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The Classroom - The Busting Lesson (Fgroupf/M) - repost

The Classroom – The Busting Lesson


Mrs. Reinfeld stood in front of the room and hushed her female students to a quiet. She was tall, rather imposing, and was both loved and feared by her young charges.


“Now girls, today we have a special treat for you. As you all know, the laws passed a century ago giving women total control over government, economics, and most importantly men, stipulate that girls should learn to control men through their genitals. It has become customary for daughters to torture and then crush their father’s testicles when she reaches sexual maturity, which most of you are only a few years away from doing. Similarly, mothers are encouraged to bust their son’s balls, and wives, their husband’s.”


“In this vein, young Sarah, here, is from my 6th grade class, and has agreed to share her father’s nuts with you today, so that we can all learn how to bust, torture, and finally castrate a man, and give you all the confidence to do go home and do the same with your own male relatives. Something which I suspect some of you are already familiar with,” she added with a wink.


Mrs. Reinfeld turned to Sarah, who was standing to her right. “Sarah, go bring your father in.” The petite blond nodded, and walked out the door. She walked back in with a tall, handsome blond man, pulling him by the balls with her hand underneath his makeshift kilt. He was wearing a white terrycloth towel and nothing else. His body was muscular but trim. The all-girl class held its breath – they knew they were about to have a great show-and-tell.


“Sarah, tell us a little bit about your father, before we start.” The girl looked up, and nodded.


“This is my father, Daniel. He works at a big company in the city. Tomorrow’s my 11th birthday and I was going to crush my daddy’s nuts anyways, so when Mrs. Reinfeld asked for a volunteer dad, I told him and he said we should do it together, here.” Her concealed hand tugged the nutsack she was holding to make her father nod in agreement.


“And what kind of relationship do you have with your father’s testicles?” prompted her teacher.


“Oh, well, when he comes home from work each night, he kneels in the front hallway and takes out his nuts for me to kick. I watch the clock each night so I know when he’s coming home. They’re big and beautiful, and he spreads his knees to I can kick between them.”


“And then what?”


“Oh, well, he undresses for me in mom and dad’s bedroom. He takes a shower and then lets me inspect him to make sure he’s all clean from a day of work. Then he lets me bust his balls for a while. Sometimes he’s down on his knees like the dog. Sometimes he lays on the bed while I stand and kick him. Sometimes I hang from his balls until he cries.”


“And that’s on weekdays. What do you do on weekends?”


“Oh, well, on Saturday I wake him up by pulling off the covers and slapping his hanging fruit as hard as I can so he’ll get up and make me breakfast. He always sits naked while I eat so I can squeeze his balls around with one hand. I like the way they feel, like big rubber balls.”


“And then?”


“When my big brother Aiden gets up, he comes downstairs, and dad and him stand with their legs spread so I can kick TWO sets of nuts. Mom usually sleeps in.”


“Well aren’t you lucky! How old is Aiden?”


“He’s 15. He’s got a nice pair of hangers too and they flop around a lot when I kick them. Not when mom kicks him, though. He just lays on the carpet and cries.”


“Does your mom kick him a lot?”


“Whenever he doesn’t do his homework or his chores. Or talks back to her. So yeah, all the time.”


“Are the men in your household always naked?”


“Always. Except when we have company. And they’re usually other women, so then the boy’s undress for them so they can have fun with their balls. Daddy doesn’t mind if his nuts get squashed all the time, do you?” Sarah squeezed her hand, and Daniel shook his head, “no”.


“Ok. Well, I think it’s time you introduced your father’s balls to the class.” Mrs. Reinfeld helped Sarah undo the knot of Daniel’s white towel and let it fall to the floor. Daniel stood there unabashedly naked as the classroom took in his long, fat dick and the two extremely low hanging orbs that his daughters hand was wrapped around.


“The first thing you’ll notice, class is how warm the classroom is today. Men have this curious thing where their ball sack, called the scrotum, bunches up when it’s cold. Since we want them nice and loose today, we’ve turned up the ambient temperature. Remember that when you’re disciplining your men, if you want to see what you’re punishing, keep it warm.”


