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Mind Your P's and Q's Conclusion (F/M) - repost

PART 14 (conclusion)

Lisa says goodbye to Dan and the twins...

Dan knew that he’d have to tell Lisa his secret very soon. His physician had diagnosed him years before with the same heart disease that killed his father, uncle and grandfather. Now Dan was beginning to show symptoms, and his physician estimated that he had less than three months to live.

While Lisa made a rare solo trip to New Mexico, Dan was admitted to the local hospital with a severe coronary attack. Although still the physical picture of perfection, his EKG showed massive scar tissue, and the prognosis was dismal. He returned home, knowing what had to be done.

When Lisa returned from her trip, she found him in the living room waiting for her. She found him sitting naked on the couch, his legs drawn up on the cushions, and his luscious ball bag dangling over its edge. Dan explained what had happened, what was soon going to happen to him, and that nothing could be done to change it.

Dan stood up and walked over to her, took her hands, and made them cup his huge low hangers. "Lisa, it’s time for me to go. I won’t last much longer, please take your balls from my body and let them serve you one last time." He sank to his knees. "I couldn’t think of another way of showing my love and devotion to you. You are my reason for being, please make me a part of you." Dan was pleading in front of her, tears streaming down his face.

Lisa was devastated. The money was nice, but this was serious, she loved Dan. But . . . how could she possibly deny his dying wish? "Of course I’ll accept your offer," She said finally. "I’ll swell them one last time, and then crush them completely. For both of us. You’ll be remembered for always taking it like a man. We’ll set the harvest whenever you’re ready, as it may kill you in your present condition."

Dan looked away. He had watched his father and grandfather go through the same illness and knew he was going to go downhill fast. He had to make Lisa see that it must be done quickly. "Lisa, I don’t want to live like this. The weaker I get, the less we can do. Soon I won’t even be up to having sex, let alone conditioning. I don’t think we can wait another day. If you do it tomorrow, I’ll still be able to go through it with you, to very end. Please, I need you to do this. My balls need you to do this." Dan kept a stiff upper lip as he spoke, but when he saw her nod her head, in grim determination, he relaxed in gratitude. And amazingly began to get hard thinking about her last opportunity to attack his manhood.

They spent the entire night talking together and cuddling under a blanket on the couch, Dan naked and Lisa in her pajamas. Lisa fondled his balls continuously and kept his dick hard while they reminisced about their early years together. They verbally re-lived those early sessions, and Lisa reveled at how horney they had made her, but how she also hadn’t wanted to show it for fear of losing him as a client. She admitted to him the fine balance she’d struck between coveting his balls and coming to love him as a person. And she did, she really did love him, and not just his balls.

In return, Dan detailed his emotional journey: of how his initial attraction to her allowed him justify boxing without a cup, and how attraction had grown into love, allowing him to overcome a man’s most basic instinct – to protect his balls, and finally how that love had blossomed into abject worship, allowing him to surrender his nuts completely to her, to let her punish them anyway she wanted to without either fear for their safety or fear of the unbelievable, gut wrenching pain that she visited upon him, just about every single day. Love had truly conquered all.

When dawn came, Dan lifted her hands from his genitals so that he could hold them while he looked into her eyes. "Lisa, I love you. Forever. I know I can’t give you children, but I can give you my balls. Make me, make us happy one last time." Words that Lisa would remember for the rest of her life.

Lisa called Patty, a gourmet chef who specialized in exotic dishes and who shared Lisa’s fondness for testicles, over to the mansion so that she could prepare Dan’s nuts for eating. Patty advised that Lisa should bring Dan to the brink of orgasm multiple times but not let him actually cum since in her experience this made for better tasting balls. Lisa was concerned that Dan should have at least one last orgasm, but Dan was only too happy to oblige Patty, since as he put it, "I want you to cum from this, not me." So, for several hours that morning, while Patty purchased and prepared the special ingredients for the meal, Lisa jacked Dan off. Each time he was close to cumming, Lisa would stop stroking him and squeeze his testes with all her strength until his hardon deflated.

