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V-Victoria's Real Secret Part 3 (f/mm) - repost

V-Victoria’s Real Secret Part 3

Victoria ground her way across the dance floor, giving and getting from each of the guys and girls she passed along the way. The lights were strobing, the music thumping, and the smell of virility and sexuality were saturating air. In other words, your typical frat rave.

The elfin redhead was making her way towards a pair of twins she had seen come in only a few minutes earlier. They were tall, fit and muscular with black hair and hip cloths. They were scanning the crowd for someone to hit on, and she was making sure they hit on her.

As she got close, Victoria began releasing just a whisper of her special man-catching pheromone. All the males in the area tried to lock eye contact with her, but she smoothly slipped past them and wedged herself between the twins. Their warm bodies pressed against her and as her delicate frame molded to theirs, she could sense they were grateful to have her.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. The music throbbed, Victoria could feel the two young men against her. She pressed her pert chest into the one in front and her tight ass against the one in back. Through their cotton shirts she smelled their musky cologne and the beginnings of perspiration. The room was hot, and the dancing intense.

"What’s your name?" shouted one of them in her ear.

"VICTORIA," she shouted back.

"I’m David! That’s Daniel!"

Victoria smiled and let her senses wander as they three of them danced together.

"Nice perfume!" yelled Daniel behind her. "You smell like lavender!"

"Thanks! You smell nice too!" She pressed herself into his package and grabbed the butt of David in front of her to pull him close. Neither seemed sexually excited yet, but they had the whole night to explore that reality, and she couldn’t press too hard with her chemical wiles yet - too many other guys were around. Best not to draw them all to her.

The night wore on. She made sure to have long kissing sessions with both of them, turning from one to the other, through all the songs, and when the crowd started to thin a bit, she pulled them over to a quieter corner.

"Can we get you a drink?"

"Sure. How about a ‘slippery nipple’."

"I’ll be right back," replied Daniel in a loud voice, now hoarse from shouting.

"Your brother’s a good dancer. So are you. Where you guys from?"

"SoCal, originally. We’re here on a scholarship. You know this frat?" shouted David.

"A few of the guy’s. We have some history."

"I hear some of them don’t have any balls. It’s like, a weird rumor. That some of them were castrated or something."

Victoria laughed, though you could hardly hear it. "I wouldn’t know. I’m not on those sort of terms with them. I just know one or two of them."

"Well that’s what I heard." David watched his brother return with a drink for each of them.

"THANKS!" said Victoria. She downed the red and tawny-milk shooter in one gulp.

"You guys live around here?"

Daniel stopped sipping his beer. "WHAT?"


"No! We’re on the other side of campus."

"OK. Let’s go to my place. Unless you have plans!"

David replied this time. "NO, THAT’S GREAT! We’ll take our truck."

"SURE!" Victoria enjoyed it when guys drove her around.

The three of them left the party, still hosting several dozen people and made their way along the street until they found the twin’s truck. They piled in, with Victoria squeezed in between them. The truck rumbled to life, and she gave them directions to her flat. During the ride she let her hands wander to the boys’ crotches, her right going to David’s, her left going to Daniel’s, feeling them both up. Their packages were ample, and both were starting to get seriously aroused. When the truck rumbled to a halt and turned off, the three of them couldn’t get into Victoria’s studio apartment fast enough. It was huge compared to most college student’s pads, and was very modern in style – spare, clean, filled with metal furniture and expensive art. Very chic, very expensive.

The three of them ended up in a tangle of bodies on the black and silver couch, kissing, moaning, twitching, grinding. Clothing started to come off - first Victoria’s shirt, then her bra. She had small but pert breasts and she had one twin’s mouth attached to each of them. They devoured their respective mounds.

However, Victoria wanted some amusement and not just sex. She let loose the full potency of her chemical aphrodisiacs that sent the twin brothers into a lustful haze. She could see in their dilated eyes that they were in a deep state of both arousal and enslavement. Simultaneously she pushed both of them away with surprising strength and she ran her hands over her body, groping snatch like a five dollar whore.