“Now, go ahead and pass him around, Sarah.”


Sarah let go of his balls and grabbed his semi-erect dick and pulled him along, down the aisles of girls sitting at desks, letting each girl have a chance to reach out and fondle his massive hangers. They were soft, smooth, hairless, egg-shaped and size of small lemons. Each girl had a chance to squeeze them, roll them around, pull on his scrotum, and even pinch the big things. Most of the girls in the classroom already had some experience with naked men, but these were easily the largest balls any had encountered so far. They swayed back and forth when he walked and they jiggled and rolled in the girls hands’.


It took about ten minutes for all the girls to handle his privates. Some giggled, most smiled, some were just intimidated by it. Mrs. Reinfeld noticed any of them being hesitant or shy, and gave encouragement:


“Remember girls, he’s here to give you confidence in handling men’s balls. Men are our slaves. Their balls are our birthright. We only let men keep them long enough for them to sire a daughter. Then their balls are doomed, and they know it. They accept it. That is the way of things.”


One girl looked as if she was going to faint, but Daniel just gently reached out and guided her young hands to grasp his oysters, to feel their huge oval shape and then press her thumbs deeply into them. When she realized he wasn’t going to get all “adult” with her, she became more confident and even gave them a little slap. Daniel smiled at this, before being pulled on to the next girl by his horse sized cock.


When everyone had had a squeeze, Sarah pulled her dad by his dick back to the front of the class and made him stand in front of Mrs. Reinfeld’s desk.

"The one thing you should note, girls, is his erect penis. All men are eager to be castrated, and this specimen is no different. Isn't that right, Mr. Herrald?"

The tall blond nodded. "I can't wait for my daughter to rupture my nuts. I've waited for years for this."


“Now that you’ve all become acquainted with Mr. Herralds’ genitals, it’s time for you to learn how to hurt them. So everyone up, and push your desks against the wall.” There were loud scraping noises for several minutes as the wood and metal desks were pushed to the perimeters of the room.


“Line up.”


The girls formed a queue.


“Mr. Herrald, get on your knees and spread your legs.” The tall man moved to the center of the room, sunk to his knees and spread them. Mrs. Reinfeld walked up behind him and tied a white linen belt over his eyes as a blindfold and then bound his hands together, behind his back, with another.


“So, the first thing to realize is that most of you are not yet tall enough to get a good kick to a fully grown man’s goolies. In order for you to humble him, you’ll want him to kneel for you, like Daniel is doing now. Then you take a running start and kick him where he lives. Sarah, go to the head of the line and show them how it’s done.”


Sarah took her position, ran the short distance to her father and punted him solidly in the nuts. His body rocked from the impact, but he held his legs opened. He was always proud of his daughter’s nut busting abilities. She’d make a fine wife and mother someday.


“Next,” said their teacher.


The next girl imitated Sarah and ran to punt him in the balls. The organs flopped around from the impact, and for the first time, Daniel spoke. “Thank you,” he said.


“Wonderful,” said Mrs. Reinfeld with satisfaction. “Mr. Herrald knows his place. Men are to be busted and not heard. The only words you should ever hear from a male are ‘Thank you’ and ‘Yes, ma’am’. The former when you’re crushing his nuts, and the latter when you’re giving him orders. Men like to be dominated, it’s in their genes. Clara, you’re up.”


And so around the girls went, kicking this stranger in the groin and each one receiving a “Thank you” for doing so. Daniel was a trooper, hold his legs open so these young females could get the hang of kicking goobers. You had to time the kick right, and aim well, otherwise you’d just punt his perineum, and Mrs. Reinfeld stopped them several times when she saw a girl really miss the mark.


“Veera, stop. That’s completely wrong. You missed with your toe and hardly made a dent in them with your ankle. Watch.” She stood in front of the vulnerable man.


“You’ve got to aim so that the toe of your shoe comes up and then squashes the testicles between the shoe and his pelvis. Then you have a chance to pop them.” WHAM. Mrs. Reinfeld’s pointy toed pump impaled his right testicle and crushed it against his pelvis, just like she said. Daniel groaned.


“Veera, come and try again.” It took several tries, but the girl finally made Daniel whimper, and that was a good enough.


