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Kick Boxing cont. part 3 (M/M) - repost

Kick Boxing (cont. Part 3)


Alec ducked just in time. Brent’s naked fist swung by his face and missed by mere millimeters. He was closing the gap in skill to his naked opponent. They were both naked, actually, except for their boots, and their hands bound up with tape. It was a late Friday night, and they had been doing private skinny-punching sessions with each other for almost two months. Alec was learning to go for the balls as much as Brent did, but Brent made it really hurt, whereas Alec’s nut shots were fairly benign.

Alec returned with a roundhouse kick to Brent’s head, which connected, and then a straight punt to Brent’s dangling balls. Brent blocked that, but in doing so left his torso open to a burst of punches which Alec let loose. Brent staggered back. Not his usual swaggering self, tonight. His timing seemed to be off, and Alec pressed his advantage.

Dozens of solid fists to Brent’s head and chest until he was down on the ground. Alec gloated and was about to taunt his sparring partner when Brent’s foot shot out and landed straight between Alec’s legs. SPLAT. The foot pushed Alec’s two walnuts straight up into their sack and into his lower belly. Alec dropped to his knees and vomited. Brent immediately regretted his ball crushing shot, and got up, crouched behind Alec and held his shoulders, soothing him.

It was a full two minutes before Alec’s balls dropped back down into their sack, and he was in a world of pain. Nut pain, the kind of pain that made you wish you were dead and certain you’d never have grandkids. Still, Brent was there, holding Alec as he rocked on his knees.

“Do you think you can get up?” asked Brent, gently.

“Urgh. Yeah, I’m OK. Just give me a few moments.”

“You want to call it quits for tonight?” Brent ran his fingers over Alec’s damp hair.

“Maybe. Shit that was brutal.” Alec held himself. “I’m not gonna have any nuts left if we keep this up.”

Brent chuckled lightly and continued to hold, almost hug Alec, who eventually got up but was willing to go a few more rounds. Brent made a pretense of fighting but really just circled Alec a lot, and even opened his own neither regions up for some half-hearted hits. They finished, as they always did, by showering together.

As Alec was toweling off, he examined his assets. They were swollen but otherwise ok.  Brent noticed.

“Here,” he said, “let me take a look. I am a nurse, after all.” Alec grunted assent.

Brent gently lifted the heavy ball bag and rolled Alec’s prized possessions about, looking for any bulging which might mean herniation. Both testicles appeared to be fine.

“You gonna tell me to turn my head and cough, now?” asked Alec sarcastically.

“Nope. Everything looks good. But I would recommend using an ice-pack to reduce the swelling.”

Alec grunted again, “Huh!”

“So, back to your place for some beer?” asked Brent as he put on his briefs and then his socks.

“Sure. Whatever.”

As they were driving in Alec’s truck back to his apartment, Brent couldn’t help stealing glances, running his eyes over Alec’s muscular body – he looked so hot in plaid flannel and tight jeans. Brent couldn’t tell if Alec noticed, but neither one said anything. Inside, Alec fetched them each a beer and they sat in silence for a while, on opposite sides of the Formica table, each drinking deeply. Then a second beer. Then a third beer. It was at this point that something happened.

“So, you like pegging guys in the balls.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. It would seem that Alec was finally confronting Brent on his apparent fetish.

Brent almost choked. A small dribble of beer ran down his chin.

“Uhm . . .”

“Or is it just my balls?” Alec looked over his can, locking eyes with Brent.

“I, uh. Well . . .” Brent went cold. Up till now, his desire to paste Alec between the legs had been covered by the natural physical exchange of combat, but it would seem Alec had decided to break through the glass-wall.

Alec slowly put his beer can down and stood up. With deliberate menace he put each fist down on the table and leaned over it to get closer to Brent. “So what, you’re going to keep kicking my balls until they break? We’re going to keep sparring naked until I let you suck my  dick and own my nads like I’m your bitch?” Brent got up and then backed up. Alec, in response, circled the table and closed the distance from Brent, whose back was now against the wall.

“Is this what you wanted? Us, alone together, both of us smashed, my guard down and vulnerable?” Alec’s hot, beer battered breath washed over Brent. “Do you think I’d just fold for you like a card table? Huh? HUH?” Brent tensed waiting for Alec to attack him. Hit him. Grapple him.

“Yeah, you’re a big man taking pot shots at my nuts and getting off on it” Alec’s left fist hit the wall next to Brent’s head with a *CRACK.

Brent tried to back up even more, but he couldn’t.

“I’m sorry man, I wasn’t trying to  . . .” Brent was about to apologize and call their sessions off when his sentence was stopped mid-sentence, not by a hit but by Alec’s soft lips pressed against Brent’s. In complete contrast to their tense situation, the kiss was sweet and gentle. Brent slowly melted in relief and kissed him back. Their tongues met and slid into each other’s mouths. The kiss lasted for almost three minutes. When he disengaged, Alec smiled.

“Gotch’ya, didn’t I?” he said with a sexy growl. Brent just stood there, in a kind of dazed awe. He watched as Alec unbuckled his belt and slid down his jeans, then shrugged off his boots and pants. Now he was half naked. He pressed himself against Brent. “So you’re in love my balls, eh? Well, I can’t blame you. OK. You can kick them, but you’ve got to kiss me while you do it.” They pressed their lips together again, and Alec lifted Brent’s thigh to touch his low hanging nuts. “Kick them,” he said between Brent’s lips.

