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(groupM) Muscleman Ball Bash - Not My Story

I'm posting this story because it's being reworked by other sites, and I thought people should have a chance to read it in its original form. I'm also posting it as a way of preserving it, should the Niftyandrew site ever die.
This is the first BB story I ever read way back in 1994, in college, and it changed my life. I remember finding it, reading it, and having my whole body get hot and flush. I almost felt faint, so much blood was rushing to other parts of my body. And when I later found The Karatiest (which I think is by the same writer) I was hooked on the genre, although this was before it was a genre. So for me, this story is a walk down memory lane, and I think what's so great is that it's still a wonderfully sexy story, even after all this time!
Muscleman Ball Bash
They were holding his flexing massive right arm, Matt Mendenhall grabbing onto that giant corded left arm, Luis Freitas wrapped around Strydom’s huge right thigh and calf, Bob Paris grinding his oversized cock against the South African heavyweight’s kicking left leg, spreading him wide and holding on, opening his cock and family jewels to extensive work by Scott Wilson.
All of them ripped, all of them pumped, all of them naked and all of them hard.  Get them to work on Strydom till they somehow get him to beg Wilson to hit him in the nuts.
Freitas jumps between his hard dented glutes and crams his muscular blond Brazilian tongue in Strydom’s ass and sucks like there’s no tomorrow. Hands reach to his pecs and start rubbing.  Tongues are all over the handsome blond giant of muscle.  In no time, he asks for what he craves:
“Bash my balls, Scott!” Strydom screams, unwillingly, trying to squeeze his legs together to cover them, trying to pull his arms down to block the blows he knew were coming to his most sensitive body parts, his big balls.  Big as he is, he couldn’t hide them with his entire body being spread open by four musclestuds as big and strong as he was. 
Wilson looked him in the eye: “You want it guy?  You GOT it Gary!” and WHAM! biceps flexes, forearm knots and the pounds of muscle powered that giant fist into an uppercut into Strydom’s gonads.  The sheer pain made Strydom try to double up, and he almost did despite the muscle power holding his front open.  He screamed at the top of his lungs, his eyes clenched shut, and his cock throbbed.  His whole body pumped up, and the studs holding him didn’t fail to take note of it.  At once, four tongues hit the muscle, and started licking, as Wilson drew back for more.
Pow! Pow! POW!POWW!! four rapid-fire, full-power uppercuts into Strydom’s aching balls.  Strydom was howling, and that was what Scott wanted to hear.  It fed his strength and he power-thrust 10 quick hard pops into the blond bodybuilder’s groin.  Scott’s cock was dripping, and he was shaking as he drew back for 10 more pounds.
“How’s it feel, Gary,” Terwilliger screamed as he licked and stroked the stud’s giant arm up toward the corded shoulder.  Right in Strydom’s ear he bellowed “Like that action on those stud balls, muscle man?”
Strydom could only groan as the hard blows continued to bludgeon his gonads.
“My nuts...my belly...oh fuck...unghh...fuck...god--DAMN my nuts my NUTS!”  He kept groaning as Wilson went over, stroked the stud’s powerful right arm, and took it from Terwilliger.  Tom took his place in front of the blond hunk, but instead of resuming packing his balls, he turned his punches to the huge pecs and armored abdomen of the huge man, pummeling the award-winning, shaved muscle.
“How’s that, Strydom? That what you want?”
In answer he got unintelligible groans.  Gary was crazed.  His cock was hard as his pecs, and was spurting clear fluid, jumping in air.  He murmured something almost inaudible, unintelligible.
“Speak UP, STRYDOM!!” Terwilliger bellowed as he power-packed five rapid-fire punches to the hard gut and one to each of the oversized, rock-hard pecs.
“Speak up!”
“My balls...my nuts...awwwwwwww my nuts!”
“Huh?” yelled Tom.
“Hit me in the balls! Bash my balls!”