This cycle of pleasure and pain gave Dan a case of blue-balls unheard of in history, and left him with a sexy, dull, throbbing pain in his groin even before the festivities began. It made him feel like he truly was giving up all of his manhood to the wife he worshiped.

When the video camera had been set up, and the culinary preparations were complete, Dan let Lisa tie his hands behind his back, and then stood in front of her, his male member standing at attention, proud to serve its mistress one last time, and his sacrificial manhood swinging between his legs, awaiting her pleasures.

Dan gave her an earnest look of complete love and devotion. "Please don’t hold back, make this a session to remember – for both of us."

Lisa was softly crying, but she was still a professional. All she could manage was a nod.

True to her word, Lisa made this last session their best. She started with the hardest possible kicks to his nuts while he just stood there, letting his testicles completely absorb the entire impact from her foot, then her toes, then her heel, and then her shin. Dan willed himself to let his balls intercept every kick so that he could remember the feeling of her feet forever.

SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. was the slow, measured staccato sound that could be heard throughout the house.

These were, slow, strong, brutal kicks – the kind that left full grown football players helpless on the ground, wishing they were dead. The kind of kicks that left most men in need of surgery. The kind of kicks that women practiced on dummies so that they could neuter would-be rapists.

And not just a few of them, but an hour and a half of them, counting in the hundreds. Kicks designed to scramble the eggs of any human male. And Dan surrendered to every single fucking one of them. He welcomed them. They were gifts from his Goddess. Remarkably - he was still standing by the end, though a bit wobbly.

Lisa eased him onto the couch to give him 15 mins to recover while she gently stroked his cock to keep it hard and out of the way of his balls, and when her horniness to get on with the fun became too much, she dragged him off the couch by his nuts, pulled him over to the wall by them, and pushed him up against it, so that she could give her knees a last chance at fun. And was it fun!

These weren’t the regular knee-shots-to-the-groin like he was used to receiving. These were pile drives, deep and hard into his mangled manhood aimed at not just making them swell, but actually destroying them. These were nut-busting knee caps into his groin, where she pulled down on his shoulders with each thrust so that the damaged was maximized. Indeed the trauma to his balls was so intense that the usual smacking sound of his nuts turned into an erotic crunching sound, which they both savored.

At one point, she realized that he kneecap was only hitting ball about half the time. She stepped back and ordered him to spread his legs as far as they could go. In his eagerness for her to make his manhood much and to obey, Dan spread them so fast that he almost fell over. A switft kick to his groin stopped that in its tracts.

The new position now allowed Lisa to grab his hips with her hands and control them she could jam her leg into his defenseless junk with greater precision. The top of her thigh mashed his genitals without mercy, and Dan’s eyes were rolling in their sockets from the pain, a soft moaning escaping his lips.

When it became apparent that the only thing holding him up was the thigh banging into his balls, Lisa let her husband fall to the floor, where he landed on his left side, knees drawn up in response to the ball pain. Lisa had intended to give him another rest period, but his scrotum hung down between his closed legs in such a tantalizing way that she couldn’t help herself. She reached down and lifted his right leg, re-exposing his balls, and then proceeded to punt them and stomp on them as hard as she could. They were huge now, easily the size of melons, and so filled with unreleased sperm and edema that her foot practically bounced off of them. As she buried her toes in his balls, her level of horniness increased to monumental proportions. Dressed only in a bra and panties, she realized she was literally dripping her cunt juices on the floor. Yes, she was losing the man she loved, but she getting to experience something few other women even dreamed of – the hands-on emasculation of her husband at his own request, and it was making her shiver with excitement.

Soon she experienced wave after wave of orgasms as he husband just lay there, moaning, his testicles absorbing all of her kicks, and she dropped to her own knees, unable to continue for the moment. When the pleasure had ceased, she realized she wanted to damage him all the more, and got some nearby rope. With it, she rolled Dan onto his back, pushed his knees up to his head and then looped the rope under his legs and knees and guided the rope behind his neck and shoulders so that his legs were fixed in that position. Now his package was on full display, his dick (purple and rigid) pulsing on his belly and his red, bull-sized balls resting on the carpet.

