Monday, October 13, 2014

(Fgroupf/M) Sadistic Aunt Sabrina - Re-edit

So this is one of my all time favorite stories, which was posted anonymously. I took out all the watersports stuff and added some more ballbusting to the story. I also made it a *little more benign for those who are squeamish.
Anywho, enjoy!
Sadistic Aunt Sabrina
I was always a little afraid of my Aunt Sabrina. She was one of those larger-than-life women that wasn’t afraid of anybody and always seemed to get her own way. She had tortured and tormented me as a teenager and I was still afraid of her and at the same time she was the woman in my darkest fantasies.
So, when she called and said she was coming to visit me for a month, I didn’t know what to say except yes. I was afraid to say “no”.
When I was younger, I’m 27 now, she would babysit me when my parents went out of town, which was quite often. I was in my early to middle teens and she was 10 years older than me. She was my mom’s sister and they were cut from the same cloth. Mom totally controlled dad and he didn’t twitch without an okay from her. I was an only child and mom’s whipping boy. Up until the time I was 14, mom would punish me for any infractions I committed, real or not. It was always the same. She would make me go into her bedroom, she didn’t sleep with dad, strip naked and put on a pair of leather cuffs. She would make me wait anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. When she came in, she would be wearing nothing but a slip, a garter belt, nylons and a pair of stiletto high heels. Her long red hair would always be up in either a bun or a ponytail. She would attach a rope to the cuffs which ran through a pulley in the ceiling and then hoist me up until I was on tiptoes. Her punishments varied and were always tied to her version of the severity of my infraction. Sometimes she used a paddle on me, occasionally a riding crop and, for the most severe punishment, she would put on her red leather gloves and beat me with her fists. She would start at my chest and work her away around my body as she went down. The last thing she would pummel was my naked cock and balls. If I dared try to protect them by crossing my legs, it would only get worse. My privates would be all bruised and swollen when she finished. She never talked to me during my beatings but she’d always have a small smile on her face as she beat me. I was home-schooled before that became a hip thing to do. Mom didn’t want anyone seeing my bruises was, I’m sure, the reason she did that. She was strict about my schoolwork and I had to take standardized tests every month and I’d better do well.
Aunt Sabrina was a total sadist. Mom would pick her up and bring her to our house when they were leaving town. They would usually be gone for 5-7 days. I had no idea where they were going or what they were doing. They would usually tell me the morning they were leaving and I never even knew when they were returning. As soon as they would drive off she would tell me to get naked and get to my mom’s bedroom. She would string me up just like mom did but she went a few steps further. Once I was strung up, she would tie ropes around my ankles and spread them as wide as they’d go by tying one to mom’s bed and the other to her armoire. Next, she would take another piece of rope and tie up my cock and balls so tight that they would turn purple. Then, she’d leave me alone for a long time, up to a couple of hours. I don’t know if she left the house or just watched TV or talked on the phone. When she came back, she would strip down to her panties and a pair of high heels. She had very large breasts with big, shiny pink nipples. Her hair was medium length and black. She always put it in a ponytail when she beat me. The routine seldom varied, mom’s red leather gloves would be pulled over her hands until they were skin tight and she would walk up close to me and grab one of my nipples in each hand. She would pinch and twist them until tears ran down my cheeks. Then, her knee would come up sharply between my legs, slamming my testicles again and again. Next, she would step back, hold on to mom’s makeup chair for support and kick me in the privates with her stiletto heels until I was crying out for mercy. Finally, she would finish her beating with her fists. She punched me everywhere but concentrated most of her efforts on my defenseless private parts. Her large, pendulous breasts would be swinging from side to side as she punched me and I could not take my eyes off of them. By the time she would let me down, usually 3 to 4 hours had passed, and I was bruised all over. The most damage was always to my tied-up cock and balls. They would be all black and blue and my testicles would be swollen to twice their normal size.
When she let me down she would always tell me to take a shower and then join her downstairs in the den. She would be sitting in mom’s recliner, naked except for her high heels, her legs spread and her trimmed black pubic hair shining like a beacon, beckoning me to it. She would always have a coca cola for me and would run her fingers through my hair, saying nice things to me and telling me how the punishment was good for me and I’d appreciate it later, when I was fully grown. Finally, she would spread her legs and I could see the folds of woman flesh, all wet and glistening, dripping with her fluids. She would gently pull my face to her treasure, as she called it, and hold me firmly in place as I licked and sucked her until she started moaning and thrashing. She would have dozens of minor orgasms that elicited moans of pleasure from her and would finally work herself up to a giant explosion, crushing my face into her pudenda until I couldn’t even breathe.
That evening, when she tucked me into bed, she would always reach between my legs and stroke my penis until it was rock hard. She would bring me to the edge or orgasm 5-10 times. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, she would grab my still swollen testicles with her other hand, still stroking my rock hard erection, and squeeze them as hard as she could. My orgasms were always a mixture of pleasure and horrible pain to my swollen eggs. She would walk out of my bedroom with a smile on her face.
This would go on every day that mom and dad were gone. Some days I would do something to make her mad and there would be more than one beating that day. Sometimes there would 3 or 4, mostly for imaginary infractions. She just wanted to beat me. I know now that she got off doing it and I always had to pleasure her in the recliner.
Needless to say, I was deathly afraid of both of the women in my life and, when I turned 18, I got the hell out of there and joined the Army. I tried to have minimal contact with either of them and finally, after being discharged, moved to a different city and started a new life for myself.
The harm was done however, and I had become addicted to sadistic women. I married one but that didn’t last and I must have visited at least a hundred professional dominatrices but I was still left unsatisfied most of them time. I did have a couple that I enjoyed being with, she was very sadistic and he was into it a little bit but, when she had me over to their house, she could vent her sadistic rage on me and I loved it. I guess it was okay but not perfect.
Other than that, I had a pretty good life going on. I had a good job in the computer technology sector using skills I had learned in the Army. I had a nice house in an older part of town that was nearly paid for and a paid for car and a pretty nice savings account in the bank. I don’t know if anyone is ever totally happy but I was doing okay…….at least until my Aunt Sabrina showed up. I now wish that I’d had the guts to tell her no.  
The phone call had caught me by surprise. She was coming to Nashville for a few weeks, maybe a month, and would be staying with me. I hadn't seen her in nearly 5 years. She would have been 39 or 40 then and I was 30. It was Dad's early retirement party, 35 years toiling for that miserly insurance company. She was, as I well remembered, still a very striking woman, voluptuous body, short black hair, large breasts and great legs, then recently divorced and had done quite well in the settlement. She was dressed in an expensive, tailored outfit and, as always, had on 4 inch heels, tapping their way across the hardwood floor. Mom, 50 then and still a trim, nice-looking woman greeted her with a hug, kiss and a knowing smile, as though they shared a secret. I knew that they did.
She called from the airport on her cell and said she was flagging a taxi and would be at my place in 20 minutes and, please have some iced tea or lemonade for her, it was hot and she was going to be thirsty. I made lemonade as I recalled her liking it. Funny how I did her bidding regardless of what she actually asked for. She had always had that power over me. She asked and I did.
I was watching out the window as the cab pulled up and the driver got her bags from the trunk, then followed her up to the house. The 2 bags were huge and he was huffing as he ascended the steps. I watched him drop them on the porch and then smile as she handed him what was obviously a big tip. By then the doorbell was ringing and I hurried to the door. I opened it and we both stared at each other for a moment. Damn, she was still a fine looking woman. Her hips were a bit wider but her legs were still slim, ankles still trim and she was still wearing her signature 4 inch stilettos. Just seeing them aroused me a bit.
"Well nephew, aren't you going to invite me in or, are you going to stare at my tits all day?" she asked. I stammered back, "Aunt Sabrina, please come in. I was just admiring how great you look and I was not staring at your chest". She laughed as she walked past.
"I hope you've got lemonade for me and I'll take a shot of vodka with it. Then I will tell you why I've come to visit."
I prepared her a tall glass of lemonade with a shot glass of vodka next to it. She had told me to bring her bags from the porch which I had dutifully done and put them in the guest bedroom. She had went to the powder room off the hall and, when she returned, poured the entire shot in her glass and then took a long drink, sitting down in the chair directly across from me. She made a show of crossing her shapely legs, hiking the skirt up just a little and giving me a great view of her thighs. Between that and the deep vee of her breast cleavage, which she had obviously enhanced while in the powder room, I was getting the beginnings of an erection. I could sense that she knew the effect she was having on me, and effect she probably had on all men.
