Friday, June 28, 2013

Nick's Nads (fff/m) - repost

Nick’s Nads

Anita, Diane and Tia were all sitting on the floor in the living room, painting each other’s toenails with clear polish. It was a warm summer day in LA and the three cousins were all alone for the weekend. Well almost all alone. They were waiting for the slightly older cousin Nick to show up. He was supposed look after them and make sure they didn’t get into any trouble. The reality was, though, Nick all about trouble and getting people involved in it. In particular, he encouraged his younger female family members to kick his nuts, and the three girls were excited about having a whole weekend alone with Nick and Nick’s family jewels.

Just then the doorbell rang, “DING DONG”.

“I’m betting that’s Nick,” said Tia. “Diane, go bring him inside.”

Diane struggled to her knees and got up, and then walked to the door. She opened it. Standing there was gorgeous cousin Nick. “Yasas ksathelfos Nick!” she greeted him.

“What’s up, little Diane?” He stood in the doorway. He reached out and gently hit her chin with his fist. “Why don’t you knock us a little kick between the legs to be going on with.” He spread his legs and bunched his jeans as the crotch so she could see where they were.

Diane giggled a bit but nodded. She wiggled her freshly painted toes, reared back and punted her cousin in the bollocks. WHACK.

“Ooof,” coughed the 16 year old boy whose body was as sculpted as marble and as smooth as silk. “Good one,” he said once his balls had dropped back into their sack.

Diane pulled his hand away from his groin and pulled him along into the living room. There was Tia, her black curly hair and brilliant green eyes and Anita with her brown hair and brown eyes. Both were curvaceous and athletic, especially for being 15 year olds. Diane was the odd girl out, her father was Greek, but her mother a Nordic blond, so Diane was blond too with a willowy and supple figure.

“I brought presents for my three favorite cousins,” he said, winkling out a parcel from underneath his arm. “Open it,” he said, handing the package to Anita. She took it from him, and eagerly ripped open the package. Inside were three pairs of angora socks – one pink, one purple and one peach colored. All the girls squealed, not only for the sensual delight of angora, but because they knew why he’d given them the socks. They were for kicking the silky bag of flesh that hung between his muscular thighs.

“Opa!” cheered all three girls. Diane took the peach socks, Tia the purple and Anita the pink. Even though their nails hadn’t fully dried they put them on.

“Now what’s it gonna take for you three lovely ladies to paste my nuts?” Nick started to do a partial comical strip tease for the three 15 year olds. And boy did he have a body to tease with. He worked out every day at his school’s gym and ate like an Olympic athlete – only the leanest meats and lots of healthy vegetables and complex carbs. As a result he had zero body fat and fantastic skin. They watched him strip down to his boxer-briefs. He had a compact, muscular body without a single hair to be seen and a bulge that cried out to be seen, but he didn’t go as far as that. Not yet anyway. Soon he stood for them, posing just a little, and then spread his legs.

“I’ll order pizza for the first one to bring me to my knees. Diane, you go first,” he said, smiling with his brilliantly white teeth. He used both hands to bunch up his junk making it an inviting target despite the underwear covering it. Two fat bulges that were his balls and the thick nub of his penis. All three girls could clearly see its head outlined. 

The other two girls squealed and lined up behind Diane who decided to knee her cousin in the nads. She got close and lined up her leg, and then WHAM punted his bulge. She could feel his reproductive organs flatten and squish. He let out an “oof” and she clapped for herself in excitement.

Tia was next. She aimed with her purple foot and lashed out with a wicked kick to his crotch. SPLAT. Nick’s knees trembled with but didn’t bend. Tia pouted a little, but was pushed aside by Anita who just let loose a ball scrambling kick to her cousin’s nads. This time his knees buckled and he sank to the carpeted floor holding himself, coughing.

“I did it!” said Anita. “You girls should learn from the master.” She wiggled her toes in the pink socks. Nick slowly got up and rubbed his crotch.

“Damn you ladies sure know how to show a guy a good time.” Nick huffed a bit, then invited them for another round. This went on until Nick couldn’t get up again. He just lay there, on the floor, hands stuffed in his crotch, moaning. It was so thrilling for the girls to kick a male “where he lived” but once he was down for the count, they went back to chatting and watching TV.

