Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Towel Boy (groupm/m) - NEW

So after the serious intensity of Sadistic Aunt Sabrina, I thought we could all do with something more lighthearted, whimsical and gay (sic). So here is the story of an American football team's towel boy making the greatest sacrifice of all just so his team can win. Let's face it, we've all had fantasies about locker room sex (male locker rooms or female locker rooms), and this story has tons of the male variety. All those guys on the football team who you professed to hate but secretly masturbated to? That's the fantasy that this story embodies.
Towel Boy
Jake was the towel boy for the Clutchville Rams. The Rams were comprised of the hottest, most godly senior boys from the local high school. Until Jake joined the team, they had been on a year-long losing streak, but Jake’s sexy powers of good luck turned it all around and now they were unstoppable.
It all started on Jake’s first day on the team. He was in the locker room attending to his new duties, when he heard some of the guys talking in the shower. They weren’t getting laid or getting head because the basket ball team was doing so much better than the Rams were and were snagging all the best pussy.
Now Jake was a bright, well educated, and well read lad, and he also worshiped the boys on the team and wanted them to be champions. He walked into the shower room.
“Hey guys, I’m Jake, your new towel boy.”
“Hey!”/”’Sup”/”Cool” was the reply.
“I thought I ought to tell you that there was a study done recently which proved that sexual frustration was the number one factor in athletes losing games. I think it was a Princeton University study. Anyway, they showed that guys who were getting it regularly outperformed those who weren’t, and won twice as often and had a larger win margin than guys who were sexually frustrated. It sounds to me like you guys are needing some relief, and I think I might just be able to help you out. I’m a pro at giving guys head and taking it up the rear. Now I’m not gay. I’ve got a girlfriend and everything, but my brothers always liked help getting off and I was only too happy to oblige. I don’t like to see anyone flying solo if they don’t have to.” Jake gave them all his happiest, most charming grin. At first there was dead silence. Then the guys started coming around. “Well if he’s not gay, then it’s OK right?” “I’m down for getting some action, a hole’s a hole after all.”
“And if you all have girlfriends, then there’s no guilt, right? Because guys don’t have relationships with guys. On top of that, I thought I might provide you with a touchstone. A good luck charm that never fails to work. When I used to volunteer at my sister’s softball team one of the girls accidently kicked me in the balls, and what do you know? They won that game. A couple of weeks later one of the girls threw a pitch straight at my nuts and they won that game too. I was smart enough to see the pattern, and so I got it in the balls every game after that, and their team was unbeatable. So I want to offer them to you as well. Before you guys go out onto the field to play, I want each and every one of you to rack me. I guarantee you won’t regret it.”
One of the boys snickered. “Yeah, but you will,” he commented.
Jake raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Not at all. I have nuts of steel. I can take it in the nuts dozens of times without dropping. They’re big and they’re tough. Trust me! I can take it between the legs like a champ, and you’ll all be champs for doing it.”
“OK,” said Patrick Ewing, the captain of the team. “We’ll give it a try. Be here, ready to go on the afternoon of the next game. I think that’s next Thursday, and we’ll put your sucking skills and your two dangling lucky charms to the test.”
Jake grinned. “Wicked,” he said.
The next week found Jake, naked in the showers and servicing the various boys like a hoovering seal. He could suck like there was no tomorrow, taking in the player’s pricks all the way down to the base, never choking and his tongue twirling around bulbous cock-heads. When the first boy cummed down Jake’s throat, Jake purred. When the fifth boy unloaded his load into Jakes mouth, Jake sucked it down like it was oasis water in the Gobi desert. He was determined to give these guys the best head they’d ever had, and he did. Taking pole position was Patrick, pumping his rigid cock into Jake’s tight hole. Man, it felt good. Blood-hot, slick, clean (Jake new just how to clean his colon for sex) and snug. Jake himself was on the short side, hairless, muscular, blond and very well hung. He had an ass that would put Tom Daley’s to shame. In short, the ultimate bottom, and he serviced those eleven boys until some were slumped against the shower walls completely relaxed and replete. Patrick, after fucking Jake for about ten minutes finally nutted inside him and Patrick’s body shuddered in ecstasy. It had been months since he’d been inside another human being, and he was overwhelmed with pleasure. His broad muscular shoulders heaved as his seed spilled into Jake’s gut, and the whole orgy feel of the scene created a warm glow within each boy. It was like getting to have sex for free. No strings, no attachments, no chance of conception and no regret or guilt. It was perfect. And it was that warm glow that promised a win for them that evening. It meant a clear head, free of distractions, and an inner sense of purposeful strength instead of brittle bravado or aggression. It promised a smarter game rather than a harder game, and that was worth its weight in gold.
When the last boy had been serviced, Jake dried himself off and while the boys finished showering he prepared their gear. When they’d all finished their ablutions, he helped them dress and get into said gear then as they lined up to get up onto the field. Still naked, Jake stood still, spread his legs and clasped his hands behind his back. His two fat balls hung there in the moist heat, waiting to be brutalized by the egg scrambling kicks of the team. He was eager for it. He wanted his team to win and thus, perhaps, immortalize his own name as the most important contributor to their success. The sacrifice of his balls was of no moment, even if they accidently burst one, because their winning was everything to him. But still, he had to encourage them.
“John, you kick me first. Come on, don’t worry, I can take it. Don’t be afraid, kick me as hard as you can. They’re just little glands after all.”
“Hardly little,” said John.
