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V-Victoria's Real Secret Part 1 (F/M) - repost

This is BBmal and I's second collaboration. It was suggested by a fan who wanted an alien based ballbusting story, and BBmal and I thought it was a great idea. The inspiration for the story comes from the 1983 miniseries V and a touch of the X-files. Enjoy.
V-Victoria’s Real Secret Part 1

Victoria put down her cigarette. She didn’t actually care for the smell of the smoke or the taste of nicotine, but like with so many things with Victoria, it was just another part of her charade. She took a small sip of beer. Terrible beer, of course, but then most of the brew in these little seedy bars was terrible. It tasted like slightly chilled piss. She drained the last of her drink with one large gulp and lifting her intense blue eyes from her glass, she scanned the dimly lit room as she searched for her next victim.

The pickings tonight seemed slim. Most of the regulars were mostly fat, middle-aged hicks. Steel workers from the nearby mill, mechanics, truckers, and day laboring farmhands. None of them were worth the effort.

She pulled out a fresh cigarette from her purse and lit it when she spied a cute brunette sitting alone in the corner bent over a bottle of beer. He looked young, in his early 20’s, barely old enough to buy a drink.

Victoria walked deliberately over to his table and sat down in the chair opposite him and crossed her legs in that sexy way that got so many of these males rock hard. The friction of her stockings made a slick "zip" sound, and she saw the interest in his eyes.

"Well, hello there." She said seductively. "What’s your name?"

"Uh, hi. I’m Cody." The boy stammered back. "Who might you be?"

He seemed shy, but he had a kind face. Charming, she thought.

"Why, my name is Victoria, sweetie. I noticed you sitting alone and I thought you might like a little company." She smiled as she took a drag and flicked some ash into a tray. Her bountiful blond curls jiggled with the move, and she leaned back to regard him. He was an attractive physical specimen, but the information she really wanted to know was buried in the young man’s scent. Underneath layers of aftershave and sweat and cut grass was the essence of his physical fitness.

In the background, the jukebox was playing and Willie Nelson was singing about being on the road again.

"Would you . . . care to dance a bit? I find these places so terribly boring without some live contact." Victoria smiled wryly. Cody looked a bit dumbfounded, but he got up and offered his hand. Victoria took it and they made their way to a clear space at the back of the bar that served as a dance floor. They were all alone back there and none of the other bar patrons paid them any notice as they began to dance. Cody managed to keep a polite distance at first, but the beautiful blond-haired woman pushed up against him, grinding her curvy, voluptuous body against his and tasted his elevated hormones through the pores of his skin. He was handsome, strong and fit - all qualities of a desirable genetic line - and an ideal candidate.

As they danced she could feel him become excited. The quivering of the nostrils, the quickened pulse, the flush of the skin. Unfortunately her doppelganger body couldn’t replicate such effects, so she responded by nuzzling his neck a little, pretending to care about him.

"Mmm," she said, speaking just below his right ear, "you’re a hot one. I can see I’ll have to watch myself."

"I’ve never met a woman as beautiful as you," replied Cody truthfully. "It’s a bit overwhelming."

Victoria pulled back a little and laughed out loud as she looked into his green eyes. "My you are precious. And so young."

"Not that young, I’m 22," he answered with a hint of defiance. "What are you, 24, 25?"

Victoria shook her head and smirked. "A bit older than that, I’m afraid. But youth is a blessing, not a curse. It goes hand in hand with beauty and . . . virility," she said as she pinched his ass between her fingers and kissed him full on the mouth. She felt his body respond to hers and listened to his heart pound in his chest as his red hot blood rushed into his penis.

Victoria broke away from the kiss and licked her lips. "You’ve eaten garlic recently. Mmm. And I smell Vodka and anise seed? Oh, of course, Ouzo. You must be Greek."

"Wow, uh, how’d you know that? My mom’s Greek." He said looking surprised.

Victoria closed her eyes and nuzzled up against his neck, inhaling deeply. "And you use Axe Detailer on a pretty regular basis - but not today - just Dial."

Cody smiled shyly. "Yeah, their ‘Axe Cleans Your Balls’ commercial really got me. Funniest webmerical ever."

