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The Wives Club (groupF/groupM) - repost

The Wive’s Club


Silvia rolled on her sheer stockings, letting them cling to her super smooth skin. Every time she did this, it was like putting on raw sex. Raw sexuality, and she reveled in this otherwise functional ritual of getting dressed. She looked up. Her husband, Daniel, was putting on his jacket and smoothing his short blond hair. He was as eager as she to get on to the monthly meeting of wives and their husbands or sons or brothers.


They locked up and drove to the top of the hill where Carie’s mansion stood. Each time Silvia saw the two story, 10 acre home, she became wet. Like some Pavlovian response, she’d come to know the house as a place of pain for men and pleasure for women. It made her whole body tingle. She glanced over to her husband’s crotch as he drove. Yup, it was bulging with his erection, he was excited to.


A valet greeted them as they pulled up in front of the house and opened the door for Silvia. She stepped out into the warm summer air, her high heels making the sexy *clack *clack *clack as she and her husband walked up the stairs. Soon those high heels would be impaling some poor husband’s nuts, standing on them, kicking them, or walking on them.


The front door opened just as Silvia reached to knock. A tall woman in black leather S&M gear ushered them in. Then the two women kissed each other deeply.


“Silvia, it’s good see you again.”


“Mmmm. Carie, always a pleasure.” Silvia licked her own lips, tasting Carie’s strawberry lipgloss.


Carie glanced over at the man standing behind Silvia and noticed his jeans had a wet splotch on them. “Daniel is looking eager tonight. We should have fun. The guest list is up to 25 women, and the nut count is as high as 70. Sheryl brought her twins AND her nephew. Julie brought her brother as well as her husband. There are naked nuts all over the place. Speaking of which.” Carie motioned for a teenage boy who was naked except for a leather harness (which cinched his cock and balls) to lead Silvia’s husband into the changing room.


“Get a move-on Robert. Take this pathetic male and strip him.” Carie jabbed her pointy toed stiletto boot into the boy’s bound testicles to make an impression. Then she turned to Silvia, “Please circulate. The drawing will be at 11:00 as usual.”


Silvia smiled and walked into the atrium. Marble floors, and grand staircase, exquisite furniture – everything you’d expect to find in a mutli-million dollar house. But unlike most mansions, this one was built for fantasy. From experience, Silvia knew each room was different but equally well designed to humiliate males. She decided to go to the “jungle room” first, as it was on the ground floor – a place where men were caged like the animals they were. She walked a ways, drawn unerringly by the moans of male voices and the squeals of excited women. She opened a door. Inside was a large room decorated with tons of living plants, palm fronds and even a fountain. The plants hid cages where four men were tied up and their genitals poking out from between the bars of the cages. These delicate fruits were being mashed to a pulp by several women. One looked up and recognized her.


“Silvia! Come, take a cattle prod and give Denise’s husband a good zap.” The woman giggled at the idea of this.


Silvia found the device hanging from a hook designed specifically to hold it. She found the cage where the man was, tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. He was a muscular brunette with a massive set of cock and balls. She flipped the “on” switch on the prod, and buried its business end into them. The muscled guy jolted and quivered as his testicles were getting fried. Electricity singed his two rolly polly’s and meat-sausage. The other women in the room had stopped to watch Silvia as she jammed the device over and over into his junk. His feet never stopped twitching. When she tired of her prop, she tossed it aside and began punting his tenderized jewels. They were big, and fat and juicy – shaved clean for the night’s festivities, and she really laid into them. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The pointy toe of her shoes dimpled the landscape of his angry red scrotum.


Taking a momentary break from breaking his balls, she reached down and groped the puffed up organs. They were swollen and soft. This guy wasn’t going to be in a shape to get pleasure from his wife for weeks. Too bad for him. She pulled on his soft sack, twisted it this way and that, all the while squeezing his goolies. Finally bored with his whimpering helplessness she let his junk drop and she decided to go to another room. This time, upstairs.


