Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cottaging Roulette (M/M) - repost (mini story)

Cottageing Roulette

Rob rubbed his crotch in anticipation, stroking the length of his trapped cock, only too eager to push it through a glory hole and get sucked off by some anonymous guy. It was how he usually spent his Friday nights, going from truck stop to truck stop, restaurant to restaurant, park to park. Each one known for different clientele or regulars. This particular park bathroom was the most thrilling because it was said that it was the regular haunt of a ball buster. No one knew who he was, just some guy who got off on squeezing your jewels until they popped. There’d even been some talk in the papers about shutting the park down and rezoning it for construction because of the horrible things that it was said went on there. But for Rob, it was just an added thrill. Who know, maybe he’d walk away a eunuch tonight, and never have to worry about sex again!

He pulled up the car, and turned the engine off. He flipped the switch on his flashlight and got out. He walked across the grass, headed in the direction of the bathroom. He could see its lights where on, and shadows played in its dingy windows.

As he entered the building, he could hear the sounds of soft moaning and gentle sucking. Three stalls seemed to be occupied and two were left open. No one was at any of the urinals, whose continual running was like waterfalls in the background. Rob headed for the second to last stall and shut its door behind him. He unbuckled his belt and pushed all his clothing to the floor. Now he was naked from the waist down. The only hole in this stall was to the empty stall, so he’d just have to wait for someone to come along. Meanwhile he could hear the guys in the other three stalls enjoying themselves.

It was about five minutes later when someone walked in to the little building, headed straight for the last stall, and closed its door. Rob immediately stood up and thrust his junk (which he’d been stroking continuously) through the hole. It was just big enough to get through if he really squashed his own balls and pushed them hard. The struggle to do so hurt so good.

A pair of strong fingers grasped his package, slid up and down the length of his cock to measure its length and girth, and then lightly cupped his trapped balls before Rob felt a warm moist mouth envelope his cock. Oh, it felt so good. And this guy was an expert. No teeth, strong suction, and apparently no gag reflex as he slid Rob’s cock all the way down his throat. It was heaven. Warm fingers wrapped around each of his testicles and gave them a gentle squeeze. What bliss. Rob bucked his hips to aid in his own stimulation. Oh, it felt so good. And then . . . it started to hurt. Just a bit. The fingers around his balls had started to become rather firm. And were getting firmer by the second. Whoever was sucking his dick seemed to be pressing their fingers into his nuts with increasing force. It was becoming painful. But the mouth around his dick was sucking all the harder, so it was pleasurable too. Both experiences intensified simultaneously. Rob found himself plastered against the stall wall, unable to extricate his vulnerable nuts from the vice-like hands on the other side nor could he get his dick out of the guy’s mouth.

All Rob could do was let out a warbling cry of pain, although for the most part the pain made him hold his breath. The mouth around his penis was sucking like a piston, and the fingers around his balls seemed to be squeezing them down to nothing. The man had his full hands wrapped around Rob’s nuts and was compressing them as far as they would go.

With a grimace Rob could feel himself getting ready to shoot. He could feel his nuts straining to pull back up into his body, boiling with sperm to release and his cock throbbing with pressure. Would his nuts make it to ejaculation? Or would they explode before he could explode.

Then it happened, a deep well of sperm fountained from the tip of his dick straight down the throat of the person on the other side of the stall wall, and the compression of his balls reached a crescendo. OH MY GOD, it hurt so bad thought Rob, and then it all stopped. The pressure, the pain, the pleasure, and Rob collapsed onto the toilet. His hands automatically went to cradle his naked nuts, and to his relief they had escaped destruction by mere seconds. How exciting to be so close to losing his balls to some stranger. Rob made up his mind to return here next Friday . . . .



  1. Wish I was on the other side of the wall. Not to hurt him but to get that cum. Somthing so delisious about pressing your lips to a wall that has who knows cum and spit and whatever on it, knealing on a cum staind floor with an unknows cock deep in your mouth knowing they will cum because of what you are doing for them.

  2. Ah. To be a cum-guzzling whore again. Good times!


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