Tuesday, December 31, 2013

(M/M) In the Marines and Abroad - A Ballbusting Romance - NEW

So I felt really romantic and frivolous today, and in response I whipped up this little ditty. It's inspired by one of my favorite Youtube vloggers russmarine2014 who's a real, gay, marine (and REALLY cute), and it's dedicated to BBmal and Alex for their strategic use of ballbusting in stories instead of my frequently heavy handed use of it as a writing technique. I can't say that I'm able to achieve their writing style but I can certainly try.
Anywho, Happy New Years, and god bless!

In the Marines and Abroad


I set my gun down. It was hot. Very hot. We had all just done our exercise routine for the morning, and I noticed that Brad was limping a bit, which wasn’t unusual. Brad had a mild genetic disorder that made his muscles prone to pulls and tears, and I often offered to massage his strains with Tiger Balm in the seclusion of our platoon’s tent. Today was no exception.

“Can I help you rub that out?” I asked walking by him

“Ah, yeah, sure Russ, thanks.” Brad was a man of few words and he was also absolutely gorgeous – just the right height, total smooth tan body, muscled but not overbuilt. And he had the most riveting green eyes, which set off his brown hair perfectly. The reality was I wanted to get my hands on him as much as possible. My crush for him knew no restraint.

I reached our tent first and went over to my bunk to retrieve the liniment. Brad meanwhile had come in and stripped off his combat boots and his camo’s and lay down in his bunk, waiting for me, wearing only his tight olive colored briefs. God I loved the sight. I came over and sat down at the end of his bed and let him rest his feet on my lap.

“Where does it hurt?” I asked, trying my best to focus on the job and not look at his huge bulge. Not until he closed his eyes, that is. Then it was a free game.

“Ah, it’s the right calf this time. Twinges a bit. Thanks,” he replied. He closed his eyes, knowing that my brief time I spent as a physical therapist (before I joined the army) left him in my capable hands, and he relaxed.

I unscrewed the bottle and using three fingers I ladled out a big glob of balm, then I gently applied it to his calf, rubbing it slowly and gently, both from side to side and from top to bottom. I sneaked a peak at his package. I could clearly see the outline of his two balls and what I suspected to be the tip of his dick. Oh, how I’d love to rub THOSE out. Since no one else was in the tent, I just continued to stare at his goods while I gentle massaged his leg. And then two odd things happened, I very clearly saw his dick twitch and I felt his left foot, which was in my lap, gently rub my crotch. Had he seen me looking? My eyes flicked up to his face, but because it was hidden in so much shadow from the bunk above I couldn’t really tell if they were fully closed. So, I just kept massaging. And there it was again, his left foot was slowly, deliberately rubbing my crotch!

No. It couldn’t be on purpose. I never got the impression Brad was anything but straight. But hey, I’m not knocking getting a little, so I let him rub my junk while I rubbed his leg looking at his junk. After a while he let out a big sigh, clearly opened his eyes and said, “Great. Thanks. It feels much better. Thanks Russ.” He stretched his sexy body – his muscular legs flexed, his abs rippled, and his pecs heaved. I was mesmerized. Then he swiveled to sit on the edge of the bed. “I’m going to get some grub. See ya.”

Three nights later we were both on the same cleaning detail, both cleaning the lavatories. On our hands and knees wearing only boxer shorts, we scrubbed and scrubbed, our dogtags clinking from our exertions. It was about midnight, and as we worked from the outside row latrines to the inner ones we ended up right next to each other with only a partial stall wall separating us at elbow level. I started scrubbing around the base of the toilet and then outwards until . . .  our elbows touched. He’s left handed, I’m right, and we were doing the same thing. Our arms rubbed a while then I scooched forward a little to clean more around the back of the latrine and to my surprise his arm found my arm again. I was beginning to think it was on purpose. So, when he finally moved back, I slowly moved back too and found his arm again. It didn’t pull away. We were both scrubbing the same area of floor for a long while. Then, to my surprise his hand stopped scrubbing and reached over and clasped my hand. He just gently curled his fingers around mine and then interlaced them with mine. And we shared a moment. A real moment. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I found that I’d stopped breathing – just staring at our two hands intertwined. Then . . . it was gone and he said out loud, “I’m all done, see you at the tent.”

