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V-Victoria's Real Secret Part 2 (F/M) - repost

V-Victoria’s Real Secret Part 2

Mateo was halfway through with his 50-lap set when he stopped to catch his breath and noticed a tall black chick that he didn’t recognize checking him out by a row of folding chairs that faced the pool. He scanned the pool, but there was no one else near him, and when he stared back at her, the woman simply returned the gaze.

After a few moments of awkward looks, Mateo gave up and went back to swimming laps. He tried to focus on his routine, but all the while he kept wondering about the woman. He was sure he hadn’t seen her before, but the way that she looked at him suggested that she knew him.

Mateo blew through the rest of his workout in ten minutes. When he reached the end of the pool, he turned around slowly, expecting to see the same woman standing and watching, but when he looked, no one there. In fact, there weren’t many people left in the pool area at this point in the night, just a few regulars like him that stayed late after most people headed home. The large clock above the diving board read five minutes to ten and soon there would be someone to come along and cast stragglers out of the pool.

Mateo took one last lap and climbed out. Swimming in the evenings at the YMCA on 42nd street had become something of a ritual of his. He’d swam when he was in high school and college, but once he graduated he kept up the practice simply to stay in shape. By the look of him, it was obvious that he kept that commitment. His features were hard and handsome. He had a toned, swimmer’s build and a warm, coppery complexion. As he climbed out of the pool, water glistened on the muscles of his torso and made his bikini bottoms cling to his generously sized manhood. They offered little modesty, but then, he didn’t have anything to hide, and he rather enjoyed the female attention it snagged for him.

The men’s locker room was empty when he entered. He grabbed a fresh towel from the rack next to the door and sauntered towards his locker when he suddenly noticed the same black woman he’d seen earlier leaning against the far wall.

"Oh, excuse me," he said, jumping in surprise. She was a striking beauty, perfectly smooth skin, and a dark cocoa complexion. She looked dry, though she was wearing a two piece red bikini and a transparent white silk shawl wrapped around her shoulders, but the most striking thing about her was her height. She was nearly as tall as him, which meant that she had to be well over six feet.

The woman said nothing in response as her eyes down his body and resting on the big wet bulge in his speedos.

Mateo shook his head, not sure what to say next. "Uh, I think you have the wrong locker room. This is the men’s." Mateo said as she continued to stare at him with hun-gry eyes. This was getting weird and he started to wonder what was wrong with her. The city was full of wacko’s, although Mateo had never encountered one who was quite so beautiful.

"Look, I don’t have all night. I’m not going to put on a show for you." Mateo said. It was getting late and he was beginning to lose his patience with all of this.

Still, the other woman didn’t say a word. She just stood there, staring at him.

Feeling frustrated, Mateo gave up and decided to grab his clothes and get changed in one of the bathroom stalls, but suddenly the attractive woman came forward, closing the distance far faster then Mateo would have thought possible, and grabbed his clothes out of his hands.

"What the hell!" He barked, and grabbed her thin wrist, causing his clothes to tumble onto the floor. Then suddenly, he was practically knocked over by a wall of jasmine scent. His anger quickly became blunted and when their eyes met, he became lost in her deep brown eyes.

Mateo had no way of knowing how long they stood there with his eyes locked on one another, but eventually he was set free when she finally spoke.

"What’s your name?" She asked.

"Mateo. I’m Mateo." His voice sounded almost groggy. "What’s yours?"

The black temptress ignored the question. Then, shifting her stance, she gripped the Latin stud’s bicep and gave it a squeeze. "I have a car waiting out front, perhaps I could give you a ride?" It was phrased more like a statement of fact then a question, and while still holding his arm firmly with one hand, she reached down and squeezed his junk inside his swimsuit. His juicy basket made a ‘squick’ sound as she fondled the Latin stud’s goods.

Mateo shrunk back from the unexpected advance and tried to back away, but her grip on his manhood, which was solid to begin with, only tightened. "Look, I can’t, I- I have a girlfriend." He stammered.

She shook her head. "That’s fine. I’m not offering a fuck, just a ride across town."

Another strong whiff of her jasmine scent and Mateo felt his dick harden against the palm of her hand. His head was swimming and his ears were buzzing.

"Yeah . . . . that sounds ok, I guess." His thoughts were getting cloudy and it was suddenly difficult to concentrate. No longer bothering to change, he pulled on his street clothes over his wet Speedos and followed her out the door to the front of the building where a man in a chauffeur’s uniform stood before a midnight blue Rolls Royce.

