Friday, June 28, 2013

Taylor's Diary (F/m) - repost

Taylor’s Diary


March 23

So this morning, mom and I are in the garden, cuz she has to plant these begonia’s or bougainvillea or some such crap, and I’m standing right behind her, right? But she doesn’t realize I’m so close, and she asks for the shovel. She turns around and knocks the handle right into my crotch. I mean WHAM. The wooden handle right into my two testes. I dropped and coughed for a while. She didn’t say much, but just seemed to smirk. She always was a badass sassy-girl. Felt OK after a few minutes. Boy, sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

April 6

So get this, I’m laying on the couch, half asleep, listening to the Colbert Report, and mom comes home from the store. I sorta heard her come in, sorta didn’t. She drops a two gallon bottle of water right into my nuts!!!! And then fucking walks away. I thought I was gonna puke. She seemed to think it was funny. Hope this doesn’t become routine.

April 12

So get this shit, I’m asleep in bed, and mom comes in, it’s like, 9 in the morning, and she starts yelling at me for not cleaning up the sink last night from the pizza party. She pushes away my covers and nails me HARD, right in the balls. I’m only wearing my fucking jockies, and she planted that fist of hers POW righ into my package. Then, she DID IT AGAIN. She was fucking pissed, and so was I. I think I yelled out, “Shit mom!” But she just smiled and said, “Next time you’ll remember to clean up your messes. You’re 17 now. Time to grow up!” I think I stayed on my bed for an hour, just holding my nuts. Jeezus that hurts.

May 1

This is getting bad. Mom brought home some girl friend of hers, from work yesterday. I wasn’t doing nothing wrong. I was in my room, and came down stairs to get a Coke. So what if I’m only wearing underwear? Bitches know what junk looks like, right? This morning I come down to breakfast, and there’s mom blocking the door to the kitchen. I think her hands were on her hips. She just looked me up and down, and then WHAM, she KICKED MY FUCKING NUTS. TWICE! I mean she punted me like a fucking quarterback. As hard as she could. My eggs went flat, I swear. “That is what happens to little boys who forget to dress when company is around. This isn’t a nudist colony.” It’s BS. Complete BS. I should go naked from now on, see how she likes THAT.


May 8

This is getting kinda scarry, like . . . she’s addicted to hurting me, or something. I took a shower, left the door open. I’m toweling with one leg up and I don’t know how she did it, but she came in without me hearing. She kicked my mother fucking balls again. Not just once, but four times. My soft balls didn’t stand a chance. Oh god, it hurt so fucking much. “Mom, stop doing that.” I think I was trying to protect myself and puke at the same time. But she just laughed. “Men are always so vulnerable.”

May 9

So if this isn’t the most jacked up shit ever. Tonight mom said we have to have a “talk”. She sits me down and tells me how she actually enjoys kicking us where we live. She says she busted dad all the time, and eventually emasculated him. She described in detail how on their 10th anniversary she tied up dad’s left ball and then just kicked it until it exploded. She fuckin’ exploded dad’s fucking ball, and he was totally OK with it. Then she asked me to ask her how she nutted dad’s other ball. I just staired at her. She got really excited and said she stuck it in a vice and turned the handle until the thing squished. She closed her eyes and told me how she had her hand around the ball so that she could feel the thing pop from the pressure. She said dad actually bought the vice just for the occasion and presented it to her as a gift. MOTHER FUCKING SHIT. Then she tells me that she wants to bust my balls, and that if I don’t agree, she’s going to write me out of dad’s fortune and I’ll be homeless. “It’s your balls or the money, sweety. You want your mommy to be happy, don’t you?” She was fucking rubbing her snatch, I swear to god. She’s given me a week to think it over. What now?

May 16

Our second talk. She says, “Just think, Taylor, you won’t have to work for the rest of your life. Just give me that stuff between your legs.” I’m like, “Shit, mom, won’t that hurt?” And she’s like, “We’ll build you up to it. The more busted you get, the stronger your balls will be. Like training a dog. Or working out at a gym” And guys, fuck it, I said, “OK”. I didn’t want to, but damn it, dad made a fortune before he died, and she says she’ll give it all to me when she nuts me. She’s got a great job anyways, and doesn’t need it. Just my nuts, apparently.

