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V-Victoria's Real Secret Part 4 (groupF/groupM) - repost

V-Victoria’s Real Secret Part 4

Daniel woke up, naked as the day he was born, in what seemed to be an examination table. The room is like nothing he’s ever seen before, filled with vicious looking equipment that he didn’t recognize. The atmosphere was humid, alien and unfriendly. His balls ached, his head hurt, and his skin was clammy and moist. Not a good sign, any of it. He turned his head.

Next to him lay his twin brother David, also naked, and he noticed David’s grossly bloated nutsack. He winced in sympathy. Though he was free of the red-headed temptress’s chemical wiles, try as he might, he couldn’t remember anything after meeting her at the party they’d gone to earlier, or how they got in this bizarre room.

Gingerly, he cradled his own nuts, to reassure himself that all was well, before reaching over and examining his brother’s bloated sack. He gently prodded the genitals that were identical to his. To his horror he found his twin’s testicles were soft and spongy.

In a panic born of love for his brother, he jostled David, trying to rouse him. There was no response.

"David, wake up. David, common, you gotta wake up. We have to get out of here. Dave!" Nothing seemed to work. Because their dad was a doctor, Daniel knew enough to open one of David’s eyes and look to see if there was any pupil dilation. David’s eye was rolled back and there was no response. He was breathing, but had no autonomic responses. This was bad.

Daniel tried to unlatch David’s hands from their restraints, and carry him to safety but nothing he did could budge the metal clamps. Daniel considered the situation. He’d have to escape to get help and return. Something had to be done to save David.

Daniel gently slipped his hand over his brother’s forehead. "I’ll come to get you. Just hold on."

Just then, the double doors slid open silently and three beautiful women entered the room. All wearing black, skin-tight uniforms - which as they approach, appear to be of finely polished leather.

"Hello Daniel," said the one in the middle. "I see you’ve awoken earlier than we had expected."

Daniel’s reaction was anger and desperation. "What the hell have you done to my brother, and what the hell kind of place is this???"

One of the women smiled but none of them deigned to reply to this mere human.

"V-108, take this one to holding chamber 347 for storage. Tests have confirmed his value to us." The tall, stately redhead issued this order to the Asian looking woman beside her.

"I’m not going anywhere, you evil bitches." Daniel moved to stand in front of his comatose brother, protectively. The Asian laughed. Faster than he could blink, she moved to his crotch and wrapped her hand around his scrotum, squeezing his twin berries. Daniel instantly lost all will to resist.

The Asian smiled. "That’s better. Follow me, breeder." She led him, nuts first, into the hall. As he left, he could hear the redhead issuing another order. "We’ll have to dispose of this one. He’s useless to us. Extract the nutmeat and throw away the rest of him."

"DAVID!" yelled the helpless Daniel as he was led away. These bitches were like evil monsters.

They were monsters, actually, but that was only the half of it. As he was pulled along by his balls, Daniel realized that this was not a normal building. The lighting was acid green, the walkways narrow and the floor was an iron grate. There was a misty haze in the air, and the temperature was warm and moist. It suddenly flashed into his head that this was a lot like a sci-fi film. Sure enough, when they entered what appeared to be the heart of the structure, he saw something he was never to forget.

A huge circular room, made of concentric tiers, each holding hundreds of human males, all clamped to the wall, naked, and each in terrible distress. More of these women were walking up and down the aisles, making measurements, taking samples and punishing the men with vicious knees to their nuts. Nearby, he heard an odd noise, that sounded like a water balloon rupturing against the pavement, followed by a muffled wail. Then, when he heard a woman say, "Oopps, I think I popped one," Daniel broke out into a cold sweat. It was a nightmare.

The Asian woman leading him along noticed his distress.

"Don’t worry, honey. Yours are too valuable to burst. But . . . it does happen. Your human bodies are so frail. And we’re so strong." She gave and extra vicious squeeze to his ghoolies, and he could actually feel his bigger left nut distort in her grip. Daniel whimpered.

They made their way up through the middle of the room and into the corridor beyond it. It wasn’t long before they stopped in front of another set of doors.

"This is your room, sweetie." Her overly familiar tone was probably supposed to put him at ease, but it wasn’t working. Still, there was something hypnotic about her. She smelled like rosemary, warmed in the sun in some French garden. And, for an Asian, she was well endowed. Her skin was flawless, and her eyes a beautiful hazel. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was squishing his nuts, he might actually get a boner.

The woman didn’t seem to need to blink, and she stared back at him. There was an eagerness in her eyes, a possessiveness. Something sexy and positively feral about her, like she wanted to gobble him up.

"You’re special, you know," she said as she led him into the stark cell. "We’ve been looking for your genetic pattern for six years. You’re the first."

Daniel had no idea what she was talking about. Genetic pattern? Was this some kind of black market science lab?

"Imagine our luck when we found out that you had a twin? Too bad your cohort was already damaged beyond repair. Victoria 663 is going to pay for that mistake."

Daniel panicked. "You aren’t going to hurt him, are you?" David was his best friend, his soul mate, his other half.

"Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll keep the best parts of him for study. We don’t like to waste genetic material if we can help it." She looked down at the balls she had in her hand. They were chock full of reproductive cells, and the aroma of his natural sweat was as heady a mixture to her, as was her pheromones were to him. She could almost taste his DNA, seeping through his pores. It made her salivate. She licked her lips with her long tongue.

"Tell you what, big boy. How about I get a sample of your ‘materials’. I’m hungry." She turned up her pheromones full blast and let go of his balls. She sunk to her knees and stared at his growing erection. It was a healthy one. She sucked it in, easily, like it was a popsicle, and started giving him head.

"No… please, don’t," Daniel whispers, but his body seems to scream YES as the beautiful alien worked his love-pole inside her mouth. Seconds flew by and muscles tightened and released in anticipation of the orgasm that was on its way. Daniel was powerless to stop the responses of his body to sexual pleasure, and as the cum boiled out of his very loins, he was practically thrown backwards by the force of his ejaculation. Jet after jet of his spunk spurted down the warm, open throat of the sucking brunette beauty. It was horrific and transcendent all at the same time.

When it was over, Daniel sagged back on to the little bed they had provided, and felt the woman release his balls. They had turned white from where she’d squeezed them while sucking him off. He was exhausted, and sick at heart for his brother.

"Mmm. You do taste good. I can’t wait to see what kind of offspring you’ll produce." She got up and walked to the door. She gave him a little wave and a smile. "Ta!" she said, and the door slid shut behind her. Fatigue and bone weariness took over and Daniel slipped into a deep sleep.

Hours later, it seemed, he woke up, still naked, and looked around the room. There was nothing except the bed and a toilet and a wash bin. No easy means of escape or self defense. Oh, except for the ventilation grate above the toilet. Maybe he could open it somehow, and crawl out.

Just then the door slid open, and in walked one of the women he’d seen earlier. She was carrying a plastic tray with a mound of what looked like grey pudding. Daniel cringed. He hoped that wasn’t supposed to be his dinner.

"Here is your nourishment, specimen Z-3. I hope you enjoy it." Fat chance of that.

"Do you think I could get some cloths?" He had to begin planning his escape now, before they tie him up again.

"Why? You don’t appear to be cold." The brunette replied, giving his naked body a once-over. He certainly was handsome.

Daniel grimaced. "Well how about something to eat this . . . stuff with."

The woman looked at him for a few seconds, then nodded. "I’ll be right back."

She returned a few minutes later with what appeared to be a medical or dental instrument which a slightly concave spatula at the end of it.

"Thanks," he said, bitterness etching his voice.

"Of course," she said. "Anything for our prized specimen," and then she left.

Daniel dumped the grey pudding into the john the moment she left, and stood on the toilet seat. He felt the rim of the ventilation grate and found the point where it latched. With great care, he deftly slid the instrument up and popped it open. As quietly as he could, he lifted the grate up. The duct was just big enough for him to fit in if he was careful. Perfect.

Being strong, he pulled himself up and into the vent, and crawled a short ways, turned, and replaced the grate. Now, it was just a matter of finding a way out of this accursed place. On his hands and knees he crawled. Within seconds he passed two detention cells that were empty. Then he came across a third, but this one wasn’t empty.

"I think we should teach him a lesson," he heard one voice say.

"I think he needs more than that. I say we ruin him," he heard another voice.

Daniel peaked down into the room, and watched.

"Mr. Tanner here thinks he can resist us. I think it’s time he learned some respect." They were holding a handsome guy with a shaved head against the wall, his legs spread, and his naked junk stretched in front of him. He had a defiant look on his face. ‘Good for him,’ thought Daniel. ‘Show those bitches who’s boss.’

"Hold him stead girls." The taller blond woman stepped back and launched a kick into his nuts that was so hard, the man was lifted off his feet. His eyes rolled back into his head, and gurgled. WHAM. She kicked his junk again. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The poor dude’s testicles were being turned to mush. He was starting to foam at the mouth. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The women holding him were smiling at his agony, watching this poor human male’s most treasured possessions being turned into jelly.

"Do you like that, Mr. Tanner? I know I always get exciting busting one of you puny males." WHAM WHAM. She stopped kicking and got up right close. All of a sudden the whole room smelled like eucalyptus and Daniel felt his own naked dick become hard. All of a sudden he wanted to be down there himself, getting his nuts whacked. The skin-head’s own dick rose to attention, despite his agony.

"Mmm. I can see you do. How about we take you all the way. Would you like me to nut you, poor thing?"

To Daniels surprise, he saw the boy nod his head, vigorously. Daniel could feel his own nuts ache, like they wanted it too.

"Excellent." The woman pressed her body to his, and began pistoning her knee between his. Her jabs were lightning fast, WHACKWHACKWHACK, and Daniel was hypnotized by the sight. His own hand involuntarily went to jerk his own cock off, and as she pulverized the dude’s nuts faster and faster, so did Daniel’s own fist fly faster.