Nothing else happened for a week, and then . . . he and I were driving a hummer about 15 miles on a transport mission, taking ammo to our forward command center when our engine died on us. Just died. The truck sputtered and coughed itself to a stop and then just stood still. Brad and I just sat there for moment in total silence, trying to absorb the impact of this situation. Then, he spoke.

“Well, I guess we need to call for help over the radio.”

“I’ll do it,” I said (he was driving). I picked up the mic and tuned the scanner. “This is truck #13 calling base. We’ve got engine trouble. I repeat we have engine trouble. We’re stuck. Over.”

There was moment of silence, then the reply came, “This is command base, over. We have your position on GPS. We’ll send someone out in about an hour, the sand is blowing too hard for us to get through right away. ETA one hour, over.”

“Rodger that,” I said, and turned the radio off. There was nothing else to do and no help for it. We were stuck, and the sand was indeed blowing hard. It was getting cloudier by the minute.

“Well,” I said, “We have an hour to kill and I didn’t bring any CD’s. And this country doesn’t have any radio stations that I know of.” I looked over at him, wondering what he was thinking about. He was just staring straight forward, obviously deep in thought, his arms straight as he gripped the still wheel. We sat in silence for a minute or two, then he said, “Well, it looks like we’re stuck here for a while, so . . . “ then I felt strong hand grab a hold of my shirt front, and Brad pulled me into a kiss. A kiss. Oh my god! I was shitting myself. And it was a real kiss, too. Deep and long. My hands went all clammy and I stopped breathing. His tongue pried my lips apart, then slipped past my teeth to start dancing with my tongue, gently probing and darting here and there. My icy skin began to warm, though, as my brain finally processed what was happening and I began to respond appropriately to the situation. My hands went to cup the back of his head and I began to kiss him back. We tongue wrestled for a while, each trying to figure out the other’s kissing style and pace. I’ve always found different guys kiss differently. Some chewed, some thrust, some breathed into you. But Brad was a licker. He liked to gently lick my lips with the top of his and then dart his tongue into and out of my mouth, and I let him. Boy did I let him. His hands were busy too. At first they stayed clutched to my shirt, pulling me in, but then that relaxed and he started unbuttoning my shirt. When it opened, his hands began to explore my naked torso. One hand quested to my back and my butt, while the other pinched a nipple and explored my pits. Our pace became every more frenzied as it went on. Sex wasn’t allowed on base nor was there enough privacy to have a good wank or look at porn. There was always someone around, watching. So neither of us had nutted in weeks and all our sexual urges were bursting out of us in this one safe hour.

“You’ve got the best ass in the whole company,” he whispered in my ear as he switched from licking my lips to nibbling my ear.

“I know,” I whispered back with a small grin. He chuckled quietly.

We licked, we kissed, we pulled each other close, but I was the first one to go for the groin. I stopped cupping his head, and reached down to rub his crotch. What I felt astonished me. Like most men, he was small when soft, and that’s what I got to view occasionally in the showers, but erect he was at least 8 inches, maybe 8.5 and thick. It was fucking HAWT. He was rock-hard, and I could feel the thing pulse through his pants. He was really really aroused. I was too, so everything was proceeding as it should. He returned the favor and rubbed my crotch. Soon we were grinding each other’s crotches into each other’s hands. As horny as I was I could have creamed right then and there, but I so wanted to wrap at least my hand, if not my mouth, around his tool. The tool that I’d admired for so long. Had dreams about. Jacked off to thoughts of (on the few opportunities I had to do so). I yearned, I ached to get my hands on his meat, and apparently he felt the same way because the fingers of his left hand were fumbling for my zipper while his right hand explored my bubble butt. So, I returned the favored and did my best to release his monster.

