the first time, Tharax spoke. It was a deep, ominous voice which seemed to issue from the pit of hell itself. “Yes. Bring me your Ensign. I’m thirsty and I want to sample him. I trust he . . . tastes good?”


Chamberlain smiled. It was foolish of him not to think Lord Tharax wouldn’t notice the sexual tension. “Of course my Lord, and he does, I can assure you.”


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