Out she walked, after waving goodbye to the other women, and went back to the atrium and then up the grand staircase. Every few feet on the stairwell there was a naked, blindfolded guy sitting on a step, hands tied behind his back. As she approached each, they would spread their legs and ask, “Would you care to kick my balls, mistress?”, and spread their legs. The idea was to kick your way up the stairs. Such a civilized way to climb! Naturally Silvia took each guy up on his offer and kicked his stones good and hard. Which gave the guys she kicked raging hardons. ‘Perverts’ she thought. This was, after all, a voluntary event, where the males in these women’s lives willingly gave up protecting their family jewels for the sadistic pleasures of womankind.


After kicked five sets of nuts on her way up, she went left at the landing and walked into the “hanging room”. Here men were suspended from the ceiling such that their legs were spread and were unable to protect themselves. In side were ten men hanging and nine women kicking them between the legs. Well, actually eight. One was just punching the guy’s gems.


Silvia made her way over to the only open and available guy, a young white muscular twink who looked like he could be on the school wrestling team. His fat white nuts hung underneath a thick hard dick which was oozing droplets of prejack. The boy was gagged but not blindfolded. That way they both could savor the other’s reaction. This boy was probably the son of one of the women here. Silvia wondered who the lucky woman was as she began to torture him. First a few solid knees to the groin to size up his threshold of pain, and upon finding out he was fairly resilient, she backed up and let loose a few dozen kicks. First with her shoes on, then she slipped them off so she could enjoy the feeling of his nuts squish between her toes. THUNK THUNK THUNK. The look in the teen’s blue eyes was priceless, as was the waving of his rigid pole with each kick. All the men in the room were jerking around in their slings while the women were huffing and puffing in exertion. This was great exercise!


Silvia stroked his cock for a bit, then went back to kicking, then some stroking, more kicking, and back and forth she went. She wanted to see how much abuse he could take until he shot his load, and then really punish his balls once they were extra sensitive from cumming. She’d been going back and forth for about ten minutes when in mid kick she saw his body tense up and his penis pulse. As quick as she could she gathered up his nuts and squeezed the cum right out of them, the cum landing in ribbons on her nice clean blouse. The boy’s eyes had rolled back into his head, and he looked ready to pass out from the mixture of pain and pleasure, but Silvia reached up to slap his face a few times. Then, she went back to kicking the teen’s bollocks. THWACK THWACK THWACK. Now it was all pain for the boy as he body lacked the immediate ability to respond with sexual arousal. The refractory period, as it was called, prevented him from enjoying Silvia’s foot punting his balls. But she enjoyed it. His big eggs, warping around her foot, bulging here and there as she nailed them. ‘Poor males,’ she thought, ‘only one good bang in them, then they drop’. But Silvia was growing to her first orgasm of the evening. She could feel the heat swelling in her and starting to spread.


Harder and harder she kicked his naked testicles. His piercingly beautiful blue eyes pleaded for her to stop, but she didn’t. She kicked all the harder. Maybe his balls would break, maybe they wouldn’t, but all she could think about was the spreading warmth of her orgasm. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The sound of grunts and gurgling moans filled the room. Apparently Silvia and her boy weren’t the only ones in the room having fun. As she herself dropped to her knees in pleasure, several other women in the room were doing likewise.


After several minutes of heavy breathing the pleasure passed, and she stood up to grope her young, fit victim’s balls. They were still whole and undamaged. Time to move on to another room. This time, a more sociable one. She walked back to the hall, and went to the upstairs lounge. There she found four or five couches with men and women writhing together. Here the men were merely handcuffed. Silvia joined one petite woman who was squeezing the nuts of a huge black guy and rubbing her snatch against his leg. Silvia started sucking his enormous cock while the other woman really dug her thumbs into his plump, virile balls. What woman didn’t love the idea of illicit sex and torture of a hunky black dude?


