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Tom's Testicle (group/m) - repost

Tom’s Testicle


Tom was born with only one nut, and what was remarkable was that everyone in his life, from the time he was small to the time his testicle was finally crushed in his late teens, was aware of this fact. Stranger still was the way his nut attracted people to kick it, hit it, squeeze it, or torture it. And strangest of all was how Tom never did anything to stop them.


To describe Tom – a blond, compactly built, muscular teenage boy, with smooth slightly tan skin, blue-green eyes, and a very resigned personality. His general resignation in life probably stemmed from the fact that, since boy-hood, everyone and anyone seemed to delight in crushing his one nut. From his mother, who always punished him by a swat, a kick, or a knee to his nut, to his siblings who busted him for their own amusement several times a week (or more), to his friends who all took out their frustrations or sadistic tendencies by torturing his gonad (in the guise of “games”, but sometimes in just plain domination), as well as all the random people who, upon finding out he only had one goober hanging between his legs simply felt the need to bust him (who knows why).


To describe Tom’s testicle – a very big and long (but not fat or round) ball hanging in a smooth, hairless and veinless sac – like a Cyclops version of genitalia. It was oblong, hung down low and could always be made out clearly through any clothes he wore . . .in a very obliging way. Obliging in that those who upon seeing it, a big oval lump in his crotch, and deciding they wanted to see if crushing one nut was as painful as crushing the normal “two”, always felt as if the nut was taunting them to be crushed..


Tom’s dick, in comparison, was very average, not too small, not too large, average thickness, and rather smooth and well shaped, with a pleasant pink head. But certainly, an organ never in competition for attention with his big single nut. And always conveniently out of the way when people decided to plant a foot or a hand or a baseball bat in his big vulnerable egg, and thus never helping to protect it.


Tom’s whole life seemed to revolve around other people busting his ball. Everyone at school knew he had one nut, and when the bullies, the socialites or the athletic wanted something to do, they’d wale on his gonad. At first, they’d all gang up on him, taking turns kicking him in the nut or doing knee drops on it, hoping they’d pop it. But, eventually, they realized Tom would just let them do anything they wanted to him, given a modest amount of verbal “encouragement”.  It wasn’t so much that he wanted or asked or encouraged people to bust him. It was simply that Tom could never say no to people.  And generally, once a person found out how sexually and physically satisfying it was to kick a guy in his balls (or ball), having Tom around was a dream come true, well, for everyone except Tom.


At home, Tom shared a room with his older brother Jake. Jake had, since Tom’s beginning of puberty, made his little brother wear nothing in bed, and delighted in torturing his testicle to wake Tom up in the morning. Sometimes Jake would reach under the covers, find his brother’s walnut hanging in loose, sleepy relaxation, and squeeze it till Tom would wake up dry-heaving. Other times, if Tom was lying on his back, Jack would quickly sweep off the bedspread, and do a knee plant or elbow plant right into Tom’s testicle . . . sometimes even two or three. And after every wake-up-call, Jake would say proudly, “Damn, I didn’t pop it.” In fact, that was what everyone close to Tom said after they’d busted him. It became an everyday phrase among his family, friends or acquaintances.


Tom’s older sister, Margie, took a more public tact and liked to embarrass and/or bust him in public places. She would “accidentally” slam her foot into his crotch while seated across from him at restaurants, or slam shopping bags between his legs in the mall. She’d invite him to scary or dramatic movies, make him take his nut out of his pants once the lights went down, and then grope or squeeze it if she was scared or dig her nails into it when the movie made her angry. Tom would have to take the abuse, and rarely made any more noise than a quiet whimper.  Her favorite thing to do, though, was to “pants” him in public and force people to see he only had one nut, one nut that was usually red and swollen from abuse. Margie, being a talented seamstress, had taken a pair of tight black bikini briefs, cut a short slit down the center, and then lined the slit with elastic and rubber. She would tell Jake to strip and put on the briefs. Then, he would resignedly wait for her to very, very roughly (squeezing and twisting unnecessarily of course) pull his big nut through the much too tiny slit, leaving it fully exposed. Then, he’d have to put his pants back on, drive his sister to the mall, and follow her around until she decided to “accidentally” pants him, usually in front of other teenage guys or girls. Occasionally, she’d even offer guys she was sweet on the opportunity to bust him before or while they made out, claiming it made her “hot” to see a jock stud crush her younger brother’s one nut.