"It looks like the last 5 years have been good to you nephew," she said. You look good, your hair isn't falling out and it appears that you're doing okay financially. I'm glad to see that." I nodded my head in assent, not knowing what to say except thank you, which I did. "Now, you're probably wondering why I'm here. My job is with the Girl Scouts of America. I am the Senior VP of that group, with special responsibility for Moral Responsibility. Ain't that a hoot. Your kinky aunt giving moral advice. But, to tell you the truth, I really volunteered to come here and oversee this city's chapters so I could become reacquainted with you. I'm sure you remember all the fun times we used to have. Now, don't you deny it. I know I had an indelible impression on you that forged your life in some ways. One of those ways is your sexual inclinations, isn't it? I say this because about a month ago I came upon your profile in the Eunuch Personals and you were trying to find a sadistic Mistress to do some nasty things to you." She was looking directly into my eyes as she said all this and I was dumb enough to nod my head yes. She still had that power over me. I knew then that I wanted her to abuse me again.
"I'm glad you don't deny it nephew. But, of course you wouldn't do that because, the instant I called you, you secretly hoped I was still the sadistic aunt you knew as a teenager and that, maybe, when I came to visit I would do some of those nasty, kinky things to you that you so desperately need."
I was still nodding my head. "Yes, Aunt Sabrina. I suppose that in the back of my mind, I might have been thinking that but the truth is, I've never known how to say no to you." That brought a smile to her red lips.
"Well, now that we both know the real truth, let's get down to exactly what I want you to do, my little pussyboy. I can stay in your city for as long as I wish and I might want to stay for a long time."
She then had me take her on a tour of my house. She told me that she would be sleeping in the master bedroom and I would be in the smallest bedroom, starting today. The basement, with its exposed beams would be her kinky workshop and I was to outfit it to her specifications. She already had a shipment coming with her favorite BDSM furniture, punishment devices and toys. I had a large, 10 acre lot with lots of trees. She really liked that, said the privacy would be perfect. She wouldn’t want the neighbors to hear my cries of pain.
By the time she finished her tour, she'd also finished her 2nd lemonade and vodka. We stopped outside the master bedroom. "I think it's time to start, pussyboy," she said. "Go in there and remove your clothes quickly."
“Not in there pussyboy. That’s my bathroom now. You gather up your stuff and use the hall bathroom by your little bedroom. Later, after I’m done with you, you can move all your stuff to that bedroom and then you’ll only be allowed in here if I invite you.” I did as I was told. I hated myself for it but obviously, deep down, I loved it.
When I walked into the den, still naked, she was sitting in my recliner, looking just like she had looked 30 years ago. The years had been good to her and especially to her body. My cock was rock hard, betraying me and telling her that she owned me from the minute she rang the doorbell. Hell, from the minute my phone rang. She held on to my head as she guided it to her moist warmth, all the while admonishing me to do a good job or I’d have to face her wrath.
She had numerous, juicy orgasms but, just like in the past, they were never good enough and I had not done a good enough job of pleasuring her. I would have to be punished and punished hard so I would endeavor to do better the next time.
She directed me to the bed and had me lie down, face-up, with my butt nearly hanging off the end and my legs spread wide. She pulled some ropes out of her bag and proceeded to tie my legs to the corners of the bed, pulling on them until they would stretch no more and I felt like I was being split in two. Next, my arms were stretched to the top of the bed and she pulled until I felt like I was on a medieval rack. In less than 5 minutes she had made me completely and totally helpless, unable to move more than an inch in any direction. Her final act in preparing me for her punishments was tying my cock and balls. She made a large loop that encompassed the entire package and pulled it tight. She then proceeded to wind the ends of the rope around and around, first separating my cock from my balls and then each ball from the other, with each wrap she pulled it tighter and tighter, cutting off all circulation and causing swelling and pain.
“There, pussyboy,” she said. “Now you’re ready for some of Auntie’s loving attention which will make you a better pussy eater and much more obedient to your Auntie’s wishes and desires.”
She slid a pair of red leather gloves over her manicured hands. I already knew the soft kidskin would do a number of things for her. It protected her hands, gave her a better grip and intensified the sting of her blows.
She moved between my legs, getting close enough that her treasure was rubbing against my swollen testicles causing my already hard cock to swell more. She leaned over me, balancing herself against my straining crotch, crushing my bound cock and balls beneath her as her pendulous breasts dangled in front of my eyes. I couldn’t imagine anything more erotic looking.
She took my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and pinched, twisted and pulled on them until tears welled up in my eyes and ran down my cheeks. The pain was excruciating and, even though I could barely stop from screaming, I could feel my cock straining even more against its bonds. Damn, I must have missed the pain more than I thought I did.
She moved a chair to the end of the bed, between my spread-eagled legs, sat down, crossed her nylon-clad legs and, after measuring the distance, started a methodical kicking of my swelling testicles with her Classic Pump shod feet. The pains shot into my belly and I could feel the tender eggs inside my ballsack starting to swell. I also knew that it was going to get a lot worse.
She tired of the kicking after 10 minutes or so and scooted her chair closer to my crotch. I knew the ball beating was coming but I was, as always, unprepared for the first few punches. She was deadly accurate and the pains shot up into my midsection, nearly causing me to get sick. She kept it up very methodically. First the left testicle, then the right…..whack, whack, whack. Harder and harder she punched until, towards the end, she was huffing hard with each blow. I could see her face and the excitement in her eyes as she rained blow after blow on my helpless eggs.
“This is just the start, nephew,” she panted. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this and I am going to enjoy it for months and months and months or until I finally tire of it. You’d better hope I don’t, though, because if that happens, I am going to remove your eggs from their disgusting sack and you will be the eunuch you desire to be. I have always wanted to castrate a man and if you don’t make my stay here a very pleasant one, you’re going to be that man. Hell, I might end up doing it anyway.”
This both scared and excited me. She was right. I had posted on the Eunuch Personals site for a woman to torture my testicles until she tired of it and then crush them while they still hung from me. Nothing excited me more than having a woman own my eggs, to do with them whatever excited her. The same with my worthless cock and useless nipples. I’m sure this was a result of my warped childhood but it was what it was. I couldn’t control it and now I had the perfect woman to take that control. I nodded my head and said, “Yes Auntie, whatever you want to do.”  
The days flew by for me. Auntie’s boxes arrived and she directed where to put them and what to do in her dungeon. It took shape fairly quickly, even though I could only work on it in the evenings and on the weekends. We both left for work every morning and she was always there when I returned in the evening. She usually got home a couple of hours before me and had showered and put on some sort of a sexy outfit, always accompanied by thigh highs and classic pumps. Often, she would be wearing a half slip and no bra, which she knew really had an effect on me.
She would then take me down to the dungeon, make me strip naked and tell me the things she wanted done that evening. I would do her bidding and, when I had finished, she would come down and inspect my work. She would, of course, find fault with it and tell me I would have to be punished.
The dungeon was now about 90% finished and it was looking pretty kinky. All of her BDSM furniture and toys had arrived and they were all in place, just where she wanted them. I had painted everything the colors she specified and was finishing up the tile and carpet. The entire theme was black and red. There was a gyno chair with straps for securing me, benches galore to tie me to for various punishments, numerous eye bolts and winches to secure me with, a cock and ball stand that forced me to stand on my tiptoes while I was totally exposed and helpless, various castration devices including a burdizzo and an elastrator, lots of whips, clubs, mallets, dildos, speculums, etc., for her to play with and a ton of medical equipment, including the largest selection of needles I’d ever seen outside of a hospital.
After a verbal tongue lashing for not doing whatever exactly the way she wanted, she would, most evenings, have me put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. She would then attach the cuffs to some cables in the ceiling and at the bottom of a couple of floor-to-ceiling posts. The cables were attached to small electric winches and she’d use the winches to stretch me out until I could literally not move an inch. My arms and legs would be spread-eagled to the breaking point with my feet about two feet off the floor, putting my crotch at about the level of her chest. I would be totally helpless. An evil grin would be on her face as she pulled on a pair of the skin tight, soft leather gloves. The beatings would last up to an hour. She would always start at my midsection, punching me in the stomach and chest until I was gasping for breath. Next, my back and thighs would be pummeled until they were black and blue. She always would end up, of course, punching my defenseless cock and balls. She would drive endless uppercuts into my swollen eggs, taking occasional breaks to smoke a cigarette and get her breath back. After 15-20 minutes of beating my cock and balls, she would grab a length of rope and tie them up so tightly that they would start turning purple. The end of the rope was affixed to an eyebolt in the floor and she would stretch my genitals until I thought they were going to be ripped from my body. Then she would start driving straight punch after straight punch into them. All the while, a smile would play across her face. She was having the time of her life and we both knew it.