Silvia sucked, the other woman squeezed and twisted. Silvia could taste his leaking white semen in the back of her throat. It tasted rich and sweet. The man, some lucky women’s husband, was moaning and twisting as his nuts were brutalized. He smelled warm and musky, and Silvia began to pinch and rub her own nipples since they were as hard and alive as the cock in her mouth. Then she gentle reached out and stroked the woman who was enjoying mangling the man’s nuts. She moaned in response to Silvia’s touch. Silvia tweaked her nipple through the fabric of the woman’s bra. Then she even slipped her hand underneath the woman’s bra and caressed the orb of her breast. The little woman moaned loudly and continued to maul the man’s huge nuts. Silvia wanted to see how quickly she could milk this handsome stud, and really began to suck him hard. Pistoning up and down on his member she sucked like her life depended on it. The man began to moan even louder, and the other woman was in heaven as Silvia was fondling her two pert breasts. The little woman stopped crushing his eggs with her hands, and instead stuffed the two huge oysters into her mouth and began sucking on them. Hard. Now when Silvia’s face reached the guy’s crotch with each downsuck she came face to face with the other gal. Two hot women nose to nose with a man’s genital’s filling their mouths, and both trying to bring him pain. By this time Silvia was making sure that her teeth were scraping the enormous cock as it rocketed back and forth in her gullet, and nothing’s more painful than that.


And then the two women felt the moment of cum coming. His fat black balls seized up and his already huge cock swelled even larger. Silvia started to choke on it when a huge geyser of white manjuice spurted into her mouth, filling it and filling it. The man bucked his nut batter into her mouth. Silvia detached from the already dwindling cock and made the other woman detach from this nutsack and Silvia kissed her, slipping her tongue in the woman’s mouth and then letting a wash of his semen flood into the other woman’s mouth. It was delicious. Delectable. The woman returned the favor and they exchanged the still blood-hot semen several times, back and forth as they kissed and probed each other, nibbling, sucking, kissing. The cum was frothy and sweet and musky. The exhausted naked man was forgotten as Silvia and this hot little honey made out on and next to him. Soon the two women were rubbing each other’s snatches and both came together, at the same time, each shuddering and twitching.


They fell back against the couch with heaving breaths and hot flashes. Orgasm two down for the count. Now onto something new. Silvia got up, and glanced down at the open, vulnerable crotch of the black guy. WHAM. She punched his bruised and bloated balls. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Then she walked away while he writhed in agony.


Onto the sock room. What in other mansions would have been the exercise/workout room, in Carie’s twisted world was a sock fetshist’s wetdream. Next to the door, which was open, was a basket of softest pastel socks. Silvia slipped off her pumps and put on a pair of peach colored socks, softer than down and lighter than air, and then walked into the room. Inside was mélange of men in different static positions, all naked, and chained, strapped and harnessed into compromising arrangements. The idea was to flit from man to man and deliver different kinds of punishment. How exciting!


Her first stop was a guy who was on his hands and knees, clamped to the floor, with a humbler pushing his nuts out and behind his butt. Perfect for kicking. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. Her dainty socks crammed themselves into his bulging manhood. He gurgled a “thank you” which was barely heard over the kicking of his eggs. Then it was onto a guy in a gyno chair, strapped in and unable to move. Silvia lifted her leg, pivoted to one side, and then kicked his hanging ball sack with all her might. Even with the socks to cushion the blow, that one had to hurt. She could hear the guy whimpering. She did it again. And then again. Then, since his crotch was at chest height, she started to punch his huge bull balls. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Thank goodness she’d decided to wear that diamond ring tonight, it was making quite an impression in his right nut. ‘That must particularly painful,’ she thought.