Later on, after a period of rest he got up and ordered a pizza for dinner. After it arrived they all sat on the couch to eat. Nick proposed a game. Each time a commercial came on for either a car company or a brand of detergent or a clothing store all of the girls should take pot-shots at his crotch. To his joy and to their amusment they hit him so many times that a big oily spot appeared on his crotch from where their pizza soaked hands had hit him. As a result he had to go into the bathroom and wash his underwear. He came back out with a soaking crotch, but with a big smile. He just loved the deep ache he felt in his balls. It was so sweet and addictive. Like a loose tooth.

As night fell and it was time for bed Nick thought it was time for a last game. He got out some string, cut it into several lengths, and tied one end each to each of his nuts and then a third piece of string to his dick, then he slipped his underwear back on and gathered all the ends in one hand. He came out of the bathroom.

“OK ladies. Whoever picks and yanks on the string that is tied to my left ball gets to stand on it tomorrow. Whoever yanks on my right nut gets to squeeze it tomorrow, and whoever yanks on my cock string gets to stomp on it. I’ll get it hard, just for that. Now who wants to be first to yank?”

“Me, Me!” shouted Tia. She grabbed one string out of his hand and yanked it as hard as she could. Nick’s whole pelvis jerked forward as his right nut was cruelly yanked. “FUCK YEAH” shouted Nick at the pain.

“You got my right nut, so you get to squeeze it tomorrow. Who’s next?”

Anita dithered for a few moments on which of the last two strings to pull. She wanted to get a ball too, not his boring ‘ol pecker and chose the left most string. YANK. “OH MY GOD, girl, you practically ripped my dickhead off. Ouches.” Anita pouted and gave his cock some more yanks, just out of spite.

That meant that Diane’s string was tied behind his left ball, and boy did she pull on it. Not once, but a dozen times, causing Nick to double over and dry heave from the pain which blossosmed in his lower stomach. YANK YANK YANK. While he was down on his knees, Anita took out some revenge on his by circling around behind him and then kicking his fat package from behind. She’d so wanted to get his left nut. SMACK. Nick “oofed” but didn’t cover himself up, so she kicked again. SMACK. Nick’s knees started to tremble. Tia picked up her string and began to yank on it while Diane continued to yank on hers, and Anita kept cramming her toes into his plums. After a few minutes of this concentrated attack on his junk, the handsome boy curled into a ball and held himself, moaning slightly. And that signaled bedtime for the three girls. They ran upstairs to change into their night gowns, and chatted and giggled as they sat in bed with the lights out, talking about tomorrow’s fun.

Around about 9:30 am the next, all three girls rushed into the other guest bedroom and found Nick asleep, on his back, snoring slightly and apparently shirtless. Anita being the bold one whispered conspiratorially to her cousins and together they gently pulled off his duvet without waking him. Before them lay his perfectly toned body in nothing but his tight black underwear. Anita careful climbed into bed, stood between his open legs, and did a death-drop with her knee right into his bulging package. The boy opened his eyes and groaned loudly. Anita stood up and got in three more death-drops before he cupped his flattened jewels and dry heaved over the bed.

“Time to wake up ksathelfos Nick! Go down and make us breakfast. NOW.” She snaked her hand between his and grasped his left nut and gave it a sharp squeeze. He started to get up but she stopped him. “You’re to go without clothing today. We want to see your most valuable possession on display. So take that thing off. And if you don’t, I’ll rip this ball I’m holding right off.” Anita grinned evilly.

But Nick just nodded and once out of her reach slipped off his tight black briefs. What popped out were two huge eggs and a nice fat dick, which was semi hard and already almost 8 inches long. The girls, still in their pretty socks, almost slipped along, down stairs and into the kitchen, while Nick sort of hobbled after. He made them scrambled eggs and French toast and served them naked. The three girls loved it, and each would reach out periodically while he was serving them and squeeze an egg or his fat sausage. Who wouldn’t? They dangled so invitingly at eye level.

Once they’d finished and Nick had cleared the plates the three girls had him straddle the table with his junk laying flush with its hard wood surface. Now it was time to mash his junk. Diane wanted to be first, so she got up onto the table, and positied herself with one socked foot over his fat left nut. She gently lowered her heel until it just lay flush with his male nugget and then she began to shift some weight onto it. Nick moaned. But the darn think kept trying to pop out from under her weight, so as she shift more and more weight on it, the nugget kept sliding left or right. Who would have thought grinding a man’s goober under your heel would be so difficult. And each time the nut tried to escape, Nick’s body twitched.