As for the youngest Jenkins child, Pearl, well Tom’s ball had been her plaything since she was a tike. Mother had insisted Tom get his nut out and let little Pearl use it for a squeeze-toy, and when she was old enough, she would make him do whatever she wanted while his hapless nut was between her fingers. Her favorite thing was to make Tom get on his hands and knees, spread his legs, and then count as she ran up and punted him in the ball. Twenty-one was the current best-count reached (before Tom couldn’t stop vomiting), and after every kick, Pearl would shout, “Dang, I didn’t pop it!”


Holidays were especially painful for Tom, as his nut was often the center of festivities. On any birthday, his dangling berry was the piñata that, if hit by the stick, would earn the celebrant a butt-load of candy on top of their presents. At Christmas, every time one of the kids got socks or cloths from distant relations they got to smash Tom’s plum (which was put on display, tied up with a big Christmas bow) in retribution, and if anyone got sports equipment, well it was used to bash the ball as well. Footballs, baseballs, bats, rackets . . . all had found their way, with nut-crushing force, into Tom’s singular package. Tom sincerely believed that his family had taken to sports just as another excuse to hurt him. And, he was right!


However, the piece de resistance was Easter because the centerpiece of the day was the egg hunt, and guess whose egg was the prize? Since the age of six to seventeen, Tom had been forced to get up early on Easter morning and his mother would paint his nut like an Easter egg. Then he’d be taken somewhere in the huge estate of the Jenkins’s where a fresh hole had been dug, and forced to climb in it, inside a box, cut with breathing holes. Tom would have to push his nut through a small opening in the box after it was closed and dirt piled on top to conceal it. In the end, all that would be visible was his brightly colored testicle, lying in the grass. Other real eggs would be scattered around the acreage, and Tom’s three siblings would search around for them. The prize of finding and usually stepping on Tom’s big ball (repeatedly) was getting to torture it for the rest of the day. Classically soupspoons were used to hit Tom’s dangler while he was tied down, writhing in agony, but sometimes also spatulas, wooden cooking spoons, and even mallets (Jake’s favorite) were used. A good time was always had by all . . . except for Tom of course.


What about Tom’s parents? Well, they hated having a mutant son with only one reproductive egg rolling around in his sac, and whenever Tom had friends over for the first time, they’d literally show the guests Tom only had one nut, and then devise ways for the new friend or friends to bust Tom’s ball as a way of passing time. Whenever Tom’s dad, Bull, wanted his wife to give him a blowjob, he’d insist on Tom being there so that both parents could squeeze Tom’s testicle as a reminder of how they had failed to produce a normal son. Tom had no choice but to make himself available at any time to fit their sex schedule, and unlike most people, knew very well what an adult naked man and women looked like having sex. He always found it vaguely hypnotizing, watching his dad’s huge long cock slide in and out of his mother, while they both groped and kneaded his private parts making him whimper in pain.


Tom was very popular at sleepovers with friends, because a great game had been invented. When it was time to go to sleep, Tom was required to pull his nut out from his briefs and tie a length of string behind it, making a tight, secure knot. Then, while everyone else slept in their sleeping bags, Tom was required to sleep on top of his. The string tied to his gonad was passed around, and the game was . . . as soon as Tom drifted off to sleep (which was always quickly despite Tom’s desire to stay awake) someone would pull as hard as they could on the string to wake Tom up. The string was passed around, and everyone would have a good laugh while Tom groaned and moaned in pain, clutching his groin.


Tom was also very popular in the athletics department when he reached high school. The football, basketball, and water polo teams all recruited him to be their “towel boy” because it became fashionable to bust his nut for good luck (before a game), and after to relieve tension. Before any game, the team members would either squeeze, hit or knee him in the nut for good luck, and if there was a loss, then Tom’s testicle would be waiting for them patiently to take their frustrations out on. In particular, Sean Creevy of the football team would routinely rape Tom’s ball after loosing a game. He’d take off his cleats, shove his used socks into Tom’s mouth, and then Sean’s cronies would hold Tom still while Sean made field-goal kicks into Tom’s waiting nutsack, taking out his frustrations at having lost a game. To quote Sean, “I love the way his nut feels between my toes when I kick it all the way into his throat.”


And also Chris Follard of the basketball team had a particular fetish for Tom’s gonad, citing that he loved the feeling of Tom’s egg under the heel of his enormous basketball-player-foot and commented that if it weren’t illegal, he’d love to someday totally crush Tom’s sex life just to feel a man’s nut give way under his foot. And so it was that, if it weren’t for the athletics dept.’s yearly physical check up, Tom might have kept his nut into adulthood. As it happened though, the routine hernia inspection in Tom’s 17th year of life was changed to include non-participating members of teams, which included Tom, the towel-boy.