Jake just grinned reassuringly at the black-haired teen. John caressed his own crotch, feeling his cup, just to make sure his own balls were safe, and then said, almost reluctantly “OK.” John ran up to the smaller blond and kicked the boy’s ghoolies for all he was worth. It was a loud CRACK as cleats met naked ball flesh. Jake let out an ‘OOF” as his balls were kicked almost into his stomach, but then he relaxed. His bulbous onions fell back down. “That was great,” he said with a small cough. “Good job, now you Trevor.” Trevor didn’t need to be told twice. He took a running kick and WHAM, right between Jake’s spread legs. A dead on hit, and everyone could see Jake’s six pack stomach ripple. The next boy took his shot and on and on.
The whole teamed kicked their towel boy’s balls until with the last teen, Aiden, brought Jake to his knees. But he never cried out, never told them to stop, and indeed only encouraged them. His already big testicles were now even bigger, swollen to a quarter larger than they had been, and were a shiny, angry red, but that was just fine. While the game started, Jake cleaned up the locker room then got dressed and joined his girlfriend, Charlotte, on the sidelines to watch. With every touchdown both of them let out a cheer and that night, the team went on to win the game by a good 20 points. It was their first win of the year and an amazing triumph. Jake was thrilled. In his gut (which was still aching) he knew his good-luck balls would do the trick.
For the next two weeks of practice Jake was shown extreme gratitude for his efforts, and the next game of the month found him in the showers again, sucking and being fucked. Even though he wasn’t, in fact, gay Jake found himself really liking the sexual interactions with his team as an adjunct to his sex with Charlotte. . He was learning to recognize their crotch smells, the taste of their cum (Ethan definitely tasted the best. Apparently he ate a lot of fruit, and his cum had a smooth, sweet finish), and naturally the size and shape of their equipment. Hunter had the biggest cock and balls and Dylan the smallest. Patrick was somewhere in between. But since Jake had virtually no gag reflex, size was of no consequence. Daniel’s dick had a slight curve which fit perfectly in Jake’s mouth and Jake enjoyed servicing him the most. Aiden dropped the biggest loads, making Jake swallow and swallow and swallow down his cum, and his jizz tasted like frothy milk.
When it came time to kick Jake, everyone noticed that Jake was sprouting a hard-on, which was not there during the sex. It seemed to be that Jake got excited anticipating getting racked. Daniel commented on it.
“Yea,” said Jake, “it makes me hard to think of all you guys having a go at my nads. When I go home and have sex with my girlfriend cumming with swollen nuts is like mixing sex with crack cocaine. The aching balls plus nutting produce a massive endorphin release. You guys should try it sometime.”
Daniel’s face was completely blank. “What’s an en-dolphin?” he asked lamely. Patrick punched him in the back of the head.
“Shut up you reject. We need to get out on the field. Line up and let’s paste our boy’s nuts.
Jake hunkered down and spread his legs. As always he took it like a man. WHAM, SPLAT, THWACK. Some of the boys chose to knee his dangling, swelling orbs, while others stuck to the traditional kick. By the end of it, Jake was once more on his knees, cupping his nuts, but his waving, rigid dick was anticipating a night of painfully wonderful sex with Charlotte. The team won again. Maybe Jake’s nuts really were magical!
For the rest of that season, Jakes nuts and mouth and anus were the heart and soul of the team. Coach new that something strange was going on, but he couldn’t argue with the results and so ignored the sex and the ballbusting and rode the wave of fame that the boys in his care were generating. With their rising success the boys started to get laid by adoring fangirls and cheerleaders and their overall mood changed from that of losers to that of winners (and then some). But come game day, they reserved their sperm for Jake’s mouth and ass. He was their charm, their totem, their touchstone, and they loved his amazing oral technique and those two vulnerable eggs that swung between his legs. The male bonding among those the teens had developed to such a degree that they all sort of fell in love with Jake. A real bro-crush. They attributed to him all their success and happiness, but Jake was humble to a fault and just stuck to his purpose – to make sure the boys were both satisfied and successful.
Finally it was the day before the big game. The final for the championship, and all the boys were in the locker room after practice. They were discussing how they could possibly win against the Donner City Pirates, the league champions. The Pirates always won, and by a lot, and they were tough, mean and brutal. Despite their lucky streak, it seemed hopeless to them. But Jake wouldn’t have any of it.
“You guys need to have faith in yourselves, and MY balls. We can do this. The Pirates win through sheer brutality, but we’re smarter, more nimble and faster than they are, by a long shot. We’ve got better plays, better moves, and we’re not only luckier, we work harder – because we have to. Now here’s my plan for tomorrow. We’re not only going to kick my balls for good luck, we’re going to CRUSH them. If kicking is good, crushing is better, and that’s what we’re going to do. Period.”
The room was dead silent. Then Dylan spoke.
“You’ve got to be joking. You’d willing give up your balls for US?”
“Of course.”
“But that’s insane.”
“No it’s not, it’s good planning. Trust me, it will work. Besides, I read up on it last night. Apparently a lot of guys cum like racehorses when their balls get crushed. Heck I’d have you guys do it to me just to see what it felt like. I’m up for anything. But don’t worry about me, I can take steroid injections and have Neuticles implanted no one will know the difference. Common guys, you want to win don’t you?”
“Hell yeah!” cried Aiden
“Good. Then let me make the ultimate sacrifice to you all. It will be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”
Patrick went over and laid his hand on the short boy’s shoulder. “You’re doing all this for us, and I think that deserves a reward.” He gently began to undress Jake until his fellow teen was completely naked, then kneeling before him, Patrick gently took Jake’s cock in his mouth and began to suck, lovingly, whilst squeezing the boy’s permanently swollen jewels rather firmly. All the other boys whipped out their cocks and began to stroke off. Hunter and Chris went over and began to kiss and lick Jake’s body, his soft lips, and his cute little ears. Jake just let it all happen to him. As each boy on the team got close to cumming, he would walk over to Jake who would open his mouth and let them feed him their sperm. Soon Jake’s mouth and nose were completely covered with sticky semen, and he loved it all. Their seed, his cock getting sucked and all the attention was like a drug. Patrick squeezed the bollocks in his hands harder and harder and sucked more and more on the huge lollipop dick in his mouth until finally Jake cried out and Patrick took his lode, Jake’s teenage cock swelled to new lengths for one of the best ejaculations he’d ever had. When it was all over, and the boys were breathing heavily, Jake wiped his face clean with a towel and said, “I love you guys.”