On to the next guy, he was on his back and trussed up like a chicken on the floor. His heavy sperm sack hanging down over his crack, just the right poisiting for kicking. Silvia first used her socked toes to play the them, gently lifting and then dropping them. Squishing them around, watching the two unprotected and helpless boy-glands roll around on her soft socks. But only briefly. She started to punt them, first lightly to prime the young Italian boy to the easy pain. Then harder and harder until she reached his maximum pain threshold. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Muffled cries from the bound boy. He had an enormous Italian sausage, and as it became erect with the pain Silvia grasped it, and pulled it down between his legs, flush with the floor, and began to stand on it, causing it to crack against the cold, indifferent marble. Then she began to hop on his cock, The thing didn’t deflait, so she carried on hopping and cracking his thick tube snake against the floor. Then she let the now bruised cock go, and resumed kicking his fat agates.


Then a flash of insight, why not trample him? Knowing he could hear her, she yelled at him, “Tense your stomach, wretched worm.” When he didn’t instantly comply she stomped down on his eggs. She repeated the command, and saw his teen six pack tense. She carefully stepped onto him and then onto his chest, grinding her heels into his sensitive nipples, then back down to his stomach, bent down to grasp his sack and pulled it onto his stomach, and then stood on those, feeling his balls sink down into the hard muscle. His cock too. His bruised cock. Now she stared to bounce on the huge package, knowing he’d have to use all his stomach strength just to keep her from rupturing now only his nuts but his internal organs as well. Up and down she bounced. BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. With each down beat the air was expelled violently from his nose. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. And she could hear him whimpering through his gag. How wonderful.


She hopped off him after a while, to let him recover for someone else to abuse, and went to the last man in the room. Big beefy ex-football kind of husband type. He was hanging from the ceiling, legs spread and tied to the ceiling too. His fat pendulous ballsack was haging at eye level, and he was completely unable to protect them. Perfect for punching. She walked up behind him so he couldn’t see what was going to happen, and began to punch and slap the hanging glands. Lightly at first to see them sway back and forth, and then harder and harder so she might do some damage and cause them to swell. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT, SLAP SLAP SLAP. The poor guy was twisting and writhing in his restraints. So helpless, so ridiculously helpless.


And now that his eggs had been softened up, she stood right beneath them and sucked them into her mouth, full on tea bagging him. In her mouth they were smooth and tasted like clean sweat. She maneuvered on ball to each set of molars and began to bear down on his fruit, like pressing them to make sperm jam. The slippery nuts kept trying to pop out between her teeth, and it took all the power of her tongue to keep them firmly in place. Her cheeks bulged, his testicles were just so big. He was mewling, whimpering, crying. As he should be, men were nasty naughty little boys who need to be taught the superiority of women. Having a woman chow down on your gonads would most certainly put a man in his proper place.


Then Silvia did the unthinkable, she began to let her body drop and her weight pull down on the sack that was in her mouth. More and more until she was actually hanging from his balls and ball sack, swinging there with his testes being crushed and stretched to the extreme. Now the man was really blubbering, She could see the tears as she looked up as she hung from his crotch. But just as she felt his balls start to pull out by their roots, she hopped back up on her own feet and let his bloated mass of ball flesh slide out of her mouth. She had no intention of permanently ruining the poor man. After all, he might be the husband of someone she new!


Mmmm. So much fun. But now it was time to find where her husband was stationed. She really felt like a quick crush of his eggs, the eggs that she married him for. He had the biggest, ripest set of chestnuts she’d ever seen, and that’s what convinced her they should get hitched. She slipped off the socks so some other woman could use them and went back downstairs to the “ball room”. Now traditionally this was where dances were held, but here it was where real balls were busted and busted hard. The room was huge and filled with statues, fountains and walkways. And everywhere, there were balls. The statues were real men locked up in plaster castings with a cut out in the crotch so that only their cocks and balls hung out. Secret panels in the walsl let men lay flush with holes in the wall so that just their genitals hung free. There were men hidden under the fountain so that just their balls floated in the pools. Almost every surface had a pair of naked balls popping out from it. Everywhere you turned there were disembodied ball sacks within easy reach of feet or hands or teeth.


