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(M/M) Breaking and Entering - Not My Story

This is another oldie-but-goodie from the Nifty Andrew archive. Enjoy!



I have been watching this one apartment for 3 weeks planning how to break in and steal whatever I can without being caught by the stud that lives there. It is late one evening as I carefully approach the back door. I cautiously slip my credit card between the lock and the door jab. The lock cylinder slips back into the door with a loud click and the door swung open. The hinges creak as I open the door wider and enter the service porch. I quietly shut the door, cross the room and go through the door at the far end that leads into another room. I open the door and slip silently into the darkened room.


I am half way through the door, when a powerful hand reached out and slammed into my groin. The strong fingers dug into my levi clad crotch and clamped shut tightly around my nuts. I yelled with terror until the light in the hall suddenly snapped on, exposing a powerfully built man in a highway patrolman's uniform. He pulled me into the room by my balls, and shut the door behind us. He continued to squeeze my nuts with his powerful grip, kneading and crushing them between his powerful fingers. He thought that I would succumb to his nut cracking grip and surrender without a fight, but my nuts are tougher than any he has previously encountered. Even with his strong forearm muscles bulging and straining he is aware that I am not giving into him, nor was I begging to be released from his fearsome grasp.


He pulled me further into the room until we are in the center of a large cleared area. He yanked down on my nuts viciously, and ordered me to kneel before him. He was still holding me by my balls while he stepped behind me. Then he ordered me to place my hands behind my back where he handcuffed them together. Only then did he release his grip on my balls, and even then only momentarily, before he reached around my kneeling body and drove BOTH of his hands into the crotch of my levis until he found my basket. He locked one of my balls in each of his hands and began to squeeze and crush them again. The heavy denim of my levis reduced some of the effects of his twin nut claws, but didn't afford complete protection. Only now was the pain beginning to build in my crotch, but it was not overpowering, only an inconvenience. He released his holds and slipped his right hand into the waist band of my levis. Finding the bottom of my well worn T-shirt, he seized the fabric and with one violent motion ripped it up over my washboard stomach, broad hairless chest and shoulders before he shredded it to tatters.


With my muscular upper body fully exposed he had trouble containing his desire to work me over and use my body for whatever as he wanted. Again he reached around my waist, but instead of attacking my balls, he undid my belt and pulled it from around my waist before using it to bind my arms. Then he grabbed the front of my Levis with both hands and yanked them apart, instantly undoing the five studs that held my fly shut, exposing my jockstrap clad basket. Again he drove his hands deep into my crotch but this time his hands had no trouble reaching my nuts, and he dug his fingers into my manhood. He worked his fingers deeper and deeper into my tough sac. As he tried to scramble my balls, my cock sprang to attention and he took great delight in its length and girth. My hard on distracted him, and he slipped one of his hands around its shaft. Finally he spoke in a deep bass voice, "I see you enjoy what I am doing to your manhood asshole. Well I've only just begun. You haven't seen or felt ANYTHING yet!" He pulled up on my cock and balls until I was standing, then he turned me around to face him.


As soon as we are facing each other, he slipped his arms around my waist and pulled my levis down over my thighs, preventing me from using my legs or knees to counterattack and preventing easy escape. Then he drove his knee solidly right into my bulging basket. He ground his hard bony kneecap into my gonads attempting to make mush out of them. He was surprised that after four solid knee lifts directly into my exposed and defenseless nuts, I still hadn't lost my HARD ON or collapsed into a whimpering heap at his feet. "How interesting!" he said. "Most men would have been begging for me to stop pounding their nuts, but not you, you only seem to relish me bashing your balls! I really get my rocks off working over another man's balls, so we'll see just how much punishment your nuts can withstand before your eggs crack.


He rammed his knee into my nuts for a fifth time, and spun me around so that he was behind me. He clasped his hands together and slammed them down on the back of my neck driving me to the floor. I landed on my face and knees. His fist shot between my legs, his hard knuckles connected with my low hanging balls causing them to swing wildly between my legs. His upper cut caught me by surprise, but then he withdrew his clenched fist and slapped my balls with his open hand. Again I felt the power of his grip as his fingers clamped shut, trapping my balls. He squeezed, stretched and twisted my balls, mauling them until I was forced flat on my stomach. He released me from his nut cracking grip, but as he stood up he forced his foot between my legs and pinned my balls to the floor with his bare foot, my nuts oozing between his toes. He had just gotten home from a hard day as a motorcycle cop and the only clothing that he had time to remove before my unannounced entry was his riding boots and socks. He kept his toes pressing deeply into my nuts while he removed his shirt, then he placed most of his weight on my balls while he slipped out of his pants. He reached down and turned me over, his jockstrap clad body towered over me. Again I felt his weight as he stomped his bare foot into my nuts, and ground his heel into them. "Now fucker we're going to get down to some serious work." He stepped between my legs, reached down and grabbed the cuffs of my levis and proceeded to pull them off. Stripping me stark ass naked. He dropped between my legs and spread them apart with his knees, exposing my manhood to his wanton desires.