"Mmm. I can tell that you use it rather, liberally." Victoria cooed, reaching her small hand down to his crotch and gently grabbed the bulge in his jeans.

Cody gasped and looked to see if anyone was watching.

"Let’s just say I have a heightened sense of smell." She whispered while she continued to massage his groin in the middle of the dance floor. "What’dya say we go back to my place and I can get to smell you on a more intimate level."

Victoria kissed his neck slightly and the boy turned man give the slightest of moans.

"Uh, sure. If you’d like." Cody stammered. His dick had gone rigid and formed a lump in his jeans.

Victoria squeezed the bulge between her fingers and smirked. These humans are so predictable, she mused. Then grabbing him by the hand, she pulled him behind her toward the door with a surprising amount of strength that was ill matched to her slight build. Cody failed to notice this, but then, what do men notice in the heat of passion - other than large breasts, smooth skin, and pouty lips?

When they reached her car, she pulled him into a hot kissing session, using her talented lips and tongue to make him steamier than a horse at sunrise, and once infected by her apparent passion, she disengaged and turned the ignition. Her red Bugotti Veyron hummed to life and the two of them sped off into the night. A smart man might have wondered how a million dollar car would come to be parked outside a dive like the Cropduster, but Cody was in that hazy stage of arousal that impaired is ability to ask smart questions.

With a stop as smooth as cream and butter, they rolled to a halt outside Victoria’s townhouse twenty minutes later. It was expensive, ornate, and well lit. It had an iron gate, a manicured garden, and some expensive French windows. Cody had but a moment to register all this before his prospective piece of tail got out and began walking toward the front door with him following close behind.

Standing at the door she didn’t use key, but instead she punched in a code and placed her hand on a metal panel next to the door. The door quietly clicked open and Cody followed her in. Inside was a perfectly manicured living space. Clean, stylish, expensive. Real wood, polished marble, and cut crystal were everywhere. But all Cody really cared about was the smoking hot blond in front of him as she led him through the house, hopefully toward the bedroom.

Cody’s silent prayers were soon answered as they walked into a room that was furnished just as extravagantly as the rest of the house and at its center stood a sumptuous king size bed.

A dim light came on from a walk-in closet and he watched her standing in the doorway with her back to him as the low cut dress she had on dropped to the floor. She turned slightly as the eager male stared ravenously at her nude body in full profile, visually following one long line down from her delicate neck, past her perfect breast and beautiful butt-cheek, all the way down to her slender legs. Her skin was a creamy white, so fair in fact that it almost glowed. As she took a step back into the darkened bedroom, Cody could have sworn that her skin actually was glowing. ‘How odd,’ he thought. ‘I only had two beers.’

"Make yourself at home," she said with a smirk as she disappeared back into the closet. "Take off your shoes. Have a seat on the bed. I’ll be with you in a moment."

Not at all shy about undressing, Cody shucked off his best hiking boots, and shrugged off his jacket. He looked at himself in the mirror in the dim light and then thought "Eh, what the hell." He unbuttoned his shirt and belt and let it all fall away. Soon he was in nothing but his plaid boxers, though this was complicated by his massive boner. Still, he was sure he was on his way to getting lucky, so what was the point of being modest?

Victoria reappeared in the doorway, framed by the soft light. She was in a sheer pink silk one piece nighty and in hugging most of her, it revealed all of her. She had the sultry look of a movie femmfatal.

"Mmm," she said, looking him up and down. "I can see we’re of the same mind. But first, I like to add a little excitement to the proceedings." She sauntered to a bureau drawer and retrieved some handcuffs and a gag. Cody was surprised, but not alarmed. Anyone this bold was bound to have an eccentric love life.

In truth, the two items were just props for this routine. The powerful pheromones that her body was already releasing into the air would be more than enough to subdue this young stud and have him eating out of her hand in no time. Still, seduction could be a useful tool in manipulation, one in which beautiful blond planned on using until she drained every last drop of cum out of the young buck.

"Get up on the bed, honey. I’m just going to tie you down a bit. You don’t mind, do you?" Victoria smiled sweetly.