The evening would usually finish up with her sitting in the recliner, legs spread or on my shoulders, the spike heels digging into my back, while I licked and sucked on her pussy for orgasm after orgasm. All the while she would watch movies of men being tortured. When she was finally finished, she would tell me to lie on my back, legs spread, and she would grind her classic pumps into my swollen eggs while I was told to jack off. When I came, I was to pump my semen on her sexy shoes and then lick it all off. Actually, I loved it.  
Finally, the dungeon was finished. It was exactly as she wanted it, right down to the last detail. She tried our every piece of equipment and every piece of bondage furniture on me and it all worked to her satisfaction.
 Her real favorite turned out to be the gyno chair. She’d had it built for her in Europe and it was quite the contraption. It had taken me an entire weekend to assemble it. Once I climbed into it, Aunt Sabrina could secure my arms, legs and torso tightly. She could then move me into any position she desired, including spreading my legs to the splitting point, elevating my ass, head, arms, etc. to any position she needed and it even had a couple of footpads and handholds if a lady would be inclined to sit on my face to have her pussy or ass worshipped. It looked like an antique but it was brand new.
“Okay nephew,” she said. “Let’s try this thing out. Climb up in it and let’s see how you fit.”
It took a few minutes to figure everything out but, in the end, I was very tightly secured in the gyno chair. Auntie fiddled with all the pulleys and wheels until she figured out what they all did. It didn’t take her long and, before I knew it, I was spread-eagled, ass up in the air, asshole totally exposed, arms secured to my sides with my chest and head positioned and secured just how she wanted. My naked testicles dangled down over my ass-crack She quickly snapped a half-dozen of the tight rubber donuts around my balls causing them to start swelling immediately. She pulled a rolling stool up between my legs and adjusted the height of it until she was satisfied with it. It was the perfect height for her to punch my swollen, secured eggs and she did just that. She was hitting them hard but doing it very slowly, using both of her balled-up fists.
“I’ve got some news for you, my dear nephew,” she said as she kept up the methodical punching of my testicles. You know, of course, that I’m the Senior VP for the Girl Scouts of America. I am also the director of all of the local chapters and, you’ll remember, I am the responsible person for their moral responsibility. Well, I have been working with a lovely group of girls, ages 13 to 16, that I culled from all over Nashville by how they rated on their personality tests. I have been meeting with twice a week for a month and they are quite the interesting bunch of teenagers. All of them had very dominant personalities, according to the tests, and, after interviewing them, I cut a few from the group but the rest of them are borderline sadists and psychos. I have no idea how they even got into the Girl Scouts to start with but they’re perfect for what I’ve got in mind. Are you starting to see where I’m going with this,” she said. I nodded my head even thought I was concentrating more on the pain in my swelling, bloated nuts.
“I’ve got it down to 5 girls, two 13 year olds, two 14 year olds and one 16 year old. They all come from broken homes, live with their Aunts or Grandmothers and have been abused by men all their lives and they would all like some revenge on men in general. I have been coaching them on all the ways they have at their disposal to control any and all men, mostly with sex ideas. A lot of it was psychological mumbo jumbo but we have now progressed to the physical stage of the curriculum and, believe me, they are avid students, especially when I started telling them about controlling men through their tender testicles and their mindless dicks. They are all ears and, when the class is over, they stay and ask questions until I tell them it’s time to go home. In fact, in our last class I had some anatomy photos and drawings showing where all the nerve endings are and explanations as to what types of pain were the worst and could cause the most damage. They loved it.”
“Anyway,” she kept talking and I was starting to pay close attention, “I’ve asked them if they would be interested in watching and participating in some actual sessions with a man, where they could see how effective my teachings were. Not surprisingly to me, they all raised their hands and squealed that they would love it. Well, school is about out for summer vacation, and I’ve sent them all a letter to take home inviting them to a free summer camp, sponsored by the GSA for 2 weeks, starting next Saturday, just 8 days from now.”
“Nephew,” she said, “I think we’re going to have a very interesting couple of weeks coming up for you. You need to apply for your 2 week summer vacation so you’ll be here for all the festivities, after all you’ll be the center of attention for all these budding sadists. I just can’t think of a better legacy for me than training all these lovely young ladies in the art of hurting and controlling men as well as satisfying themselves, can you?” I just nodded my head, wondering what the hell was going to happen to me. I feared the worst. “Also nephew,” she said as she continued the painful pummeling of my eggs, “I want you to be totally hairless, except for your head, when my little charges arrive. I’ve got some really strong depilatory that will remove all of your hair and you will start using it today. Are we clear on that?” Once again I nodded my head in agreement. I wasn’t particularly hairy but I knew it would still feel strange to be totally hairless.
The next week flew by. Auntie was getting more and more excited with each passing day. She was talking to all of her little Girl Scout’s guardians and assuring them that there was no cost to them and it was definitely a learning camp. The girls would learn some very valuable lessons. Not surprisingly, every one of them gave her permission to keep their little charges for 2 weeks. In the meanwhile, Auntie was still meeting with her scouts every afternoon after school, continuing her training syllabus. She was now showing the girls all the good pain spots on a man’s body, especially those tender places in his testicles but she had branched out to nipple pain, cock pain and asshole torture. She said they were very good students and couldn’t wait to put what they’d learned into practice.
In the meanwhile, Aunt Sabrina was getting meaner and more sadistic every day. I was as hairless as a dancer in a strip club and she inspected me every evening when I got to the house. If she found one hair, and she always found at least one, the punishment would be severe. The gyno chair had turned into her favorite place to punish me. Once strapped in, I was as helpless as a newborn calf. She would manipulate all the controls to put me in whatever position suited what she was going to do and then spread me out and secure the straps until I couldn’t move an inch in any direction. It was the most helpless feeling in the world. She didn’t even bother to gag me because there was nobody to hear my screams. Even with all of this, I couldn’t stop myself from hurrying home and subjugating myself to this sadistic woman, like a moth to a flame.
She had branched out considerably in her punishments. No longer was it just beatings, especially of my balls. Now, she was using all of the implements and devices she had ordered and sent to the house.
The nipples clamps were painful but, she had been twisting and pulling them for long enough that I could handle it without a problem. They were sore all the time now and that’s how she wanted them. When I’d get to work in the morning, I’d put a round band-aid over them so my shirt wouldn’t aggravate them. Of course, I would take them off before I got home.
Another new toy that she had bought were stainless steel rods for inserting in my urethra. They were about 12 inches long and came in about 10 sizes, from very thin to as big around as my middle finger. Every day she would fuck my cock with a bigger one than the day before. My peehole was now big enough for her to finger fuck my cock with her little finger. She just knew that the little girls would love jamming their fingers and thumbs into my pisshole. It would sting so bad when I peed afterwards that I had to hold on to the towel bar to keep from falling down.
The cock and ball presses were a special kind of pain and she liked using them if she was torturing my asshole. Kind of like being in two places at the same time, she said. Sometimes, she would clamp them down so tight that I thought my cock and balls were going to split. But even so, my dick always remained rock hard because I loved the way she tortured them. She was enjoying dilating my asshole, first with dildos, then butt plugs in ever larger sizes and finally with her fist. In one week she had progressed to the point where she could insert her arm, nearly to her elbow, in my stretched-out asshole. It felt like she was squeezing my stomach when she had her hand way up in my colon. It was very painful and I couldn’t move even a tiny bit to get away from the pain. It made her smile when I would moan from the pain.
But her most favorite toys were needles. She had bought thousands and thousands of hypodermic needles in all sorts of sizes. Short ones, long ones, super long ones, and in all sorts of gauges, from very thin to big fat spinal tap needles. She had been reading all she could find about causing pain to testicles without destroying them and the number one thing was the inserting of needles directly into them, so naturally she became the expert in using them and I was her test subject.
She quickly discovered that both me and my testicles would have to be very firmly secured while the needles were being slid into my eggs. I couldn’t help myself from jerking and jumping and that would cause my balls to bounce. She had tried playing with the Burdizzo but didn’t like it much. However, the Elastrator was perfect. She would snap one of the bands over my balls which would cause them to swell painfully and, at the same time would immobilize them for her needle work. The pain was very intense initially and then, as the needles was slowly pushed into the testicle, a deep, throbbing pain took over. Once the needle was all the way in, it produced an ache, somewhat like having your balls squeezed. The more needles, the harder it felt like they were being squeezed. At 25 needles, it felt like they were in a vice that was slowly being turned. She loved it and I was horrified by it. That even made her hotter. The juices from her pussy would be running down her thighs when she was finished. She never left the elastrator band on for more than 2 hours. She wasn’t ready to destroy them just yet.