Our cocks popped out at about the same time, and he was the first to go down, on me. His wet, warm lips slipped over the head of my cock, a slightly less impressive 7.5 inches, and he sucked in its length, while I grasped his pole and began to stroke, though his leaning body made that slightly difficult. From his technique, I guessed he’d only had cursory practice at sucking cock, but to me that was a challenge not a problem. I could train him up in the months to come. Our deployment was for a whole ‘nother year. Still, any blowjob was better than none, and his mouth was warm and wet. What more could a man ask for? But I pulled him off my cock before I could shoot, as I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled his head up for another kissing session, where I could taste my own precum on his lips while I stroked his cock and rubbed the underside of his dick-head.

After a while I went down on him, and oh, was it heaven. While he moaned, I sucked hard on his dick. It had a wonderful shape, a lovely head, and just the right girth, but strangely there was no precum. ‘Maybe he doesn’t have precum,’ I thought to myself as I sucked and pistoned on his pole. He was groaning and moaning, I was worshiping his cock. His big, wonderful cock. I also noted his crotch smell, which I really liked. Some guy’s had strong smells, others no smell at all. His was just right, slightly tangy, slightly musky, and nicely sweet. I sucked and sucked but still I tasted no cum, and if there was one flavor I knew intimately it was taste of cum.

Suddenly he pulled me off, and while I watched he undid his belt and button, and pulled down his pants, letting his whole package hang out. Then he pulled me by the back of the neck back down on his cock, but he said, “Punch my balls, Russ.” I disengaged and looked up at him, him looking down at me with a fervent face.

“What?” I said.

“I can’t cum unless I have nut pain. Punch my fucking nuts, I’m so close!”

‘OK’ I thought to myself. ‘Everybody’s different, I guess.’ Balling my hand into a fist, I slammed my fist into his balls, and proceeded to suck him off. It caused a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP sound in my right ear as I did my best to get him to cum in my mouth, and I was SO ready for it.

“Harder, harder,” he moaned. So I did, I smacked his nuts as hard as I could, and I could feel them both tighten up, and swell up. The head of his dick swelled in the back of my throat and I knew he was close. I was stroking myself as well, and that was OK by me. I could get myself off, and IF we were in the beginning of a relationship, I could tell I would be pleasing him more than him pleasing me. But that was fine. I was usually the submissive one anyway. I was used to it.

“oh, Oh, OH,” he yelled as his bruised nuts tightened and his hot seed gushed down my throat and I mean GUSHED. It was at least seven separate spurts and it was blood hot and frothy as heck. I slowed down on the punching, but despite being in the throws of orgasm he yelled, “Don’t stop punching!” So I kept pounding his puds.

“Shit!” he yelled, and would you believe it he came AGAIN. Three more heavy spurts of cum, coating my vocal cords. I nearly choked. “Squeeze them, squeeze my fucking nuts,” he moaned, his chest heaving. “nnnnggg,” he said as I did what he wanted. With my free right hand I tried to squeeze his whole scrotum, while I slowly sucked on his deflating cock. As I pressed my thumb into first one ball, then the other my own moment was coming, and I felt myself spurt onto the truck seat. Oh, so good. It wasn’t just the sex or him, but it was the release of weeks of tension from not getting to bust a nut when I felt like it. My whole body felt like it was floating on quicksilver as I relaxed into an ocean of bliss.

At this point he pulled my head up to his with both hands, and kissed me deeply, profoundly. I was still stroking myself as the last dribbles of my batter came out, and squeezing his nuts with the other. Brad was still breathing heavily, and there we were, both half naked, covered with sex sweat and smelling of jizz in the middle of a sandstorm, in the middle of the nowhere of a bumfuck country. A small island of bliss in the middle of a huge war zone.

We were rescued, of course, but not before we had time to cuddle.

“Does this mean we’re ‘shipped?” I asked as he held me, lightly, after we’d cleaned up the mess I made and redressed.

Brad chuckled. “Yeah, I guess we are. There’s no one in the ‘toon who’s as hot as you and certainly no one else I feel anything for.”

“You feel something for me?” I asked in surprise, partially turning to face him.