After inspecting all the other guys, their pants down and testicles hanging free, Dr. Rollins got to Tom and was immediately worried at how swollen his nut was. Dr. Rollins ordered a full examination, and on the day of the appointment, Tom and his parents went to the local hospital. Tom had a full physical exam and gave a sperm sample. The doctor called the three in and told them that, due to Tom’s excessive accidental damage to his testicle (Tom said he’d had a number of sporting accidents, a claim enthusiastically corroborated by his mother and father), Tom was now sterile and his testicle useless for reproduction. Tom’s parents rather strangely thanked the Dr. profusely.


In the car on the way back home, Bull told Tom they’d always hoped to make him sterile (since he was obviously such a mutant), and that the years of successfully encouraging people to pound his genital now allowed them to plan the final destruction of it, his sole testicle.  The next day, Mrs. Jenkins sent out party invitations to everyone Tom knew, which said the following:


Burst a Bubble Party

You are cordially invited to Tom Jenkins’s Final Nutbusting.

On Sat, 25th , you will have a final opportunity to take out your aggressions on that wonderful one-nutted wonder we all know and love.

The party will start at 5pm sharp, and please bring whatever instruments of torture you feel inclined to use.  At 8 we will be selecting someone to completely ruin Tom and Burst HIS BUBBLE!!!


Remember to RSVP as space and refreshments are LIMITED



In preparation, Tom’s mother took him out of school for two weeks so that a set of weights could be attached to his nut thus stretching his spermatic cords and his scrotum ‘til they practically broke. This would allow the ball to hang low even when it swelled from the insane amount of abuse he would be receiving on the final day. And for those two weeks, he was obliged to play naked servant to his entire household, fetching this or fixing that, and received swift kicks or hits to his nut after completing tasks. They also made him do strenuous physical exercise routines designed specifically to punish his nut. The family had great fun taking turns swatting his jewel while it and the weights swung erratically between his legs as he ran on a treadmill, or making him do two arm lifts as he sat on a bench, and on the down stroke, drop the 40 pound weight into his poor gonad as it lay between his legs. Pearl loved to swing from his ball-and-weights, while Jake found pleasure in taking Tom into the bathroom with him, having him sit below the toilet with his long nut lying on it’s side on the cold linoleum, and then jacking off while he ground his heel and toes into it (and making Tom lick up the cum after it had spurted onto the seat-lid). Jake would later look back on those two weeks fondly, asserting that he’d never had orgasms as strong as those because he was imagining being the one to actually burst the testicle he had rolling under his foot. 


Margie, as usual, took a different approach, and instead invited all her boyfriends (and there were six or seven at the very least) over, and made Tom suck them off while they gave her cunnilingus. And Tom’s dad, Bull, demanded that Tom present himself every evening so that Bull could deliver the swiftest uppercut he could muster into the boy’s jewel. Tom’s mom didn’t have time to do much more than put the weights on him each morning, as she was very busy organizing the party, but she did insist on him composing a speech to be given just before his final popping, encouraging his nut’s executioner (and the audience present) to enjoy taking his manhood from him, and to remember that day forever.


When Saturday morning rolled around, Tom was sweating bullets but resigned to his fate nonetheless. He dutifully shaved off what little body hair he had and tied a length of thin white rope behind his ball, making it stand out proudly and distinctly, and also bound up his dick so it wouldn’t interfere with the festivities. He didn’t bother dressing of course, but simply showered and did a final proofing of his speech. There was a lot of discussion that morning around the breakfast table about how best to tie up Tom so that he could be busted in as many ways as possible without bringing discomfort or awkwardness to the guests. In the end they decided to go through three phases of bondage, followed by a fourth when his nut was to be finally popped, and this would be determined based on the method of final destruction.


At 4:30, Tom was hog tied (his hands and feet bound and then tied together), and he was positioned in the foyer on his back so that everyone who entered could have a kick or a squeeze before helping themselves to hors d’oeuvres – which in this case had an all-testicle theme. Mrs. Jenkins had order buckets of fresh and frozen Rocky Mountain Oysters, Prairie Oysters, Turkey Balls, and even exotic whale testicles. She made lovely dishes out of them, and also made a number of other normal foods into testicle shapes so that everyone could chew on balls while they busted Tom’s single ball.


