Saturday, February 1, 2014

(M/M) The Karatiest - Not My Story Either

So this is also going up for the sake of preservation. Enjoy!

The Karatiest


Jim had a burning desire to stomp Bill into a grease spot because he was jealous of him. Bill was a 6'1" 170 lb Karate expert, built like a Greek God with a deep golden tan, 8" cut cock, solid muscular surfer's body, tight gut and trim ass, short blond hair, and easy going life style. Jim was almost exact opposite: 6'3' and 230#, strong like a bull but with a pot belly that was larger than his chest, bald, and except for his arms was as pale as Casper the Ghost. He was trying to live a "Champagne Lifestyle" on a cheap Beer diet. Jim had some imagined goal of being "King of the Hill" and had to physically prove it to everyone that he is biggest mother fucker in the valley and will squash anyone just to prove it. Jim actually had the largest inferiority complex of anyone a normal person would care to meet in real life.


Jim, dressed in cheap "levi's", T-shirt and cowboy boots, had cornered Bill in a small local bar and challenged Bill to "step outside" so that they can settle their differences, like real men. At first Bill, dressed only in shorts, tank top and sandals, refused saying that he has no desire to fight, but Jim being drunk and the biggest asshole in the bar continued to harass Bill with comments about his manhood and his lousy choice of friends. Bill, his massive muscles bulging with tension and hate, gave in and they both stepped outside.


As they stepped outside Jim hammered his powerful fist into the middle of Bill's muscular back driving Bill forward into a parked car. As Bill regained his senses he turned to face Jim but was met with a solid right cross in gut, staggering him again. Bill threw a right jab but Jim blocked it and countered with a left jab of his own that landed on Bill's shoulder. Bill, now regained his fighting stance and let out a kai yell and front kicked Jim in the gut missing Jim's groin only by inches but knocking the some of the wind out of the fat slob. Bill moved in rapidly and followed the kick with a flurry of punches, several landed in Jim's face bloodying his nose, and knocking out two teeth, Jim blocked the other punches. Jim next kicked Bill in the shins to distract him into lowering his guard so that he could go to work on Bill's face to soften him up, before really putting the boots to Bill.


Bill barely moved his leg in time but still caught part of force in the shin. Bill stepped back slightly, lifted his left leg and kicked Jim squarely in the crotch with his instep, racking up Jim's balls with his ankle. Jim screamed about "DIRTY FIGHTING" and attempted to drive is right fist in to Bill's groin. Bill blocked the punch and drove his right knee into Jim's gut, causing Jim to retreat a short distance. The two combatants began to circle each other to try and find a weakness in the other's defenses as neither fighter wanted to make a fatal mistake and loose this fight, because the "winner" would totally demolish the looser.


Suddenly Jim lunged a Bill, slammed his thigh into Bill's balls, grabbed Bill in a bear hug and picked him up with the hope cracking some ribs and throwing Bill to the ground to knock the fight out him and where he would be an easy target for Jim's boots. Bill now countered by grabbing Jim's nuts with his left hand and massaged them brutally, while working his right hand free. Bill with his right hand now free began to claw and rip at Jim's face, nose and eyes. Bill continued to hammer blows into Jim's face and the top of his bald head until Jim released him. Jim immediately attempted to throw Bill to the ground using a hip throw, but Bill moved too quickly and got away from Jim in order to catch his breath and plan his next moves.


Bill moved in and attempted a spinning back kick to Jim's head, but Jim ducked to avoid the kick and threw a punch at Bill's low hanging balls that were fully exposed to such a counterattack (because Bill wore no jock or briefs). The punch only grazed Bill's balls and he was only temporally distracted, not dazed or knocked out like Jim had hoped for. After finishing the kick Bill spun around and again kicked Jim with an instep kick to the groin that did not miss it's target and slammed Jim's nuts into his bony crotch. Jim grabbed his aching gonads and screamed in pain. Bill then started to rain fore fist punches into Jim's face and tiger mouth strikes into his throat while his knees pumped a tattoo into his crotch and balls. Bill knocked Jim to the ground with one mighty combination upper cut to the jaw and nut cracking knee lift between the legs. Jim fell flat on his back and cracked the back of his head on the hard ground. Bill knee dropped into Jim's solar plexus while he gouged Jim's groin and balls with his toes. Bill then grabbed Jim's balls with his right hand and clamped his powerful nut claw around them, while he hammered Jim's gut and face with his bare knuckled left hand (Bill being left handed had more strength in his left hand). Whenever his punches drove Jim to far away, Bill simply dragged him back into range by pulling and stretching his balls.


