Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tom's Testicle II: The Nut Busting Club (mm/mmm) - repost

Tom’s Testicle Part II: The Nut Busting Club


There was, of course, no further story of Tom Jenkins’s testicle, because it had been popped and squished by the foot of Chris Follard, and then turned into sausage and consumed by guests. And Tom went on to lead a much more normal life now that his man-gland had been removed from him.


Chris, however, experienced a golden age of popularity (and he had already been very popular) once word got around at school that he’d castrated the “one-nutted-wonder”, and the girls were just lining up to give him head, or let him fuck them. But most amazingly, two weeks after Tom’s bursting, there were boys who started lining up to have Chris crush their nuts!


It started with Jeremy Kline, a thinish brown-haired boy with glasses, sitting down next to Chris in the locker room while Chris was changing his socks, and shyly asking Chris if he’d enjoyed popping Tom’s nut. “Oh yeah, man, it was great. The best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Jeremy then, with obvious shyness and trepidation, asked if Chris would like to burst his balls. Chris didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, sure man. I’d love to. Here, take ‘em out and let’s see whatch’ya got.”


Jeremy nervously slid down his sweats and then his white briefs, and allowed his two twin berries to roll into view. Chris reached over and groped the firm fruits, and squeezed them experimentally. “They’re not very big, but I’ll bet some abuse would make them swell, and if you want ‘em popped, I’d have fun doing it.” Chris squeezed them harder, and watched with satisfaction as Jeremy whimpered slightly. “How about we do it this weekend? Come over to my place on, oh, Saturday evening, and bring your balls.” Jeremy thanked him profusely, still sitting there with his tackle on display. Chris couldn’t resist looking possessively at the genitalia, and said, “I sure have missed kicking nuts in the locker room, now that Tom’s retired. Since I’m gonna de-nut you anyway, how about you come here everyday after my practice sessions, and let me get some preliminary kicks in?”


Jeremy merely gulped and nodded. Chris smiled. “Cool, let’s start now. Stand up.” Jeremy stood up. Chris, still sitting, pulled Jeremy’s sweatpants and underwear all the way down to Jeremy’s feet, and then pushed the frightened boy against the lockers. Chris yelled to the other swimming and basketball team members who were in the locker room to come watch him bust “Tom’s replacement.” Guys in various states of undress, gathered around the pair, hooting and jeering at the slight, nerdy boy with his pants around his ankles. Chris stood to his full height, and tested the fit of his knee between Jeremy’s legs while holding the boy still with his strong hands. “You have no idea how good this is gonna feel. Ready?” Before Jeremy could nod, Chris jerked his powerful leg into Jeremy’s groin in three rapid successions. Jeremy’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, but Chris kept him standing, wedged against the lockers. “You’re gonna have to do better than that, no point in having you faint at the first kick!” said Chris as he got in two more kneeings which actually lifted Jeremy off his feet and made the lockers rattle


“Oh yeah, oh yeah.” said Chris in ecstasy as he did a total of four more slams of his rock-hard thigh into Jeremy’s teenage walnuts, then he let the boy slump to the floor. Chris bowed to the cheering athletes and then reached down to fondle Jeremy’s ghoolies. “Yup, they’re getting bigger. Excellent.” Chris then stood and pressed his naked foot into the nuts and squashed them around. “It’s gonna rock to pop more nuts. Remember to be here tomorrow, after practice!” and then went back to changing while Jeremy moaned on the floor, clutching is battered balls.


It was two days later, in algebra class, that Chris was passed a note from Robert Blythe, and the note asked Chris if he’d consent to crushing Robert’s nuts and letting Robert give Chris a blowjob as or after he’d done so. Chris wrote back, “Hell ya, man. I’m nutting Kline next weekend, why don’t we do yours the following weekend?” And then amazingly, after biology (where coincidentally they were studying reproduction), Val Marcy (one of Tom’s friends), pulled Chris aside and offered his own nuts to the Hero of Flatpoint High to crush under his legendary foot. Before Saturday he had three more guys offer up their manhoods for his pleasure, and he ended up with a total of six candidates, which he scheduled for the next six weekends. Clearly, Tom’s de-nutting had made him a hero to all the wimpy guys on campus who needed to be neutered.


In light of all this, Chris decided to gather a group of his favorite friends to start a Nut Busting Club – a mix of ultra popular athletes and sexy girls, all of who found the idea of watching Chris de-nut other guys a total turn-on.


That weekend, seven guys (including Sean Creevy, who sorely missed racking Tom) and eight girls showed up at Chris’s basement, where Chris had created a nut-busting and sex dungeon. It had hooks and straps and various accoutrement for securing a willing victim, while the perimeter was outfitted with extra soft couches and chairs for the audience to watch/have sex from, plus a plasma big screen TV against the far wall. Chris had also installed two vid-cams so he first could record and then jack-off later to the captured scenes, and the cameras were also tied into the big screen TV so everyone could watch him crushing nuts up-close. He called it the “Ball-Cam”.


Chris’s friends showed up early, and he led them down to the spacious basement and handed out beers. Soon everyone was hearing Chris relate Tom’s nutting, and the guys were getting hard just listening. The girls had just started rubbing the guys’ crotches when the doorbell rang. Chris went and answered it, and standing there was the evening’s sacrifice. Chris said, “Hiya” and playfully grabbed the reluctant Jeremy by the crotch to pull him inside. “Everyone’s waiting down stairs for ya,” at which point Jeremy blanched, “What do you mean, ‘everyone’?” he asked.