Finally, the day came. Auntie had bought a late-model, used 7 passenger van a few weeks ago and was going to pick up the girls in it and bring them back. She had gotten all of them sleeping bags, even though she hoped they’d be sleeping with her. She was such a sicko.
She said she would be back at 7pm and I was to have snacks and drinks set out for the girls. She had even bought some beer and light wine for them in hopes that they’d get a little tipsy. I was to have my hood on that I could barely make out shapes through and be dressed in nothing but a pair of socks and tennis shoes when they arrived and standing by the door to let them in and help with their bags and things. Right before she left, she gave me a big hug, accompanied by a deep French kiss and, when I least expected it, she drove her nylon-clad knee mercilessly into my balls about six times, causing me to double over in pain. She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “that’s probably the least painful thing that’s going to happen to you this evening, nephew.” With that, she was out the door, her 4 inch stilettos making that sweet sound on the sidewalk. My cock was so hard it was almost vibrating.
At 5 minutes to 7pm, the van pulled in the driveway. I had everything ready and had been watching out the window for the past 10 minutes. I was nervous and anxious at the same time. I didn’t know quite what to think but I did know that Auntie would have it all under control.
I peeked through a crack in the curtains as the girls piled out of the van. My God, they were all gorgeous little things. The 16 year old was pretty obvious due to her height and the size of her breasts. They were very large and bulging at the halter top she was wearing. The other 4 all looked about the same, just starting to grow breasts with prominent, puffy nipples poking through their t-shirts and all gangly with long legs and perky butts. It was enough to make any grown man lose his composure. I was glad I’d be wearing the hood because I would be drooling if I didn’t have it on.
I took my place at the door, kneeling, with my legs wide open, and my balls available to the girls. My erection was all ready at attention. It was standing straight up and as hard as it had ever been. The girls noticed it, as they filed inside, and I asked them through my hood if they would like to kick my dangling balls.
“Isn’t my nephew nice?” said Aunt Sabrina. “Go ahead girls and kick his nasty balls.
They each took turns getting having their first contact with my testicles, and I loved receiving it. I even spread my legs wider to give them first-rate access to them. Then Sabrina told me, “Tell the girls how much you want them to destroy your cock and balls. Offer them up to us, willingly, nephew.”
I was bent over in pain, but managed to raise myself, and said through my hood, “Let me sacrifice my manhood to you. Please, make me your slave, and take them.”
“Excellent,” said Sabrina. “He’s given you complete permission to burst his balls and crush his cock.” All the girls smiled at this. They were all eager to experience both. They knew how few women got to experience the ultimate pleasure of emasculating a man.
“Okay girls,” she snapped, “there’s snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine on the table. The man you see here with the hood on and a stupid erection is my nephew, but you can call him ‘slave’ if you like. He doesn’t really have a name as far as you’re concerned. He is going to be our test subject for the next two weeks and, when that’s done, I bet he doesn’t have a big hardon anymore.”
The girls all giggled some more at that and dove into the snacks, beer and wine. The soft drinks went untouched, just like Auntie knew they would.
After about 45 minutes, Auntie stood up and got their attention. “Girls, I am going to take nephew down to our playroom in the basement now. I will be back to get all of you in about 15-20 minutes. In the meanwhile you can all change into the outfits I bought for you and handed out today. Make sure the high heels fit. I bought them all ½ size larger than you said you wore so you might have to put a little tissue paper in the toes to make them fit but that’s much better than having them too tight.” My mind was going nuts imagining all these little nymphets wearing 4 inch pumps and thigh high nylons.
First she had me get in a box, which secured me and made my groin a tempting site for the girls to abuse them. Then Aunt Sabrina spoke.
“My dear nephew, I am going to give you a shot in your big hard penis in a few minutes. It’s a little cocktail I had mixed up. It’s a combination of a sedative and liquid Viagra and I will be giving it to you every day. It will keep your dick hard all the time and will also make you very compliant. You are going to be kept in the dungeon for the entire two weeks and at the end of that time, we are going to make your wish come true. The girls and I are going to destroy and remove your testicles and penis, and we’re going to make it as painful as we possibly can. The girls don’t know this yet but, trust me, at the end of the two weeks they will be as eager as me to do it and you will be begging us to cut them off” With that she grabbed my turgid cock and pushed the needle in, injecting me with the medications.
I was panic stricken. I didn’t think I really wanted to be castrated. It was just a fantasy. I was starting to hyperventilate but, in just a few minutes, the drugs kicked in and I was suddenly very relaxed. I knew I should be yelling and screaming but I just didn’t seem all that concerned right now. I was, once again, looking forward to having those pretty young girls hurting me between the legs. I heard the click of Auntie’s 4 inch heels as she ascended the stairs to gather up her young, soon to be sadists, charges.
In just a few minutes I heard the distinct clicking of 6 pairs of stiletto heels descending the stairs into the dungeon. Lots of whispering and giggling as they reached the bottom. I knew they would be looking around and probably wondering what in hell was all this
There was a chorus of “wow’s, cool, neat, damn, I love it, I can’t wait,” etc., etc. from the girls. They all took turns looking in the box and seeing that it really was me in there. They were so darn cute. I knew they would be hurting me shortly but, right now, I couldn’t wait for them to punish me.
I felt a soft hand wrap around my engorged cock and start slowly milking it up and down. At the same time, a small fist smashed into my swollen balls. Another blow, harder this time and then it started to rain blows on my tender eggs while the tiny hand kept stroking my dick, up and down, faster and faster, bringing me closer and closer to cumming.
I couldn’t help myself. The cum boiled up from my balls, through my prostate and shot out of my cock as the girls, with prompting from Auntie, beat furiously at my balls with their hard little fists. The combination of pain/pleasure overloaded my senses and I nearly passed out.
A soft hand grabbed my rigid penis, another wrapped itself around my swollen balls, squeezing them until I moaned in pain, while a small finger started pushing into my peehole. It hurt terribly and I moaned in pain but she wouldn’t stop and I could feel her finger slowly sliding down the inside of my tender cock, the tender skin tearing apart to make room for her invading digit. I knew then that this was going to be a very painful two weeks for me. No mercy.
They were all beating my balls and cock now, using all the rods, mallets and ball beaters Auntie had laid out for them. They were laughing and giggling at my moans as they smashed my helpless eggs with gusto. The finger in my peehole was replaced by a larger finger, more pain as she fucked my slit. I could feel the blood leaking out. Damn, it really hurt.
“Okay girls,” Auntie shouted over the din, “Let’s slow down for a bit and get him out of the box and strap him down in the gyno chair where we can really get at him. Try and slow down a little bit. We do want to destroy his cock and balls but we also want the fun to last until the end of your vacation, don’t we?”
Thankfully, the girls stopped their activities as Auntie started undoing the locks and getting me out of the box. I was so weak that I could barely stand. They led me, staggering, over to the chair. I looked down at my cock and balls. They were all swollen and bruised. Blood was leaking out of my enlarged peehole. Damn, I could see right down into it. My cock was still hard as a steel rod and I was still horny. One of the girls grabbed my swollen cock and jerked hard on it as they dragged me on to the chair. Auntie directed them into securing me on the gyno chair. When they were done, I was propped up in a semi-reclining position, legs spread to the breaking point, ass hanging, exposed over the end of the chair and arms strapped tightly to my sides. I could not move an inch in any direction. Auntie slipped a rope over my swollen cock and balls and proceeded to tie them up as tightly as she could. She directed one of the girls to pull a rolling table between my legs. I could see it was full of implements for the girls and, of course, my Auntie to use on my defenseless body.
Auntie gathered all the young ladies around. “Okay girls, here is your playtoy. You will all be able to do anything you want to him . . . within reason. We don’t want to kill him and we don’t want to destroy his cock and balls just yet. What we want to do is torture him until he begs us to remove them and, I promise you, he will beg us to cut off his worthless cock and balls. By that time, I hope that they will be pretty useless anyway. I also encourage you to enjoy torturing his nipples and his asshole. There are shoulder-length latex gloves to use and I’ve been shoving my fist and arm in his ass for weeks so it should be well dilated. I’m going to give $100 to the first girl to get her arm in him all the way to her shoulder and $50 to the first girl to get both arms in him past her elbow. You will notice the cart full of all the fun toys we will be using. If you have any questions about what they are or how to use them, please don’t hesitate to ask. On the bottom shelf are thousands of hypodermic needles in all sorts of sizes for us to use on his balls, cock and nipples. This is excruciatingly painful to him, especially when they are inserted in his swollen testicles or his rock-hard cock. I will also show you how to make it even more painful by heating and bending them before you push them in. Is everybody ready to start?” All the girls nodded their heads and shouts of “hell, yeah” were voiced by all the girls. Auntie looked at me and smiled her evil grin. “Well, let the games begin,” she said.