"Here it comes, girls, they’re about to explode!" CRRRRUNCH. A single freight train of a knee to his balls and they cracked like ripe walnuts. The boy’s balls exploded inside the sack and his rigid prick splashed all three women with cum. Daniel’s own pecker spasmed at that same moment, and six or seven streams of ropey cum dribbled onto the metal grate. He couldn’t help himself. There was something about these women that made any man lose his sense of self preservation despite all rational thought.

"Do you smell something, V-583? It smells like someone else’s cum."

"No, and don’t get off track. We need to harvest this one’s ball remains, while they’re still fresh."

"You’re right. Haul him away."

The three women dragged the helpless, neutred male out of the room, and it left Daniel time to recompose himself. He’d have to watch out, lest he give himself away. Wiping the semen off his hands, he continued to crawl.

Soon he crawled over the exam room where he had originally been held, and there was his brother, apparently awake, and still tied up. Daniel popped open the grate and eased himself into the room, as quiet as a prowling cat.

David lying on one of the tables in the center of the room, his arms and legs were both held firm by restraints. His eyes opened as he heard footsteps approaching.

"Daniel! Daniel, are you ok? What’s happened?" His brother whispered hoarsely.

"I don’t know . . . these women . . . hell, I don’t even think they are women, but these people are holding us are crazy. Whatever they’re after, I don’t intend on being around long enough to find out - but first we have to get you free." Daniel said as he worked the straps of his brother’s bonds, but just as before, they would not budge.

"Dan, hold on - why am I naked? And why do my nuts feel like somebody went at them with a meat tenderizer?" David said, glancing down at his bruised body.

Daniel shook his head. "I don’t know bro. Damn! These straps won’t budge!"

"What about the panel on the wall? I saw one of them use it before." His brother suggested. Daniel walked over to the panel and pressed it, but the smooth surface didn’t respond. He tried again, pressing harder, but again, nothing happened.

David pulled against his restraints weakly. "Listen, forget about it. Get out of here and get help."

"I’m not leaving you here!" Daniel whispered.

"Don’t argue, just go and hurry up before they come back!" David replied sternly. He knew what he was asking his brother to would be hard for Daniel to accept, but it was the only way he was going to get out of this alive.

"Are you sure?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, I’m sure! Now go!" David whispered harshly.

Daniel stopped and gripped his twin’s arm. "I’ll bring help as quick as I can."

"Good, now go!" It was an order.

Just then Daniel heard someone walking down the corridor. He hid to the side of the door. It slipped open and in walked one of the evil bitches. Without a second thought, Daniel bull-rushed her and slammed her head against the metal wall. Over and over until the evil woman’s eyes rolled back and she slid to the floor. Daniel looked at her. Her cloths, perhaps he could fit into them. He undressed the woman and tried on the cat suit. It was way too tight, but he found with a little stretching, he could fit into her panties. They didn’t cover much of his package, but it was better than having his cock and balls flopping around all over the place when he ran.

Daniel nodded to David. "I’ll be back, I promise."

Daniel rushed out of the room and down the corridor. He’d been so wrapped up with the thought of finding his brother that he’d failed to notice the absence of windows or exits to the outside world. He wondered the corridors in search of either, but only found room after room, corridor after corridor. At least he hadn’t encountered any more of his captors - but time was ticking away, and he was no closer to finding his way out. Feeling desperate, Daniel began checking each room he found, hoping that one of them might lead to an exit. Finally, Daniel came across the first thing resembling a window. It was a small, round affair, like something you’d see in a passenger ship. He peeped out, and nearly passed out from what he saw. They were in space! There was the earth below him. This was no building, and these were no mere women.

"HOLY SHIT!" These fucking women were aliens, and this was a space ship. Mother fucking shit! No way. These women were breeding men for some evil purpose, and he and David were to be part of the experiment. Daniel didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or pass out. ‘David. I’ve got to find help for David.’ The thought refocused him.

Through more hallways and doors he searched until he came across a room that was inhabited. Lying on a plush, circular cushion was a beautiful blond girl. She was radiant, certainly one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen in his life. She looked up at him.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" she asked, a slight tremor in her voice.

Daniel shook his head. "I could ask you the same thing."

The girl pulled up her knees and hugged them against her chest. "I don’t know. I woke up in this room a few days ago, but I can’t remember anything before that!"

Daniel checked the hall to make sure it was empty before he stepped into the room. "Me too. Last thing I remember, my brother and I were at a frat party and the next thing I know, I wake up here," and then after an awkward pause, "my name’s Daniel, by the way."

The beautiful young woman nodded her head. "Vickie."

Another few awkward moments passed between them. "So, Daniel, where’d you get those flashy drawers?"

Daniel glanced down and suddenly remembered he was wearing pilfered alien underwear. "Oh, yeah those." Daniel crossed his arms self-consciously. "Swiped them off one of my jailers."

"They’re cute on you, though, I don’t think you have the right size." Vickie giggled at the obscene way his manly bits seemed to pour out of them.