Chris laughed and clapped the fellow teen on the shoulder. “I’m only trying to share the joy, man. Don’t want to keep your nuts just to myself!” Chris nonchalantly reached over and pulled down Jeremy’s shorts, revealing that the boy’s nuts were hiding in fright “Hey dude, don’t be shy. I’m gonna have a lot of fun tonight. Let those beauties hang down! And take off your cloths.” Jeremy stripped hesitantly, and then let Chris grabbed him by the scrotum and march him downstairs.


“Everyone, these are Jeremy’s nuts,” said Chris proudly pulling Jeremy around to everyone, in turn, so they could squeeze and grope the little nuggets.  “I’ve been pounding them all week, so they’re plenty ready to be popped, and I’ll make ‘em even bigger before the night’s out,” he said as Jeremy’s nuts were passed around. Julie, one of Chris’s groupies said, “Your little nuts are so pathetic, you should be grateful Chris is even willing to burst them!” All Jeremy could do was nod dumbly as she brutally squeezed his manhood.


Chris then forced Jeremy into the hand and leg cuffs in the center of the room, and focused the cameras on Jeremy’s dangling testicles. “You write a speech like I asked you to?” asked Chris. (reminiscent of Tom’s speech, giving Chris tacit approval to castrate him). Jeremy cleared his throat, “Yes.”


“Well, give it to us!” Chris replied.


“OK,” the boy mumbled.


“I just wanted to say, I’ve admired you from afar for a long time, and I couldn’t think of a better way to show you than to burst me like you did Tom. My nuts have never been much use to me, anyway. Maybe you can get more out of them. Uh . . . so please, uhm, crush them. Uh . . . thanks.” Jeremy looked all alone and helpless, standing in the middle of the room, stark naked, and unable to move.


“Whadd’ya think, guys? Should I take him up on the offer?” Everyone whistled and cheered. “Okay, then.” Chris stripped his own cloths off, except for his socks, of course, and as he had with Tom, stuffed his own underwear (this time boxer briefs) into Jeremy’s mouth, after saying to him “Open wide”. He also said, “You comfortable?” Jeremy shook his head “no”. Everyone laughed and Chris responded by giving him the evening’s first kick to the nuts. There was a satisfying thumping sound as Chris’s socked foot slammed into those swinging eggs. Jeremy screamed into his gag, and everyone could see his stomach muscles ripple in pain.


“That was awesome Chris,” said Sean. “Mind if I have a go?” “Yeah, sure,” said Chris. Sean took off his pants and underwear so he was naked from the waist down and after modeling his dick for all the beautiful chicks in the room (like Chris, he had a raging hardon), he stood beside Chris and then did a strong punt to Jeremy’s balls. Chris and Sean jacked in sync while they watched Jeremy flail about in mortal agony. Sean took some moments to raise his foot to the swelling balls and squish them between his toes, but someone said, “Hey, lets see some more busting, I’m wilting,” Chris and Sean then took turns kicking the cum out of Jeremy’s swelling nuts, making a big show of it, and alternating toe-kicks with knee-lifts and heel-drives. “Jesus, look at him squirm.” “Yeah, damn, I love the way they feel, like hard little walnuts!”


Eventually Sean said he was too horny to continue, and Cynthia Bloom dragged him to a sofa and sucked in his cock (most of the guys by this time had their dicks out and were getting blown or stroked by the girls). Chris bent down to examine Jeremy’s nuts, and found they had doubled in size and hung down like heavy, monster marbles. “You two are still not large enough. I’m hardly gonna feel them under my foot. Time to get out the nutcrackers.” Chris walked over to a shelf and took down a pair of metal nutcrackers. “Oh fuck yeah, dude, pop those little pebbles of his,” said one of the guys who was getting blown.


Chris took one nut in his hand, and after smiling to Jeremy, put the testicle between the metal jaws and squeezed as hard as he could. Jeremy let out a keening noise in his throat and began writhing in his bonds. Chris squeezed the nut down in the sack with his left hand, and was crushing it with the right, letting up on the nut and then reapplying force so that the ball might swell more. Then he did the other nut. “Dude,” he whispered, “I can’t tell you how cool it is to crush your balls.  Don’t faint on me before the big moment, OK?” He kept squashing them and pulling on the cords until he was satisfied with the results – two bright red testes, hanging down to Jeremy’s thighs and about the size of large hen eggs. Then he decided to play with them, and stretching and pulling the gonads with his immensely strong hands and fingers. Jeremy’s body was jerking around and thrashing as Chris mangled them.


“Man, I’ve got your livelihood in my hands,” said Chris, “and it’s all mine. After today, you’re never gonna cum again!”


