Thursday, January 30, 2014

Huevos in your hand.

But does the technique work on men?


  1. Wow Nicholas that is very interesting and erotic question
    ;-) I think the technique doesn't work on men because men's eggs are flesh rae eggs, but some eggs are softer and some eggs are firm and hard. Full contact Karate tournament some time some guy's eggs explode inside the sac, but his eggs still raw ;-)

    1. Crusher, did you ever read "Self-Sacrifice" by Allen Baker? It's on the EuA. Allen did a lot of great stories. Anyway in Self Sacrifice the slave cooks his own balls in this heated water contraption and then his master eats them, and it's really erotic and interesting. And I've always wondered if you could, in fact cook a guy's nads while they're still attached. It would be an interesting experiment.

  2. Yes, I read his stories, but you mentioned that story is not Allen's story. Anyway Japanese artist Gengoro Tagame written man's cock and balls cook still attached and alive then eat in front of the man. His drawing and stories are very sexy. I think you already know him ;-)
    I'm sure in our human history it was happen quite few times.


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