"Yeah, well, it was this or nothing. They didn’t give me a transparent nighty to slip into when they abducted me." Daniel said, point at Vickie’s revealing garb. "Which brings me to my next point - do you know what the hell is going on here?"

Vickie shook her head. "No, not really. The only thing I’ve come up with so far is that these ladies aren’t normal."

"Normal? Hell, I don’t think their even human! Do you know where we are right now? In space! I just saw it! The earth was below us, which means this is some sort of . . . space ship." Daniel watched as his words set in.

"Are you sure?" Vickie said finally.

"Sure? Hell no, but it’s the best I have to go on at the moment." Daniel replied.

"Then how do we get out?" Vickie asked. Her eyes watered and she looked like she might cry.

"I don’t know, but I’m not going anywhere until I figure out how to free my brother. They’ve got him tied down to an examination table somewhere on this ship and I’ve got to get him out."

"And how do you propose to do that?" Vickie asked incredulously.

"I don’t know, but if help won’t come to us, then I guess we’ll have to improvise." Daniel said, taking another glance down the hall.

"We? What’s this we business?" Vickie asked.

Daniel whirled around and frowned. "Oh, I’m sorry. Would you prefer to stay here and find out what these crazy aliens have planned for you? By all means, be my guest."

Vickie shook her head no. "You’ve got a point, I’ll go with you."

Daniel smiled, "Glad to hear it. Now come on, we’ve got to move. Keep behind me and stay quiet!."

The two of them made their way down the corridor, in the opposite direction Daniel had come. Then down a level, through a second corridor, and then down another. The hallways were suspiciously quiet. They came across only a few of the ship’s inhabitants, but each time they managed to duck out of site before being seen. Once the coast was clear, they would continue on.

Finally they came across a large camber on their left. The wall was transparent, and on the other side, stand a row of a dozen men against the far wall. Their hands were bound above their heads and tubes extended from the end of each man’s cock down to a bank of pumps. A single alien woman walked up and down the line, inspecting their progress of the machinery as it sucked and pumped on their knobs.

"What are they doing to them?" Vickie asked.

Daniel shook his head. "It looks like they’re being . . . milked."

Vickie slapped him in the arm. "That’s disgusting!"

But a moment later, one of the men threw back his head and moaned, "Oh shit, I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhh." The noise of the machines drowned him out as it sucked and gurgled the precious spunk and deposited it into a clear vial.

The alien attendant walked over to the male and checked on his progress. "That’s it? What’s wrong big guy, have your testicles gone dry?" She asked playfully as she gripped his nutsack between her fingers roughly.

"No, no, no . . . no . . . no . . ." The man replied as the alien mashed the poor stud’s balls in her fist. He shook his head and pleaded, but his cries for mercy were lost on her. The distended orbs throbbed and the man screamed, and then in the next second, both his nuts were gone. Once again, the machine began to gurgle and slurp as the contents of his pulped cherries were pulled into the tubing and deposited into the vial.

The alien woman smirked, and wiped her hand against the unconscious man’s torso. Then she walked over to what appeared to be a control node. Both the restraints and the tubing that had been attached to the unfortunate fellow withdrew, and he slipped down a shoot that opened in the floor beneath him. Then she picked up her tablet and ordered up another male to be brought up from storage.

After that, Daniel and Vickie decided they should move faster and sped down the corridor as fast as they could manage. As they went, they discovered more and more of these extraction rooms. ‘How many men had they abducted?’ Dan wondered. At this rate, it had to be hundreds, based on the speed they were going through them.

On they went, Daniel searching for familiar landscape, until finally they rounded a corner and faced a hallway that he recognized. These were the chambers that flanked his own holding cell and Daniel realized they’d come full circle. The ship must be saucer shaped. Vickie rushed down the hall after him as he sprinted ahead of her, and stopped in his tracks at the opened doorway. It was as empty as he’d left it.

"We’re close to my brother. We’ve got to get him!" Daniel said, already he was bounding down the hall toward the examination room.

"Daniel, wait! They’ll be expecting that! It might be a trap!" She shouted, but it was no use, Daniel was already out of sight.

Vickie raced after him, but she wasn’t nearly as fast, and she ended up taking a wrong turn. By the time she stopped to right herself, she was completely lost. Then, she heard a man’s scream. It was close, and she followed the sound until she turned a corner and saw one of the alien women holding Daniel up by his throat with one hand, and grinding his ballsack with the other.

Vickie approached quietly so she could listen.

"That was a dirty stunt you pulled. Next time, you won’t be so lucky, human." The tall brunett was saying. She had a nasty looking bruise on her right temple.

"Ahhhhh," Daniel groaned as generations of his future children were crushed between her iron-clad grasp. "What’d you do with my brother, you alien bitch?"

The brunette tilted her head. "Him? He was useless to us. We’ve already disposed of his body."

"No!!!!!" Daniel screamed, the pain in his balls was suddenly surpassed by grief and guilt. Tears began to flow and he wailed in anguish.