His initial assault was a hard right bare knuckled fist right between the nuts. He twisted and dug his knuckles into my nuts when his punch connected. Then he grabbed my rock hard cock with one hand to keep it out of the way while he repeatedly pounded his fist into my defenseless balls. After ten or twenty solid dead center nut punches, he grabbed my balls and began twisting and yanking them. Now I was feeling real pain as I contorted my body in an attempt to escape his vicious grip. When I brought my head up I could clearly see the outline of his massive balls and now hardening cock in his jockstrap. "I'm going to make you beg for your balls," he bellowed, as he doubled the force of his attack on my manhood. Swiftly he released his twin holds and slammed his knee into my crotch. Then he raised his leg up and brought his knee crashing down and ground my nuts into my own crotch. He continued to grind and pulverize my nuts with repeated knee drops causing my legs to flail wildly. He slipped his right arm under my left leg and lifted it up over his shoulder exposing my crotch even more, before he slammed his open hand into my nuts and again locked them in a nut cracker, his thumb splitting my sac while his flingers clamped tightly around my balls. He kept his hand locked around my balls while he flipped me over onto my stomach, twisting and wrenching them as he did so. Suddenly I felt his hand rubbing my ass, then the crack that separates my cheeks. He was poking and prodding my hole with his hand while he continued to massage my balls. He let go of my balls and spread my legs with his knees. I felt a slippery substance being spread between my cheeks and then I felt the tip of his cock as he prepared to penetrate my hole.


Carefully he lined up his horse cock with my tight hole, the large head pressing tightly against it. Then with one mighty lunge he buried his well lubed cock half way into my tight ass. I almost passed out from the sudden penetration of my asshole. He ground his cock deep into my guts, ramming it in deeper with each thrust. His cock got even harder he increased the tempo of his pumping cock until he was going wild with animal lust. My own cock swelling and begging for relief and my nuts although well man-handled were churning with the expected orgasm. He reached around my chest and grabbed both of my solid round pecs with his expert fingers and began to knead them until my tits were as rock hard as both of our cocks. He clamped my tits between his strong fingers and bit down on my neck with his teeth as his body began to spasm, signaling that he was about to shoot. And shoot he did. I thought that his cum would blast the tonsils right out of my throat. As he unloaded his load in my guts, I unloaded mine on his carpet, almost gluing my stomach to it. He kept his big cock buried deep in my guts until he positive that he had totally shot his wad, then as his cock began to soften he withdrew.


He undid the hand cuffs and freed my hands. Maybe he was spent but I sure wasn't. As he rolled off my back, I turned over and found him lying on his back with his legs spread. Such an inviting target was too much to ask for. I lifted my left leg high in the air, swung it over his body and drove my knee into his unsuspecting and exposed, spent nuts. He howled agony as the shocking pain in his nuts hit his brain. His legs clamped tightly against my knee, but I didn't withdraw it. Instead I raised myself up with my arms and increased the pressure on his nuts, grinding and gouging my knee viciously into his spent balls and swollen manhood. He was now about to get a taste of his own medicine. I grabbed both of his wrists, and snaked my knees between his legs spreading them wide apart. Then I raised my hips up and slammed them down against his groin driving my still hard pile driving cock directly into his nuts. I used my stiff dick like a battering ram and continued to pound it into his balls. He twisted and turned as I now assaulted his manhood with mine, driving my stiff dick into his nuts while I did pushups over his supine body. Just as I drove my knee into his nuts, he broke free from my grasp. His hands shot for his balls in an attempt to protect them from my attacks but to no avail. I simply drove my knee into his hands and smashed his nuts even harder. Then he grabbed for my balls hoping that a counterattack would work in his favor. Just as his hands reached my balls, I hammered my bare fist into his nuts, a solid upper cut right between his twin orbs. Again he dropped his hands to cover his groin and cup his hurting nuts. I quickly rolled him over and reached around his waist, grasping and groping until I found his hot sticky balls and seized them with my twin nut claws. Now he was powerless to protect himself while I brutally massaged his nuts and prepared to ram my stiff dick up his ass and violate his hole, the same way that he had violated mine.


I rammed my cock into his hole without the benefit of lube, since my cock was already slippery from having shot once that night. His ass was tight, but I continued to force my cock into his tight dark hole. I ground the head of my dick against his sphincter muscle until it finally surrendered and allowed my ample cock entrance. I pumped my cock in and out of his hole, plunging it in deeper with each thrust until the sticky cum filled hair of my bush was pressed tightly against his ass cheeks. I continued to ream his asshole with my big dick, and mangle his nuts with both of my hands. I pounded the head of my dick against his prostrate until I unloaded for the second time that night, but this time deep in his guts instead of wasting it on his carpet. My cock was still hard when I pulled it out of his hole. I let go of his nuts and stood up between his legs. With so inviting a target, I couldn't resist. I drove my toes directly into his battered testicles. I punted his balls with my bare feet until I had knocked him out and crushed his one proud balls. Although he had caught me red-handed trying to rip him off, overpowered and fucked me, I still had beaten him and at his own game. I pulled my levis over legs, and stuffed my cock and balls into them. My t-shirt was a worthless rag so I left the apartment bare-chested and empty handed.



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  1. Hey Nicholas,
    I really enjoyed reading again these old stories and still get hard to crush or abuse man's balls many ways hehehe.


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