After all signs of resistance stopped, Bill dragged Jim's limp body over to the chain link fence that closed off the back of the bar from the neighbor's property. Bill found some short pieces of rope and proceeded to bind Jim's wrists together. Then he looped a longer piece between them and threw it over the pipe that ran along the top of the fence and hoisted Jim up until he was "standing." He tied off the rope so that Jim remained suspended with his feet dragging on the ground before he spread Jim's legs and tied them to the fence. Then Bill stuffed a rag into Jim's mouth to muffle his yells, then he tied a rope around his head to hold the makeshift gag in place. With Jim immobilized, Bill slipped his hands into Jim's open shirt and ripped it apart. Bill felt the crotch of Jim's levis and when he found a weak spot he jammed a finger into the hole. Then he shredded the heavy denim covering and protecting Jim's balls. Bill undid Jim's leather belt and pulled it free from his waistband, then with one hand on each side of the fly of Jim's levis, he ripped Jim's pants off and pulled the tattered remains down over his thighs. Bill plunged his hand deep into Jim's briefs and clutched his balls with in a powerful nut claw, and massaged and crushed his balls without mercy. Bill yanked his hand free and ripped Jim's sac at the same time. Then he hooked his fingers into the crotch of Jim's briefs, with one mighty pull Bill shredded the thin white fabric, and Jim's cock and balls dropped free, hanging impotently between his legs. Bill's more than ample cock, although not fully stiff was threatening to burst through his tight shorts, and expanding even more as Bill anticipated the final destruction of this asshole's most treasured possessions.


Jim was starting to regain consciousness, although he was still very groggy after being beaten by Bill. He tried to clear his head and his vision slowly returned. As the cobwebs cleared from Jim's mind, he finally realized what a predicament his big mouth had gotten him into. Jim struggled with his bonds, he yanked, twisted and turned trying to loosen his bonds and break free. Jim's face went ash white when Bill who had been sitting in the shadows resting, suddenly stood up and moved into the dim light. Bill laughed at Jim's attempts to free himself and began to taunt and tease him. Jim's face grew beet red as Bill told him about his friends and what cheap sluts and whores he ran around with. How they were the sleaziest broads in town and that he thought with his brainless cock. Bill was working Jim into a rage, the blood vessels were standing out on Jim's forehead and arms as he fruitlessly strained at the ropes holding him. Bill was beginning to tire of this game and wanted to get to finish what Jim started.


Bill slowly swaggered up to his captive until they were nose to nose, then Bill spat in Jim's face. Jim was furious but helpless to prevent Bill from doing what he pleased. Bill slid his left hand over Jim's thigh, his fingers just barely touching his skin until he reached Jim's crotch. Jim was seething with rage and embarrassment as Bill slipped his fingers under Jim's sac and fondled his twin fruits. Jim was turned on with Bill's gentle touch. But Bill had other ideas and clamped his fist shut around Jim balls and stretched his scrotum towards his knees. Jim sank his dentures deep into the gag in his mouth as he tried to scream in agony. Bill released Jim's balls and they snapped back to slam into his hairy crotch with a dull thud. Bill looked Jim square in the eye and grabbed his balls again, this time with his thumb separating them as he started to squeeze and crush them with his powerful nut cracker grip. Jim's eyes were watering and the tears were starting to run down his face as Bill increased the pressure and worked Jim's balls between his fingers. Bill told Jim "You ain't seen or felt NOTHING yet! I'm goin' to make you wish you were dead before I'm finished with you."


Bill let his hand drop from Jim's balls. When his hand was by his side, Bill suddenly swung it up between Jim's legs and slapped Jim's crotch with all his strength flattening Jim's balls against his pubes. Jim thought that he would vomit as the sharp pain raced through his groin and reached his brain as his balls were slammed against his crotch. Bill stepped back as Jim convulsed in agony, a raging fire had been kindled between his legs, and Bill was not about to let it die out until all of Jim's fuel had been consumed. Bill had an evil sneer on his face as he watched Jim contort in agony. As the initial shock was wearing off, Bill started his methodical assault in earnest. He dug his fists into Jim's soft gut, alternating lefts and rights between his navel and groin, softening him up for what was to follow. Bill suddenly grabbed Jim's tits and yanked on them, twisting them in different directions while he pumped his knees into Jim's crotch. Bill dug his hard bony knee caps between Jim's outstretched legs and slammed his balls with the top of his muscular thighs. Bill let go of Jim's tits and slammed his right elbow into Jim's jaw, on the reverse stroke he drove the back of his elbow into the side of Jim's neck. Bill drew both of his hands back and shot them into Jim's armpits, digging in his fingers, searching for the nerve centers there. After gouging Jim's pits he grabbed a hold of Jim's hair and ripped out two hand fulls, denuding them. Then Bill shot two open hand claws to Jim's pecs and clawed them unmercifully and again pumped his knees into Jim's balls bouncing and battering them further.