That was when Vickie stepped into action. Out of the shadows, she struck, slamming her heel into the tall brunette’s ankle with a bone-crunching snap, the alien woman dropped Daniel and staggered back onto the floor. Vickie rushed forward, kicking her foot into the downed woman’s ribs several times, and finished with a roundhouse kick to the head. Then she helped Daniel up, who still had tears streaking down his cheek as he stared at the brunette’s bloody face.

"How did you do that?" He asked numbly.

Vickie shrugged. "I know how to take care of myself."

Daniel nodded but did not move. "Did you hear what she said?"

"Yes, I’m so sorry Daniel." Vickie replied gravely.

"I just left him there, I should have . . . I should have . . ."

"You did your best, but there’s nothing you could have done for him. Now come on, we still have to get off this ship." Vickie pressed. Still, she ended up having to drag him along with her until his legs began to work again.

Slowly they made their way through the concentric maze of halls, working their way down the levels of the ship until they reached what appeared to be a hanger, full of smaller, saucer like ships that were docked. They were nearly there when suddenly lights in the corridors began flashing and a loud buzzing noise seemed to emanate from everywhere. An alarm. In minutes, the hallways were crawling with tall, attractive women in black jumpsuits.

Vickie grabbed Daniel by the shoulder and shoved him into an alcove just as a pair of Victorias walked past them. "I guess somebody finally caught on that one of us was missing."

"Yeah, I guess so." Daniel said sadly, still thinking of his brother.

"Well, we can’t just hide forever. We have to get to the hanger before they lock it down!" Vickie pressed. "We need some sort of . . . I don’t know, like a . . . a diversion."

Daniel’s shoulders sagged in defeat. "And how are we supposed to pull that off?"

"I’m not sure . . . but I think I have an idea." Vickie winked.

Daniel looked unsure and was shocked when she suddenly reached over and kissed him on the mouth. "That’s for good luck, now come on sport, let’s go!"

The two of them moved swiftly back up a level, this time with Vickie in the lead, until they reached one of the extraction chambers. The men were still lined up in a row like cattle, but their alien overlord appeared to be missing at the moment.

"Where do you think the warden went." Daniel nodded toward the men.

"I don’t know, probably patrolling the halls, looking for you." Vickie shot back. "Now, if we can get to that control panel and set them free, we’ll probably give these aliens something else to deal with."

Daniel raised one eyebrow in suspicion. "That’s a very big IF," he said as they walked up to the control panel. Daniel reached out and pressed the flat surface, but nothing happened just as before in the examination room. "See?"

"Hold on, let me try." VIckie said, pressing her palm against the device. Almost immediately, the panel came to life with lights and chirps.

"How’d you do that?" Daniel asked incredulously.

"I don’t know, I guess I just have the touch." Vickie grinned as she pressed at the panel. The wall continued to chirp and beep, but nothing happened.

"Come on! You’ve got to hurry!" Daniel said.

"Don’t you think I know? Now hush, and watch my back!" Vickie shot back, but no sooner did she say it, when suddenly a slim Asian beauty in black leather appeared and swung her six-inch heel boot into Daniel’s crotch.

Daniel moaned, cupping his bruised balls and fell to the floor.

"Get away from that panel!" The Asian woman screeched and launched herself at Vickie, but Daniel, still holding his sore nuts, leapt into her and the two fell to the floor, grappling. Despite her size, she was incredibly strong, and before Daniel knew what was happening, she had him by the wrists, forced open his legs, and delivered a ball-shattering knee directly into his meaty gonads. Daniel gasped and moaned as his poor nuts were crushed repeatedly between his muscular thighs. With each hit his balls took, excruciating pain exploded in his lower abdomen, but it bought the one thing Vickie needed - which was time.

Finally once Vickie managed to press the right sequence of keys, the panel chirped and all the restraints and tubes fell away from the captured men. Some of them looked weak and weary, drained of life-force from the cum-sucking pumps, but most were strong enough to run, while others unleashed their pent up rage and rained blows down on their alien captor. Daniel was thrown clear of the melee, and staggered to his feet, still nursing his battered nuts, and together, the two of them ran down the corridor, away from the sound of shouting and toward the hangar deck.

Twice more, the pair stopped to release rooms filled with dazed and drained men. Most of them were too weak to walk, and others wished to find their own way, but some chose to stay with Vickie and Daniel. Together, they lead their small company to the hanger. It was an odd site. A scantily clad couple, followed by half a dozen men with their dicks and balls swinging in the breeze as they ran. They were all different ethnicities, and some of them didn’t speak English, but they all seemed to understand what to do.

As they rounded another corner, they saw the large doors to the hanger bay laying open just ahead. A few of the men gave a cheer as they ran through the doors and into the light . . .

It was so bright, it took a moment for their eyes to adjust. Daniel shielded his face with his hand, and then he saw them. In the center of the room, stood six beautiful women in black leather jumpsuits. There was one for each man - and they were blocking the way to the shuttles.