May 21

So now she wants me to be in my underwear all the time, and I have to offer my crotch to her when she gets home from work, like a fucking dog, just kneel there in the hall, hear her walk up, open the door, then she puts down her stuff, stares at my bulge for a while and then kicks it. Hard. I cant’ hardly stop myself from covering up, but she says I’ll get better at that. Like that’s good news. Srsly?

May 23

Now she says I can’t masturbate any more, and she’s bought a chastity belt I have to wear at night, and whenever she’s not at home. She’s started doing hour long sessions of punching, squeezing and kicking me between the legs. I know she’d do longer, but she runs off to the bedroom after a while, and I hear the buzzing sound of her vibrator. She’s really getting off on my pain. I hope my balls can hold up; the left one’s already getting sort of soft and squishy.

June 10

Dudes, my nuts ache all the time now. I can’t sleep, I’m so fucking horny. I think they’re starting to swell, but as they do I can’t feel the kicks as much. Maybe she’s right. Yesterday she invited aunt Teresa and cousin Amy over. Never mind the embarrassment of being naked in front of my family. They had no problem making me strip and ask them to kick me. They wanted me to fucking BEG them to do it. They tied me standing to mom’s bedposts and then kicked me between the legs until I cried. Oh Jesus it hurt so much. My poor fucking spuds kicked over and over and over. They didn’t care. They laughed and rubbed themselves. Amy took my ball bag in her hand and grated my rocks together, saying she wish she could do this all the time. Aunt Teresa grabbed just my left nut and dug her long fingernails into it, like she wanted to pop it right then and there. I still have the dents in my ball from it. My fucking aunt tried to spear my balls with her goddamn fingernails!!!!!

June 19

Mom’s brought home some new toys. She bought some needles used for torturing people, and tied me to the chair each night so she could stab my balls with them. She say’s they’re hers to do with now, as she pleases, and since she’s going to take them from me anyways, why shouldn’t she? You guys just imagine seeing these fucking needles go right through your testicle? I mean, it’s like Hitler or something. And she twisted and twirled those fucking needles. I threw up twice. It was like getting kicked between the legs, only worse.

June 21

Now she’s added my cock to the rotation. She takes off the cockblocker, as I call it, and tells me to jack until I’m hard, then she does things. She bent my cock in half. Another time she impaled it with those goddamn needles. Last night she lit a dozen cigarettes, one after another, and burned my cock with them. I mean it sizzled. My dong was on fire, and I should go to the hospital, I swear.

July 1

So I heard from Brittney last week. My sometimes on again, off again GF. She says mom told her all about the plans to castrate me and she couldn’t imagine a better way for them to go. She “always said” I was a pathetic looser, and didn’t deserve a woman anyway. I had counted on her to be there for me, but nope. She told my mom to video tape the whole thing so she could get off to it with her new boyfriend. I’m broken. They broke me, guys. No one wants my sex. They just want my privates. So what-the-hell. They can have them. I don’t even have to be asked to present myself anymore. I just spread’em and wait for nut busting goodness to fly. They can have them. Today it was mom and two friends from work. I just lay on the floor and let them kick me in the nuts as hard as they could. I don’t care anymore. Take them. I’m never gonna cum again with this contraption on me anyways. What do I need genitals for??

July 14

Mom’s birthday is two weeks away. She says she wants to crush my balls then. She told me that she if I let her take my cock too, she’ll give me a Ferrari. I asked what she wanted it for? She said to match my father’s. She showed it to me. Fully erect, plated in 24 carat gold. I think she diddles herself with it. Now, she’ll have two, I guess. What am I gonna do with a dick without my balls anyways? She was so happy [read horney] when I said “sure” that she made me get on all fours and then kicked me like I was some kind of dog with rabies. I felt her fucking toes INSIDE my balls, that’s how hard she was kicking them. She’s started yelling and screaming and shit when she busts me. I think she’s forgotten I’m even there. All she cares about are my balls.