People started arriving and Jake greeted people at the door. He then took their coats and other apparel and also mentioned that they’d be given slips of paper to write down their names and desired way of fully popping the honored ball of the evening. They were then encouraged to plant a foot in Tom’s exposed groin, and Tom tried to nod to each as they did so, but couldn’t actually greet them since his mouth was stuffed with one of Jake’s ankle-high gym socks. There was much joy and encouragement as the guests filed in and bashed his nut, and even outright applause as Sid, from down-the-street, demonstrated the effectiveness of the baseball bat he’d brought in making Tom’s washboard abs and pink asshole spasm with each blow.


Soon, dozens of people were milling about, sharing stories of busting Tom, sampling the testicle treats, and having more go’s at Tom’s nut. When 5:30 rolled around, Tom was un-roped, hauled to the center of the room where two hooks had been installed in the ceiling and two on the floor. His arms hung up and his legs were tied spread-eagle to the floor. His single bullock, which had already started to swell and was bright red, was now ready to receive real punishment.


Those who hadn’t brought any specific instrument to damage his gonad were given first shot, and had two minutes to kick, hit, squeeze, pinch, slap, knee or use any body part to inflict damage on it. Those who had brought something got to sit around in the chairs or on the couch and watch the scene. The most popular method was the running kick and many took off their shoes and/or the their socks so the could feel Tom’s big egg squish between their toes and his pelvis. Other’s favored upper-cut punches to the agate, while yet others (esp. the girls) just like to squeeze it while staring into his eyes as Tom squirmed in agony.


Then the others took their places. One person had brought a paddle and slammed it gleefully into Tom’s exposed crotch, while another had brought electrical paddles which made everyone “ooh” and “ahh” in pleasure as they watching the testicle actually move and squirm with each electrical pulse (Tom did too!). Sid, with his hollow aluminum bat, only got three hits in (owing to the fact that it might rupture the nut prematurely), but found it was a crowd pleaser regardless, and James, Tom’s dearest and oldest friend, had brought a huge set of toothless compression pliers which he told the audience he’d been saving for a special occasion to use on Tom. James really put some elbow grease into it as he tried to really and truly compress and crush the swollen baby-maker, all the while saying, “You’re the best, man, you’re the best!”, and everyone clapped when he related that he’d popped his first boner while squeezing Tom’s testicle.


At this point it was 7, and Tom was nearly comatose. He was put in the third position planned, with him lying face-first on the floor in the middle of the room with his hands tied behind his back and legs spread apart and tied to the floor hooks, and his already-bound testicle stretched with a long rope and secured to a wall-hook, thus leaving it vulnerably flat on the floor. Then dance music was put on, and everyone danced around him in a line, with whoever was closest stomping his boy-gland into the carpet as hard as they could. The ball, by this time, looked like a huge reddish balloon, and was easily as big as the bull testicles Samantha (Mrs. Jenkins) had bought for everyone to eat. The conga line continued with people laughing, and shouting “Damn, didn’t pop it yet!” It quickly become a contest to see how many times each person could make Tom twitch as they passed by him and slammed his nut into the floor.


At 7:45 everyone took a break and sat down, and all the slips of paper where put into a hat. There was tremendous excitement and buzzing conversation because EVERYONE wanted to be “the one” to do “the deed”. Tom was roused and untied, and since he was the only impartial judge (the family had also entered their names), he was made to pick one (in between dry heaves that is). The name/method that was picked was: Chris Follard and his desire to crush Tom’s gonad into jelly with his own body weight. However, after cheering mightily for himself for winning, Chris made it clear he’d make a spectacle of the thing before he actually popped the ball, and everyone was relieved and pleased that Tom’s torture would be extended for their further enjoyment. Everyone clapped enthusiastically as Chris went over and started to grope his prize nut in victory, cruelly making Tom whimper loudly with tears streaming down his face..


Samantha clinked her glass to get everyone’s attention and announced that Tom had kindly written a speech for the victor, and without any urging, the family members propped naked Tom up on the couch and had him read aloud his address while Chris continued to stroke and knead Tom’s testicle possessively from a sitting position between his legs. By now, the lone nut was the size of a small melon, but Chris had big hands, and the long, strong fingers which easily dominated a basketball, now slid effortlessly around the nut as he groped it, squeezed it between his fingers, and popped it from hand to hand like some sort of water balloon – quiet unconcerned that it still belonged to a living person, and grinning enthusiastically at the crowd every time he got a reaction from Tom.   