Someone shouted, “Chris pop the fuckers, I’m gonna to cum.” “OK.” Chris let the bloated, ruddy jewels drop and retrieved a workout bench from against the wall. He maneuvered it to between Jeremy’s legs, and lowered the near-comatose teen onto it.  Jeremy’s scrotum was flush with the bench. He then re-secured Jeremy’s bonds so he couldn’t move. Chris stood up on the bench, and motioned for Jane, his favorite girl, to come blow him while he entered the final phase of Jeremy’s emasculation. Jane came over and reverently took Chris’s huge basketball player dick into her mouth, and felt Chris’s hands rest on her head to steady himself, then he placed his foot over Jeremy’s two eggs and rolled them around. “Oh god, Jane, you should feel his balls, they feel like grapes. Should I turn them into jelly? Should I? Oh yeah, suck me hard” Chris looked down at Jeremy, “You ready, dude? I’m gonna castrate you man, I’m gonna make you a woman . . .!” Jeremy’s eyes were wide open, now, and his head was shaking back and forth in an effort to make Chris stop, but Chris was too caught up in the ecstasy of the moment to notice: a hot mouth on his cock and the two helpless baby-makers under his foot. Jeremy’s left ball was already under Chris’s heel, so the basket ball player just started to put more and more of his weight on it. Jeremy’s eyes got wider and wider, until, as everyone watched on the Ball-Cam the little egg popped, went flat, and Chris’s white socked heel made contact with the bench-top.


Several of the guys came with loud grunts and the girls swallowed down their cum. “Oh, God, that was hot. Now I’m gonna burst your other berry,” said Chris as his own nuts were tightening, ready to burst too. He rolled the remaining testicle under the ball of his foot, and as he used his hands to force Jane to piston up and down on his cock faster, he began to flatten Jeremy’s last nut. Loudly he said in complete orgasmic pleasure, “Still a man, still a man, almost a girl, and fuck, ahhh . . .there it goes,” and there was an audible “pop” followed by Chris’s yell as his cum spurted hot and sweet into Jane’s mouth. Jane put one hand down on Chris’s foot to steady herself while he bucked his nut-juice down her throat, and that foot was forced further into the remains of Jeremy’s manhood, mangling and mashing the reproductive goo into the benchtop. Jeremy had, of course, gone completely limp, and just lay there, unmoving, covered with sweat.


After a few seconds of after-sex passion, Chris looked down at Jeremy. “How does it feel to be woman now? Well, I’m sure I’ll never know!” Everyone laughed. There was the usual groping of the mushy remains, and general curiosity about castration, and then, of course, Chris went about removing Jeremy’s splattered testicle with his father’s surgery kit and sewed up the empty scrotum. Chris called his dog, Val, down into the basement, and fed the dog the mushy remains of Jeremy’s livelihood, which the dog eagerly gulped it down. Then they left Jeremy to recover, and all went out for pizza. All that sex had made them hungry.


The next day, Chris phoned Robert Blythe, and told him that he was next on the list for ball-popping. Robert was absolutely thrilled and didn’t just ask, but begged to  come over and be Chris’s nut-slave, sex-slave, and kick-around lackey for the next week. Chris was a little taken aback, having never had a personal slave before (sexual or otherwise), but with some persuasion by Robert, Chris cryptically just told him to come over and bring his nuts and some clean socks.


Chris’s father was a noted surgeon and university lecturer, so he was only home a few days a month. As such, having Robert over for a whole week, wearing nothing but socks, and attending to Chris’s every need was a viable situation. Robert arrived, completely eager to begin his servile life. Chris told him to go take a shower and shave his groin, abdomen, and legs completely hairless, and then put on nothing but socks and bind up his nuts with some string Chris provided. Chris said he wanted to see each of Robert’s nuts distinctly – bound and separated at all times.


In no time, a squeaky clean and nubile Robert presented himself at the feet of Chris. “Do you want to kick me? I’d really like you to,” said Robert in an eager voice as he lay down on his back, leg’s spread. Robert so wanted to caress Chris’s feet and lovingly guide them to where his balls were.


Chris was sitting on the couch watching football, and said “Come closer.”


Robert got up and as he moved towards Chris, Chris suddenly reached out and took Robert’s larger left testicle in his hand and began to squeeze it like he was squishing a bug. Robert’s mouth made a big “O” as he was immobilized with pain.


“Listen close, cake-boy, I’m the one in charge here. I’ll give the orders, and no matter what, you’re gonna come out the nutless one. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you choose the fate of one of them.” Chris let go, and Robert was on his knees clutching his groin, face screwed up in pain.


“Move your hands!” ordered Chris. When Robert didn’t, Chris balled up his fist and planted it in the pit of Robert’s stomach. Robert let out an “Oof” and clutched his abdomen, Chris then flexed his left leg and while Robert was attempting to catch his breath, Chris slammed his foot into the tied up bullocks. A kick so hard that even though Robert was on his knees, he lifted off the ground at least an inch, and Chris could feel the two tied testicles distort and give slightly as they compressed against Robert’s pelvis. The boy’s eyes became unbelievably large and his mouth formed an even larger “O” before he let out a shrill scream, and began writhing on the ground, his hands clutched around Chris’s foot, which was pressed, sole first, into his gonads and juicing them like grapes.


“How’s that? Eh? Am I fulfilling your fantasies, you fucking perv? I know, since you’re so eager to have your manhood turned to mush, I’m going to make you bust yourself for me, while I watch and jerk off. Ooo. Feel that? That’s your left ball. Only it’s mine now, you little cocksucker, and at the end of the week, I’m going to take it from you. Both of them, and after they’re pulp, I’ll feed them to Val.” At this point, Chris was standing, and he bent down and picked up both Roberts flailing ankles to get support so he lean more heavily into Robert’s crotch, Robert’s hands all the while scrabbling to displace the foot that was flatting his nuts.