"After you," she motioned toward the backseat and climbed in behind. The driver closed the door with a quiet ‘click’ and got behind the wheel. Then they were moving, speeding downtown.

The mysterious woman pressed a switch, raising a divider that separated the front and back halves of the car.

"Hey, what are you doing that for? I didn’t tell your driver where I live." Mateo said incredulously.

"Don’t worry about that just now sugar, I want to get to know you better. Tell me about yourself." She replied, her voice caressing his ears like satin.

"Yeah, ok, sure. Let’s see, I’m 25 and I have a degree in computer science, and I’ve been working 3 years for a company in-"

"Ah," the beautiful black woman suddenly interrupted him. "I’m not interested in your resumé. Tell me something about you personally."

Mateo shrugged, unsure of what she meant. "I’m sorry, but I don’t even know your name."

The woman stared out her window and watched the buildings as they past by.

"My name is Victoria." She said smoothly and then turned back to look at him. Once again Mateo’s nostrils were flooded with the sweet smell of jasmine, which suddenly seemed to fill the car. Then quiet unexpectedly, Victoria inched closer to him and em-braced him, pressing her face against his neck and breathing in deeply. "Your mother is hispanic, Argentinian, if I’m not mistaken, but your father . . ." she breathed in again, "is of Southeast Asian decent, I think."

"He’s filipino actually, but how did you know?" he asked in confusion.

Mateo’s thought faltered as the heady cocktail of her extremely effective pheromones saturated his bloodstream. Almost immediately they began to lower his higher cogni-tive functions, while revving up his sex drive at the same time. Mateo’s thoughts were fuzzy and it became difficult to speak, but the big boner in his pants was clear enough.

Victoria took notice of it too, and without any explanation, settled between Mateo’s legs and pulled out his big, straining ram-rod. "Hmm, I’ve had Latinos before, but you’re my first Filipino," she said quietly to herself.
Mateo panted, his eyes filled with lust. He stared expectantly at his dick, then up at her, and then finally back at his dick as she bent down to inspect it closer. At its full length it stretched to a respectable 7.5 inches, and the skin around the shaft, which was slightly darker then the rest of his body, was already slick with precum.

Mateo moaned as Victoria began pulling on his prick, her soft, delicate looking fingers twisted and turned their way around his meat-stick skillfully, while her other hand delved into his pants and cupped his balls in her palm. They were generously sized, vibrant, and most importantly, packed to the rafters with sperm.

The Latin stud let out a second, louder moan as she manipulated his dick in one hand and nuts with the other - and it wasn’t long before his muscles in his abdomen tight-ened and hips bucked as his dick became ready to release a big saucy load. When the moment finally arrived, Mateo’s body went rigid and his ass lifted off the seat as his jizz exploded into Victoria’s mouth and forced her cheeks to puff out. She took it all, making sure to savor the taste of his essence before swallowing the load down her throat in one gulp.

"Oh, Shit." He sighed as the pleasure washed over him. Mateo was sweating from the effort and release, but Victoria looked unmoved and calm. There was a look in her eyes, though, that said she was hungry for more. Without missing a beat, she resumed jerking off his dick in long, sustained strokes that instantly drove him wild. It was as though she could read his mind, anticipating his every desire.

"Dios mio!" Mateo hissed as she shoved his large, straining member back in her mouth and began to suck his dick. The feeling was sensational - and it went far beyond any blowjob he’d experienced before. Her suction was unbelievable and, impossible as it seemed, her tongue was actually wrapping itself around his shaft and jacking him off at the same time. He was shuddering in pleasure, and wouldn’t have had her stop for anything.

Victoria focused on stimulating the sensitive spot underneath the head, coaxing out a second ejaculation as quickly as possible. In her hands she massaged the man’s scro-tum and gave his juicy plums a tight squeeze. Human genitalia was so soft, so flimsy and she knew she’d have to be careful with the delicate organs to make sure she ex-tracted all the sperm out of them - at least at first. She rolled the fat orbs between her fingers and Mateo let out another moan. He seemed to enjoy that, so she kept it up until she felt his body tense up again.

Mateo didn’t last long, and when he finally blew, it was a larger load then the first. Spurt after spurt of his jism went down her throat, and in his post orgasmic bliss, Mateo drew in long, deep breaths. Victoria, however, didn’t seem to notice and her lips continued to slurp around his cock. After two mind-blowing orgasms he was growing tired. His body felt a bit sore and his nuts felt tight and yet his cock was still rock hard.