“We love you too, buddy,” replied Aiden who then kissed Jake, open mouth, for one of the best kisses Jake had ever received. Aiden could taste all the other guys on Jake’s lips and he made that kiss last for several minutes while Patrick let go of Jake’s balls and gently rubbed the boy’s deflating hardon.
And so, it was on to the final day. The big game. The one that would separate the boys from the men. The team had warmed up, and had a big lunch of pasta to give them energy. They’d been drilled by their coach and listened to his pep talk. Then their coach wisely left the boys to their own devices. He didn’t know exactly what was planned but he knew he shouldn’t be around when it happened.
The boys all got undressed and gathered in the shower. As the hot water came down, Jake went around and got each one hard, his warm mouth exerting its almost magical abilities on them. Then he bent over so each one of them could have a few minutes ramming his hole. A few guys moaned loudly while doing this. Jakes hole was much tighter than any pussy, and therefore much more pleasurable and intense. Then he began soaping his fellow team mates up and washing them clean, paying special attention to their cock and balls. When that was completed they all entered the locker area and he dried each one off. Then naked Jake stood before them all.
“First, I want you to all kick me in the nuts as many times as you want. I know you all love it, and I love it too, and this will be your last chance to do it, because tonight I lose my balls forever, so make it count.”
Each boy lined up and one-at-a-time got a chance to kick, knee and even punch his swollen agates. It was intense. Some of the boys even kissed him while they rammed their knee into his naked testes. Jake loved it, he even pressed his own bloated nuts into their kicks or knees so they could feel his balls warp and distort with the force of their sex-charge ballbusting exuberance. His balls got bigger and bigger, filling his distend scrotum like two huge Turkey eggs. And he loved every blow. His own big dick was waving in the air, happily, as the team tenderized his nuts. And after they’d each had fun with his nuts, the wobbly Jake sat down on the bench in the changing room. One of the boys tied his hands behind his back with a bathrobe tie and Jakes two huge naked testicles rested on the cool surface. Jake had selected Patrick and Josh, the team captain and quarterback respectively, to be the ones to actually neuter him, and they climbed up onto the bench, their own hands stroking their naked cocks in anticipation of the event. In fact all of the boys were still naked and jacking off. Although you might think they’d be squeamish about seeing another guy get nutted, in fact it actually made them really horny. After all, it’s a straight man’s natural instinct to castrate another man and thus remove a rival from the game that is procreation. Everyone loves to see a good nutshot, and straight men get an illicit thrill from seeing another male sacrifice his manhood.
“Patrick you crush my left ball, and Josh you take my right. Do a good job, make it special for me for my last time, OK?” pleaded Jake.
“We will, I promise,” replied Patrick. “OK boys, start your jacking.” All the boys stood around the trio on the bench and stroked themselves. Their own balls were low and heavy from the head and humidify, and they squeezed them in time to match Patrick and Josh.
“Wow,” said Josh, “Your nut feels like a big rubber ball under my heel.”
“Yeah, or maybe a bug. Will it make a crunching noise when it gives? Or will it make a popping sound like a balloon?” wondered Patrick.
“I dunno Patrick,” said Josh, “let’s find out” he replied with a grin. Then he leaned a little and engaged Patrick with major lip lock while they pumped themselves.
Jake opened his eyes at this to see the two hottest guys in school jacking off, kissing each other and smashing his nuts all at the same time. His own dick began to leak jizz at the sight. He worshiped these boys as athletic heros, and he wanted them to win SO badly that he would willing make any sacrifice for them, even his most precious posessions. It was, after all, the reason he joined the team in the first place.
The two boys were rolling around Jake’s nuts against the unyielding surface of the wood and masturbating faster and faster.
“OK. I’m ready to do this thing. Are you with me, boys?” said yelled Patrick.
“Fuck yeah” “Let’s hear those babies pop” “Crush ‘em” was the collective reply.
After that there was only the sound of beating fists, heavy breathing, and Jake’s ever more intense moaning as the two big football players began to lean on his balls. Jake could feel his nuts oozing out against the wood. Flatter and flatter they went. His big balloons were bulging at the edges.
“Oh fuck,” moaned Jake. “Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah. Nnnngggg my nuts, Shit my nuts. You’re going to burst them. Holy fuck!”
“Yes we are, and here they go!” said Patrick. Both boys put their full, and substantial, weight onto their respective ball, and there were suddenly two loud POP sounds as Jake’s nuts burst. On cue, all the boys grunted and came at the same time, spurting their seed onto the locker room floor. Patrick’s cum landed on Jake’s head, Josh’s on Jake’s chest. Jake’s own jism erupted from his own cock as he yelled, “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT” then his whole body shuddered from the combination of pleasure and pain, and he fell backwards in a dead faint.
Patrick looked down at the supine, cum covered Jake. “OK boys, let’s win this one for Jake!”
The boy’s jacking tapered off. They picked up their comatose towel boy and reverently laid him on a couch in the next room, covering his nude form with a bunch of white towels. Then, they all got dressed, geared up and ran out onto the field. And do you know what? They won. I mean they REALLY won. The Pirates played a great game but the Rams were light years better, and everything in the game seemed to go their way. They won against the reigning champions by 30 points and in the days to come after winning Jake shared in their joy from his hospital bed. No one asked how he’d lost his nuts, and no one on the team leaked that he was now an “it”. They loved their little towel boy too much for that. And you know what? He loved them right back.