“Have you met Val? Very handsome pit-bull. Bred for violence. I bet if I keep feeding him balls, he’ll develop a taste for them. You know,” said Chris thoughtfully, as he began to hop up and down on the balls under his foot, “Val’s got a nice pair of hangers himself. I bet he’d like them sucked. Something else for you to do while you’re here. Now, open wide, I gotta take a piss.”


The entire week went by like that. Robert stayed at the house while Chris was at school and went around in nothing but socks and a set of pad-locked weights on his balls, to which only Chris had the key. He was required to hit and smash his own balls at least once an hour, and if they weren’t swollen when Chris got home, Robert was made to smash them with Chris’s basketball shoe until they were.


When Chris would come home, he’d first remove the ball-weight, letting the distended scrotum sag between Robert’s thighs, then he make Robert kneel before him and start punching, hitting, squeezing, pulling, and twisting his own nuts, while Chris stroked himself. Chris would direct the show, and if Robert didn’t comply, he’d get a fist in the face, or the belly. Chris made sure this little faggot knew who was in charge of his own nuts.


Robert slept on the floor, next to Chris’s bed so that his mouth was conveniently close when Chris had to pee at night, and every morning, Robert had to first offer his naked nuts to the dog for sniffing and licking, and repeat: ”These will be your food in a week.” The humiliation of this sent chills down Robert’s spine, every time, but he did it anyways. Then Robert attended to Chris’s needs like scrubbing him in the shower, feeding him breakfast, cleaning, etc.


In addition, Chris used Robert’s nuts as a training ground to teach Val several new tricks, to be used on the Big Day.


When that day came, the Nut Busting Club convened. As they entered the house, they found Robert naked, on his knees, his hands tied behind his back, and gagged, with a black hood over his head. On his chest had been painted “Break My Eggs Please” with an arrow pointing to the two tightly, separately bound testicles, each standing out as if they actually were two flesh colored eggs.


Naturally everyone had a go at them. One girl decided to dig her nails into them, most of the guys slammed their sneakers into them, and the rest of the girls just slapped them as hard as they could (which as any man will tell you is somehow more agonizing than plain busting). Then it was on down to the basement.


This time, Chris had his victim start on his hands and knees, his chest supported by an ottoman; his legs spread somewhat wide, and socked feet clamped to the floor. Chris untied Robert’s bound nuts, and let them hang down, languidly, against the side of the ottoman.


“Now,” said Chris to his audience, “I’ve been teaching Val some great trick’s with the help of our little faggy friend, here. Whadd’ya say we humiliate him for our pleasure?”


Everyone cheered. Chris called to Val, who came galloping down to the basement. Chris grasped the dog’s collar and took him to the far end of the room, then crouched down beside him and pointed to the naked butt and vulnerable testicles that were at dog-height across the room.


“Val, go nut him. Go nut him Val. Good boy. Nut our fag. Go!” Chris let go of the collar and Val charged across the room, and slammed his whole head into Robert’s balls, and the ottoman from behind. The dog’s momentum pushed the nut’s deep into the semi-hard leather ottoman but did no damage to Val, who promptly went around to everyone else to receive praise. Chris called him back and repeated the trick at least a dozen times before he moved on to some real humiliation. Each time, there were cheers from the audience as the helpless bag’o’balls were rammed into the ottoman.


“Now for the second trick. I’ve taught Val a new word. ‘Sex’, and for this trick we’ll have to reposition our little pansy here.” Robert was unmasked, ungagged, and flipped on his back, arms and legs tied with long ropes to rings in the ceiling.


“I’ve taught Robert, here, the meaning of ‘Open Wide’. Open wide, bitch,” said Chris, punctuated by a sharp kick to the younger teen’s testicles.


With tears in his eyes and drool escaping his mouth, Robert obeyed, but his mouth opening slowly. Chris launced another kick to speed up the process, then he brought his dog over to the waiting mouth. “Val, sex! Sex boy, sex!”


The dog turned around, backed up over Robert’s head, and plopped his own two big pink hairless nuts and long penis into the open orifice. “Suck him off, nut boy, suck him off,” directed Chris, and everyone could hear Robert doing just that while the dog began to growl and pant with pleasure.


“This the reason why you shouldn’t fix your pets,” quipped Chris. After the laughter, Chris stripped down and walked around to Robert’s package and then began kicking his busted slave in earnest, saying “Don’t stop boy. If Val doesn’t cum, I’ll have him tear off your balls right now. Suck him off, you little cunt.”


I wasn’t long before the panting became crooning, and soon the dog spilled his seed into Robert’s mouth, who had to drink it down while his own nuts were being pulverized. When the pitbull had finished cumming, the dog went to the other side of the room and panted heavily. Robert just lay there, drooling dog jizz and wishing he were dead. The pounding between his legs continued. After about twenty kicks to the ball sack, Chris eased up. The two orbs were now easily of the size of large oranges, and were ready for the next trick.


The audience was also ready for something new. All the guys were naked from the waist down and every single on of them had a girl sucking on their dick, but they needed more intense entertainment to get off.


“For our last trick, we’re going to do ‘bite’”.


Chris rearranged Robert’s body and put it in a body sling, one on a long chain, so that he hung on his back, inches from the floor, with his arms and legs hanging open, and his luscious teenage sack at the perfect level to be mauled by the pitbull. Robert was in a state of shock, but not so much that he didn’t know this was coming. He’d known for quite some time he was in for a rough ride.