The girls didn’t know where to start but Auntie did. She had them draw straws to see who got to try putting their arm in his ass first and who got to work on a nipple and who got to shove the sounds in his dick and, the big prize, who got to start with the needles.
One of the 13 year olds got to try her arm in his asshole first. She put on one of the long latex gloves and lubed it up real good. Her skinny arm slid in effortlessly to a little below the elbow. She shoved and shoved and popped her elbow into him, remarking about how tight and hot it was in there. Auntie assured her that was perfectly normal. She was determined to get that $100 and was pushing with her legs and pulling with her other arm. She got it halfway up her bicep but couldn’t get it any further. She decided to fuck me with her arm and it was very erotic watching it go in and out, from her fist to the middle of her bicep, sliding in and out of my ass.
Two of the girls were working on his nipples. They asked Auntie if they could stick needles in them and she, of course, said they could do that if they wanted to, as long as it was painful. Another was lubing up the sounds and had already slid one in my peehole and pulled it out to try a bigger one. After the fingers in there, the sounds were almost pleasant.
That left one girl and Auntie to start on the needles. They both sat down on a pair of small, rolling medical exam stools and pulled the cart between them. They were positioned between nephew’s painfully spread legs.
Auntie said, “let’s start with the small needles until you get the technique down and then we’ll move on to the longer and fatter ones and then I’ll show you how to really cause him pain. We’re going to do some things that even I haven’t tried yet.”
The little girl smiled at her and said, “Oh Aunt Sabrina, I just have to tell you how much we all appreciate this chance to get even with all the men that have hurt us in the past. We loved your classes and we couldn’t believe we were actually going to be able to torture a man, do anything we wanted to him and wouldn’t get in trouble for it. This is way past exciting. This is so cool.”
All the girls were having a ball, well two balls, really. Plus a cock. This was the most fun they had ever had. They were quick learners and, very soon, were experts on all of the methods of torment that Auntie had showed them. They all agreed that fucking his cock with the sounds and their fingers was a huge turn-on but sticking needles in his swollen eggs was the absolute best. They all loved it and, after they had all had their turn in sticking them in and taking them out, Auntie said they were now going to try some things that would start destroying the nasty insides of his testicles.
First, she uncorked a 2 inch needle. Next, she held the tip of it over the flame of a candle she had lit earlier until the tip of it, maybe a little over ¼ inch, was glowing red. Then, she quickly inserted it into his swollen testicle until it was approximately in the middle. He bucked like a wild stallion but there was no where to go. She did it again but, this time, she put her ear next to his egg. “Damn Girls!”, she exclaimed, “you can hear it sizzling inside. It’s cooking his eggs from the inside out. Stick your ears down hear and listen when I do the next one.” Each girl got her turn to listen and then it was their turn to do it. The sizzling and popping inside of his eggs was making them all so horny that their teen juices were running out of their pussies and coating their thighs with lube. They started mounting his face, one after the other, to get some orgasmic relief. He was more than happy to comply. Anything to take his mind off his eggs being cooked. This went on for 20-30 minutes and at least 50 red-hot needles were inserted into his nuts. They were swelling to the size of Turkey eggs.
Next, they pulled out all the needles and took a short break while Auntie got ready for the next torment. All of them were panting from the great orgasms they’d had and their pussies were slick with girl cum. This was like heaven for these girls. Plus, the icing on the cake for them would be when they actually got to destroy his cock and balls, permanently.
Nephew’s balls were, by now, horribly swollen. He was constantly moaning and whimpering. Too bad for him that none of these girls cared. The bleeding had stopped in his balls but there was still some blood mixed with precum leaking out of his cock. Auntie stepped between his grotesquely spread legs. Her fist shot out and connected with his ballsack. He grunted loudly and tried to protect himself but he couldn’t move an inch. She did it again, and again. A professional boxer couldn’t have done much more damage or punch any harder. She loved punching his balls. Deep down inside of her, it was still her favorite thing to do to a pair of male testicles, punch them and punch them hard.
“Okay ladies,” she said. “This time we’re going to cause more pain and more damage with the needles. We’ll be using 2 inch, 20 gauge needles. They’re about the size of the lead in a pencil. When you stick one in, start waggling it in a circular motion as you slowly push it into his egg. It will hurt like hell and will also cause a lot of damage to all those nasty cells that make that horrible sperm stuff. We’re also going to start beating his cock with wooden dowel rods. We’ll leave the srod in them as we beat it black and blue. Also, no one has gotten their arm all the way in his ass yet, so that $100 is still out there. Little Mindy got the $50 for getting both of her skinny little arms in his ass past the elbows. Congratulations to her.”
The girls took their places and started playing with nephew. He didn’t think of it as playing but they did. This was so much fun for them that it might as well have been a concert. Little Mindy wanted the $100 so bad that she couldn’t stand it. She positioned herself between his legs and lubed her arm all the way to her armpit. She decided to not use a latex glove. They hosed him out with high-power enemas every day and his ass was as clean as a whistle. She slid easily past her elbow on the first thrust and started working her arm deeper and deeper into his colon. She was going to go slower this time and try to stop him from cramping up. She knew she could do it if she’d just take her time and use lots of lube.
Two of the other girls pulled stools up between his spread-eagled thighs and situated the cart under his mangled eggs. They had hundreds and hundreds of needles to choose from and quickly got to the task at hand. They lit a candle to heat the needle tips with and grabbed a small, needle-nosed pliers to use in bending the tips. Auntie had showed them how to bend the last 1/8th inch, just a little bit and then, when you inserted the needle , you could twirl it around and it would destroy all sorts of cells and tissues. Plus, he really howled when they did it. Not as bad as when they heated the tips of the needles red hot but pretty close.
The last little Scout was playing with his poor, bruised cock. It was all black and blue with lumps all over it. She was fucking it with the steel rods and, at the same time, was masturbating him. When he would get close, she’d ram the sound all the way inside of him until it disappeared, then she would keep stroking his cock until the sound reappeared. About every 15 minutes, she would make him cum but, with the sound buried in his peehole, nothing would come out and he would be howling into the asshole of the 16 year old Scout sitting on his face. She loved it and little Mindy said she could feel his prostate gland pulsing against her arm as it tried to force the semen out.
Auntie brought over a selection of wooden dowel rods. They varied in size from 3/8 inch to 1 inch in diameter. They were all about 18 inches long with black tape wrapped around one end to use as a non-slip handle. They were very stout and would cause extreme pain to his cock, especially with a stainless steel sound shoved down his peehole for the beatings.
The little girls had the best afternoon of their lives that day. They could anything they wanted to do to nephew and nobody cared and nobody stopped them. They beat his cock horribly with the dowel rods. It was all swollen, bruised and covered with thick welts. They also stuck needles into his pink cock head and thick cock shaft, which started to leak semen out of the holes. Nephew begged for them to stop, but they acted like they never heard him. What they were waiting for was to hear him beg them to remove his cock and balls. By now, they were pretty sure they’d be hearing that a lot.
Little Mindy finally got her arm all the way inside nephew’s ass, deep into his colon, well over 2 feet of her little, skinny arm was buried inside of him. She was so tickled to have won both prizes. His asshole was so dilated that it looked like you could drop a baseball in it and it’d just disappear.
His balls got the worst of it, though. They beat them mercilessly. They stuck hundreds of needles in them in the most diabolical ways. Everything Auntie had taught them and some they made us as they went along. His swollen ballsack was bleeding profusely, droplets falling to the floor, mixed with his yellowish balljuice. They would take breaks and laugh about who had done the most painful things. It was like a contest as to who could cause the most pain.
Auntie hovered closely about, reveling in the damage the young girls were doing to her nephew. Every once in a while she would join in for a few minutes, usually punching her defenseless nephew’s swollen eggs or if he was standing, kneeing his nuts with her thighs. After little Mindy had dilated his ass she finally got her arm deeper inside of him than she ever had before. It was so hot and tight inside of him that it made her pussy drip juices.
The pungent aroma of sex, sweat and semen permeated the dungeon. It drove all of them to more frenzy. They finally had to stop. They were all exhausted. It was time to clean up nephew, let him relieve himself, tie him loosely to the bondage table and relax a little. They had all sorts of time to do whatever they wished to him. It had felt so good to all of them and they knew it was just going to get better.