The two groups stared at one another for a moment, waiting to see who would make the first move. As it turned out, one of the freed captive males, a tall, dark African man was the first to move. Bellowing in a rich, deep voice, he rushed the woman in the center and struck into her like a locomotive. Then the rest of the men charged into them, dicks flapping - and shouting oaths and curses. They met in a crush of bodies and for a moment, it looked as though the human men might prevail, but it wasn’t long before it became clear that they were no match for the alien temptresses’ combined strength. One by one, the men fell, some still clutching their busted gonads, while others were left with nothing more than a bloody pulp between their legs.

At that moment, Daniel was grappling with a tall, thin Latin beauty, and he was losing ground fast. She had him down on the floor, with her knee jammed into his neck. He pushed with all his strength to remove the crushing knee, but it was no use.

Suddenly there was a scream just off to his left side, where he saw a short, wiry Irish stud with flaming red hair tussle with a lithe blond alien. He wasn’t fairing any better than Daniel, and in a desperate move, he grabbed the alien by the throat in an attempt to crush her windpipe. Unfortunately the gamble backfired, and in an instant, her knee was rocketing up into the poor guys’ crotch. The red-haired hunk bellowed in pain as her knees drilled into his balls with the deadly accuracy and after no more then a dozen strikes, Daniel heard a sickening, hollow ‘CRUNCH’ as the Irish hunk’s nuts were pasted against his pelvic bone. Daniel watched as the red, shiny tip of the man’s cock exuded a thick, white liquid onto her thigh, which she promptly scooped up and swallowed with one gulp.

Pain suddenly erupted from out of his loins as his own alien combatant managed to rip his hands away and land a devastating uppercut into his crotch, crushing his poor, defenseless baby-makers. Daniel’s eyes bugged out and he groaned in agony, but could do nothing to stop her from jabbing her tiny fists into his voluminous nutsack. Daniel’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a shriek as his balls were steadily rammed up into his body.

Then out of no where, Vickie came rushing up and lifted her knee into the Latina’s head, breaking her eye-socket with a loud ‘CRACK’.

Daniel looked up at his rescuer through a squinting mask of pain. "Jesus, I hope I never get on your bad side."

Vickie shrugged and smiled. "That’s the second time I saved your butt."

With her help, Daniel climbed back to his feet to discover that of all of the others that had entered the hanger with them, none of them were left standing.

"Come on! We can’t help them!" Vickie screamed, pulling Daniel toward closest shuttle.

Daniel followed reluctantly, and looked back from the shuttle door’s opening. To his surprise, there was still one guy on his feet, 20 yards away, who appeared to be holding his own against two aliens. He moved nearly as fast and gracefully as the aliens, dodging and feinting this way and that, like a Capoeira master. Then in one swift motion, he managed to sweep one of them off her feet, followed by a somersault leap and landed a direct kick to the other alien’s face. Then, he turned and ran.

Daniel shouted from the shuttle, urging the man to hurry. From inside the cock pit, Vickie was yelling back at him to close the doors, but Daniel remained fixed where he was, his heart leaping into his throat as the lone survivor sprinted towards him. As he got closer, Daniel could see the beads of sweat glisten on his coppery skin.

Daniel reached out and grabbed his extended hand and pulled, when suddenly the man seemed to stop in midair as a long, spindly-looking tentacle wrapped around his waist like a whip and ripped him out of Daniel’s grasp. The man was thrown ten feet back, and before he could rise to his feet, three alien captors were on top of him. Daniel pounded his fist against the shuttle wall in utter shame and helplessness as he watched the brave fighter scream in terror as they fell upon him, and in seconds his gonads were reduced to nut-butter.

Then Vickie emerged from the cockpit and gasped at the grizzly scene. More aliens were entering the hangar, and they were headed straight for them.

"Come on, there’s nothing you can do." She said, activating panel on the wall and the shuttle doors noiselessly slid closed. "Come on, move! I need your help up front!"

Daniel shuddered from the images, still fresh in his mind. Then he turned, and ran up into the cockpit where Vickie was furiously punching the controls.

"Do you know what you’re doing?" The moment he asked, he knew it was a silly question.

"Of course I don’t, I’m just pushing buttons here. Let’s hope we can get lucky twice!" Vickie shouted and Daniel prayed that she was right.

Suddenly, a 3-Dimensional image of the Earth flickered to life in the display and Vickie touched the map in the center of the U.S. With that, the engines kicked on and the shuttle lifted off, pulling out of the hanger. Daniel watched as the figures on the deck sprung out of the path of the shuttle’s booster rockets, and then suddenly they were free, the roar and rattling they experienced when they lifted off suddenly ceased, and they were traveling through space. Behind them, the huge alien mother ship appeared to grow smaller and eventually, disappeared from site.

"Where are we going?" Daniel asked nervously. Heat trails began to pick up on the shuttle’s surface as they began to slice through the Earth’s atmosphere.

"I don’t know exactly. I pointed towards the United States, but it didn’t exactly ask for a zip code, ya know," Vickie shot back. "You should be more worried about whether we can make it back in one piece!"

Daniel’s heart sank. "Have you ever flown before?"

"What, you mean an alien craft? Hasn’t everyone?" she replied tartly.