“This is harder than it looks,” said Diane breathlessly. “If I were only a little heavier I think I could actually squash his agate.”

“OK, that’s enough, I want to crush his cock!” commanded Anita. She got up on the table while Diane dismounted. Nick was already stroking his member to full attention. It was a 10 incher, and thick too. A Greek cock if there ever was one.

Unlike the delicate eggs, Anita decided some serious brutality could be visited on his rock hard hard-on and she didn’t hesitste. She started to stomp on the thing, pounding it into the unyielding wood of the table. With each smash Nick blurted out things like, “Shit”, “Fuck”. “GOD DAMN”. When she pounded the pecker and then twisted her heel he yelled out, “SWEET MOTHER OF GOD.” It was the most brutal version of a foot job ever given to a guy.

After several minutes of this his picker was all bruised, and the thing looked a bit deflated. Pleased with her work, Anita hopped off the table so Tia could have her go at his right nut. She reached out with both hands, grabbed the sacrificial organ and pulled it out of the clump of his genitalia. She grasped it from behind, lacing her fingers behind the ball and then began to dig her half-length fingernails into the round surface of his gonad. She couldn’t pierce the scrotal tissue, but she could see that her nails were making a dent into his nut. Nick tried to sit still, but she could see his eyes rolling in their sockets. What she was doing must really hurt.

She kept up the pain for approximately three full minutes until Nick just slid sideways and off the table, and landed on the floor with a crash. He was in no state to do much of anything except hold himself and try not to pass out. The girls all yelled “Opa!” and filed back into the living room to watch TV and gossip.

When Nick had recovered they all watched TV and played board games with plenty of opportunities for the girls to whack his eggs and sausage. But their parents would be home soon, so at about five Nick got up and spread his legs.

“Send me home with a few kicks to remember me by.” Each girl smiled and clapped, and got up. WHAM a pair of pink socks smashed into his groin. Then a purple pair, then a peach colored pair. Nick did his best to keep his legs spread and his hands ontop of his head, and out of the way. WHAM WHAM WHAM. This time Nick actually did thrown up, and he ran into the bathroom to do so. He came out looking green in the face, but his bruised dick was leacking pre-jack, so he must enjoyed it. With reluctance he put on his underwear, then his cloths, and gave each of his cousins a peck on the cheek. They followed him to the front door.

“Watchya gonna do now, Nick,” asked Tia.

Nick knocked her a little hit the chin. “You three have given me fantasies to last me months. So I’m going home to whack off and get some relief.”

“Remember us when you’re stroking that bruised cock of yours,” said Anita.

“And come back any time. I’ll put some more dents in your nuts,” said Diana as she batted her eyelashes at him.

“Oh don’t worry, I will, I will. Yassou ksathelfees. You gals know how to treat a guy right.

“Yassou!” shouted the three girls as he walked home.

“Let’s see if we can’t get him over next weekend. Mom and dad might go to that conference and you two could come over to ‘watch’ me.” Said Anita quietly to her co-conspirators.

“Opa!” replied the other two girls.



  1. Great! Thank you so much for reposting this story! It's one of my all-time favourites! It has a great atmosphere and wonderful characters: A young greek god getting his balls busted by his cousins - that's just perfect! I wonder if Nick has any male cousins who'd like a go at his eggs and sausage, or maybe some brothers? That'd make for a pretty awesome sequel... ;-))

  2. Glad you liked it, Alex. I wrote it to appeal to Knave's sensibilities, so you must share them!
    As for a sequel, I never thought about it. An interesting idea - have the sequel be m/m. C'est possible. It's the sort of thing BBmal would write. I'll think about it.

  3. I'd love to read your m/m version of this - I'm sure you'd do a great job! It would be interesting to see how Nick interacts with his male cousins: Is he as playful and flirtatious with them as he is with the three girl? Is it as sexually arousing for him? Are the boys more adventurous or more careful than the girls? Nick is a fantastic character - it would be a shame not to see him again... :-))

  4. BTW Alex, I finally added your website link to my links panel. I sincerely apologize for not adding it sooner, I was being a retard. I hope you'll forgive me!

  5. Thank you for adding my blog to your links! That's awesome! :-))

  6. I would like it if his balls got busted caste rated cock cut off fried so he could eat them


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