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Cabin Boys Part-1 (m/mmm) NEW

Here's for the male/male BB's out there! And esp Adam for earning browny points. Happy Turkey Day, Gobble, Gobble.

Cabin Boys Part-1


Their dying father grasped at hands as he reached the end. All four boys were crowded around his bed, doing their best to make his last moments comfortable. His body and mind were getting weaker and weaker, his skin pallid and wane. In those twilight moments he drew his sons close and talked to each in turn, giving is final instructions on how they should live. First he pulled in his oldest, Adam.

“Adam,” came his croaking voice, “Promise me you’ll protect your brothers. Watch over them and see that they grow up righteous. Never let them feel the touch of a women, for they are the devil’s spawn. Your mother . . . Jezebel . . . was wicked and profane. Promise me you’ll see to your brother’s pleasures yourself. Promise!”

Knowing full well what his father meant, Adam nodded. “Of course father. It would be my honor to be their caretaker. You can be at peace, father. They will not be tainted.” He gentle stroked his father’s hair to comfort him.

Elias turned his head to his second oldest. “Jacob, promise me you’ll obey Adam. Look to him for instruction and guidance. Study your prayer book every night and assist Adam in feeding our family. You are the best hunter in these mountains. Don’t let me down.”

The 16 year old boy squeezed his father’s weakened hand and nodded. “I promise father. And I’ll make sure our family stays sexually pure.”

“Good,” said Elias, coughing slightly. “Caleb, come closer” He held out his hand to grasp his 14 year old son’s arm.

“You are the pivot of this family, do not stray from the righteous path. Purge your mind of women, look to men for company. Think only of your virtuous brothers, and help them. You are the scholar of the family – keep writing your journal so that I will be remembered. I trust you to teach your brothers and tend our garden. Don’t let me down.”

Caleb wiped a tear from his eye and smoothed out the blankets. “I love you father. I promise not to let you down. I won’t ever stop praying for you.” His father’s eyes turned sad, knowing that their time together would not be long and full. Finally, Elias turned to his youngest, Elijah, and smiled, for Elijah, as is often the youngest, was Elias’s favorite.

“You will nurture and nourish your brothers. Cook for them, clean for them, take care of the cabin. Your animal lusts are almost upon you. Love your brothers and they will satisfy you. And mind that you keep your brothers in line, as I taught you. You have the soul of a saint and the face of an angel, and I invest in you the responsibility of disciplining them. Pray for them nightly and pray for me that I might see you in heaven, as fate decrees”

Elijah, just 12, nodded numbly to his father. He committed himself to doing anything for his brothers and to pray for his father. It was his duty and it was a comfort.

Their father passed away, surrounded by loved ones and surrendered his soul to god peacefully and without worry. He passed away with a beatific look upon his face as if he had seen heaven. Peace descended on the cabin and life renewed itself.


* * *


It was three summers later and wildflowers filled the glades amidst the trees. The lake beside the cabin was as blue as lapis and the sky was as clear as glass. Outside Adam was splitting wood for the fireplace, naked chest glistening in the sun. He was tan, muscular and handsome, a fine figure of a man (for a 21 year old), and his short brown hair tousled in the breeze. Sweat dripped down his skin and young Elijah admired his brother from the door of the cabin. He loved Adam. He loved his other two brothers, too. They were a tight bunch. They rarely saw anyone else and were completely self sufficient. Every spring Adam went to the trading post and exchanged animal pelts for sundries. It was a pure life, a good life, a satisfying life. The air was clean, the water fresh and the food natural. And it was also very sexual, for the boys were responsible for satisfying each other’s carnal needs and those needs were strong. They had inherited their father’s sex-drive, and as they had promised, kept themselves apart from the demonic female gender but it wasn’t difficult. They all seemed to prefer each other. Intimacy with the same sex was simple and uncomplicated and easy to be talented at.

As well, they received daily penance in the form of testicle punishment, for the bible demanded that the shades of aggression and destruction be driven from them. This was the duty that fell to Elijah, for several times a day his brothers submitted themselves for brutal kicks, squeezes and punches all to remind them of their moral frailty.