Before he had finished the sentence, Terwilliger’s massive pumped-up arm was flying through the air, with a strong punch to the guy’s unprotected, swelling balls.  Five more, rapid-fire.  Gary’s moaning and spitting all over Tom’s ridged belly.  Seven more, hard, right! left! right! left! Hard punches to the blond stud’s bull nuts.
Strydom was mewling like an idiot.  His eyes were crazed, his cock purple from being hard, and the hole in the tip distended obscenely, literally spurting clear fluid onto Tom’s own beautiful gut and chest, as he moved in closer with his punches.
“Cover me with that funk, Gary!  Fucking spray me with that pre-cum,” Terwilliger screamed, crazed by the scene, and rubbing the thick liquid into his muscled belly and chest.  His body shone from the coating of fluid Gary was blowing at his muscle.  He clearly loved it, and his cock was blowing it out back on Strydom’s pumped award-winners.
Harder and faster, and suddenly, Gary’s pelvis started to move back and forth, he was trying to fuck something, but the only thing there was was air, and so he fucked air.
Terwilliger started an especially heavy volley of hard punches into Gary’s gonads, which were giant from swelling.
Terwilliger was inches from the bodybuilder, and, exchanging his fists for his powerful knee, began slamming his knee into the stud’s balls.
Tom reached out to the pecs and grabbed Strydom’s nipples and pulled, kneeing him repeatedly in the crotch.
Strydom met every kneedrive with a rhythmic grind of his pelvis.  And when he felt the clenching fingers at his nipples his head began flailing wildly, his eyes glazed over, his mouth hanging open covering his magnificent neck, chest and abs with thick saliva.  He pounded his bloated nuts into Terwilliger’s thrusting knee and thigh.
“Do it Tom!” “Bring him off!” “Make him shoot!” “Make him!”
Four hot competition bodybuilders were grinding cock and balls and tongue on the stud whose balls were the target of Terwilliger’s crazed lust. Paris was bashing his own nuts on Strydom’s thigh almost as hard as the impact to Gary’s own bull gonads.
They wanted Strydom to sperm--on Tom!  And they knew how it could happen.  Very easily.
It was simple, and they all knew it.  Tom was just waiting.
“How about it, man?”
“What?” Tom screamed at the crazed stud.
“Yeah.” Gary drooled.
“Yeat WHAT?” bellowed Tom.
“MAKE ME SHOOT!” Strydom murmured.
“WHAT?” hollered Terwilliger.
His pelvis was pumping into Terwilliger’s knee, doing as much of the work as Tom was, meeting every strong power thrust with an invitation, an urging to push his nuts into that flying muscle.
About to shoot his load without even touching it, Tom knew what to do.  It was time to make Gary blow his battered balls, and he hoped, all over his own muscular chest and belly.
Tom flicked a fingernail over Gary’s right nipple.
The effect was unbelievable. A hideous expression overtook Strydom’s face.  Spit flew out of the blond bodybuilder’s mouth, a volley of clear fluid blew out of his cockhead onto Terwilliger’s pecs, and Gary screamed. Four musclemen were licking this ball-crazy stud, and four giant cocks were grinding against some part of his shaved, sweating, spit-and-precum-covered muscle body.
Tom grabbed Strydom’s swollen balls, and started squeezing with one hand, pounding as hard as he could with his other fist.
Strydom screamed in a crazed high-pitched voice: “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, TOM, PLEASE, RIP ON MY NIPPLES AND GET MY ROCKS OFF.”
Tom let the nuts hang, started up again with his powerful thigh-to-crotch uplifts, and brought both of his strong hands into play on Strydom’s pecs.
He scratched at the hard nipples.  Scratched hard and fast, nail to nipple, and Strydom freaked.
The studs let him go. They knew he wouldn’t leave now.  He needed this.
Strydom grabbed his own nuts in one hand, stretching them down into the sac, and flailed away with his other fist, biceps obscenely pumping and flexing, grinding his giant fist into his own balls, as 10 sets of fingers went after his nipples and pecs.
Freitas slid two fingers up the muscleman’s asshole.  Strydom went wild, cramming his fist into his balls much harder and faster than Scott or Tom had done.  He was pulverizing his own nuts, and he was babbling incoherently.  His balls were bending around the fist that was clutching at their base.  And that made him cram them even harder.