"No. No, of course not. I’ve never tried bondage before, but it looks, uh interesting," he blurted out lamely. He rolled his eyes as his words played back into his head. What was wrong with him? None of the farm girls he’d been with had been into kink, but now he was starting to sound like clueless virgin.

"Oh good." She chained his wrists to the posts of the headboard, pressing close so, allowing him to inhale her potent sex pheromones. Cody’s nostrils were flooded with their sweet scent and felt as if he’d suddenly stepped into a field of Honeysuckle flowers. The chemical hit his bloodstream and brain like a drug, his ears began to buzz and his eyelids got heavy.

"Oh, now there’s a good boy. Do you like my breasts? Would you like to taste them?" She lifted her huge right breast to his lips and let him suckle on it. He moaned as he did so. Her large, ripe balloon pressed against his lips, and the flower smell. His dick started leaking a bit of cum.

"Mmm. That’s a good boy. I can smell your excitement. Here try the other breast." She switched nipples on him and watched him lunge for it. He worshiped it, trying to explore every inch of it with his mouth. She slid her shiny, moist mound all over his face and kept this up until his boner was actually quivering. Then she grabbed his head and kissed him.

"Do you like my body Cody? Does it . . . turn you on?" She teased him by biting his lower lip.

"Yes," he gasped, hardly more than a whisper.

"Why, aren’t you sweet?" she smiled, grabbing the pole that was tenting his boxers and stared into his bright green eyes. She could see that the narcotic-like pheromones had done their job.

"Here’s the part where I suck you off Cody. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?" She asked smiling.

Cody groaned. "Oh yeah."

"Of course you do. There’s nothing men enjoy more then a long, slow blow job." She spaced out her words teasingly as she peeled off his underwear and revealed his huge, throbbing cock. The head was shiny and glistening with precum.

She smiled and licked her lips. "When I’m done with you, I promise there won’t be a single drop of semen left in your body."

Cody moaned happily. "Fuck yeah, it’s all yours. Take it!"

Victoria smiled like a predator. "Don’t worry stud, I will. Now lie back and relax."

Cody was too caught up in the moment to have noticed that anything was amiss and began breathing hard with excitement as her pert little pink mouth traveled down to his meaty member and gently kissed its crown. She could taste his salty spunk and it triggered in her the ravenous lust for cum that drove her every waking moment. Inside her chest a chamber specifically designed for storing sperm opened up just above her stomach in preparation for what was about to start flowing down her throat. When she began sucking his cock, it was nothing like Cody had ever experienced before. Her suction was perfect, her lips were warm. Victoria easily took in his whole length with no choking or gagging, and she even purred in enjoyment. How many women did that?

Cody couldn’t do anything but moan. Loudly. Her rhythm was perfect: fast enough to cause excitement but slow enough not to over stimulate him. And that tongue of hers. WOW. It almost seemed to wrap around his dick. How was that even possible?

Cody strained against the handcuffs as Victoria fondled his nuts. Her grip was a bit firm, but that only make him hornier. He was so close to cumming, he could practically feel the semen in this balls begin to boil. Then his toes were curling and he felt that tensing sensation throughout his body that always happened just before release. His cock expanded in her mouth and down her throat until at last his wad blew.

It was amazing. His whole world exploded into her hot honey of a mouth, and he heard her sucking down all of it as she continued to make that strange purring sound. Out it gushed, probably the largest load he’d ever had - it just kept coming, and coming . . . and coming. All the play was making his dick sore, and it actually started to hurt, but Victoria never stopped sucking.

When it was finally over he was reduced to a panting, sweating heap, but still extremely satisfied. He looked down at her and waited for her to uncuff him so they could cuddle.

Victoria let his cock go with a healthy slurp.

"Mmm." She licked her lips. "That was tasty. But I still have room for more. What do you say, handsome? You up for seconds?" She began kneading his balls firmly between her fingers and smiled as Cody flinched. The added pressure on his nuts hurt, but then a fresh wave of Honeysuckle washed over him. Suddenly he felt like he was up for more, a lot more!

"Go ahead, sweetheart. I’m all yours." He opened his eyes and looked down, at her looking up at him. Her eyes seemed to glow with an unusual green light. But his thoughts were sluggish, and he felt his dick start pulsing again. The little brain was still in charge.

