Thursday, December 11, 2014

Your ballbusting story

So something I've always wondered is, how did y'all come to know about ballbusting and ballbusting stories in the first place? It's not a very common fetish and a rather small community. How did you realize you had a fetish at all and how did you come to know that it included stories about BB and TT?

My own story, which I've told before, started way back at the dawn of the internet age whilst I was in college. A friend told me about the Niftyandrew website hosted by UC Berkeley. I randomly found the Musclemen Ballbash story, read it and was hooked. Later I found Caligula's stories and discovered that although I was gay, I was even more turned on by f/m stories.

Before that I knew I liked seeing guys get nailed in the nads but I never connected that to my sexuality, nor did I ever dream that a whole genre of stories could combine ballbusting and sex into one beautiful whole.

So what's your story? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. Dear Nicholas,

    When I was a kid I fascinated TV pro-wrestling show that the bad wrestler punch or kick in the opponents balls. Also sports accidents or funny video things. I realized that many people like to see ball busting accidents. My grandpa told me about war stories, crushing balls or ball torture. I was scared but at the same time I was really exciting too. After my balls dropped I played SM session and ball play, I really get hot that hunky guy submit his balls. I saw castration video and hard ball crushing etc. I really get aroused crushing balls and to see his reaction, ball play pretty deep connection with my sexuality.
    I like all kinds of play but especially love ball crushing and fantasizing about take away his manhood. That is why your stories are so hot to me and fantastic.


    1. Thanx Crusher. Interesting that your grandfather told you all about crushing testicles during the war (presumably WWII). I bet there are some really sexy real-life BB stories to be had from that era.

  2. Greetings Nicolas

    You posed a very relevant and interesting question to your readers above. The shocking thing is that when I thought about my story I could not uncover its genesis. Although I am only in my 20s and have been a fan or ball busting for over a decade I can not really remember the point where I first realized my interest. Much like BBcrusher I was a fan of professional wrestling for a while and I certainly had witnessed busts on television and movies I never remember reacting to that in a sexual manner. I must have encountered a video on the internet or possibly read a story online like you.

    I am curious as to whether anyone else is also unable to remember. I feel extremely confused how I can not pin point the genesis. I must have suffered some adolescent brain trauma because I know it happened midway through puberty and when it hit it hit hard!!

  3. Man, I was always interested in it, as far back as I can remember. I know the initial reasons behind my interest in ballbusting, I think. I mean, I'm no psychologist or anything. One of my earliest memories is from gradeschool. I knew, even as a very little boy that I wanted girls to touch me in a certain place, but I understood that girls wouldn't want to, so the only way they would touch me there is if they wanted to hurt me. I would have daydreams of opening up a kicking booth, like a kissing booth but instead every girl in my class could come up and kick me in the balls as many times and as hard as they wanted to.
    I decided I would open it during gym class so they would be in sock feet. I've always had that little fetish too ;P
    As far back as I can remember I would ask my older sisters to walk on me. They were all too happy to oblige, just chalking it up to me being their weird little brother.
    So I can't really pinpoint any single moment when it dawned on me that I wantd what I did. It was just always a lingering desire that eventually blossomed into a full-blown fetish. From the very first moment I could lift a pencil I was drawing girls in socks walking on cocks and balls. I would hide them from my parents in a little wooden box my grandfather gave me to hold rare coins. It was my secret stash and I would take them out to look at them. Eventually just looking became more, but that's a different story. :D

  4. Hi Nicolas. I thought I'd contribute again.

    I'm that furry guy from a while back, and I figured my story's a little funny because ballbusting and furryness happened about the same time for me. Well, I figured out they were both a thing I mean. Ballbusting was already kinda an interest for a bit, I just didn't know it was actually a thing until then.

    I basically realised I liked nutpain from playing lots of Tony Hawk Underground when I was younger. You know what skateboarding and rails is like. I didn't really know why, I figure it was just because it was so exadurated in the game it kinda just made it a bit less of a 'bad' thing. That's the earliest I can remember particularly going out of my way to, I guess you could say participate in it :p

    Once I figured out what furries were though, I'd already seen little glimpses of what ballbusting was here and there, and so naturally I wondered what would happen if I looked up 'furry ballbusting'. And that's when I found out who Poiu was. Basically read all his Dragon Slaying stories (that he'd done by that point), and started to really like it from there. Then I found out he'd made an actual Pokémon based game with anthro female Pokémon busting males in little battles (just like the actual game pretty much, except with nut bashing), and that was just icing on the cake. Also made femdom one of my favorite things, and made it that I essentially can't play the actual Pokémon games anymore without imagining lots of groin kicking, haha.

    It all kinda just built from that point, to where I have a few good friends to role play ballbusting stuff with - one of who I basically chat with every day, which is nice.

    So it's all that, but I also have a particular extra little thing from when I was born too. I was actually born with an undescended testicle, and had it corrected and that after I was a couple months old. But it never really developed while I was growing, so it's pretty much just never grown really. I've always figured it was kinda like a little ingrained thing to enjoy watching ballbusting after that too. Kinda like evening the playing field I guess, haha :p

    (Just to give you an idea too, because I found it's not QUITE as unique as I thought: )

    So yeah. That's pretty much my story in a nutshell :p

    1. Wow, thank you so much for that long contribution. What I really like is how you gradually learned about your fetish(s) and they grew to encompass the full spectrum of what you ultimately like - furry and ball busting. I think that's great. Much better than my stumbling upon it randomly. What if I never read a ball busting story and never grew to love it and write about it? I think that would be really sad. I hope most people come upon it gradually and gently expanded their sexuality as it grew.


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