By the time they reached their destination and the Rolls pulled up to the posh apart-ment building, Victoria managed to drain her companion’s nuts twice more. Mateo held his head in his hands, his entire body ached and felt drained. He’d never had so many orgasms in a single night and the endorphins that they released made him feel giddy. "Here we are." Victoria said suddenly, rising up out of his lap and waited for the chauffer to open it for her. Mateo was left looking bewildered and struggled to pull up his pants just before the door opened and Victoria stepped out. The driver seemed to give him a knowing smirk as he fumbled with his belt and awkwardly climbed out of the car and followed the black beauty into the building.

She led him through the doors of the lobby and they headed toward the elevator where she pressed her hands against a cold metal plate and selected the 24th floor. They rode the elevator in silence, and when the doors opened, they revealed a large penthouse apartment. Modern art hung on the walls and the floors were covered in polished Italian marble. The entire apartment appeared to be expensively furnished and every window had a breathtaking view of the park and the lit buildings of the city that twinkled like the stars above.

"You will have to excuse me for a moment. Please, make yourself comfortable." Victoria said as she glided down a darkened hall.

Mateo was left standing in the large room looking bewildered once again. He tried remember what he was doing there, with this woman that he’d just met . . . or no, they’d met years ago, hadn’t they? She had been an old college fling, right? Thinking made his brain hurt and he realized that his throat had gone dry. "I could use a drink, if you’ve got it," he called after her.

"There are some beers in the fridge, help yourself," was the distant reply.

"Thanks." Mateo said, still looking down the hall a moment longer. Just like the rest of the house, the kitchen was dimly lit, but it looked like it was tripped out with top-of-the-line appliances. More chrome and polished marbled surfaces, and it had the look like it had never been cooked in. Then, when he opened the refrigerator door, he was even more confused. There wasn’t any food in it, only row upon row of little 6 ounce jars stacked on the top shelf. He picked up one of the small plastic jars for closer inspection. The contents appeared to be a thick white viscose liquid, like body lotion. He gave the container a shake and tried twisting the top off, but the lid didn’t budge, so he replaced the jar and took one of the bottles of Corona from the shelf and closed the door. When he did, he noticed Victoria standing in the entry, naked.

Her body was like a work of art, each curve a masterpiece in its own right. Mateo’s jaw nearly dropped as she stepped forward. "I thought I told you to make yourself comfortable." She whispered as she began pulling off his clothing. Mateo nodded, awestruck by the ebony goddess’ beauty, and helped her with his belt buckle, which he had just gotten right. His slacks slumped to the ground, followed a moment later by his black speedos, freeing his swollen member to rise in greeting. Victoria grinned in response and reached out, but instead of grabbing his dick, she scooped up his large, swollen scrotum and gave his nuts a good, hard tug. Mateo croaked under the pressure brought to bare on his gonads, but the discomfort lasted only a few mo-ments. Victoria lead him out of the kitchen, still with both his huevos in hand, and brought him through a pair of glass sliding doors out onto the balcony. It was a spa-cious area, lined with more tiles that matched the Italian marble in the apartment and a Jacuzzi in the corner, and a picturesque view of the park below.

Mateo followed Victoria as she dipped into the hot tub effortlessly, but when his skin touched to the water, he found it so hot it felt like it was nearly scalding. Slowly, he managed to ease himself into the water and sat down on one of the ledges against the side wall. Victoria slipped in next to him and without warning, kissed him passionately. Her lips stung Mateo’s mouth as if electricity was passing through them and his taste buds began firing off like crazy as she shoved her tongue deeper, exploring the walls of his mouth. The sensation was weird, amazing too and it only made him want more.

Victoria could feel her quarry’s will crumble and she knew the time to strike was rapid-ly approaching. Slowly, her hand snaked between the young stud’s muscular thighs and seized his manhood. His dick was rock hard, but when her fingers slipped easily around his scrotum, she found that his balls were soft and loose. Mateo moaned as Victoria fondled the bloated ballsack gingerly. As always, everything was playing out just as she’d planned. Heat and pressure were critical for an efficient extraction, and now that his gonads had been given time to soak, it was time to introduce the pres-sure.

Victoria broke away from the kiss and stared at Mateo as he panted excitedly. "I know you spend a lot of time in the pool. Have you ever, gotten head underwater?"

Mateo’s muscular chest heaved with excitement and perspiration. "No." He whis-pered, shaking his head.