The voluptuous blond reengaged his dick, greedily taking it inside her mouth and proceeded to give him more mind blowing head until another batch of his baby-batter was sucked out of his love spuds. Just like the first one, it was a long, sustained ejaculation that left his body sore and achy when it finally stopped.

Victoria wiped her mouth and licked the last drops off her fingers. She liked the way his spunk tasted. It was sweet, and not too salty. She held his face, and stroked his cheek briefly. Then she pulled out the gag she’d brought out earlier and stuffed it into his mouth. Cody sighed through the cloth, and his eyes looked worn.

"What’s wrong sweetie, are you getting tired?" She asked.

"Hmph-hmm." Cody mumbled through the cloth.

"Nonsense, we’ve just gotten started." Victoria cooed as she fondled his gonads hard enough to make him grimace. "I promised that I’d drain you - but first I’m going to soften these balls up." Still holding his face, she placed her knee on his heavy, floppy balls and ground them into the bed.

Cody moaned into his gag, but his dick was still rock hard.

"That’s right, we’re going to go all the way tonight - all the way to the center of your balls, that is. When I’m done there won’t be a single sperm cell left inside you."

Cody’s eyes widened in fear as she let go of his face and squeezed his balls in her hand. Then out of no where, she slammed her other fist into them. She had the strength of a lumberjack!

Cody’s body jolted form the impact as she drove her fist into his nuts. ‘Shit, that hurts!’ His mind screamed, but something was wrong. He knew he was in trouble and needed to get out, but there was something he couldn’t explain . . . The pain was intensifying, but somehow, he lacked the will to struggle.

With one fist cramming itself into his balls, her mouth once again descended on his rod and sucked it in. The thing ached now, but it still felt kinda good. She sucked and pounded, slurped and smashed. This time, when he came, it felt as if the cum was being extracted from deep inside his nuts.

Victoria’s appetite was insatiable. Without pausing for a second, she kept sucking his cock and hammering away at Cody’s precious jewels. The dream-like state he’d first experienced in the beginning had now become a nightmare. The pleasure her first blowjob had given him was forgotten and now it felt like his dick was stuck in a vacuum pump. Once packed with sperm, his balls screamed pain as they were emptied and all the hopes he had of fathering children trickled down the back of the beautiful blond’s throat.

Still, it took her a long time to drain them. Even an hour later, she was still sucking on his pole and smashing his nuts - extracting the last vestiges of his manhood. Her cum pouch was swollen with his seed and she could feel that his balls were all warped and mushy from her brutal attacks on them. Cody was just moaning and twitching weakly and the semen issuing from his broken balls was now a constant painful dribble.

Victoria paused from sucking his purple cock and looked up at him. "Well, stud. It’s time to push your balls to their limit. Let’s see how much you cum when they pop." She put on hand on each of his swollen balls and squeezed them, while her mouth hovered on his cock and tried to suck his balls inside and out. Cody wailed into his gag. His weakened nuts began to collapse and as they finally hemorrhaged, his body expelled the last great volley of semen that it ever would. The stream of semen hit the roof of Victoria’s mouth and she swallowed greedily. Cody’s body went into a great convulsion and then he was still.

The alien vixen smacked her lips. "Well, that was good for me. How ‘bout you?" Victory got off the bed and walked into the kitchen. She stood in front of the refrigerator and opened the freezer section. On the top shelf there was a row of small canisters filled with a milky white fluid. She took an empty canister and pushed it’s nozzle down her throat. She flipped a switch and it began to suck the cum out of the storage compartment in her chest. When it was full, she put it back in to freeze.

She then went into the bathroom and retrieved a syringe and a bottle of clear liquid. She hopped back on the bed and squeezed his arm to find a vein. As she injected the synthetic narcotic she looked at him. He was passed out cold and pale as death. Then she patted his cheek. "Don’t worry, darling. You won’t remember a thing." Now all she had to do was get him into the car and find somewhere to dump him. Work, work, work! Men were such lay-abouts. Victoria sighed and began to drag him to the front door.


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