Chris walked over to the panting dog and petted him affectionately. “You ready to bite his cock and balls? My big boy! Mmmm,” Chris nuzzled his dog. What a great pet! Then Chris went to stand between Robert’s legs.


“Beg Val to bite your junk! Do it!” He slammed his fist into the dangling orbs. No response except for some moaning. “Fucking do it, you little pervy bastard!!” WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. The helpless organs were getting soft in the center.


‘”OK,” croaked Robert eventually, his body still jerking around from the abuse.


“Here boy, come here, bite me. Common boy.” Rober feebly raised his head to see if the dog was responding. He was.


Val very happily trotted over to the hanging, swollen ball bag and licked it, he also licked Robert’s cock, which naturally started to harden. Everyone laughed at the boy’s humiliation. Robert had a healthy nine inch cock, and it became a raging hardon as the dog licked his cock and balls. Then, the dog grew tired of this and his natural aggressive instincts took over. After all, here were three fat sources of protean just sitting there, waiting to be eaten (or at least chewed), and no animal in the wild would ever pass up that kind of opportunity.


The dog took Robert’s larger left testicle and sank his right front fang into it. Robert let out a shrill scream, like a little girl who’d stubbed her toe. Everyone laughed. Then Val’s bottom left fang punctured it from below. The dog wrestled the ball around for a short while. Not enough to tear it off, just enough to severely damage its contents. He let it drop, ball juice dripping out of it. Then he did the same to the smaller right ball. Being more delicate, and more sensitive, the pain went off the scale, and Robert convulsed.


Then the dog bit into the huge erection waggling in front of it. First it bit the bulbous head, then parts of its shaft. The penis became bruised and red from inflammation.


“Oh, hey now, ease up boy, we don’t want to destroy his tackle . . . yet.” Chris pulled back the dog before he’d actually started to eat the bulging glands and tenderized penis. “Now, let’s see. Anyone want to kick him before he’s neutered?


Naturally Sean obliged. He’d never kicked the sperm out of a guy’s nuts before. Just think, a whole guy’s life ruined, at the age of 17, and providing willing entertainment in the process. Sean pulled his cock out of Cynthia’s mouth, kissed her, saying, “I’ll be right back, sweety,” and walked over between the boy’s legs, stroking his own slick dick.


“So, you’re a little queer boy, eh? You don’t need those balls of yours anyways. Mebbe this will keep you from abusing little boys. You faggots are all the same!” WHAM, he punted those hanging oranges as hard as he could. Tan juice dripped out. Sean stroked himself, Chris was stroking himself too, while he watched. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Ball-busting kicks to a helpless, willing slave.


“Poor baby, you’re cock is missing out on all this.” Sean bent down, and with one hand yanked and pulled on the younger boy’s pecker. He pulled and pulled and yanked until there was a snapping noise – Robert’s dick had been pulled out by its root, dislocated, and it started to turn beet red.


“Sweet! I pulled his cock out!” WHAM, another kick to his package. Then five more punts, and two one handed punches. Sean had had enough, and walked back to Cynthia who was licking her lips, eager to put that massive cock back in her mouth. All the girls were sucking off the boys, and listening to the dull thumps and splats of balls being broken. It was sadistic, cruel, and unbelievable sexy. Intoxicating, even.


“Well, time for the finale. Sorry ladies, no cum this time, our little fairy friend here gets that honor.” All the boys chuckled and the girls kept sucking.


Chris flipped Robert’s body over in the sling, ratcheting him up a bit, slid the infamous exercise bench beneath him, and then wheeled in an odd contraption. Two foot peddles attached to two hydraulic pressed, mounted on a cart. The cart was wheeled between Robert’s legs, and Chris placed one testicle each into a press. He manually tightened the jaws. The two peddles he put on either side of the bench. Then he sat down.


“Dude, do you realize what an honor it is for me to turn your nuts to mush?” Robert’s two testicles, now swollen to impressive size, fit snuggly in the two independent peddle-controlled presses, and he was hanging face down, just millimeters over the bench. The peddles for the press were under Chris’s socked feet, ready to squeeze his nut-boy’s gonads until they popped, and he was sitting right in front of Robert’s face, ready to make the boy suck him off.


“I’m gonna let you blow me, and you’re gonna suck me off while I pop your balls. You wanted to taste my cum, so lets see if you can remain conscious long enough for that to happen.” All the guys cheered Chris on. “Shit yeah, make the cock sucker work for it!”, “Take his testicles right off him, Chris!”, “Fuckin’ hurry up, I’m gonna shoot a load!”


Ever eager to please his audience, Chris put his huge hands on either side of Robert’s head, and pulled the head right over his enormous cock. The boy’s mouth was open, but not ready to suck. Chris got angry. He pushed the peddle for the right ball. It squeezed it, and Robert let out a cry. Chris jammed the open mouth down over his angry-red boner and then forced the boy to suck it. Amazingly, that seemed to wake Robert out of his daze, and he began to suck the huge thing earnestly. Maybe he thought a good blowjob would save his manhood. Or maybe it was because this had been his dream for four years - to go down on the hottest athlete in school. Either way, the little cock sucker lived up to his reputation. He practically swallowed the damn thing.