(Minus the groans, whimpering and crying from Tom while his bloated nut was man-handled), here is the speech he gave to those who had assembled to see him emasculated:


“I’ve always wanted to have children and a loving wife, so that I might pass on my genes and my joy of giving, but I now see the wisdom of my family that they should pass these things on instead, and let me give to the world the one thing I truly have to offer, my ball. I know it’s given most of you great pleasure over the years, and although some days I could barely stand to get out of bed [Jake snickered loudly at this], knowing what awaited me, I have never found myself able to resist all of you, who’s sexuality and sense of power are strengthened by abusing my nut, nor deny you that pleasure.


I’ve given my whole life to making other people happy, and now I give my nut to everyone here. I hope Chris, here, makes the final moments of my manhood memorable for you, and I leave you with the axiom that I have lived by since my brother Jake first kicked me the crotch after father said I had the only ‘family jewel’ in the family that needed to be made into paste. My life’s axiom is: ‘I have only life to live and one nut to give.’ Please remember it when it’s gone. I now commit my nut into Chris’s hands.” Someone yelled, “You mean feet!”, and everyone laughed at that.


Then, everyone clapped loudly and made cat-calls and whistled in appreciation of the speech itself. Chris, then immediately took center stage and began talking to Tom’s nut as he tortured it, “Aww yeah, babe come to papa. You wanna be crushed don’tcha!” Then he said to the crowd, “I feel like kicking this babe, what’ya say?” The crowd yelled back, “Hell yeah!” To which he responded, “ALLLLL RIGHT!!! Get this guy up on his feet!”


Tom’s family members dragged the short, muscular teenager back on his feet, and retied his arms to the ceiling and legs to the floor. The huge nut was untied and allowed to hand free, and it did so, dangling like some obscene, flesh-colored kidney bean in a scrotum that seemed to have lost its ability to contract at all. Tom’s ball swung halfway down his thighs, just waiting for Chris to obliterate it.


Tom, being so short, and Chris, being so tall, together were like David and Goliath, only this time Goliath was sure to be the winner. Chris took off his tennis shoes, and tossed them aside, but keeping on his white athletic socks. Then he turned to the audience, “How do you want me to do this, boys and girls, naked or clothed?” the deafening reply, “Naked!”


Chris stripped off his shirt, revealing a rippling hairless chest and abs, and hiked down his running shorts. He rubbed his crotch briefly while staring down at Tom’s vulnerable nut, then took off his jockstrap and let his huge erection pop into view, waiving proudly amidst a thick bush. There was extra clapping for that. The jockstrap got stuffed into Tom’s open mouth, and now that Chris had been liberated from everything but his socks, he started stroking his cock with one hand and backed up to kick the shit out of Tom’s testicle.


The first kick was perfect. Chris’s long, handsome suntanned leg made an upwards arc, with the top of his foot nailing the nut dead on. Everyone watched in breathless excitement as the ball and ball bag bounced up with the impact, slapped Tom’s abdomen with a resounding “smack”, and then flopped back down. One woman in the audience clearly had an orgasm on the spot and shouted, “Oh my god, do that again!”


Chris obliged her with another smack’n’slap, and then two more (taking his time to first savor the moment, and then aim well), and all the while stroking his own thick dick, which was already leaking precum. Then he decided to vary his thrust and leaned sideways on his left leg while thrusting his right heel straight into the testicle. This caused it to slap backwards and up against Tom’s butt. This move had a lot of the men reaching down their pants to stroke their own erections. Chris obligingly repeated this one several times, and everyone cheered.


Then he announced, “Time to get intimate.” He pressed right up against Tom, his own huge erection nearly reaching Tom’s chest, and grasped Tom by his blond hair. Chris yanked back on it hard, so that Tom, even in his near-unconscious state was forced to look up at him. “You’re the best, man. I’m gonna remember his day forever,” said Chris, smiling. Then without further ado, he rammed his huge, long thigh into Tom’s nut, while bearing down on Tom’s shoulders, forcing Tom’s nut into his rock-hard thigh muscles, and all the while sliding his cock along Tom’s toned stomach. Tom’s agony sweat and Chris’s precum were terrific lubricants and Chris had to control himself, lest he ejaculate before the big moment. The audience cheered his efforts, and Chris kept up the pace of the knee ramming until he knew he really would blow his wad and then took a break while he told the Jenkins’s how he wanted Tom positioned next.