“Yeah, Of course.” he said, sounding amused by my surprise. “You’re gentle. You’re kind. You’re giving. Why wouldn’t I like you? There’s so much to like.”

“Heh. Thanks, I like you too,” I said, turning back, resting again on his chest. “I’ve liked you ever since we got here. But you were always so remote, I didn’t think you had any interest.”

“Well, you know, with all the guys watching. I mean I know it’s OK to be out in the service now, but I haven’t been with many guys, and I don’t want to embarrass myself.”

“So you like girls too?” I asked, gently rubbing his hand with mine.

“Oh, you know, a little of this, a little of that. But yeah. I had a wife for a while, but she didn’t like causing me pain during sex, so it didn’t work out, in the end.”

“Ah, I was wondering about that. What’s with the nut pain thing?” I asked.

He kissed and lightly ran his tongue over my ear before responding. I couldn't help but moan a little, since my little ears are so sensitive. I swiveled my head a little so I could kiss his soft lips. When we parted, he continued.

“Well I had three older brothers and they liked to get me in the balls all the time, and the middle one, Gabe, used to squeeze my nuts while I watched him masturbate. I suppose he was my first male crush. I found his flying fist and his flying spunk hypnotizing. So, when I hit puberty, I always associated sex with ball busting, and I learned to punch my own nuts when I jacked off. Now, well, I just can’t help it. I can’t get off without my testicles shooting with pain, and I need someone who can understand that.”

“Oh my god,” I said, remembering something, “was that that slapping sound I heard when you and I were in the same shower cluster a couple of months ago?”

“Probably. I can’t get off without it, like I said.”

“Hmm, well, do you like getting hit in the nuts even when you’re not having sex?” I asked slyly.

“Sure. Why? You want to sack tap me all the time now?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Yeah, I do,” smiling at his reflection in the rear view mirror. “Everyone loves a good nut shot.”

“OK. It will be our little thing. Get me whenever you like but I warn you, I’ll probably get hard each time you do. Both because of the tap, and because it’s you doing it. My little sex gremlin.”

I laughed a little and gazed into his intensely clear, green eyes (in reflection). I turned around and licked his lips and up to the tip of his nose. “I like you too,” I said, and gave his nuts a playful squeeze through the fabric of his pants. “I like you a lot.” We rubbed noses and then heard the relief vehicle pull up. We slid apart. Our secret sex-life relationship had now begun.




  1. Happy New Year Nicholas, thank you post new story;-)
    I'll read now, ready to cum lol

    1. Happy New Years, Crusher!
      It's a mild sweet story, not exactly your cup of tea. I was trying to replicate BBmal's style. Maybe one day the two marines get engaged, and Russ permanently takes one of Brads balls! It would be the ultimate wedding present.

  2. Hey Nicholas, I think it was very nice sweet story, I really liked that Brad confessed his fetish of BB to Russ. Yah man's balls are great wedding present or 2 of them gang up and crush enemies balls would be great too.

  3. Great story, Nicholas! Thank you very much for that! The characters are wonderful and I love the atmosphere and the love between the two of them. Great work!

  4. It's always nice when two sweet boys find each other and get to incorporate some good, old fashioned ball busting. Happy New Year Nicholas, and great job!

  5. You should really continue this story, it's awesome and I really want to hear more about the sack tapping :P

    1. Glad you liked it. There's every possibility that I might continue and make it a series. Anything is possible!

    2. This story is so devastatingly hot and I gonna cum hard very soon my dear sweet Nicky. To be honest with you, as a hot gay guy myself, I wish to see more m/m stories like this, really NOT into women and why you even write female characters for the straight bastards' pleasure? Darling, focus on the boys and make them kiss, suck and cum on each other, frottage before busting is extremely sexy and erotic too, as for your concern to the balance of power, you could do a slightly sensitive weaker guy fight against a cocky hunk, but I still think that two jocks bust would be hot as fuck as we all fancy mature men aren't we ;)

  6. Read my comment at the bottom of this page and reply me babe...


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