For the next week, nephew was strung up when they were done with him for the day, and left over night with heavy weights on his balls. Instead of being able to sleep, he was forced to hang by his arms and legs and have his nutsack be pulled towards the floor by 60lbs worth of stainless steel. After six days of this, his huge bloated balls were hanging almost to his knees, and this was important for what happened next.
On Tuesday, Auntie went down to the chamber to prep nephew for the day’s torture.
“Today is special,” she said to him as she gave him the usual shot. Nephew just groaned. The weights were still on his balls, and as usually it felt like they were about to be ripped off his body.
“That’s right. You know you want all this. Today, we’re going to do nothing but kick, knee and punch those nasty testicles of yours. See if we can’t splatter them all over your pelvis.” Nephew whimpered softly. Just for fun, Auntie jammed her knee into his swollen, bruised baby-makers ten times in a row. One thing was for sure – they wouldn’t be making babies after today. Nephew had to mentally prepare himself for having his breeding license permanently revoked.
The girls filed in. There stood nephew, strung up like a scarecrow, his legs wide open for punishment, his arms and legs secured. All the girls were impressed by the size of balls. They hung there like huge bull testicles, all warped and misshapen from abuse.
“Today, girls, we’ll be taking a more athletic approach to nephew’s torture. He’s going to stand there, and beg for you to kick, hit, punch and knee him in the nuts. We’re going to make mush out of those horrid testicles we’ve been abusing. Isn’t that right, nephew? You want us to emasculate you, don’t you?” She gave a vicious backhand to his grotesquely large and loose eggs
“YES!” he yelped. She punched them again, full force. “Tell us all about it.”
“Please!” he cried, “Kick me till my nuts explode. Make the pain stop. Take them from me!!” He so badly wanted to lose them. But, as usual, he was totally hard, and getting off on the abuse, too.
“No, we’re not going to destroy them yet, that will come at the end of the week, but we can sure hurt you. I want you to beg each girl to hurt you where you live. Beg them to kick your nuts.”
“OK” he whimpered, hoping they’d be merciful if he appeared to cooperate.
They all lined up and with nephews groveling “please crush my nuts” or "please explode my eggs" before each kick and “thank you for making me mush” or "thank you for making me sterile" afterwards,, they pasted the hell out of his balls. Hard kicks, each one nailing one or both testicles. Solid punches. Intimate knees to his testicles. Slaps and squeezes. All of them with nephew making pathetic requests for these hot little girls to hurt him. They loved it. He seemed to love it to as his dick remained completely hard and merrily bounced around as they abused his nuts.
By noon, all he could do was croak his encouragement. At one point, Auntie got some kicks in, and then some punches. As she was kneeing him in the balls as hard as she could, she whispered into his ear, “Don’t you love this, nephew? All your dreams are coming true. We’re going to ruin you. And you’re going to stay awake for all of it. Just think how much it’s going to hurt.”
Within another hour of the abuse, nephew was screaming “ PLEASE CRUSH THEM!! MAKE IT STOP!!! I DON”T WANT TO HAVE BALLS ANYMORE!!!”
But the girls would have none of it. They kept mangling his balls with hits and kicks and knees to the groin. They loved running up between his wide-spread legs and blasting their feet into his two huge testicles. Two girls made the most of the situation. One stood in front of him, the other behind him, and they took turns kicking his dangling orbs so that they received eleven minutes of uninterrupted pummeling. Nephew was just drooling on himself and mumbling gibberish.
The eggs they were abusing continued to grow and swell, and as they got heavier, they sagged in their sack more and more. Testicle piƱatas. And through it all, his dick remained rock hard. Standing tall and proud, it’s bulbous purple head pulsing while its two dangling companions receive ungodly abuse.
At around three o’clock, Auntie had one girl jack nephew off, while two other girls squeezed the stuffing out of his turkey eggs. One of them was behind him, and pulled and twisted his right nut, squeezed as hard as she could, while the other one stood in front, to his left side, and pulled her chosen nut to her, pressing her thumbs as deep as she could into it.
Auntie walked up to nephew and punched him in the stomach. “Tell them to squeeze harder, you little piece of shit. Tell them how much you want them to ruin your manhood” She delivered a second punch to his stomach.
“OOph.” Exhaled nephew. Then he groaned. He was past hope for a reprieve, and he knew it. So, he begged for more pain.
“Pop them,” he gurgled. “Pop my balls, please. PLEASE POP THEM!”
They sure did try; squeezing and twisting and pulling them this way, and that. And the one jacking him off made nephew cum, about six times. Each time he came it was just a creamy dribble and it was more and more painful as his balls tried to pull up close to his body to release their load.  And after each ejaculation, his balls got more and more sensitive. The whole thing was torturous.
By that evening his nuts had doubled in size and were hanging at his knees. After a day of testicle abuse, the girls were extremely sexually aroused, and only a few were doing the racking, while the others were giving each other head. Aunt Sabrina was getting the best of it, one girl on each of her breasts and one servicing her dripping mound. That small pink tongue darting in and out of her labia was heaven.
All nephew could do was hang there and wish he could participate instead of being their punching bag. His balls, his life meant nothing to these cute little hotties. He was just a toy, to be disposed of once his genitals were all used up.
At the end of the evening, he was left there, to hang. While the girls filed out, up the stairs from the basement, Auntie walked up to nephew and got close. She whispered in his ear again.
“Did you like your day of busting, nephew?” Auntie rammed her knee into his spongy balls. “If you thought today was bad, tomorrow will be worse.” Another kneecap to his danglers. “All the girls can’t wait till the last day when we castrate you.” This time she punched his rock hard dick about twelve times. “I’ll leave you with that happy thought.”
Auntie attached the weights to his balls, and left him there, in the dark, alone, standing as the weights threatened to, once again, ripping his balls out by their roots. Nephew couldn’t see the silent tears he shed, but he could sure feel them splatter on his dick, still hard and leaking cum. As usual, nephew’s member betrayed his real feelings. He couldn’t wait to be destroyed.
It was the big night. Their last night at 'camp'. The night they were going to do the deed. They were all so wired up that they couldn't stop giggling and whispering to each other.
The last two weeks had been unbelievable for the girls. They had tortured nephew in a hundred different ways. They had strung him up and used his cock and balls as a punching bag. They had hoisted him up by his balls until he was completely hanging by them and then beat them with rubber mallets. Thousands of needles had been stuck in his eggs. Each of them had had their arms in his dilated asshole. The obscenely swollen head of his penis was all purple from the beatings they’d done to it. His nipples had been pulled, pinched, stuck with needles and clamped until they were raw from abuse. His peehole was so dilated that they could all stick their fingers in him and use their sharp fingernails to scrape and irritate the tender mucus membrane inside and make it feel like fire when he peed.
Auntie walked into the room and it quickly got quiet. "Well girls," she said, "tonight is graduation night. Tonight’s the night we destroy and remove nephew's precious penis and testicles. I think he's ready, don't you?". There was a unanimous nodding of heads.
“I've invited my friend, Dr. Trudy, to join us. She's a surgeon and will do the actual removal of his cock and balls. We will, of course, have already destroyed them. You'll like her a lot. She has removed quite a few of them at this point. She loves doing it and hopes you'll all want to watch. She will really make him beg. It's fun to watch the crying and groveling as they plead with her to take them off.”
Dr. Trudy stood up and said, "Hello girls, I'm so glad to be a part of this with you. It looks like you've done a good job of damaging his reproductive equipment beyond repair. After all you've done, they're essentially useless anyway and he'll be glad to have them gone. After you have totally destroyed them, I'll give him a sedative, but no pain killers. As much as he loves testicle torture, I’m sure he’ll want to feel all the pain and watch as I remove his precious manhood. I am also at Aunt Sabrina's request going to pierce his nipples and insert some large diameter gold rings that I will then permanently weld in place. After that is done I'll knock him out and I'll reroute his urethra to right below where his balls used to be so he will have to pee sitting down. I am also going to modify it so it'll be large enough to painfully accept an average-sized cock. This  means that other men will get to fuck him face to face just as if he were female, but of course it will hurt him a great deal, especially if the man is well endowed. His destroyed testicles will be preserved for Aunt Sabrina. His mangled penis will be cleaned up, dusted in flour and fried for all of us to have a taste. They're very tasty actually. His ballsack will be stretched, tanned, cut into thin strips and I will make each of you a woven bracelet to always remind you of this day. Does that sound like fun to all of you?"