One would expect, based on their normal testicle punishment routine, that Lisa would start punching them, but she knew that Dan’s orbs would be slightly numb right now. So, instead, she did something novel. Instead of squeezing his balls (her normal alternate to punching), she decided to squeeze and ruin the tubes behind his balls.

Unlike his testicles, which had received 5 years of conditioning, the chords and tubes connecting them to his body had remained relatively untouched. Normally Lisa wouldn’t have attacked them on him or any other man, since it would immediately lead to sterility, but what did it matter now, for Dan? Both his life and his sex life were ending here, right now, today, at her hands. And she was determined to extract every ounce of pleasure from every part of his balls that she could. Lisa kneeled in front of them.

She cupped them, lovingly. Then rolled them around, stretched them in their sack. Even on their way to destruction, they were easily the most beautiful things she’d ever seen. ‘What a pity,’ she thought, ‘that men can’t regrow these. What fun that would be to get to crush the same set of nuts every month . . .’ She brought the bright red orbs up to her face and nuzzled them, while letting Dan moan in submissive pain. ‘Time to make him scream,’ she thought with a wicked grin.

Taking first the right ball, she stretched and pulled the gland until it fit snuggly between her legs, pressed up against the hungry lips of her vagina, and then she squeezed her thighs together so that the testicle was trapped. This left the epididymis and vas deferens clearly visible, and vulnerable, in his scrotum – like tight strings on a banjo.

She began their destruction by pressing her thumbs and forefingers into the base of his ball, and began to squeeze and squish his epididymis as hard as she could. The delicate tubes were no match for her strong fingers. They began to squish and burst, and unlike the normal ball pain that he was used to receiving, this pain made Dan scream in agony. His body had no defense against the fingers and thumbs pulverizing his delicate tubing into uselessness. When she was sure she’d made paste of his epididymis, she moved onto the pinching the vas deferens as hard as she could, following it up to the root of his cock. Her hands were like a burdizzo, crushing his ball’s lifeline and his sex life, and causing pain that only torture victims could appreicate.

When she was sure that duct system had been squished beyond repair, and that she’d raped his manhood of any dignity it might have left, she let it drop, and it just hung there. Usually testicles move slightly of their own accord when left alone. Now his right ball just lay there, motionless. Lisa reveled in another huge waive of orgasmic pleasure as she noted this supreme humiliation of her husbands livelihood. Wanting more sexual convulsions, she grabbed his left nut and did the same to it. Again Dan screamed for several minutes, utterly lost in his pain while Lisa was utterly lost in her pleasure.

When she finally dropped his lefty, she knew his reproductive power was utterly destroyed. The ball bag just hung there, awaiting her next move, unable to move or fulfill even the least of its naturally functions. She decided that it was time to punch them, now that the ball-proper had been allowed to rest. She rolled Dan, still tied up, onto his chest so that his man-sack hung down below his anus and his big balls lolled on the carpet. She picked them up from behind with her left hand and, squeezing them out, began to punch them with her right. Her fist punched first the left nut then the right nut, dead center, and the ball meat warped around her knuckles, leaving dents in them as she alternated. It was obvious that his balls were finally reaching a critical state.

Lisa again stopped to examine them. She rolled them around, stretched them. They were beet red, and burning hot to the touch. They were getting so close to destruction that she could already start to taste them. Their warm salty innards, sliding down her throat, and filling her with her husband’s manhood in a way most women would never get to experience.

Deciding on one last round of torture, she quickly untied his legs. She pulled them out and spread them far apart. She also pulled his scrotum out from under his body, so that they lay there on the carpet like two mutant kidney beans. Then she stood up and stepped down on his bloated bollocks. One foot on each ball. Her weight made them sink into the carpet, and she could hear Dan start to cry. She was crying to. They were both crying tears of joy and sadness (an possibly pain). This was her last opportunity to feel his balls be helpless under her feet, and it was his last chance to feel her weight on them. For a good 15 minutes she just rolled around on his nuts, and Dan kept sobbing over and over, "I love you, I love you Lisa".