But the main tone of their lives was love, for life, for freedom and of course, for each other. Was not Jesus’s main message about love and purity? What could be more pure than the life they led?

It was Caleb who returned to the cabin first that day, having gone out to weed and water his garden, the family garden plot. He opened the door and entered, sweaty but happy. Elijah new his duty to welcome his brother home. He walked over from where he was kneading biscuits (for the evening meal) and kissed his sweaty brother, pulling him in close for a sincere lip-lock. Caleb returned the kiss with enthusiasm. It was always great to be greeted each and every time by someone who loved you with their whole heart. When they broke apart Caleb held up what he was holding, a large gourd, a zucchini of monumental proportions.

“Look what we got! It’s the perfect complement to your egg scramble. This one squash could feed us all for a week. And I’ve got five more maturing in the garden!” Caleb had a sloppy grin as he went in for another kiss with all the enthusiasm that a 17 year old had for physicality. Just then Jacob came through the door, holding up two dead rabbits and a grouse.

“Look what I caught today, brothers mine. We’ll eat well on these for days to come.” The 19 year old dropped the dead animals in the corner and came over to get a kiss from Elijah. It was dished out with enthusiasm. As Elijah kissed his great hunter he felt infused with Jacob’s quiet strength, and brave cunning. Elijah had seen his brother take down full grown stags and even the occasional bear, all with a single bullet – ammunition was not a luxury they had in abundance, and they had to be sparing with it.

Jacob’s tongue darted in and out of Elijah’s mouth, and Elijah had always secretly felt that Jacob was the best kisser of his brothers. His lips were especially soft, his tongue was always questing for new territory to cover, and the way he held the back of Elijah’s head when he kissed was so romantic.

“Hey,” said Caleb. “I want some too,” zooming in to pry the liplock apart.

“Hey sweet thing,” said Jacob as he moved in to bite Caleb’s lower lip. Jacob pulled Caleb close for some major tongue lashing, and the two of them collapsed together on a hand-carved wooden chair. As they got into it they both became hard and were rubbing their crotches together, dry humping each other. Elijah went back kneading dough.

It wasn’t too much longer when Adam came back inside, carrying a cord of wood which would serve as the fuel for the next three days. His body was glistening with a light sheen of sweat and Elijah couldn’t think of a more handsome man. His chest was hairless except a thin treasure trail which marched down his rock hard abs and disappeared into his jeans, hinting at what was below. He was tall, broad and ripped. Adam looked over at his two younger brother’s making out.

“I see the party’s already started. Here, Elijah, let me give you a hand with that.” Adam set down all the wood he’d been carrying and walked over to the table where the youngest boy was working. Adam came right up behind Elijah and pressed the front of his body to Elijah’s back, letting the younger boy feel every curve, every mound, and every depression of his hot boy. Adam reached forward and entwined his hands with Elijah’s and the two of them kneaded dough like that while Adam pressed his own wood against the small of Elijah’s back. Soon both their hands were covered in flour, but that didn’t matter. Elijah always felt so safe and so warm in Adam’s embrace. Add to that Adam’s subtle body perfume, a mixture of man-sweat and wood smoke and you had a combination sure to get a rise out of the youngest in the household.

Soon the biscuit dough was ready for the cutter, and Adam let go of Elijah’s hands and passed the round ring of metal to him. Soon the hockey-pucks of dough were cut out, brushed with butter, and put over the fire to cook. Now that their hands were free, Adam picked up his little brother, and carried him to the other room and dropped the laughing 15 year old onto the bed that they all slept in. Adam pulled down Elijah’s pants and let his raging boner breath fresh air. Rubbing his chest with his right hand to get some lubrication, Adam reached down and began to expertly stroke the young cock. With his other hand, Adam gently cupped and then pulled on Elijah’s balls.

In the other room, meanwhile, Jacob had stood up, pulled down his own pants, and let Caleb swallow his cock. It was long and big, and was already shiny with precum, and now Caleb’s mouth was giving it a spitwash, pistoning up at and down its length with an ease that told of many happy hours logged giving head. He alternated between sucking on Jacob’s cock and sucking on his fat balls. Jacob had the roundest, fattest nuts of the bunch, and loved having them sucked. It was pleasurably painful, and every time Jacob did a sharp intake of breath, Caleb knew he was pleasing him.