“Ok. Next, we’ll try it slightly differently. This is good for males of all ages and sizes. Any of you with big brothers, go home and try this on them after school.” She had Daniel scoot around on his knees until his back was to the girls, then the teacher forced his head and chest to the ground while his butt was still up in the air. His balls dangled down invitingly.


“Men have an unfortunate instinct to protect their little eggs, and I always encourage to my students tying up their hands before punishing them. Don’t ask permission, just do it! You’re the one in charge, always remember that.”


The girls lined up again, and then had a go at his baby makers from the new position. Each time they kicked him, his whole body shuddered a little bit but he kept his knees spread for them, ass thrust into the air and bound hands wresting on it.


Several girls punted his nuts so hard that his whole body skootched forward a bit, lubricated by a mild sheen of sweat on his body and the slick tile floor. He was moaning a bit, but the girls didn’t care at all. This was really fun and educational. Besides, males were objects, not people. They deserved to be punished.


When everyone had had a turn, Mrs. Reinfeld helped the wounded man onto his feet so they could move on to the next exercise. His hands were untied and his blindfold temporarily removed


“As we all know, boys go to their own schools where they’re taught to properly submit to female discipline. One thing they’re all taught is now to present their testicles in a variety of positions, for our enjoyment and convenience. Mr. Herrald, please take the Hanging Crab position against the front wall.”


Without any hesitation the tall, muscular man walked towards the chalkboard, did a handstand about a yard away from it, and then bent his knees so that his feet were flush with it and let himself lean back slightly so that he was stabilized in this position. Now his cock and balls were at chest level for the girls, and they looked a little different now that they were upside down. Daniel was strong, and had spent many hours in this position so it was no strain.


“With his cock and balls in this position it’s perfect for punching and squeezing them. I’m just going to put the blindfold on him again so he can’t look up at you, and then we’ll begin the lesson.”


“So I doubt any of you are strong enough to do serious damage to a man’s balls with your hands, but it’s fun to play with them roughly; the more rough the better.” Their teacher took the lolling organs and began to squeeze them.


“Testicle’s have a tendency to pop out of your hands if you just use your fingers, so it helps to cup the whole gland and then press your thumbs into them.” Daniel grunter as the teacher’s strong thumbs made dimples in his balls.


“As for hitting and slapping, well, just let your instincts rule. You usually get a very satisfying cracking or smacking sound as your skin hits the man’s sack, and it can become quite addictive.” Mrs. Reinfeld demonstrated her technique, not only punching them straight on but also pounding them from above, raising her fist and bringing it down like a hammer into his open crotch. Daniels muscular legs twitched slightly with each hit, but stayed firmly open.


When her own satisfaction had been reached, Judy Reinfeld back away and let the girls line up and take their turns at hitting squeezing and slapping his goobers. None of them noticed the slight flush that had suffused their teacher’s cheeks.


They pounded, they smashed, they squeezed. The two testicles were, by now, bright red in their sack, and had started to swell. This made them an ever easier target to hit. Only Sarah, who after her turn stood beside her father to watch the fun noticed the small puddle of drool that was pooling on the floor beneath Daniel’s head. It was a good sign. Sarah wanted her father’s balls to be nice and bloated before she popped them. When it was obvious that Daniel’s self control was starting to slip, Mrs. Reinfeld told him to get down. The adult man pushed off with his feet and flipped forwards to land in a crouch, stopping for a few minutes to let the blood drain from his head. The blindfold fell off.


“Mr. Herrald, please sit on the edge of my desk with your balls on the corner of it.” The handsome father of two complied without hesitation, resting himself on the no-frills government issue desk.


“In boy’s schools males only wear shirts and socks during class. They sit at specially designed desks. The writing surfaces flip up and the seats have a raised, indented pommel that the boy’s balls rest on. This pommel pushes the testicles up and out. As their teachers walk up and down the rows, asking questions and quizzing their students, if any boy gets it wrong, makes a mistake, or misbehaves, he must immediately raise the panel so that she can smash his balls with paddle. A paddle like this.” The teacher raised a medium length wooden paddle, shaped like a tuning fork with the center filled in. It looked painful.