There was a chorus of "yes, hell yeah and wow's" from the girls. They were really excited about nullifying nephew. Plus, he'd been begging for it the last few days. They had all agreed on how they wanted to ruin his cock and balls. They wanted to beat them to death while he was secured in the box. First, they would stick at least a hundred needles in his balls, using the most painful methods they'd learned from Auntie. Then, they would fuck his peehole with the biggest sound, plus their sharp little fingernails and finally some round files Auntie had found at the local hardware store, tearing it apart inside. Finally, leaving the needles and file in him, they would use hammers and mallets to destroy his cock and balls. They would beat them into mush.
One of the older girls asked if there would ever be any more males they could torture and then destroy and remove their cocks and balls. Auntie told them about the Personals Section on some eunuch sites and how they could find all sorts of men that fantasized about being dominated, especially by sadistic young girls, then having their balls and cocks tortured, then removed. She knew it would be easy to find more victims. She said, "We could find lots of men to do this to, especially using you little sadists as bait. We would probably need at least another 10 girls and we want them really young. These men are all hooked on the idea of young, teenage sadists torturing and nullifying them. 16 is the oldest age to start them out. Do you think we could find some 11 and 12 year olds that would like doing this?”
The 16 year old replied, "We can get all you want. Half the girls we know have been abused one way or the other and they'd all love a chance to do what we've done this past 2 weeks." All the other girls nodded their heads in agreement. This had been the greatest payback ever for all the abuse they had suffered from men and their nasty cocks and baby-making testes.
Auntie stood and said, "It's time to have our last party with nephew. After tonight he'll be my niece." They all laughed at her little joke as they headed down the stairs, 7 pairs of high heels beating a staccato rhythm on the hardwood treads. The music of doom for nephew.
Nephew had been tied loosely to the bondage bed and the sound of the stilettos had woken him up. He was fidgeting nervously. Auntie had prepared a hypo for him and quickly injected it right below his swollen and bruised ballsack. In minutes he was docile as a lamb and his mangled penis started getting erect and bloody precum was leaking from his peehole. He was truly broken.
Auntie motioned for all the girls to gather round. "Okay girls, this is nephew's last day as a man. He needs all the orgasms you can make him have so he'll remember how painful it is to cum. We want his balls empty when we take them. You've got 3 hours to have all the fun you want. When you're done, and his cock and balls are painfully ruined, we'll clean him up, empty his bladder and Dr. Trudy will perform the operation. I'm going to give him his first pain of the day and then you ladies can begin." She leaned forward, balled her fists and, using them like hammers, brutally pounded his swollen eggs as his tongue paid homage to her labia and clitoris, bringing her to an explosive orgasm.
Now it was the girls turn and they went at it with a vengeance. Red hot needles were plunged into his eggs by the dozen. Long, 5 inch needles were skewered thru his swollen testicles. Needles were pulled out so they could try new tortures. 100 short, 1 inch needles, were quickly inserted by 5 sets of hands and then beat deeply into his testicles with rubber mallets. His cock was treated to the most diabolical abuse. The biggest rods were rammed into his piss slit, followed by their fingers and sharp little fingernails. Even the 4 inch heels from their stilettos were used to fuck his peehole. His cock, thanks to Auntie's drugs, stayed rock hard through all the abuse. They masturbated him continuously. There was nothing left in his balls and the orgasms were dry, not a drop of cum, and extremely painful. Of course, that was the idea. Torture and destroy his cock and balls until he begged for them to be removed.
He was already begging but it was too early. He would scream out loud, “Take my fucking balls, PLEASE” or “CRUSH THEM!!!”, but they weren’t ready yet. They had planned to use the last 30 minutes to destroy his cock and balls and there was an hour to go before then. They continued their fun and paid no attention to him. One of the girls found some fine grit sandpaper, rolled it into a tube and was jacking him off with it, removing a layer of skin in the process and making his cock even more sensitive.
It was getting close to the time and the begging was nearly non-stop.
"Please take them. I'm begging you, please cut them off. I can't take anymore pain," he blubbered, tears streaming down his face, but it fell on deaf ears.
"30 minutes to go," Auntie said. "Get your tools of destruction and get in your places. The girls sprang into place, two on each side and one standing above him. They all had either an 18 inch lead pipe, with duct tape wrapped at one end to provide a better grip, or a steel ballpeen hammer. The girl above him, the 16 year old, had 2 round files, one bigger than the other, plus a lead pipe. They were ready.
Auntie put her face close to him. "Nephew, time's up. These little girls are now going to destroy your cock and balls, then we're going to remove them, just like you've been begging them to do. You won't be able to pass out. My drugs will keep you wide awake so you can enjoy your fantasy."
The girls started to work. They didn't hurry. They knew it would only take a couple of minutes to actually destroy them. They wanted to savor it, enjoy the feelings of power as they beat his genitals to mush.
The 16 year old on the toilet grabbed his dick, lubed the smaller file with his precum and started shoving it down his peehole. His screams filled the dungeon. It was in all the way to the handle when the first blow of the pipe crushed a portion of his dick. It sounded like hitting a ripe orange. The girls on either side made their first blows with the hammers and lead pipes. You could see and hear the insides of his testicles rupturing with each blow. He was begging and pleading now for them to remove the source of his pain but they were having way too much fun. The warbling sound of his voice punctuated nicely with the sound of his rupturing testicles.
One of them grabbed his ruined dick and started jacking him off, sliding his pain-wracked cock up and down the file embedded inside of it. He was still hard and her expert little hands produced another dry, painful orgasm. They were loving every second of it.
They worked slow and made each action sink in. The begging was non-stop now. It was time to finish him.
The big, round file was shoved into his piss slit and pistoned back and forth 15-20 times, causing waves of pain to ripple thru his body as the file tore the tender flesh of his urethra to shreds. The file was left in him as they beat the life out of his worthless cock.
The lead pipes and ballpeen hammers descended on his insanely huge and bloated  testicles. It sounded like they were hitting a ripe watermelon. They wached with pleasure as the huge bubbles burst and became nothing but bags of spermy mush. They had completely ruptured them, making them entirely useless for anything but removal. Within 2 minutes his eggs were destroyed and, despite the drugs, nephew had mercifully passed out. But they didn’t stop pounding his balls. They kept rupturing them until the insides of his eggs were turned to jelly. Soft spermy jelly.
They lifted him out of the box and carried him to the shower where he was hosed off. The cold water woke him up and he started blubbering again as they cleaned him up. One of the girls stuck the hose up his asshole about 2 feet and cleaned it out as he screamed.
He was led, staggering, to the gyno chair where Auntie and Dr. Trudy quickly secured him tightly into position. Unbelievably, his ruined dick was still about half hard. It was amazing.
Auntie gave him another shot to keep him awake during his nullification, while Dr. Trudy prepared her instruments on the cart. She sprayed him down with some antiseptic solution after swabbing him clean with some sterile cloths. He was wide-awake and scared out of his mind. His eyes were darting from one face to another, looking for mercy and there wasn't any. She pulled her stool between his legs and pulled on a pair of sterile gloves. Auntie and the girls had all donned masks and were pulling on their gloves. It was time to make nephew a niece.
Nephew's eyes went wild with pain as Dr. Trudy's scalpel started her first incision. She carefully excised his ruined scrotum, starting at the base of his penis and, going around the right side, down to the base of his balls, cauterizing the bleeders as she went. The same procedure was used on the other side. When she finished cutting, she slowly pulled the entire ballsack away in one piece, leaving his destroyed eggs exposed and vulnerable, still connected to his body by the sperm carrying tubes, blood vessels and nerve bundles. Still connected to his body so that he could feel every ounce of pain that was yet to be inflicted on them. They were light pink in color, huge and misshapen from their destruction by the hammers and lead pipes. Like obscenely large oranges, they oozed with a thick yellowish fluid leaking from the hundreds of needles the girls had pounded into them. She deftly removed the needles with surgical tweezers. Nephew had felt every one being pounded into his nuts, and now he was tortured as he counted each one removed. Trudy made it even more painful by rotating the needles while they were still in his balls, just to liquidize their contents even more. His screams had turned to moans as he begged her to take everything and please stop this pain. By now, he hated his cock and balls. They had caused him more agony in the last month than they had ever given him pleasure in the last 20 years.
Dr. Trudy motioned for Aunt Sabrina to grab one sperm-slick testicle in each hand. "Sabrina," she said. "I can either cut these organs open, and simply let what’s left of their contents ooze out, or you can pull his eggs slowly away from his body, and squeezing out his ball-pulp as you do. . Either method will cause excruciating pain/. When they can't go any further, you can either tell me to cut the cords or you can just yank them out of his groin, which will cause an agonizing ache in the pit of his stomach for weeks.
Dr Trudy smiled, and looked at Sabrina, then looked back at nephew. “I think I know which one you'll do."