His testicles oozed under her toes, and Lisa experienced yet more orgasms as she knew they were approaching their ultimate end. Halfway through, the perch became wobbly, and she bent Dan’s knees so that should could use his feet as stabilizers. What brought her out of her revery finally was Dan’s voice issuing from the carpet. "Lisa . . . before it’s too late," he moaned. This caused Lisa to step off of them. She nelt down to examine the sacrificial balls to decide their fate.

PART 15 (conclusion)

Lisa destroys and eats Dan’s nuts ...

The swelling was tremendous - the right ball had a lumpy feel to it, and the left felt like an over extended balloon, about to pop. Both felt much softer than normal, as if their protective white sheath had been tenderized. Lisa got up to put him in his final position, but then stopped. How could she really do this? To the man she loved. How could she destroy his livelihood? If she stopped now, they could last for several months more. They could enjoy many more nights together busting his balls, and maybe he’d even live that long. Somehow, through the pain, Dan noticed her sudden hesitancy. Dan was adamant - there was actually anger in his voice, "No. Please. Don’t stop. Don’t leave me like this. I want to die your man. You need to do this for me, before I go."

"Ok". She said sadly (though her loins were still throbbing with sexual pleasure, and ust as his dick was larger than she’d ever seen it before). She positioned him on his back, his groin once again exposed. Lisa gracefully knelt between his manly legs, and gently cupped his smooth, warm scrotum. The nuts it held, her nuts, were waiting for their mistress to destroy them.

She looked into his pain hazed eyes, and asked, "Are you ready?" What could Dan do but nod "yes"? It was all he ever wanted for his wife but to be happy.

Lisa wanted to remember the shape of his balls for the rest of her life, so she decided she would crush his right ball in her bare hands. Flesh to flesh. Fingers verses testicle.

First she isolated an orb and made sure it was completely vertical. Then, she lovingly wrapped both hands around his right testicle, her fingers laced around his ruined epididymis, looked deeply into Dan’s brown eyes and began the pressure. Dan’s head fell back and he began to moan again, this time more loudly. Slowly driving her palms together, she managed to get them within a half inch of each other, but couldn’t pop his nut. The years of conditioning had toughened them up too much. Frustrated, Lisa had to finally free her thumbs and plunge them into the outer curve of his ball, driving them deep into its heart. Dan’s moaning grew louder and louder until he gave a squeal of pain as they both felt his ball give way under the onslaught. The protective sheith hadn’t actually ripped, but she could feel a permanent distortion in its parabolic curve. Lisa took advantage of this breech, and eagerly pressed her thumbs deeper and deeper into his oyster. Her breathing became more and more eratic as she penetrated in the very heart of his ball’s defenses. The sides began to bulge out and she could feel her thumbs crushing the nut paste that packed his ball. And just as she thought she couldn’t plunge them anymore deeper into the organ, his nut split, with a sexy, sadistic pop. Wave upon wave of shudders wracked both their bodies, she in pleasure, he in pain.

But she wasn’t done with the defeated organ yet. Now that she had punctured it, was going to ruin it. She had ripped the organ length wise, prying apart a gland that had been whole from before Dan’s birth. She pried it apart.

Then, to make her victory over the ball complete, she grasped his sack underneath the ball with her left fist, and with her right fist began pounding his damaged man fruit into a mushy pulp – each punch brought more shudders from her pussy.


Lisa lost track of how long she pummeled the burst nut. When she finally let go, Dan shuddered, his mind glazed beyond recognition, and she was exhausted. Did she have the stamina to complete the job?

Lisa got up and did some stretching and got some water. This sex and death session was a marathon, not a sprint. When she returned, she found her husband a mess, twitching and moaning, and in need of some gentle attention. So, she knelt beside him and gently stroked his body, gently sucking and licking his dick, using his own pain-sweat as lubricant. Eventually he seemed to revive a bit.