The nearly unconscious Tom was lowered into a chair, but kept tied to the ceiling and his legs untied. The chair was a “modernistic” chair and had a solid front, and Tom’s testicle hung down over solid wood. Chris sat on the floor in front of him, grabbed one each of Tom’s ankles in his hands and then thrust, ground and smashed the dangling berry into the chair-front with his right leg. Chris started to moan to himself as his foot rolled the gonad around, attempting to make mush out of it. To get extra leverage, he leaned back, pulling Tom’s legs towards so that Chris could straighten out his own long leg to press the doomed gonad even harder into the chair. The people around him were all masturbating and watching the scene. They watched not only Chris’s sweating naked body with it’s huge erection waving freely in the air, but also Tom’s white body and golden head making what looked like death-throws – the jolts of the tortured, the helpless writhings of the damned.


Chris finally decided it was time to pop the nut completely, and he let go of Tom’s ankles. He got up off the floor and manually squeeze the tortured testicle. “Hey everybody, it’s gotten soft! But DAMN IT, I didn’t pop it!.” The audience laughed. “Time to pop this sucker!” Chris got another chair, pushed it front-to-front with Tom’s and placed Tom’s nut on it. Then, he stepped on top of the chair and steadied himself on the ceiling which reached him at his shoulders. Looking down at Tom (whose head was rolled back with eyes shut) he place his size 12 socked foot firmly over the nut, and said “You ready, buddy?” Chris grimaced when there was no reply so he started to grind the ball into the chair, “I said, you READY BUDDY!!!” Someone shouted, “Answer him you one-nut-wonder!” Tom somehow came out of his  busted nut reverie long enough to nodded assent, and he also gave what sounded like a little grunt/whimper in his throat. The audience (especially his family) whistled and cheered.


“You ready, guys and gals? I’m gonna squash this thing like it was a ripe melon. I’m gonna pop it like it was a HUGE grape. I’m gonna nut this guy ‘til he’s singing soprano. I’m gonna make his baby maker into baby food. You with me?!!!!” The people sitting went wild . . . “Crush it” “Make him eunuch” “Fukin’ pop it man, I’m about to cum.” “Let him have it!!” “Crush me next!” they all screamed.


Chris started slowing stroking his cock and rolling Tom’s ball under his heel. He pressed his heel in harder and harder, making a dent in the softened tissue. Chris began to moan again. Then he began to twist his heel into it, like putting out a cigarette, using his arm against the ceiling to push down. “ Aww, God. You guys gotta feel this! I’ve got this dudes whole world under my foot. And I’m gonna crush it. Yeah babe, that’s it, start to give way. You’re already MINE. Burst, babe, burst!” Chris started to lightly stomp on the testicle in time with his jacking, and the audience began chanting, “crush it, crush it, crush it, crush crush crush!” Faster and harder he slammed his whole foot into the male organ trapped beneath it, and the ball became flatter and flatter with each pounding.


Chris’s stroking became furious, as did that of the audience, and he felt his own nuts begin to tighten. “Aww, God, I’m about to cum. Gonna do it . . . here goes . . . this is it, The End for Tom!“ Bull, Tom’s father yelled, “Everyone quiet!”, and then the only sound to be heard was mass masturbation.


Chris stopped his pounding of the doomed bullock and slowly began to put more and more of his full weight on it. “Oh yeah, babe, that’s it, bust for papa. Egg’s gotta give some time.” Faster and faster he masturbated “Oh yeah, oh yeah, burst for pappa”, and more and more of his 215 pounds he pushed into the egg until, with the whole audience breathless, they heard the magical “popping” sound of Tom’s testicle being fully crushed. It was an immensely loud, wet popping sound. This was accompanied by Tom screaming into his jock-strap gag, and he kept on screaming as Chris came with a huge volley of cum and continued to squash the remains of Tom’s testicle as his own seed spurted all over the carpet. Chris even reached down briefly to strip off his sock and then mushed the remains around with his toes, which made satisfying squishing sounds as he did so. Everyone else was in the throws of their own orgasms. Even after Tom had fainted dead away, Christ continued to pulverize and squash the testicle remains, and the audience recovered from their state of ecstasy. Finally Chris had had enough, and said, “Fuckin’ damn, I think I popped it!!” The laughter continued for a long time. All through those present having their own grope of the remains, all through Dr. Rollins (he’d been the first to RSVP!) removing the nut-mush and completing Tom’s graduation into eunuchhood, all through the cooking up of Tom’s testicle into a sausage which was then grilled and served to the quests, and all through the eating of the succulent remains of Tom’s manhood, did everyone laugh. It had been a good day, for everyone. Well, except for Tom, of course!


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