These sex sessions were a common occurrence in the cabin, as nearly all the boys were horny all the time and needed frequent relief. Jacob was pumping his pelvis into Caleb’s face, and Adam was now on his knees, between Elijah’s legs and was sucking on his popsicle. The teen was already leaking precum which helped to lubricate Adam’s efforts and also his pleasure. Adam felt it to be a profound honor to ingest his brothers’ seed, and it was delicious too! Sticky, sweet, foamy and utterly delightful. Elijah, for his part, was moaning and writhing in place, his younger body being extremely sensitive to both pleasure and pain, and Adam’s warm mouth on his cock was almost more stimulation than he could bear.

At one point in their tryst, Jacob pulled Caleb up from the chair to kiss him intensely; tasting himself on Caleb’s lips, then Jacob kneeled and slid Caleb’s shorts down. Out popped Caleb’s erection which Jacob first licked from top to bottom, and then downed it in one big suck. He swallowed the rigid pole until its head touched the back of his throat, then he began to piston on it, stimulating the head and piss-slit at the end of each stroke with his tongue. The tongue darted about, rubbing against the underside, the head, and the tip of Caleb’s dick with exceptional skill. Caleb was moaning softly as his brother expertly sucked him off, and he could feel the pressure of ejaculation begin to mount in his loins.

Elijah, meanwhile, was curling his toes as he neared his completion point as well. Adam was easily swallowing the entire length of his little brother’s penis. It was still not full adult size but was a tasty six inches with a pleasant pink head. Elijah was squirming as the first seizures of ejaculation began in his groin, and then there was an explosion of outgoing breath as he gave in to the experience and let his vital fluids burst forth into Adam’s mouth who swallowed the hot fluid with gratitude and love. Elijah let out a long, low moan, and his lithe young body shuddered as it burned with its expulsion of seed.

Caleb was pumping his hips and his fat cock into Jacob’s face and his own balls began to seize up as they prepared to release themselves down Jacob’s throat. Jacob was bobbing his head furiously as he sucked and sucked on his brother’s prick, and he was eagerly awaiting Caleb’s release. And then with a mighty moan, Caleb’s tense scrotum issued forth a torrent of white fluid, sticky sweet and foamy. Jacob sighed at the back of his throat as he swallowed and swallowed. Caleb was known in the family as the most prolific cummer, easily producing five or six teaspoons of the stuff in a single session. Caleb’s asscheeks clenched as his pulsing penis shot its wad into his brother’s mouth and then he sucked in his breath as the ripples of pleasure clouded his mind and body.

But this was not the end for either of them, because their pairing was meant to satisfy both parties. Almost before he’d finished pumping his semen into Jacob’s mouth, Caleb kneeled down and opened his mouth so Jacob could jack himself off into Caleb’s mouth, and Adam was now standing, pulling down his pants and letting his own humongous dick have a taste of his little brother’s ass. Despite his heavy breathing, Elijah knew what he had to do, he flipped himself over and got on all fours, in range so that Adam could impale him with his horse-dick. Adam playfully slapped his brother’s butt, and then aimed his donkey cock and plunged it into Elijah’s hole. Adam used his own spit as lube and began to fuck his little brother. As the oldest it was his right to be the top in any given sexual encounter, and Elijah moaned as he felt Adam fill him up with his man-shaft. Adam pumped him hard and fast, the hole was tight, warm, and slick, the perfect combination for pleasure. Adam bucked like a wild pony and soon he could feel his balls’ tighten. Meanwhile Jacob was furiously pumping his cock with his fist, slick with sweat and sperm, and he was getting close to release. Caleb opened mouth as wide as it would go and stuck out his tongue so that it would catch every last drop of Jacob’s seed. Which it did a few seconds later. Jacob’s tight body jerked and spasmed as he pumped his cum into Caleb’s open mouth. And Adam was to explode soon after, letting his cum fill up Elijah’s hole. The groans of pleasure filled the small cabin, as did the smell of semen and sweat. Adam continued to spurt himself into Elijah, moaning and slapping Elijah’s ass, lightly. And Caleb let Jacob’s cum splash itself all over his lips and tongue and mouth. Finally after all that the boys collapsed, heaving their chests and enjoying the post coital glow. They lay with each other, two pairs, in sexual bliss, hugging each other close. Soon the biscuits were ready, as was the soup that Elijah had made, and it was time to eat.