“The paddle usually doesn’t do any permanent damage, although I have heard anecdotal stories of boy’s nuts exploding occasionally. This sort of discipline makes males well behaved pupils, isn’t that right Mr. Herrald?” She brought the paddle down on the corner of the desk.


“OOF. Yes ma’am. OOF. OOF. OOF.” She brought the paddle down on his bulbous gonads several times. And when she was done the girls actually clapped. It was a great show!


“Now you can all have a try. Hold the paddle flat and swing down with only moderate force. We don’t want to rupture his balls before Sarah’s ready.”


This time, Daniel got to look into the eyes of the girls as they tortured him. When his head wasn’t thrown back in an attempt at self control, he saw the best thing of all – self confidence and illicit pleasure. Men’s balls existed only to give women pleasure, and he knew it.




All the girls had a round of brutal punishment. When it was over, little Bridgette raised her hand.


“Yes Bridgette?”


“Mrs. Reinfeld, where can we get one to use on our boys?”


“They’re available at any Family Discipline store in your area. There’s one right down the street from me, where I got this. You’ll find all sorts of wonderful items there: paddles, straps, hooks, clamps, sterile needles, electric prods, and other fun objects. You can ask your mothers’ to take you there.”


“What are the needles for?” asked Julie Hall.


“Mostly foreplay for adult women. It’s common for women to impale their husbands balls with red hot needles before engaging in coitus, but you’ll be covering that in your sex-ed classes later on, and this is not the time or place for that.”


“However, that does me to one important point,” she continued. “It is traditional for women to cut off their husband’s penis and have it sheathed in gold after a daughter pops his balls. You can usually find an emasculation kit at any Family Discipline store, and I myself have a large collection of real dildos. I might even bring them in some day for you to see.”


“Sarah?” she said, turning to the girl. “Is your mother planning to save your father’s pecker or leave it attached?”


“Oh yes! She’s going to do that this weekend. She said I could watch. She said she gets daddy hard and then takes a laser scalpel and cuts it off at the base. Then there’s some preservatives it gets washed with, and then she dips it in some metal powder and heats it in the oven.”


“Aunt Silvia came over once,“ she continued, ”and showed me uncle Cal’s penis. It was long and shiny gold. It had a big ol’ head on it. She said it had given her more pleasure over the years than he ever had.”


“Well, that’s often true enough,” smirked their teacher. “But again, you’ll be covering masturbation techniques in sex-ed.”


 “Now I’m going to show you some ball scrambling techniques you can use later in life. The most intimate is kneeing a man in the groin.” Judy made Daniel stand up and knocked his legs with one knee. She leaned in close and whispered into his ear while she tested the distance to his ball sack.


“I’ve castrated my entire family and twelve other men, but your cock and balls are the biggest I’ve seen.” SNAP. Her kneecap pistoned into his nuts. “I’d love to own your equipment, big boy.” WHAM. Daniel went from semi-erect to rock hard in one heartbeat – in his culture the more men a woman emasculated, the hotter and more desirable a woman was, and standing before him was a real woman. SPLAT. He moaned and his boner bounced. WHAM. He knee was pulverizing his nuts, but he’d never been hornier. He wobbled a bit with the next for knees to his dangling jewels.


Judy suddenly stepped back and cupped his bloated balls so the class could see the results. They all clapped.


“Thank you. When you go to burst your own father’s balls, I suggest you swell them first so that there’s more to work with. These look like water balloons ready to burst. Also, you’ll notice his penis is solid and erect. This often happens with men, as they are trained from a young age to look forward to ball busting and their eventual castration. Isn’t that right?” She slapped his shiny knob playfully.


“Yes ma’am,” was Daniel’s reply. His breathing was deep and labored, and there was a sticky ooze on the tip of his penis.


“This is helpful, because the dick can sometimes get in the way of a good castration, although a little tape can fix the problem. In some parts the country, it’s tradition to harvest the penis before the castration for just this reason. But I’m going to use the tape method.” She got out a roll of old fashioned Scotch tape, and secured his pulsing member to his washboard stomach. It was big. It went almost up to his pecs. Sarah’s mom was going to be a happy camper soon.