Jim was on the verge of passing out when Bill stopped his initial attacks to rest. Bill stepped back to admire the damage he had inflicted on Jim's worthless body. Large dark red marks and bruises were already forming were Bill's finger tips and knuckles had ruptured the underlying blood vessels. Jim was in a world of hurt, but this was only a foretaste of what was to follow. After a short break Bill concentrated his fists on Jim's already battered face, alternately punching his large knuckles into the remains of Jim's features, breaking his nose, cheek bones and jaw. When Bill had finished pounding Jim's face to a shapeless bloody pulp, he began to methodically work over every square inch of Jim's body. He slammed his fists and elbows into Jim's ribs, liver, solar plexus and groin. He used five finger claw hands to gouge and rip Jim's biceps, gut and throat before stepping back so that he could start using his powerful muscular legs and calloused feet. Bill knew that Jim's knees were bad from playing football in school and he was determined to make them permanently useless. He drew back, turned slightly to one side and drove a vicious side kick into Jim's left knee breaking it like a match stick, then he stomped the right knee. Jim would have collapsed but his hands were tied over his head and as he fell both of his shoulders were dislocated. Bill liked to use high spinning kicks and now he unleased them on the helpless Jim, landing them in his face, ribs and softened gut. He dug toe kicks and front kicks into Jim's gut, striking every inch of Jim's beer belly. He alternately kicked Jim's ribs and groin, his toes sinking deeply into the soft flesh and damaging Jim's internal organs. With most of Jim's ribs either cracked or broken, his gut quaking like a big bowl of jello, Bill again relented.


Jim was in sad shape, he was begging for Bill to stop. But Bill knew better, he wasn't going to stop until Jim was totally demolished, just like Jim had demolished so many others in previous fights. Bill wanted to crack Jim's nuts with his bare hands and feet, to see this "big man" cry and beg, to suffer the ultimate defeat. Jim's balls had been an inviting target along but Bill had purposefully avoided them. He stepped closer and ran his hands over Jim's battered and broken body, whispering soft, comforting words to ease Jim's fears. He caressed Jim's stiff dick and low hanging balls, stroking them gently. When Jim was relaxed and thought that maybe Bill would cut him loose, Bill intertwined his fingers into hair in Jim's groin, seized his bush and denuded Jim with one tremendous yank. Then Bill hammered a vicious upper cut into Jim's balls. He ground his knuckles into Jim's sac, twisting and grinding Jim's nuts. Jim was caught by surprise, now he knew that Bill was going to finish him off. Again and again Bill's fist slammed into Jim's nuts, his bare knuckles grinding them with each twisting punch. Bill switched tactics and began pumping solid knee lifts into Jim's crotch and groin. Bill was enjoying himself, and the bulge and wet spot in his shorts proved it as it grew even larger. Bill's favorite way of ending a fight was to crack his opponent's nuts. Bill had done it many times before, and gotten a real charge out it each time, but those fights had been "fair." Bill had never completely demolished a looser of a fight the way that Jim often did, but now he was going to destroy Jim's sex life. Bill stepped back to gain kicking room. He measured the distance and zeroed in on his target.


The first kick he used on Jim's balls was a toe kick, Bill dug his toes into Jim's sac and felt his toes squish Jim's twin orbs. Then he drove his instep between Jim's legs, his ankle trapped them against his pubic bone with a sickening thud. Bill timed his kicks so that both he and Jim could savor the ultimate destruction of a man and his family jewels. Jim's balls were swelling from Bill's punishing attacks, his sac was discolored and bruised black and blue. Bill continued to slam his bare feet in to Jim's gonads, his toes crushing and pulverizing them a little more with each violent impact. After twenty kicks Jim's nuts were swollen to the size a tennis balls and stretching his sac to the bursting point. But Bill didn't stop, he was determined to bust Jim's nuts. Bill took a half step backwards, and using his powerful leg muscles drove his instep into Jim's nuts while yelling "SCRAMBLED HUEVOS" at the top of his lungs, He continued to slam his foot between Jim's legs until his family jewels were pulverized into diamond dust. After turning Jim into a bloody capon, Bill stripped off his wet sticky shorts, and began to stoke his long hard cock. It took only two or three full strokes of Bill's left hand to unleash his greatest orgasm ever as he groped Jim's demolished nut sac and felt the remains of his squashed testicles. Bill squeezed the mush of Jim's manhood between the fingers of his right hand, savoring the total destruction he had wrought.





  1. I really like this story, when I found this long time ago, I had countless JO with this story. I love ending especially Bill crushed and popped Jim's balls, while he stroke his hard cock and feeling Jim's pulverized balls with his right hand. I really wanted to feel ruptured balls and squeeze out nuts meat in my own hand.
    Nicholas, thanks share again.

    1. I similarly have many good memories of this story. Crusher do you happen to know/have "Breaking and Entering" That's another old one. I can't find it online.

  2. Yes "Breaking and Entering" is also very hot and my JO materials long time ago, still on nifty though.


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