Naturally this made Chris arch his feet, you know, “involuntary luge racing”, and the vices began to crush Robert’s nuts. But Chris’s responsiveness was irregular and he ended up pumping the peddles for a while as Robert did a magnificent job on his donkey-dick. As orgasm for Chris came nearer and nearer, the pressure built up in his own balls and so did the hydraulic pressure on Robert’s. Just as Chris released his load into the eager mouth sucking it, he slammed his foot onto the right peddle, instantly crushing Robert’s left nut, and then the left peddle, bursting Robert’s right. The two loud popping noises they made caused everyone in the room to climax – the boys all cumming and the girls soaking their panties.


Although Robert tried to scream, it was difficult with a huge dick in his mouth spurting its warm seed down his throat. It was a miracle he didn’t choke to death. Chris bucked his dick into the teen’s mouth, letting up on the peddles and then pumped them again and again so that Robert’s balls were not only popped, but turned into paste. A fitting end to a pervy little high school boy.


Chris finally let the boy’s head drop, got up, stroked his still rock hard penis, glistening with cum, and said, “Well I can confirm the rumor that gay’s give great head.”  Jane, who’d just take a load from Alex (a big, strapping red-head who played on the football team) motioned for Chris to come over. She slid down her panties and let Chris fuck her against the sofa. This caused everyone else to get down to real sex, and while Robert lay there, drooling and virtually comatose, an orgy ensued. Chris could taste Alex’s cum in Jane’s mouth, and that turned him on like nothing else.


Later, much later, Robert’s privates were fed to Val, and the dungeon was set up for the next applicant, Gabe.


Gabe Marcy had been practically the only friend Tom had ever had who didn’t want to bust his ball, and so it was strange that he should ask Chris to castrate him. But, he’d done just that. Chris caught up with him on Monday while Gabe was practicing his routine on the pommel horse, the very spot where Tom and Gabe had practiced gymnastics together.


“So. You’re Gabe, huh?” inquired Chris as he eyed the handsome and muscled blond boy up and down. Gabe had that stocky, extremely toned and buffed physique typical of gymnasts, and had smooth, pale skin.


“Uh, sure. I guess you’re Chris.”


“So, I’m gonna nut you. You ever been pegged in the balls before?” Chris walked over without any hesitation and fingered the two ripe fruits that were bulging in Gabe’s white gym sweats.


Gabe was a little shocked and surprised at Chris’s boldness, and in public, but just stuttered, “Yyyeah, a few times.”


“Cool. Tell me about them,” Chris was really coming to grips with the size and shape of his next victim’s jewels.


“Uh, mmm. Gosh your fingers are strong. Nnnng. Uhm, I got kicked once by  Julie Hall, and ahhh, uhm I’ve landed on the pommel horse a couple of times. Oh god, that hurts!”


“Yeah I know it does. You got some hangers on ya. Hmmm. I think I’d like to see that pommel horse drop. Get up on it and bust yourself on the beam.”

Gave looked around nervously, and backed up slightly. “You want me to hurt my nuts now? Here? I can’t!”


“Ball-boy, you’re gonna do what I say, and like it. Now, get up on that beam, do a few straddle swings, and then drop on your precious balls.”


Just then, a bevy of beauties came in the gym on their way to the girl’s showers.


“Hey stud,” said one of them to Chris, “Watchya’ doin’ here?”


“Hey Jessica, babe. I was just breaking in my new testicle toy-boy here. Wanna watch?”


The blond girl sidled up to him, and caressed his washboard stomach. “Sure thing. He’s not the only one who worships you.”


The four girls turned to watch Gabe. “Take off those sweats so they can see your balls get smashed, nut-boy.” Gabe was as meek as they come, and reluctantly slid off his sweats to reveal his jock-strap clad basket. Then he nervously got up on the pommel horse and prepared to do his routine.


It started off with a few over-the-handlebar swings, and then he began to scissor between them, his package swinging perilously close to the padded wooden beam. Right when he was in mid straddle, Chris yelled out “Drop you pansy!” and the shout startled the blond boy so much that he really did slip and land on his goolies. He groaned loudly, and as he reached down to cradle his big nuts he slid off the beam and onto the floor.


All the girls laughed and congratulated Chris on finding a worthy victim.


“That expression he made was priceless,” remarked Crystal. “I’m gonna picture it next time I use my vibrator.” The other girls, and Chris, laughed.


“Get up, and drop again. Let’s put on a real show for these ladies.” Chris walked over, forced his young protégée up from fetal agony, and replaced his own large hand where Gabe’s had been. “These are mine, now, and I want them to entertain my girls over there. Let’s see some more drops.”


Over the next half hour, Gabe managed 6 more death drops onto his bruised balls, which in the end, left him crying on the mat, holding his basket and rocking back and forth. The girls were delighted with Chris and his new performing nut-monkey. They suggested he should come over later to Jessica’s house for a five-some, and Chris couldn’t have been more delighted with the outcome. When they’d left, he went over and patted the young gymnast on the shoulder.


“Come over to my house tomorrow, and we’ll have some fun with those. Don’t worry, you’re gonna know for sure you have balls during the next week before I splatter them.”


Young Mr. Marcy arrived the next day at Chris’s house. Chris opened the door and let the gymnast in.


“Get undressed” said Chris absentmindedly. He was getting used to this routine. “Keep your socks on. Cold feet mean small nuts.”


While Gabe stripped, the teen noticed how warm the room was, and sure enough, his low hangers were hanging low. Chris sat down on the couch and motioned him over. “You’re straight, right?” asked Chris.




“Good, come give me a blowjob, I need to nut.”