Daniel shook his head and gripped the back of her chair. There were no other seats in the ship, so he lashed his arms to some straps on Vickie’s chair and braced himself.

The moment they broke through the clouds and saw the ground rapidly approaching, they both panicked. Vickie was screaming, pressing every button she could find, and Daniel found himself praying to God. Then when they were only a few hundred feet above the ground, their descent slowed and Daniel was confronted with the thought that they just might survive.

Despite the deceleration, their landing was a lot harder then Daniel expected, and he was thrown hard against the side of the cockpit. A loud PANG reverberated inside the shuttle as his head slammed into the bulkhead, and he began to fall. He heard Vickie yell his name once as he slumped to the floor, and then everything went dark.


When he awoke several hours later, he found himself sprawled out on a couch in a room he did not recognize. His body was covered in dozens of scratches and scrapes. Most of them looked minor, but the largest cuts had been cleaned and bandaged up. Where was he? His head hurt, as did his equipment.

Daniel laid his head back against the thick pillow cushion and stared up at the ceiling. The memories suddenly came back to him in a flood. Those of his captivity on an alien ship, of Vickie, and their harrowing escape on the shuttle. Then his thoughts turned to his brother, and the pit of his stomach sunk through the floor. How could he be gone? Daniel couldn’t imagine his life without David. Since birth they’d done everything together. Being twins had been an important part of their identity, which they had both had come to embrace. Now he was the only one left . . . and alone.

Daniel wiped his eyes as he heard someone walk into the room and lifted himself up on his elbow. Vickie was standing there in a white bathrobe, her hair still wet. Just as the first time he’d seen her, he was suddenly reminded of how beautiful she was.

Vickie smiled back at him. "How are you feeling?" She asked as she came and sat down on the couch next to him.

"I’m a little banged up, but I’m ok. And you?" Daniel responded, suddenly conscious of the fact that he was completely naked in front of her. He tried to cover up, without seeming too obvious.

"Not a scratch." Vickie shrugged her shoulders and winked. "And don’t bother being modest, I already saw everything when I checked your body for injuries."

Daniel’s dick twitched as her hand grazed the inside of his thigh.

He cleared his throat loudly. "Where are we?"

Vickie frowned and shook her head. "I’m not entirely sure. We’re in the middle of nowhere, it seems. It was a good thing that I saw this house when we were coming down. By the look of it, this is someone’s vacation house. They’ve got a few of the necessities, but there’s no TV and no phone."

Daniel rubbed his forehead and nodded. "Is there any food? I’m starving."

"There are a few boxes of pasta and cans of vegetables in the pantry." Vickie said. "But first, we need to get you cleaned up."

Though his stomach was growling, Daniel could hardly disagree. His body was covered in dirt, sweat, and dried blood. "Ok, that sounds good."

Daniel tried to sit up, but quickly realized it was a harder task then he’d anticipated. Everything felt sore, right down to his bones.

Vickie grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet with surprising ease. "Here, I’ll help you."

Daniel shook his head, ever trying to be the knight in shining armor. "No, no. I’ll be fine, I just need a minute."

Vickie ignored him and slung her arm around his torso. "Come on big guy, it’s just down the hall."

Daniel was in no position to refuse her aid and together they made their way into the bathroom. It was a large, bright room lined with white tiles. In one corner a shower head stuck out of the wall and hung over a drain in the floor.

"There’s no tub, so you’ll have to take a shower. Here, I’ll stay and help you." Vickie said, brushing a lock of golden hair across her face. "You won’t mind, will you?"

"No, of course not." Daniel replied softly. His loins were already stirring, but fighting the feeling soon became impossible as Vickie pulled open her robe and let it slip to the floor. Her body was magnificent. Voluptuous, with pert breasts, milky white skin and long, firm legs that curved softly toward her pretty, pink snatch.

Daniel couldn’t stop himself from staring at her and actually blushed.

"It’s alright, I’ve gotten an eyeful of you, it’s only fair that you get the same." Vickie said, breaking into another smile.

Daniel felt caught in her gaze, unable to look away.

"It’s ok." She whispered softly, taking one of his hands and placing it on her right breast.

Daniel gasped. Her skin was so soft and smooth!

Still smiling, Vickie grabbed the shaft of his cock and gave it a few short tugs. Together they watched as his bruised member swell to life and then she reached up and kissed Daniel on the mouth. Daniel moaned as Vickie’s tongue slipped into his mouth while her fingers danced along the length of his dick. The past 24 hours had been such a blur it made Daniel’s head spin, but one thought remained clear. He wanted her.

Vickie led him into the shower, pausing only to turn on the water. The warmth felt good against his sore muscles, and Vickie’s hands explored his body. With liquid soap, she lather him up and cleaned every inch of his sore body - touching here, massaging there, but always returning to his dick.

As the tension in Daniel’s body lifted, it seemed only to get more concentrated in his loins. His heart began to pound faster and faster and his chest heaved in short, shallow breaths.

Vickie pushed him against the wall and kissed his neck, as she continued to jerk him off. Daniel let out a slight moan and tilted his head back as the smell of her shampoo gently wafted into his nostrils.