"Well boys, I’m afraid only one of you is going to get your hands on this," running her hands down from her breasts to rub her jean covered crotch, "But you’ll have to earn it."

Daniel’s voice was slurred with lust, "How?"

"Anything," moaned David.

Victoria tweaked her pheromones so that they generated competitiveness and rivalry as well as ardor. Instantly, the boy’s faces took on a hard, determined look.

"I’ve never had twins before, so it’ll be hard to choose." The red-head smirked.

"Pick me!" Daniel pleaded.

"Screw you, it’s me she wants!" David shoved his twin aside and struck his chest.

Daniel’s eyes narrowed and launched his leg between his brother’s spread legs and struck his groin from behind. David’s eyes, which had been fixed on Victoria’s supple, nymph-like body, suddenly widened and he moaned with his hands between his legs as he slumped to his knees.

Victoria’s eyes closed as her body appeared to be wracked with a wave of passion.

"Yes, that’s it. I want you to fight for me." She licked her fingers and put them down her own pants to diddle herself. "I want you to bust each other’s balls until only one of you can stand. I want you to bash each other’s balls like vicious animals until the other is down and out, and then," pulling her juice covered hand out of her pants and first letting Daniel suck on it, then David, "I’ll take the winner to heaven and back." Then she licked her own hand. Tangy.

The twins started to stare at each other in hatred.

"Bro, when I’m done with you, you won’t be able to have children!" David boasted menacingly.

"Dude, I don’t think so." Daniel shot back angrily and snapped the back of his hand straight into his brother’s crotch.

His big hand crunched the ample bulge in David’s jeans and sent his twin careening forward and sucking in air.

Daniel had a devilish look on his face. He bent down so he could see David’s expression, which was one of pain and frustration.

"Maybe you should just give up now, and save me the trouble of crunching those two sad excuses you call testicles into nut-butter."

David growled like an animal, and grabbed his brother’s balls from behind. The smug look on Daniel’s face suddenly disappeared as David channeled all his anger into tugging and squeezing the life out of his brother’s twin orbs.

Daniel began making mewing sounds as his nuts were ruthlessly compressed in David’s hands and were finished off with a hard twist at the end.

Daniel’s hands reached for his groin and he quietly sank to his knees.

Now both brothers were holding their balls.

Victoria smiled. This was going to be fun.

"Hold on there boys. I want you to strip first - I want to see your balls getting busted." She said almost lovingly as she stroked the Daniel’s hair.

The brothers didn’t hesitate. Their clothing came off, revealing their smooth, muscular bodies. Even their junk was identical - each sporting a thick cock and an ample set of low-hanging plums.

Then, they just launched themselves at each other. No preamble, just instant grappling. Both jammed their knees into the other’s hanging nutsack with vicious intensity. CRACK CRACK. They fell over backwards onto the couch, Daniel trying to pin down his brother.

"Your nuts are going down!" yelled Daniel.

"FUCK YOU!" screamed David.

Daniel, being on top, had the advantage, and pounded his brother’s spuds with his kneecap. Victoria got to watch the glands bulge and squish with each thrust. It was thrilling to see!

WHAM WHAM WHAM, Daniel’s knee was cracking his twin’s walnuts, but all too soon, the tables turned. David head butted his brother and knocked him off. Daniel fell to the floor, holding his bloody nose, legs spread. David grabbed his brother’s wrists so he couldn’t protect himself, and started kicking Daniel’s naked testicles with his right foot, punting them as hard as he could.

"Kick him harder!" yelled Victoria in excitement. She slipped both hands between her legs and slipped them inside her snatch.

David responded by doing exactly that, nailing his twin’s bloated testicles with the force of a football tee-off. Daniel was mewling and writhing, trying desperately to break free of his brother’s grip. As a last resort he pulled his brother closer and, his head being level with David’s crotch, pulled his twin’s nut sack right to his face, and into his mouth. He bit down hard on his brother’s fat left nut. There was a loud nut-cracking sound as he did so. David screamed like a little girl. The testicle instantly swelled up like a balloon. David fell over, grabbing himself and making repeated shrill screams.