Silvia past several some women who were sticking hat pins in some sets of balls hanging on the wall, and made for a large statue of a Greek god. She knew her husbands’ cock and balls from 100 miles away. The statue had his legs spread and his arms about to throw a javelin. She said aloud, “Danny, it’s me. It’s so nice to see you coming to appreciate fine art finally.” She rammed her knee into his naked balls. SNAP. Then again. SNAP. Once more SNAP. Then she stroked his hardening cock to get it up and out of the way of his nuts. Perfect. She stood back and let fly a bull-rush kick which make a cracking sound as the man’s testicles jammed up against the plaster encasing him.


“Silvia!” Silvia stopped her kicks and turned. It was Lillith Brown, her neighbor.


“Lilly! How great to see you here. Did you bring Victor?”


“Yes of course, I think he’s up in the lounge getting some head. Who’s this in the statue?”


“Daniel of course. Care for a punt?”


“Gladly. Move aside. Daniel! So nice to see you.” WHAM. She was wearing pointy toed boots, and the toe jammed itself into his larger left ball. The statue shuddered


“He’s so well endowed. I’m almost jealous. He’s certainly bigger than my Victor.” WHAM. She pasted his right nut this time, just to keep things even.


Then they took turns kicking the Silvia’s randy and well hung husband. When they were finally to tired to so any more, they went and sat on a bench that had two sets of balls popping out from it, and they each sat on a set so they could talk and rest.


Just then the gong struck. It was 11:00. Time for the drawing. All the women rushed into the living room on the ground floor. There was Carie, holding two black silk pouchs. She waited for all the women in the house to gather, everyone sitting on sofas and recliners, all eager to see which man was going to lose a testicle. For that was what the drawing was about. One man’s name would be drawn, and he would willingly give up one of his testicles, and one woman would be chosen to perform the deed. This happened at each party, and it was something that the women looked forward to and the men both dreaded and cherished. For there was no greater or better way to show how much they loved women than to let them take their most cherished possession, and it usually make the men horny just to think of some gorgeous hottie smash their ball beyond repair.


When the women had fully assembled and quieted down Carie reached into the first bag, rummaged around for a while, and then pulled out a chit. She looked at it. “The man to offer up his gland tonight will be Alex Downright, age 18.” Everyone clapped excitedly, but Joyce Downright just squealed with delight, knowing her son was going to make the ultimate sacrifice tonight. She couldn’t wait to see it pop.


“And the proud woman to take his ball will be . . . “ Carie shuffled the chits in the other bag. “Silvia Brown!” Silvia’s heart skipped a beat. OMG. This was amazing. It was her night to pop a ball. “Congratulations Silvia,” said Carie. “I’ll go and fetch your little lamb.” Carie left and all the women clapped for her, half excited and half dejected that they’d not been picked. There was much discussion and chit chat while they waited for their hostess to return.


Finally in came the tall woman, still in a leather cat suit, and an affable, hunky, adorable teen with blond hair. He was smiling, and more than that he had a huge erection which he seemed quite proud to display to everyone. His balls hung loosely between his legs as he walked, and all the women clapped for him. He blushed. He let his hands be tied behind his back, and then he kneeled in front of the women at the coffee table, his big loose balls laying on its surface. It was tradition for the woman bursting the ball to do it in front of everyone and to use their bare feet on the ball. Silvia, kicked off her shoes and stepped onto the knee-high table made of expensive wood. She towered over the boy and he looked up and smiled at her.


It was also tradition fo the victim to choose which ball would be exploded. Silvia reached down and caressed his face. “Which one of your beatufiul balls shall I break tonight, Alex?” Her foot was already rolling them around as they lay flush with the table.