The young blond stammered. “Wwwhat?” with a look of surprise.


Without even a moment’s hesitation, Chris leaned forward and gripped the gymnast’s testicles in his hand and ground them together. “You’ll do as I say, nut-boy. Suck my dick, swallow my cum and LIKE it.”


Despite having no idea what he was doing, Gabe managed to give Chris a decent hummer, although the boy nearly gagged at swallowing.


“Ahh, that’s better. Now get up.” Gabe did so, his lips slightly stuck together from the jizz on them. He could still taste the salty foamy stuff in the back of his throat.


“Spread those legs. Good. Put your hands behind your head. Now, beg me to kick you in the junk. Beg me to destroy your manhood. I’m not going to do anything until you do.”


Gabe looked uncertain, but finally did as he was told. He closed his eyes


“Kick my balls.” he stated loudly.


“Like this?” Chris slammed his shin right between the short gymnast’s legs. Direct hit. The boy coughed. “Yeah,” was all he could say.


“Keep going. I want to see how much you can take.”


For one complete hour, Gabe was forced to beg for kicks, knees and fists to his balls until he was practically screaming it. He had endurance, though, and Chris was impressed. After Gabe finished puking on the floor, and then required to clean it up, and then Listerining his mouth, and then giving Chris another blow-job, he was allowed to go home.


This routine lasted several days. On Thursday Chris called Gabe before he came over. He instructed the gymnast to take some enemas and clean out his shoot with douche or a hose. This was frightening, but Gabe did it anyways. He deeply suspected something bad was going to happen to him, and he was right


That night Chris fucked the hell out of the beautiful straight boy, raping his ass five or six times, and in every session, squeezing the lad’s testicles while cumming. The next day, everyone at school knew about it, and Gabe felt like dying. He was taunted, teased and shunned. Now it was imperative that he loose his balls so that he could feel normal inside. He’d always felt like a misfit, and secretly he wondered if he wasn’t actually transgendered. Part of him wanted to be free, forever.


Saturday arrived. The gang was assembled. This time the dungeon had a pommel horse set up, some gymnast’s rings hanging from the ceiling, and a bunch of blunt instruments – lead pipes, baseball bats and a hammer.


Gabe was brought in, feeling small and weak, despite his beautifully sculpted, smooth and muscled gymnast’s body. First paraded around like all the others, and then instructed to get up on the pommel horse.


Chris spelled it out for him. “The rules are simple. Do your routine until one of us tells you to drop, then land directly on your nuts. Lather, rinse and repeat.”


Naked, Gabe powdered his hands, set himself above the pommel, his hands solid in their grip, and began to swing and scissor. His loose, hanging sack began to slap against the pommel, and within the first few seconds, he already had a deep ache in his stomach.


They all watched him for a while, hypnotized by the sound of his slapping balls, and then, as they got hard, the guys started to shout out, “Drop!”. Knowing that all this nonsense was but a prelude to what he really wanted, castration, Gabe obliged and purposely smashed his rocks on the padded wood. Over and over, while the men wanked and girls fingered themselves, they watched their own, newly created Olympic sport – nut busting.


It was probably fifteen tries before he couldn’t get back up again, and the equipment was pushed into the hall. Then Sean and Chris lifted the trembling boy to the rings and told him to grab on. His legs were tied in opposite directions to the wall.


“We’re going to kick you between the legs for 10 minutes, OK? If you let go of the rings, you’ll probably break your neck in the fall. So don’t. Ready?”


Gabe gritted his teeth, and held on for dear life.


The two men stood on opposite sides and took turns kicking his naked testicles, Sean in the front, Chris from behind. The bounced, they jounced, they did little a dance with each impact, accompanied by an “Oof” and a “Nnngg” from their owner. Two minutes into it, Gabe’s arms began to shake, but he had to keep holding. He probably would die, what with his legs being tied up.


Everyone was cheering and hooting, as if it were a sport’s meet, but they were masturbating instead of doing the wave or chanting anthems. It was exciting. They were truly impressed with his resilience to the pain.


Suddenly the 10 minutes were up, and Gabe fell backwards into Chris’s arms. Unlike the other boys abused, Gabe was given some time to recover his strength. He was a fellow athlete, after all.


Eventually the final program was arranged. Once again the workout bench was brought in. Gabe was told to do the splits on it, and then his hands were tied behind his back. The ball-cam was focused on where his two, naked testicles were resting, and several of the men grabbed the ball busting equipment. They were going to bludgeon his balls to death. That left just a few guys watching, so each had two girls on him, one sucking his cock, the other sucking his balls.


Sean, Chris, Tommy and Brad took up places around him, and then Chris spoke. “Make us destroy your nuts. We’re not going to do it until you make us. I know you want this. You want to be a eunuch, don’tchya? You want to be a ballless wonder, just like your friend Tom. I can see it in your eyes. You’ve been thinking about this for weeks. Just ask, and we’ll release you from your pain.” Chris smiled grimly.


Gabe gulped and was silent, but eventually a single tear dripped from his eye, and he lowered his gaze. He really did want this. His voice broke as he forced the words out, “I do, I do want you to take my balls from me.” He began to cry. “Please, I hate being a man. Hit them as hard as you want!!!!!” And so the busting started in earnest.


