Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cottaging Roulette cont. (M/M) - repost (mini story)

Cottageing Roulette cont.


Rob nodded and swallowed the beer. His best friend Keith was telling the rest of Rob’s fellow employees about a girl he had banged last night and what a ditz she was. But while the conversation had turned to girls, all Rob could think about was that it was Friday night and he was for sure going back to that park restroom to get blown by the mysterious ball crusher. So what if he lost a nut or two? The guy had a mouth like a hoover, and the danger was thrilling. Like skydiving, only less fatal. Rob reached under the table and surreptitiously rearranged his privates which were getting hot and bothered in anticipation.

Later that evening Rob was in his truck on his way to the park. It was a warm summer’s evening and Rob’s dick was already leaking precum. There was a slight stain on his jeans. He pulled up to the parking lot, shut off the engine and jumped out. He power-walked to the latrine. As before, three of the stalls were already occupied by guys who took cottageing seriously enough to get an early start, so Rob took possession of stall number 4. He closed the door, pulled down his jeans and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long. About five minutes after he had sat down someone stepped into the fifth stall. He heard the door close and then some heavy breathing as whoever it was kneeled and got his mouth right up close to the hole in the wall separating the two latrines. Rob stood up and pushed his junk right into the guy’s waiting mouth. Oh, it was heaven – warm, strong suction and a twirling tongue which put gentle pressure on the underside of Rob’s cock. Rob began to pump the guy’s face, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. He could feel his balls slap against the man’s chin, chaffing slightly against his stubble. Then the man on the other side of the wall took charge and took hold of Rob’s balls. The squeezing began and it caused Rob to slow down his pumping. Oh, it was painful, but exciting too. The man began to pull on the two walnuts that he was compressing in his hands. The man pulled and squeezed on Rob’s agates. It was breathtaking in its painful simplicity.

Then the man sucking Rob’s cock stopped sucking and instead stroked it with one hand and stopped the nut pain. Instead the guy was doing something - Rob could hear him searching through pockets. Rob heard a paper packet being torn open. And then all of a sudden a shooting pain stabbed the top of Rob’s left ball. OH MY GOD, the man had brought needles, and was skewering Rob’s ball. The man kept Rob’s junk trapped on his side of the stall with one hand firmly gripped around Rob’s shaft and continued to press the needle all the way from the top of Rob’s testicle to its bottom. Clearly he was going to impale the thing. It was agonizing, even with the man still stroking Rob’s member.

When the needle in firmly in place, pain exploded in Rob’s other ball. This guy was going to turn Rob’s gems into shish kebobs. The needle traveled the length of its host gonad. Rob moaned in pain, his face pressed against the wall, but even so, his cock remained rock hard. Rob moaned again, loudly. Gushes of prejack dribbled down his cock, and the buster on the other side of the wall licked it all off, then he resumed sucking Rob’s cock. Now Rob’s two skewered balls writhed in their sack and in doing so caused a deep ache in Rob’s stomach, but that darn cock was close to blowing its load. The needle pierced nuts drew up tight into Rob’s abdomen and a torrent of red hot cum spewed down the buster’s throat. It was rich and coated as it went down. The buster sucked it all in but didn’t touch Rob’s pouch, because he knew he didn’t have to in order to cause pain. The needles would do a fine job of that until they were removed.

Rob pumped himself to completion, sweating from excitement and pain. His nuts hurt, his dick was exhausted from being hard all day, and he felt completely drained. He felt the man tie something to the end of his dick, just behind the head, and then leave the stall and disappear into the night. Rob fell back onto the toilet seat and stared at his own crotch. He untied the note, which read: “I have placed two sterile needles into your balls. Leave them in until next week when I will take them out. Think of me every time you cum until then.” Rob brought the small card up to his nose. It smelled like Hugo Boss’s “Red” cologne and for some reason the tight, small handwriting seemed slightly familiar, though Rob couldn’t place it.

‘Whew. Well, that was a novel experience,’ thought Rob. He tenderly cupped his gems, and felt them pulse in a deep aching throb. He could just make out the holes where the needles had entered. ‘Well, I certainly will think of you every time I cum. That’s assuming I can cum during the next week.’

Rob let his balls drop, wincing as they did, and gingerly pulled up his pants. He fervently hoped he’d get used to the dull ache in his loins, otherwise he’d have to call in sick to work for the next few days. He opened the door and waddled slowly out to his truck. He thought about next Friday and the unknown guy taking the needles out. Rob’s dick twitched and started to get hard again.


  1. Hi Nicholas,
    This Series no ball popping but very thrilling and very intense.
    I like bust other's balls but I really understand bustee's feelings read this stories. Damn very hot I love it ;-)

  2. wow super hot , can't wait for more , please , what do the needles? cause pain when jerking or killing his balls? what do the stranger next? love tricking, please more


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