This was amazing. Brent made a tentative thwack to Alec’s balls but the kissing didn’t stop. Brent made another jab, Alec never stopped exploring Brent’s mouth his tongue. ‘OK, then,’ thought Brent, ‘I guess I’ll kick’n’kiss.’ He redoubled his oral eros and started to slam his knee between Alec’s legs. The jean covered thigh banged into swollen balls, tossing them around in their sac. Aside from some nose-snorts from Alec, the kissing didn’t let up. They were really snogging now with Alec holding Brent’s head in that romantic “neck cup”, and the thigh-to-crotch uplifts only seemed to spur Alec on. He was crushing is lips and body against Brent’s. His dick was hard and it pressed against Brent’s own woody. This was HOT. Kissing, kicking, grinding against a kitchen wall, under a dim fluorescent bulb to the sound of a tap dripping in the background.

“Squeeze them, I know you want to” murmured Alec.

“Mmmhmmpth,” was the reply. Brent slid his hand from where they were, squeezing Alec’s naked buttcheeks, around to grasping Alec’s big eggs. They were warm, swollen and heavy. They each fit snuggly into his hands and Brent squeezed. Their plump ball flesh ballooned between his fingers just as Alec bit Brent’s lower lip - there was the tingle of pain, and the thrill of this small violation. Meanwhile Alec’s nuts were starting to throb. They’d started this with his nuts already bruised and the squeezing only enhanced that ache.

While Brent squeezed the testicles in his hands, Alec was giving him a hickey, sucking on Brent’s neck and then moving up to flick his tongue in Brent’s ear. Then he bit it. Another of tingle of pain for Brent. Alec bit harder and Brent squeezed harder until they were both moaning. This lasted for several minutes; just like in fighting, the pleasure was in the pain.

Eventually Alec stepped back. “Take off your cloths.” Brent eagerly obeyed, and stripped off his clothes and shoes as quickly as he could. Soon his prick was bobbing in the air in front of the half naked Alec. Then, Alec sat down on the kitchen table and spread his legs. His naked nuts lay there, on their sides, his rigid pole standing above them.

“Come lean on my balls and kiss me. I want to feel your weight on them.” He looked Brent expectantly, half a smile on his lips. Brent moved in, placing one palm on each ball and allowed some of his body weight rest on them, then he met Alec’s lips with his own. The taste of Alec’s mouth was sweetened by the lingering beer, and the smell of his musky aftershave filled Brent’s nostrils. The two trapped orbs under his hands were going flat as more and more weight was placed on them, but Alec just sighed into Brent’s mouth. Whereas the nut busting in the ring was painful and unpleasant, as part of sex Alec seemed to find it  . . . . stimulating. His cock was leaking a pearly drop of cum and Brent pressed his own cock into it, rubbing the two members together. Their mutual prejack covered their two pink heads with a sticky sheen while they continued to kiss. Brent had started to thrust his tongue down Alec’s throat as if he were fucking him, and Alec just sucked it down, apparently eager for whatever Brent wanted to give him. The balls continued to flatten until they slipped and popped out from under Brent’s hands. Alec just laughed.

“I guess they’re better at escaping you here than in the ring.” Alec looked down at Brent’s cock and a smiled. “How about we take this into the bedroom?” Brent responded with a kiss and then nodded.

“Go lay down,” ordered Alec. It was a short, horny stumble to the bed and Brent lay down on his back. Alec climbed up on the bed and stood over his sparring mate. Brent just looked up, admiring the view. He’d wanted this for so long. Alec was so beautiful.

Alec stripped off his shirt and then grabbed his own dick. Alec’s sack was hanging heavy and loose,  and was silhouetted from behind. Brent practically moaned with pent up lust. Alec looked down. “Kick my balls until I cum, stud.” With that, he started pumping his meat while Brent squeezed his own cum-slick pole. Brent took aim and started punting those juicy danglers. Oh it was so sexy. Two ripe walnuts, Brent’s wicked shin smashing into them, each guy pumping his fist at a furious rate. The two testicles bounced all over the place and made a satisfying SMACK with each kick.

“Harder! HARDER!” ordered Alec, lost on the haze of pain and pleasure.

“SHIT, yeah. Oh yeah. Unggg. Oh, my nuts. SHIT!” By the look of his engorged, purple dick head, Alec was getting ready to blow, and Brent sped up his own jacking so that they’d finish together. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Both men were breathing hard.

“Shit Brent, I’m gonna cum. Oh shit! Here it comes.” Alec started to pump his hips and a volley of ropey sperm shot out of the end of his dick, splattering on Brent’s torso. Almost at the same time Brent’s own load erupted and joined the party, pooling on his washboard abs. His kicking slowed down to a rhythm in tune with both their heartbeats, in sync with their spurts of cum. Then it stopped all together. Alec collapsed on top of Brent and kissed him gently, then snuggled against him in exhaustion.

“So, shall we spar next week?” murmured Brent into the ear next to his mouth.

“How about we just have sex?” was the sleepy response.

Brent smiled to himself. “OK.” And closed his eyes, resting his head against Alec’s.


  1. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing it very much.

  2. wow hot, what will brend do with alexs balls? please more


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