Victoria nodded, and pressed a hand against his chest so that he was resting up against the side of the tub, then she slipped beneath the water. Mateo leaned forward so he could watch, but the water’s surface was churning too hard from the jets to make out what she was doing. Then suddenly he felt his dick slide into her mouth and the tiny sparks that had burst inside his mouth began running down the length of his shaft.

Mateo had never felt so horny in his life, so it was no surprise that he ended up blow-ing his load in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t as large as some of the others, but Victo-ria took everything he gave her, swallowing it greedily, and kept sucking on his cock even though he had finished. Mateo was in no position to complain. He sat back, and enjoyed the sensation, but as the seconds ticked he began to grow worried when Vic-toria failed to reappear. It had to have been at least two minutes since she’d taken her last breath, and yet, Victoria’s mouth was still locked around his cock. He grabbed her arm and tried pulling her up, but he was surprised by how heavy she was. Then when he tried again, Victoria merely shook off his grip and pushed him back hard against the hot tub with surprising strength. It appeared that any resistance on his part, was futile.

Left with no other options, Mateo sat back as Victoria went to town on him. The sensation that he’d at first found so exquisite seemed to lose a bit of its luster. Perhaps it was just the soreness in his manhood, but each orgasm seemed to sap away a bit more of his energy. Nonetheless, it didn’t prevent his dick from staying rock hard so long as it remained buried in Victoria’s soft mouth. Mateo closed his eyes and moaned as Victoria licked and sucked his pole with such gusto, that he felt his body become tense and before long, she had him blowing another load of his milky man-juice directly down her throat.

Mateo threw his head back in exhaustion. He’d cum so many times tonight, he’d lost count. All he knew was that both his cock, and his balls were sore as hell - and every-thing that had happened that night seemed wrong, but the more he tried to reason it out, the more confused he felt.

Victoria rose quietly to the surface of the hot tub to survey her quarry. His eyes were closed and his face was covered in sweat, and he was panting. It was time to finish him. Victoria could tell by the weak taste of Mateo’s spunk that his semen quality had bottomed out and the quantity had dropped so low, he was practically shooting blanks. She gave Mateo’s juicy cahones a squeeze as she thought of the millions of sperm cells still residing in those twin orbs, and how they would soon be hers. Passive extraction had gotten her this far, but the time get more aggressive had come.

Mateo looked groggy when he opened his eyes, as if he’d just woken up from a long dream when he noticed Victoria. "Hey," he said thickly. His voice was strained and for the first time, he noticed the numbness in his mouth and throat. Both were effects of the neurotoxin released in Victoria’s saliva - that was now coursing through his blood-stream. It was an effective tool in her repertoire that muted the senses of her victim and made them more pliable, and which she made a habit of using just before she went in for the kill.

Victoria inched closer. Her tone was comforting but her eyes remained cold. "Hush, baby. You don’t need to say anything, I know just how to . . . take care of you," she whispered, and kissed him on the mouth. Mateo kissed her back, but she quickly moved down, kissing the muscles on his chest and abdomen, continuing down until her head slipped down under the water.

That’s when he noticed the light in the water. It started out dim, but it quickly grew brighter until the entire tub glowed in its golden aura. Mateo shifted uncomfortably, unsure of what was happening. Then he felt Victoria’s hands close around his nutsack and squeezed so hard it took his breath away. His whole body bucked from the shock, and he groaned as her fingers dug harder and harder into the fleshy round orbs. A loud gurgling noise suddenly rose up through the bubbling water and he felt incredi-ble pressure on his dick as Victoria began to suck in earnest. The night air was soon filled with the Latin stud’s screams as searing pain ripped through his testicles. The agony was like nothing else he’d ever experienced and it felt like somehow his nuts had gotten caught in a trash compactor. He could actually feel them flattening.

"Oh, fuck . . ." was all he managed to whisper before both his nuts cracked, one right after the other. Victoria felt the orbs burst in her hands and Mateo’s body bucked, as if wracked by sexual release, and her mouth was flooded with an inconceivably large load of the Latin stud’s cum. Victoria swallowed the double load, and even once it was over, she continued sucking and kneading the poor boy’s emptied sac until there was nothing left but mush. When she finally rose to the surface, gracefully, she discovered he had passed out against the side of the hot tub, and though he had been unmanned, he had a peaceful look to him.

Victoria rose out of the pool while traces of golden light still shimmered off her body and reached for a towel to dry her face. She gave Mateo’s body another look and shrugged. She’d have the chauffer deal with him, after she’d secured the Latino’s sample. With that in mind, she turned and walked back into the apartment.

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