Each took their turn pounding his puds with all their might. They smashed those rocks, those big fat bubbles wresting on the bench, as hard as they could, Chris was determined to pop the right one, Sean the left. The other two were taking turns not only on his balls, but also his big flaccid cock. They beat those balls to a bloody pulp. The balls never popped, just dissolved into mounds of quivering jelly. Gabe was just screaming, “TAKE THEM, TAKE THEM,” just as Tom had done, and to honor that moment, Chris did something amazing: when the nuts had been pasted, he stopped his compatriots in their feverish work and slowly jacked off their victim. Slowly, gently. Everyone else began to masturbate in time with it. With some effort and skill, Chris got Gabe hard, and was able to build everyone to the moment where he literally “made” Gabe cum. The pain was excruciating as Chris forced sperm out of his two liquidized balls. The spurt of bloody jism arced over Chris’s shoulder and hit Brad’s chest. Everyone else reached climax at the same point, and Gabe’s scream was paired with a dozen moans of pleasure. Chris was very impressed with his own artistry at nutting other guys. He was so good at it!


Exactly one weekend later, in the same room, the athletic Baird twins were having their nuts popped – both wanted to go on injectable steroids so they could control their muscle mass. They let themselves be strung up, legs spread, and their balls were simply kicked into mush. Everyone took turns racking the boys, and even the girls, usually pretty passive, had a go at the identical twin’s balls. Silky smooth, identical pink pouches with fat, fat orbs dangling in them. Rod and Rob were quite turned on with some of the schools most popular girls having a go at their nads, and they shot loads several times during the process; their fat dicks were perfectly synchronized, as they shot volleys into the air and their testicles flattened together. It took the group 45 minutes to bust their balls, and after the deed was done, the ball-cam vid was replayed so everyone could watch it again and again and again. The brutality was amazing.


Several other guys were nutted, and the not-so-secret club became the dirty little secret of the school. Other people wanted in, and the group had to fend off wannabe’s looking for a chance at some genuine kink.


At the end of the six weeks, Chris was in the biology lab, gathering up his materials. Mr. Stuart came up to him with a look of utmost gravity.


“Mr. Follard, I’d like to have a word with you.”


“What about, Mr. Stuart?”


“I know what’s been going on. I know what you and your little group do to people.”


For the first time, Chris began to feel a bit of foreboding. Was he going to get into trouble?


“Uhm, sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Of course you do. The Marcy’s are good friends of mine. I know that you had something to do with Gabe’s ‘accident’. It’s perfectly obvious. So, I think I can count on you to help me.” The tall, handsome 30 year old gave Chris an expectant look.


“Er, help you do what, sir?”


“Well, I want you to dissect my balls and video tape it.” The man’s face went from grave to beaming.


“You what?”


“You heard me. I’ve always wanted someone to do a vivisection of my own equipment, but I never found someone who would want to witness it. With your experience, it should be a breeze. What do you say? They can be all yours, to do with as you want.” The muscular teacher smiled, waiting for an answer. Chris’s confidence returned with a vengeance.


“No problem.” Chris nonchalantly reached out to undo the teacher’s belt, unzip his fly and pull his pants down. Mr. Stuart didn’t even blink. It was if he had expected this. The teacher was wearing tight boxer-briefs, and his bulge was impressive. Chris boldly pulled them down and grasped the man’s two huge donkey sized nuts and squeezed them. He rolled them around in his hand and wondered what it was going to be like to cut them open while this man was still alive and conscious. It fascinated him. Then, he stood up suddenly, kneed this 30 year old perv between the legs, and whispered into his ear, “Be at my house tonight for some pre-cutting punishment. And bring these. They belong to me now.” He rammed his knee between the teachers legs five or six times, then backed up and slapped them as hard as he could. As he walked out, he turned to the man on the floor and said, “See ya!” and left. This was going to be fun!


  1. I'm curious & intrigued by your blog & its contents (subject matter) -- I searched your blog high & low for one simple explanation to my burning question:
    WHAT EXACTLY is BALL-BUSTING in the first place??
    I mean, I have a general idea, ...& I totally dig your brief explanation at the beginning of your blog, detailing fetishes, etc.
    But to a complete novice, or 'outsider' like myself, it stops short of telling me what the hell this is all about (specifically).
    I can see you take this very seriously & have invested a ton of time & creativity.
    I just think it'd appreciated if there was (at the very least) a simplified "ball busting terms 101" at the start.
    Thanks for your time!

  2. Well, the important thing isn't that you're "intrigued" by ball busting bur rather that you're turned on by it. It's a sexual fetish not a philosophical position.
    Ballbusting is kicking, hitting, smacking and pummeling a guy's balls just because it's sexy to do so.
    Testicle torture is using needles, clamps, presses and other things to torture a guy's nads, again for the sexual pleasure of doing so.
    If my stories turn you on, then it's the fetish for you, if not, then I wouldn't bother. Ballbusting makes most guys squeamish rather than hard, and that's understandable. They're delicate organs which we protect instinctively. BB/TT literature goes through the looking glass into a world where such things happen naturally and the guy is usually OK with getting busted or hurt between the legs.
    Does that help?

  3. wow super hot, nice ideas, cool written, please more, can't wait, what he do with the teacher? how much more will he castrate? even some of his friends buddys or team members? more rivals castrated an there balls ruined means more guys taken from the gen pool , less rivals , more sucking fucking girlpussys and slaves for him
    what will his father say? or will he help him to chemical castrate more guys from the school ?


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