After dinner they settled down while Jacob read them passages from the bible. Then it was time for some of their daily dose of pain. Adam, Caleb and Jacob all pulled off their pants, got down on their knees and spread their legs open. Each had warm, loose ball sacks, and their knackers hung down, ready for Elijah to beat on them. Elijah walked behind each of them, and saw their balls silhouetted from the fire in front of them. The three sacks hung down like ripe fruit, like apple sacks from the Garden of Eden. And that’s precisely what Elijah thought about when he was busting his brothers – the temptation of men to turn to evil and soil themselves with women.

Elijah started out with Adam, naturally, he kicked his brother hard from behind, letting his toes squish Adam’s twin orbs into his pelvis. WHAM. Then another shot, then another, then another. Four hard punts to Adam’s cahones, and it was at this point that Adam groaned softly and cupped his nuts in pain. Elijah moved on. He positioned himself behind Caleb and, kneeling, he started by grasping Caleb’s jewels and pulling down on them while squeezing as hard as he could. Elijah grated Caleb’s rocks together while pulling the whole sack down as far as it would go. Caleb coughed. Elijah twisted the sack in his hand and dug his fingers into Caleb’s testicles as far as they would go, and when it became almost too much for Caleb, Elijah let them go free, stood up and slammed his foot into them from behind. WHACK. He kicked Caleb three more times, and then kneeled to punch them a few times, just for good measure. Caleb collapsed into a fetal heap and held himself, unable to breath from the pain radiating into his lower stomach.

And finally there was Jacob. He hands were resting lightly on his head while he awaited his nightly dose of biblical pain. He actually liked nut pain. It made him feel stronger knowing he had such delicate organs hanging outside his body and yet could still “take it like a man”. WHAM. The first kick was always the worst. Or the best, take your pick. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Three more kicks to his ghoolies. Every instinct in his body told Jacob to protect his jewels but he didn’t. He just stayed there, his legs spread, and his balls vulnerable. Elijah knew it was a greater effort to humble Jacob, so he came around to the front and punched his older brother right in the balls. SLAM. SLAM. SLAM. Three strong upper cuts into Jacob’s nads. Then another kick. SPLAT. Then Elijah pushed Jacob onto his back, and began doing drop kicks to Jacob’s swelling agates. A high keening sound began to issue from the back of Jacob’s throat. The knee death drops were agony on his nuts, but he still kept himself from holding them. Five more knees to the nuts until Jacob leaned to the side and dry heaved. He’d had enough. Elijah got up, breathing hard from a good nights work of ball busting his brothers. He always got a kick out of feeling their soft balls squish from the brutal kicks and squeezes and hits. He knew he was doing the lord’s work.

After recuperating, they all went to bed, each naked next to each other. Usually there was no sex at night due to the pain in their balls, but they nevertheless cuddled up to each other, seeking warmth and companionship. It was a good way to live and their love for each other was eternal.


  1. It's great that you're still writing; I love when a new story by you pops up, and this was no exception. A wonderfully hot, testosterone-filled story. ~

    1. Thanks. I'm glad it pleases. I've been growing more and more afraid my stories are becoming too formulaic and repetitive. It's hard to keep descriptive details fresh after 57 stories

  2. Hi there Nicholas,
    Great sexy hot story again, it was nice to see your story;-)
    Thank you for share great work.

    1. Thanx Crusher. I know you prefer ball bursting, but that will come in the second half of the story.

    2. Oh wow really, more to come ;-) nice.
      Hunting boy hunting animals by balls would be great Thanks again.

  3. Excellent work, as is expected. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    1. Thank you Mr. Smith. That's mighty kind of you to say!

  4. I like! I can't wait for part 2!! It's just getting started. :)


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