  1. WHOA! That's one of the things I love about your writing my friend, you can make the most brutal action into something loving and tender. Bravo! :)

  2. haha. Ball busting romances. It could be the next big thing in publishing. Tender loving people destroying testicles. Actually that's one of the reasons I loved Mind Your P's and Q's so much. It was a real, genuine ball busting romance, and I loved it. It's nice to have some emotion in sex stories. Makes them more touching and personal. Thanx Mr. Knave!

  3. Awesome story! Jake is an awesome character - too bad he won't be coming back... I guess the team will have to get a new pair of lucky charms... Maybe Jake has a brother who'd be willing to step in? :-))

    Really great work. The best story I have read in a while. Thank you!

    1. Glad you like it, monsieur. I thought the site needed a little levity. Yeah, I like Jake too. It's his inherent affability which makes him so good at getting the guys to nut him. It's the pivot that the whole story revolves around. In my mind he was a more perky version of Tom from Tom's Testicle.

  4. Sorry Nicholas my message didn't go through last few times ;-(
    Great fun story again!! I like straight men get off bashing balls and aroused pop other guys precious testicles Hot.
    I really like male bonds and share sexual excitement. Thank you for great work

    1. I thought you'd like it, Crusher, although I wasn't sure how much you'd identify with the football theme. In America it's pretty common to have locker room fantasies, but I don't know if that's also true in Japan where you grew up.

  5. Awesome story man. Keep em cumming ;)

  6. Yes Nicholas, Locker room fantasies are world wide gay's dream ;-) In Tokyo we usually Judo or Karate also Succor, Swim team things. Hot sports man and stud always good to bust or busted hehehe!

    Thanks again,


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