“Of course being able to drop a guy in one kick is an important skill for any woman. I’ll show you what years of doing it to just about every male I’ve has taught me. Daniel,” her formality with class’s victim was slipping, “stand in the center of the room, spread your legs, close your eyes and put your hands behind your back.”


“Yes ma’am.”


Soon the naked man was stoically waiting for yet more punishment. Judy had put on her game face and taken off her pumps. First she started in front of him, and lifted her nylon clad foot to rub his bound cock. Gently, letting her silky stocking slide up and down its length, then down to her balls where her toes lightly chucked them, making the heavy, swollen sperm balloons swing.


She circled him, and from the back she lifted her leg and gently rubbed his ass, the sound of her sheer hosiery making a spine-chilling susurrus which caused one girls to giggle. Then Judy Reinfeld backed up, while Daniel was savoring those few moments of pleasure, she kicked him as only an adult could kick.


THUNK. The swollen testicles were compressed to half their current size and jammed against the pelvis. Daniel Herrald dropped like a stone and lay on the classroom floor, rocking back and forth and holding himself. He didn’t even make a sound, because he’d stopped breathing. The pain was that intense. Just holding himself and trying not to puke.


The entire class applauded.


“And that, girls, is how you one-kick drop a man. Sarah, are you ready to do the deed?”


Sarah was still on awe over her teacher’s prowess, but nodded.


“Good. Go and open the box.”


In the far corn of the room was a long rectangular box. Sarah turned the latch and opened it. With some effort she hoisted out a curious piece of furniture that was almost as big as she was, and hauled it across the room. It was burnished plank of redwood with slanted curved feet. It looked liked something you’d sit on.


“This, girls, is a burstimode. They’re handed down the generations from mother to daughter. This is mine, and on it I crushed my father’s testicles, my cousin’s testicle, and the balls of numerous boyfriends. It’s the traditional piece of equipment for what is perhaps the most important event in a girl’s life.”


“The man either kneels in front of it, or sits with his legs underneath it. His testicles rest in these two hollows and this metal band clamps his scrotum flat. Then you simply stand on the burstimode and crush his two eggs underneath your foot.”


“Many girls ask, well what if you don’t want to stand on them? The simple truth is, girls, testicles are pretty sturdy and they’re designed to squirt out of harm’s way. Using your own body weight is the most assured way of popping them, and using the burstimode is the best way of keeping them immobile. Sarah let’s get your father up and situated.”


The two of them unwound the wounded man and helped him limp the short distance to the burstimode, which was sitting on the floor. Showing surprising flexibility for someone in his late 20’s, the blond stud sunk to his knees and then spread them until he was practically doing the splits on his knees. His voluminous bag of balls rested on the hard wooden surface of the burstimode. Tradition dictated that he secure his own equipment for his daughter, so he pulled up the metal band, slipped his fat orbs beneath it to rest in the testicle cupping hollows, and then clamped down the metal band, and tightened it from underneath. His balls weren’t going anywhere. Then he held out his hand so that his daughter could stand on them.


Sarah slipped out of her shoes and took her father’s hand. She stepped up onto the burstimode and with her soft socked feet, stepped onto his balls. It was a bit wobbly, and she relied on her father to stabilize her. Now Daniel spoke the words which he had memorized at school, kept in trust for this very moment, a ritual as old as the Women’s Republic itself. His voice was deep and rich.


“Today, my daughter becomes a woman. She steps into the noble ranks of our country’s stewards, and will help shepherd our great race to a brighter future. I surrender my balls to the girl who shall become . . . a lady.”


Sarah looked down at her father, who was looking up at her with adoration. He’d known this moment would come all his life, and he was ready.


“I love you daddy. This is the greatest moment of my life. I feel like a lady already.” Her ruffled white socks fit perfectly over his huge red ovals, and she found it difficult to balance on them, but her father’s strong hands kept her safe – Daniel wanted this moment to be perfect. He could already feel the deep ache that her weight created in his already damaged nuts.