He was hardly aware as the third and fourth Brazilian finger entered him.  He was concentrating on the hands on his pecs and nipples, ripping them.  But when the big thumb entered, he knew it, and he bucked his ass back onto the sweaty hand and forearm, broad with muscle.  It slipped into his muscled ass.
He fucked air as his nipples and pecs were scraped hard.  No one had touched his obscene, spurting cock.
Freitas shoved hard, and saw the shaved cheeks spread to accept his entire forearm.  Tom and Scott took over the nipples, biting down on the tortured nubs as hard as they could.  And Matt sucked in the giant balls that Strydom himself was squeezing out to him.  He got them in the back of his handsome face and chowed down on the bull gonads with his jaw teeth.
Gary loved the feeling of that giant forearm up his ass.  It was in to the elbow and Freitas was fucking him full-strength, wrist to elbow, merciless, pumping up his forearm as he packed it up the blond giant South African’s clutching hole, each time stretching it over the bulge just before the elbow.  His hand never failed to grind the stud’s overgrown, overproductive prostate, and it was obvious from the amount of stuff flying out of the man’s cockhead that he was hitting it pretty hard.
Gary was heaving, twitching, fucking air, and flexing, coated in sweat. Craving the teeth ripping apart his nipples.  Craving the bodybuilder’s forearm up his ass.  And craving the teeth splitting his big nuts in half.  Nothing had touched his cock.
He came.  You could hear the cum spurt out of his cock as he finally came.  He shot no less than 25 volleys and was actually sobbing.
Paris was there to catch the unnaturally big load.  His magnificent hairless pec-proud chest received the shots of Gary’s sperm.  Matt kept chewing down hard on Gary’s nuts long after the sperm flow subsided, and the action on Gary’s pecs and nipples continued till Gary’s muscular body was flopping around on the shower floor like a fish on a deck.
Totally spent, drained, and nuts bulging, he sat on the shower room floor.  His ass still enclosed the grinding arm of the stud Freitas. Freitas was still deep arm-fucking the stud, grinding his hand against Strydom’s prostate.  The blond cum-empty stud moaned and his eyes rolled back in his head.
The other four studs stood around him.
“Go on, guys. Unload it all on me. Give me your cum.”
Freitas pulled his huge forearm out of the stud’s ass with an obscene slurp.  They were jacking off, aiming toward him.  They took their time, and each one came in succession.  Kneeling down as Strydom opened his handsome face.
“Feed it all to me man.”  His own hand reached back for his ass and thrust inside easily.  He pumped his asshole back on his hand and opened his mouth.  They took turns unloading their sperm into his sucking throat.
Paris, coated in the stud’s cum, stood up and gave him a good drop-kick right in the groin.  He repeated it, and Strydom wailed.
“God Fucking Damn.  I needed that!  My nuts are mush, and my pecs. Man you really worked them over.  Gave ‘em something to think about. Bash me any time, studs!”
“Terwilliger’s turn now!” yelled Paris, finally laying off of Gary’s overwrought nuts and scooping his Superman load of sperm off his massive chest, his cock dripping, and feeding it to his hungry, handsome mouth.
“All RIGHT!” said Tom.  “Turn me to mush!”  Paris kicked his nuts hard, and part two of this shower scene began.  Strydom greased up both of his huge forearms and got them at the ready.  He knew what Terwilliger craved up his muscled ass.


  1. Hey Nicholas,
    Yeah, I read those 2 story at that time and really get hot and developed much deeper ball bashing and crushing. I try to find author but I can't trace writer. Especially Karateist popped Jim's nuts made me cum many times ;-)

  2. Ooopps, I mean The Karateist male-male version.
    Jim and Bill ball destruction fight ;-)

    1. You're right. The Number 2's version is not the original of the Karatiest. I changed the link back to the Niftyandrew site. The original is better than the rewrite.


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