"Dan, in honor of our first busting, Im going to kick your last nut to death. I love you, my dearest, and I want to you feel it until the very end. Don’t go until it pops. OK?"

Dan gurgled in the back of his throat. "I’ll try," it sounded like. Like always, Dan wanted to be there for her, to help her achieve happiness.

"Thank you," said Lisa. She took a piece of the rope and tied off the remaining ball. Then she stood and placed her foot on it to get a sense of aim. She just let it sit there, her foot, on his last nut. Toes pressed against its round ball flesh, heel following the curve of it, toenails jabbing into it, slightly. And then . . .

THUMP. One kick. THUMP. A second kick. THUMP THUMP THUMP. More kicks. A dozen. Then thirty. Then fifity. THUMP THUMP THUMP. The ball was swelling even more now. It was easily the size of an extra large cantaloupe. Seventy kicks. THUMP THUMP THUMP. The sounds escaping from Dan’s lips were a combination of mewls and gurgling. It was a wonder he hadn’t passed from the pain already, or even died. Lisa was proud of her man for taking-it-in-the-ball better than any other man in history.

And then, after about 150 THUMPS to his last nut, something strange happened. Lisa had taken a pause to rest her weary foot, when she noticed something odd. The testicle, which she had thought quite helpless and immobile after the earlier cord destruction, began to move and twist and writhe as if it has a life of its own.

Patty, who had been watching all this from a discrete distance at the other end of the living room (and fingering herself), ran over. They both watched in fascinated horror as his bloated ball began to expand in time with his presumed heartbeat. Then, the ball began to swell and swell and swell, until to their surprise,

*S P L A T*

the testicle self-detonated right in its own sack.

From the 5 years of abuse and the special treatment it had received this evening (and other evenings like it), Dan’s right ball had somehow managed to reach its bursting point, and so it exploded in its own shell, like a microwaved egg. The sound was so loud it filled the room. An amazing, sexy splat. And Patty and Lisa fell on the couch, driving their hands between their legs as they watched the incident, each lost in a bliss of orgasmic pleasure.

Further, Dan’s scrotum began flop around as he convulsed on the floor, and his now denatured genitals made aditiional slapping sounds as they hit his thighs and the stomach.

After a while, Dan stop trashing about and fainted, and lay there silent and sweaty. When Lisa and Patty could rouse themselves from their afterglow, they began the harvest. Patty placed the enormous deflated ball-bag into a Pyrex bowl, and began to slit it open. Out poured the pent up semen, his two great seeds, their destroyed contents, and enough lymph fluid for making a very rich sauce.

Patty lifted one of the deflated nuts and rolled it softly in her fingers, looked at Lisa and giggled like a school girl. Even destroyed, they were easily the largest nuts she had ever prepared. Patty gently kissed the testicle and dropped it back into the bowl. She did the same to the second one. These were balls worthy of reverence. She left Lisa to deal with Dan, so she could go lovingly prepare her most improbable meal ever.

She served them to Lisa, at the formal dining table, on a white tablecloth and all the best silver cutlery. Two huge man oysters, cooked with leeks and wine and saffron, on a bed of steaming Basmati rice and garnished with some fried calf balls for fun.

It was delicate, it was delicious, and it was Dan. All Dan. What a man to give her such a treat. What a man that he would truly be part of her, forever. What other man, in all the world, could make a sacrifice like this, just for the sake of love?

The events were more than Dan’s heart could withstand. He fell into a deep sleep that evening after the meal was over, and did not awaken in the morning. Dan was buried in the family plot, and Lisa consoled herself by visiting the women who been part of their ball busting romance over the years, telling them of that last morning together.

She started her own self-defense school, with an emphasis on training men to prepare for an unprotected attack on their testicles. Her evenings are spent with several female assistants, pounding naked male student’s balls, and using the same cloth tape measure that she had used to measure Dan‘s swollen balls. These days . . . you can hear her three nights a week shouting: "Swelling is the key ladies; these men deserve to get the training they’re paying us to give them. That’s right, squeeze those testicles!!"


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