“Remember Sarah,” said her teacher, who was watching with great interest, “You may not be heavy enough to pop them without bouncing or jumping. Do what you have to crush them.” Judy smiled at both of them.


Sarah nodded, and her face turned serious. Her full weight was on the two organs, but though they compressed, they seemed to be a match for her weight. So she bounced and stomped on them at the same time. The burstimode shook violently, but its design was so stable that it could withstand much more. WHAM. WHAM. WHAM. Everyone heard Sarah’s efforts to pop her daddy’s big balls. The organs tried to reform after each stomp, but clearly they were losing the battle, and looked flatter and flatter each time.


With one big jump, Sarah landed squarely on both testicles at the same time, and the bloated organs burst with a wet “squick”. Since they ruptured at the same moment, everyone could hear the noise, even at the back of the classroom. The girls just couldn’t help themselves, they began to clap and cheers. This was absolutely thrilling.


Egged on by the sudden adulation, Sarah excitedly hopped up and down on her father’s ruined gonads so that the class could hear the weird squelching noises it made. Her father’s head hung down, eyes closed, lost in a pain like no other he’d ever experienced. Even the time he broke his ankle didn’t compare to this. It was like the world had come to an end. The two centers of his universe were now oozing out from under his daughter’s feet. He started to shudder. It took all his will to keep from passing out.


The teacher smiled. She was watching him rather than his daughter. She loved seeing the pain and suffering this ritual caused males. She was turned on, thoroughly wet, and what red blooded woman wouldn’t be? She could see his eyes rolling about, the faint moan that was escaping his lips, the perspiration dripping down his chest and moistening his rigid member. He was in the throws of agony, and it was absolutely delicious.


Finally Sarah stepped off.


“Sarah, let’s hold your father still and let the other girls have a hop on your father’s broken balls.” Mrs. Reinfeld walked towards the pair.


Sarah smiled and all the girls shouted out in enthusiasm. Soon twenty little girls were taking turns smashing the testicular remains into the hard surface of the burstimode. Each hop brought a twitch from the poor male and his ultimate sacrifice. It was a blast! When Daniel did finally went comatose, their teacher made an announcement.


“OK girls. That’s the end of this class for today. For homework, I want you to all go home and practice some of these moves on your own males. Then I want you to write a three page summary of your findings. Now, now, don’t make a fuss. I’ll expect good handwriting and clear paragraph structure. And no cheating by copying and pasting from the SuperNet. ”


The school bell rang. All the girls got their stuff and ran out to recess, leaving Sarah and their teacher to deal with the broken man, slumped on the floor, his ballbag still clamped to an heirloom torture device. Who said school was dull?


  1. I wish I could offer my balls up to a young lady. I want to feel that one great final moment of pain for her. This story is dead on about the roll men and women need to tae in life. The world would be so much bettter if we just thought of ourselves as studs for a making one or two babys then give up our nuts and penises in a great glory of pain

    1. I let my 11 year old daughter squeeze the nuts of my 6 and 8 year old sons.

      I love seeing her cause extreme pain to boys.

  2. Glad you think it's hot stuff. I certainly do. Controlling men though their balls is one of the sexiest ideas in the world!

  3. I too wish that I could offer up my balls to a lady. Especially, if she could use them to demonstrate to others how vulnerable they really are.

    As in this story, so many girls/young ladies could get to see and feel a man's balls. Then give my balls some punishments. For their educational purposes, of course.

  4. I would love to offer my balls to these young ladies !!

  5. Please, more stories like The Classroom.

  6. Amazing, truly amazing.

  7. I would pay one of those young ladies to bust my old eggs and after they were gone they could castrate me.

  8. I tied my balls at 11 I loved ball torture I wanted to lose my cock and balls one day I was in bar at 16 I met 35 year old man he told me its better to keep your balls for more torture that day I became his slave boy

  9. I love that her father was blindfolded as some of the girls may have had short skirts on. Even though these young girls were seeing and feeling a totally naked adult male's penis and testicles and were about to kick him in his balls so hard his nuts would be in his month there is no reason a male should be be able to look at a girl's underwear as she kicks his totally naked cock and balls. Kicking balls are a females right of passage and males should provide TWO of them.


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