Victoria had one hand down her pants, fucking herself with it, and the other had slipped up to squeeze her left tit. "Finish him!" she commanded.

Daniel looked at her grimly and nodded. He kicked his brother’s legs apart, pried off the fingers wrapped around the family jewels and began pounding his solid fist into the bulging nuts. WHAM WHAM WHAM. David’s package was almost as big as a football by now. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Daniel’s fist was like a piston, pulverizing his brother’s balls into mush. It wasn’t long before David blacked out, and his shuddering body went still.

Daniel staggered back to the couch, panting, his naked body covered in sweat. His own dick was still hard, and Victoria came over and knelt between his knees. She ran her hands over his slick body, soothingly, and sucked in his pole. It was turgid with blood, and his balls swollen with sperm and edema. She suctioned the member all the way to its base and stopped there, letting the back of her throat massage it. The penis was long, of even thickness and had a broad purple head. Daniel’s hands met Victoria’s and helped them explore his body, he was horny and sore. He needed release.

Victoria’s red head bobbed up and down on his shaft, and in virtually no time, Daniel felt cum begin to boil out of him. He began to buck his hips in time with her sucking and a few moments later, long ribbons of semen gushed down her throat. Daniel cried out as his bruised nuts gave up their spunk to Victoria’s pert, pink mouth. He could hear her purring, from deep in her chest. He was panting and gazed at her perfect, unbroken white skin. She looked up and gave him a dazzling smile, her eyes glowing green.

"You taste delicious. I could sooo suck on you all night."

Daniel gave her a weary smile.

"How’bout I try?" She smiled again, and Daniel nodded. Victoria reengaged his erection and sucked it hard. She brought her hands down to his nuts and pulled them towards her, squeezing firmly. This added a bit of pain to his pleasure. The blowjob continued, and twenty minutes later, she’d extracted three more loads from the six foot three stud, each time pressing harder and harder into his nuts. After the third eruption of cum, he’d slumped in the couch, seemingly unable to go any further. Victoria stood up, picked up a vase from the coffee table and brought it crashing down on his head. The boy passed out cold, but there was just one little pearl of cum on the tip of his fading erection. Victoria smeared it on the tip of her index finger and walked over to what appeared to be her HD flatscreen on the wall. With her other hand she pressed against it, and the monitor lit up.


Victoria watched the screen impassively.


Victoria hissed something in a strange language.


The screen lit up with the image of a ravishingly beautiful blond. Her eyes, though, were cold, like dead beetles.

"V-663, what do you want? An early pick up, perhaps? You’re going through those fraternity boys rather fast."

Victoria snarled. "Shut it. I have a sample that I want analyzed."

The other woman smirked a bit. "Upload the specimen."

Victoria smeared the cum sample on the side of the screen. It melted into it, as if absorbed by the plastic.

"Give me a moment." The other woman was looking down at her control board and pushing buttons. While this was going on, Victoria walked over to her linen closet and opened the doors. Inside were row after row of hamster cages. She opened one up, and looked down into it. With a flick, she wrapped her prehensile tongue around one hamster and swallowed the doomed male whole. Mmmm. She could feel it wriggling in her true stomach all the way down.

She returned to her flatscreen.

"Well?" she said impatiently.

"Yes. It appears to have traces of the genes we’re looking for. Where did you get it?"

"Some twins in my territory. Tell command I think they should be transported to the mother ship for assessment."


"What do you mean perhaps? Don’t toy with me!"

The other woman’s smile mocked her. "I’ll have to clear it with our zabrex. This ship is already full and she’s the only one in command at the moment."

"Well she’d better agree. I don’t want to have these two lying in a coma on my rug for three days. Get the extraction crew here tonight! And also, tell that cunt V-76 to stay the fuck out of my territory. If she passes through here again, I’ll claw that bitch’s eyeballs out myself!"

The blond ignored the comment. "The zabrex will contact you within the hour. Enjoy your evening," she finished with silky venom in her voice. Victoria hissed back at her as the screen turned off.

Behind her, one of the boys moaned. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out several lengths of white silk rope. Time to truss these turkeys up.

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