The boy looked down at his own junk: his massive throbbing hard on, and his two fat bollocks. Decided which nut you’d want to lose was a difficult decision for any man to make. He looked back up at Silvia, and the look he gave her was one of pure worship and adoration. Women were so amazing, he thought to himself. “I want to give you my left testicle please. It’s bigger and more worthy of your beauty.” He gave her a dazzling smile. She returned it, caressing the top of his golden head.


“Alright ladies, here it goes.” All the women had their hands down their pants and were pleasuring themselves. Each would orgasm at the height of his pain as his ball burst, and they were wasting no time in getting to the release point.


Silvia threw her hair back, stuck her hand down her own skirt and singled out the bubble that was his fat left testicle. She made sure her heel was squarely placed on the nut, and all the women could see it begin to flatten against the table. The pink, veined organ went flatter and flatter, and each woman was furiously fingering their furry slits. But Alex just continue to look up at the beautiful Silvia, his eyes getting larger and larger has his nut went flatter and flatter. For him, it was a surreal moment of abject pain and pleasure. His dickhead was leaking cum and then quite to his surprise a high pitched wailing escaped his lips. This was getting painful. He started to hyperventilate, a counterpoint to the increasingly heavy breathing of the women.


“Girls, I can feel his ball. It’s about to rupture, and I’m about to come. Are you ready?” The only response was a bunch of moaning. The testicle was now almost completely flat. Silvia looked down. “Can I really burst your ball, Alex, can I really? Tell me it’s OK.” she whispered to him. The boy was looking right in her eyes and a single tear slipped down his cheek, but he managed to squeak “Yes, yes, It’s OK.”


“Then I will.” She lifted her foot, and slammed it down on his ball. SQUICK. The organ burst under her foot, and every woman in the room gave in to their most intense orgasms of the evening. At the same moment, Alex’s cock erupted with cum, and it spooged all over Silvia’s leg. The leg that was still standing on his ruined nut. She was pumping and pulping the remains of his testicle, squishing it between her toes, and savoring the moment of her first castration. Alex was shuddering and repeating “my ball, my ball” in a high pitched whimper.


The party lasted well into the early morning, and when the men were finally released, it was time to go home. Carie saw them all at the door, promising another meeting next month, and encouraging all the women to bring even more nuts with them.


As Daniel and Silvia were driving home, she shared the experience with him. He was impressed and excited by it.


“You know, Danny, my birthday is coming up soon. It would so sweet of you to offer up one of your nuts to me.”


He smiled slyly. “I’ll think about it, angel. Maybe I’ll serve you eggs Benedict in bed for breakfast, and then you can break one of my eggs.”


“Oh, Danny, I love you,” and she reached over and groped his bruised package while she kissed his cheek.


  1. This is one of my favorites. The idea of a club of wives who exchange husbands/sons is hot.

  2. Yeah, and the women knowing, each time, that some guy's nut will be sacrificed for the pleasure of all of them. mmmm Makes Tupper Wear parties look positively bland.

  3. I think that the guy should lose both his balls. None of this one ball at a time.

    1. Well I wanted to introduce a little "realism" into the story, meaning that with the person being chosen at random and only loosing one ball means that he's sure to be able to stick around a long time to provide entertainment to all the women. If a guys looses both balls he's immediately kicked out of the club and that means his corresponding lady has to bring someone new, either a son or a nephew or a brother if she wants to come back at all.

      But I do agree that bursting BOTH testicles would be hawt and sexy, but I just didn't want to take people out of the game so quickly.

  4. This story is so amazing. An entire club of men who love having their balls busted and women who enjoy doing it. This is the type of story that could go on forever.

  5. I'm a boy sounds painfully very painfull

  6. Girls are evil for doing and boys are perverted for asking for it

    Moral of post:humanity is screwed

  7. Absolutely terrific story! This seems like a very interesting club to be part of ;)

  8. I come back to this story often. The concept of women bringing their men to a busting club is terrific. So many favorite scenes in this story.


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