July 17

The abuse has gotten constant. She nails me in the balls to wake me up, she knees them at night so I won’t have wet dreams. She’s taken a two week leave so she and my nuts can be at home together before she ruptures them. She’s taken to squeezing them like she’s, I dunno, measuring how much pressure they can take. I’m dying inside, but I guess I don’t have any choice, it’s a done deal. She gets my nuts, and I get dad’s money. She gets my cock, and I get a car that I’ll never pick up chicks in. Life’s shit, sometimes. At least she’s happy though; typical woman.

July 20

Now she’s added weights to my balls so I can stand around with my ball sack hanging halfway to my knees. She says she wants to see how far they’ll stretch. It’s even worse when she flicks my nuts as they hang there. And she flicks my cords as well. I just follow her around the house, her sex slave, her one hand down her pants, the other slapping my danglers. My big, fat, bloated danglers. My balls so fat that I call them obese now. Red, loose and bulging.

July 24

This afternoon, while I was on all fours getting my eggs cracked, mom tells me she’s going to eat my balls when she’s done with them. She’s going to “scramble my eggs” and then make me watch her eat them. I started crying, but she just laughed at me. “Poor little males. Taylor, they’re just small, little organs. Cats and dogs get spayed all the time. You won’t even notice they’re gone.” She’s started buying weird ingredients, and I saw some frozen cow balls in the freezer, so I think I’m going to have get used to seeing her eat male parts as part of her desensitization program for me. I think she does it to get off.

July 27

It’s the morning before the big day. My balls are going to be her brunch tomorrow. She’s invited all of her gal pals and my aunt and cousin over for a big ball busting party. I’m gonna be tied up like a piñata from these eyehooks she installed. My hands and my legs are going to be tied to the ceiling, and my balls are just going to hang there, at eye level, perfect for punching. They’re hanging low, now thanks to the weights. She spent yesterday making up all these games for the women to play where punching my balls or yanking my dick were involved. She says someone will get a prize if they can yank my dick out by it’s roots. I’m gonna take it like a man, though. Like dad did. I still can’t believe he let her, LIKED her beating his boys all the time, but she says that when he offered all that he had to her on their wedding day, that he especially meant his balls and prick. Mom says they went to ball busting swinger orgies, where all the women traded their “men-folk” and pasted them where they lived. She said it was nice to have a fresh pair of nuts to play with. The old ones were cozy, even comforting, but having some new, random male at her mercy was intoxicating. She says my junk is a lot like her brother, my uncle, Mike’s, and no surprise, she busted him too. Well. I’m off to shave and prune for the chicketta’s.

July 28

I’m writing this as a last testament to my manhood. Mom’s prepping things right now. She’s told me what going to happen. Let me paint the picture: I’ll take a shower, stay naked, wrap my nuts and dick up tight with some string and come downstairs. She’s going to take my dick first. I’ll get it hard for her and she’ll take these special clippers she showed me, and *snip. Off comes my cock. It’s supposed to stay hard so it can be dipped and made a dildo. Then I’m supposed to kneel on the floor and beg her to kick my left ball until it explodes. With all the practice she’s had, I wager she’ll get in about six or seven kicks before this happens. You know, my ball will just turn to mush under her toe-punts, and then for my right nut, she wants to look into my eyes as she squeezes the life out of it. She’s going to see me see her pulp my ball with both hands, and we’ll know it happens at the same time. Then I’m supposed to thank her and she’ll thank me. She says she wants to remember the burstings for the rest of her life, that I’m such a good son.  

To my guys:

Bye guys. I’m tying up my balls now. I wonder if it will pinch a lot as she’s crushing them? Well, I’m gonna find out. Having my balls has been swell. I’m gonna miss jacking off. I was always sorta a virtuoso at it. Bitch won’t even let me have one last wank. Oh well. Maybe she’ll take out of my cock once in a while so I can see it. She’s going to put it in the upper drawer of her dresser, lying there, right beside my father’s. But that’s the circle of life, or whatever, and the rest, they say, is brunch . . .

Luv Taylor




  1. how did it feel and can she pop mine?

  2. Such an awesome story. One of my absolute favorites!!

  3. I loved this story I`m thinking of doing my son same way. he spends way to much time jacking off

    1. Remember I don't advocate any of this stuff in real life, So don't harm your son in RL, but instead write a wonderful story about it, and then share it with us all!


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