Auntie laughed. "You know I want to pull them out, don't you, Nephew?” She waited for him to reply.
Even in his pain soaked state, he knew he needed to have his Aunt take his manhood from him. It was what he’d secretly wanted since a teenager. Finally, he looked up at her and in a croaking voice he finally said, “Yes, I want you to take my manhood, auntie. I’ve wanted it all my life. I’ve wanted you to castrate me since I was a kid. It’s ok. Take my nuts from me and make it hurt. Please!”
Sabrina smiled at him. “Good answer, little man. I knew you’d want it that way too.”
She picked up the destroyed testicles, one in each hand and started to slowly pull on his misshapen eggs, squeezing as hard as she could at the same time. She wanted to cause as much pain as possible to her helpless nephew. He screamed in mortal agony. The orange liquid filling his nuts, which had once been proud, manly cells of procreation, began to ooze all over her hands as she did so. Nephew's eyes were rolling about in his head as plaintive cries for mercy escaped his throat. The girls were watching closely, hypnotized by the scene. A chant of "Go Auntie" filled the room, overpowering nephew's cries of pain. You could feel the sadistic sexual frenzy filling the room. The girls were all squeezing their hard little pink nipples and rubbing their hands into their tight teenage pussies. The juices were running down the insides of their thin thighs, coating them with the sticky mucus.
She leaned over his face and whispered to him as she pulled on the cords more and more, "Nephew, I really do love you but this gives me such a sadistic thrill, deep down inside of me, that I cannot stop myself. You were born to lose your cock and balls and I was meant to take them. You will be my permanent slave after this and I know you've wanted that for all of your adult life. You will be rented out to other sick sadists, abused, tortured and used to satisfy their lust. But I, I get to take the best parts of you for myself.” He just moaned and cried. He knew that being a man was over and being his Aunt's slave for life was just beginning. The pain was so bad. He just wanted them gone so the pain would stop. “Thank you, Auntie,” he whispered back to her, tears streaming down his cheeks as his nutmeat oozed out between her fingers. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
She pulled on his testicles until the attaching cords were as tight as guitar strings. Her fingertips were white from the pressure she was exerting on his tortured eggs. They were now just empty baby makers, their batter dripping all down her hands and onto the operation chair.. It was time to nut him. The waves of pleasure were building to a crescendo in her pussy. She yanked with all her strength. The cords snapped and popped as they were ripped from deep within his groin. He wailed like a wild banshee. Auntie fell back against Dr. Trudy. She had just had the biggest, most intense orgasm of her life. The woman juices were flowing out of her wide open pussy. 
Auntie patted her tiny head as the little girl's tongue licked the thick strands of honey from her swollen, dripping labia. It felt like heaven and waves of pleasure cascaded thru her pussy, causing even more warm mucus to drip from deep within her pleasure hole. The little Girl Scout was lapping it all up and sweet moans were coming from her throat as the girl goo coated her young throat.
By now, the rest of the Girl Scouts were kissing, licking and stroking each other. The 16 year old was under Dr. Trudy's lab coat, her tongue probing deeply into her hot, velvety folds of woman flesh, lapping the hot juice that was flowing out. Dr. Trudy turned around so the young girl could lick and tongue her asshole as she grabbed the piercing needles for his nipples. The hot tongue probing deep into her ass as she drove the big, hollow needles through his nipples added to her sexual frenzy. The gold rings followed the needles through the large diameter holes. She would make them permanent later. Meanwhile, she was going to enjoy the sweet, young tongue as it explored her dark tunnel. Another young girl joined the first, her mouth sucking at Dr. Trudy’s dangling and swollen labia, licking the dripping mucus that came from deep inside her gaping vagina.
The de-nutting of nephew had thrown them all into a frenzy of crazed lust. His howls of pain were music to their demented ears. It took about 15 minutes to get back to some semblance of normality. All the women were flushed and glowing with perspiration. Every nipple was hard and sensitive. Every clitoris was engorged with blood and sticking out from its' protective covering, waiting to be sucked and licked. Their pussies were swollen and open, juices dripping and flowing from them.
Auntie said it was now time to perform the penectomy. Dr. Trudy said she was going to take it off in 5 sections. First, she would remove the head, leaving it intact. Next, she would slice the rest of it lengthwise into 4 sections and, finally, she would excise the 4 sections right at the root. There wouldn't even be a little nub of a cock left. When she was done, he would be perfectly smooth with no hint that he had ever had any male organs. He would look like a born eunuch. Auntie and the girls were all clapping, they were so tickled at what they'd done.
A mirror had been put in position for nephew to watch his castration and total penectomy. He couldn't take his eyes from the gory scene, even though the pain would sometimes cause them to roll back in his head briefly. He couldn't believe it was happening but the pain was real enough. He was begging for it to be over. His cries for mercy filled the room.
His cock was still rigid, the drugs doing their work until the very end. Dr. Trudy gripped the head of his cock with a forceps as she sliced slowly around the corona, going deeper each time and cauterizing the bleeders as she went. She made the final incision and the head of nephew's cock fell with a thump on to the tray, joining the two castrated testicles. Next, she slowly made the 4 lengthwise incisions, in effect quartering his penis. As before, she cauterized the bleeders as she went along. The cuts went deep into his groin. It was now laying in 4 sections, each about 8 inches long. What was once a proud, thick 9 inch cock now was nothing more than a tidbit for them to eat. It looked like a large Kielbasa that had been sliced lengthwise. Her final cuts were deep into the root of the organ and, one at a time, the sections fell into the tray. He had finally been totally destroyed as a man. He was now and forever a eunuch, an “it”.
Once again, the women and girls fell on each other in a frenzied orgy of sadistic lust. Faces in pussies, tongues licking swollen labia, hands groping breasts and asses. Their clits and labia were swollen and coated with their juices. Auntie had both of the 13 year old girls. They were in a triangle on the floor, each of them licking the dripping pussy of another one. Dr. Trudy was grinding her pussy into the kneeling 16 year old while the two remaining girls were in the 69 position on the bondage table, sucking the juices out of their engorged pussies. They changed partners and positions every few minutes. The smell of their sex juices mixed with blood, sweat and tears from nullified nephew.
They'd done it and they were ecstatic in their need to celebrate. Dr. Trudy pulled away from the sweet, young face buried in her pussy. She had a lot of work to do. It would take her a couple of hours to finish it all. She gave nephew his much needed shot as Auntie led the sex-crazed girls upstairs where they renewed their lust. One of them had her face buried in Auntie’s ass as they ascended the stairs, tasting the sweetness in her dark hole.
She was very efficient and worked quickly. His scrotum was cleaned, stretched, pressed firmly between 2 pieces of lucite and put in a preservative. It would be stretched further and tanned before being sliced into thin strips and made into woven bracelets for the girls. His severed and quartered penis was put in a bowl of salt water to soak the blood out. His eggs were cleaned and put into a huge jar of formaldehyde for Auntie and his intact glans was put in a similar jar for her. She planned on having a large collection of manhoods after a couple of years. Nephew was now her first.
The work of rerouting his urethra was done first. She placed it right where the very bottom of his scrotum had been and made sure it was sufficiently enlarged to accept an average size hard cock. A large catheter was inserted and would stay in place for a couple of weeks. He'd be wearing an adult diaper until then. All of the small bleeders were cauterized and she carefully closed the deep wounds where his penis and scrotum had been, using her skills learned from a short residency in plastic surgery to ensure that, when he healed, you would never be able to tell that he had once possessed a man's silly pride and joy. After a couple of hours, she cleaned him up, stepped back and admired her work. Very good, she said to herself. Aunt Sabrina could take the bandages off in a couple of weeks and start renting him out in 6-8 weeks. Her fee was going to be a percentage of his earnings and, added to the ones she already was getting a cut from, it would be a tidy sum. Her retirement fund. There were plenty of sick, kinky people out there that loved playing with and torturing eunuchs.
It was time to go upstairs and prepare a snack for the girls after she joined in the orgiastic fun.


  1. Awesome story!!! Amazing ball and cock torture!!

    1. I certainly thought so. It's a killer story.

  2. WOW!!!!! I do not possess the literary or linguistic skills to express how much I appreciate this story. I always get excited when I see a f/m story but I did not expect such a long high quality story. You have made me even more excited to read your next story but it appears from your most recent post it will be a m/m story.

    Thank you once more for putting the time and effort into presenting us with such an amazing story. I can not believe I did not discover this story earlier.

    1. I'm glad you liked it! As I said, it's one of my favorite stories and all I did was enhance and improve it for our genre. Cheers Alan!

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