"I want to put you in my mouth." Vickie said seductively, kissing him with her soft lips, and licking his gently, then she knelt down in front of him, getting an eyeful of his manhood.

Daniel’s heart nearly jumped into his throat as she lowered her head on his shaft and suddenly was filled with an inexplicable fear as he watched her devour all nine inches of his cock. Vickie’s mouth was warm, wet, and inviting, and yet, he couldn’t shake the sensation.

Vickie seemed to notice and pulled out. "What’s wrong?"

Daniel looked down at her, panting. "It’s nothing. I guess I’m still just a little sore down there."

Vickie broke out a fresh, dazzling smile. Her teeth were so white, so perfect. "Ok, don’t worry. I know just how to take care of you."

Daniel was about to say something else, but Vickie had already stuffed his dick back in her mouth and began fondling his nutsack. All feelings of dread seemed to melt away as his genitals were worked on from both ends, and it didn’t take long before he felt like he might blow his load.

The muscles in Daniel’s body tighter and he gripped the tiled wall as he felt the first stages of euphoria build.

"I’m really close." He whispered.

"Mmmm hmmm." Vickie moaned, the vibration of her vocal cords adding their own pleasure. She felt the two, heavy orbs rising inside their sack and knew he would blow any second.

When the release finally came, Daniel arched his back and moaned as his cock fired off a huge wad of cum into Vickie’s mouth. The eruption seemed to go on and on, but Vickie didn’t complain, she just kept sucking and swallowing until his load was spent.

Daniel leaned against the wall and gasped. Never in his life had he cum so hard, but what was even more amazing was that he wanted more! His dick was still rock hard, and smacked against his abdomen with a wet SLAP when Vickie pulled out.

"Jesus!" Vickie said, staring at the rigid pole. "It looks like you’re all ready for round two."

Daniel looked stunned, his eyes moving back and forth between his dick and Vickie’s shocked expression.

"Do you want another go?" Vickie bit her lip.

Daniel swallowed hard and nodded his head.

Vickie smiled and shut off the water. "Come on, let’s move this into the bedroom. I want to feel you cum inside me this time."

Daniel’s eyes widened and his cock strained even harder, pointing up at the ceiling in defiance of gravity.

She took his hand, and together they made their way into the bedroom. For hours, the sound of amorous lovemaking filled the empty house and was punctuated by screams of pleasure as the couple were rocked by one earth-shattering orgasm after another. Sometimes they’d pause to sleep, only to awaken with new-found lust.

By the morning, every inch of skin on Daniel’s body felt raw and every muscle ached. He was sleeping lightly, the culmination of all the sex from the night before left him so drained, he didn’t even stir when the sun’s rays shined through the bedroom windows.

Several more hours passed until he finally opened his eyes. It was well into the evening. Vickie was nowhere to seen and he laid back in the bed and listened for her, but the house was deathly still.

He gave up and thought about the amazing night they’d shared together. So much of his life was up in the air, but he knew whatever he did, he’d be doing it with Vickie. He’d lost a brother but gained a girl.

Daniel breathed in deeply and stretched his arms out, but noticed immediately that they would not move. ‘What the hell?’ he thought, and he tried kicking off the covers, but his legs wouldn’t bulge either.

"What the hell is this?" He said aloud, realizing for the first time that his arms and legs were being held down.

"I see you’re finally awake." Vickie said, appearing in the doorway of the bedroom. "Did you sleep well sweetie?"

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the beautiful blond girl smiling back at him. "Yeah, but I can’t move."

Vickie grinned and used a pouty face. "Of course you can’t, I tied you down to the bedposts."

When she threw back the blanket, Daniel plainly saw that both his wrists and ankles were tied down to the bed.

Daniel looked back at her, his eyebrows raised. "Why?"

"I thought it would make things more fun." She giggled and traced her finger from his toes, all the way up Daniel’s leg and scooped up his bloated scrotum.

Daniel winced. His balls were even more sore then the rest of him.

"Vickie?" The word stuck in his throat as he watched tiny wisps of green light begin to radiate off of her skin as she slowly rubbed his twin orbs between her fingers.

There was no smile on her face this time when she looked back at him. Her eyes seemed to grow darker and larger. She straddled his chest and reached back to give his balls a squeeze.

"What . . what are you doing, Vickie?"

"I wanted you all to myself, you see. The moment I saw you I knew you were going to be mine. I just couldn’t help it."

"What are you talking about?" Daniel was severely confused.

Vickie straddled his supine body and caressed his face. "Not very bright, are you." There was a look of amusement in her eyes. "Daniel, you do know what Vickie is short for, don’t you?"

Daniel shook his head.

"Victoria sweetie, Victoria." She smiled sweetly and began to milk him with one hand and squeeze his nuts with the other.

Daniel’s eyes widened as the truth hit him like a ton of bricks.

Pain suddenly exploded out of his gonads as she ruthlessly bore down on his poor love spuds and Daniel heard himself scream.

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