Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Question of the Day: Are you a Buster, a Bustee or Versatile?

So in the Ballbusting world there are those who bust other people's balls, those who offer their own balls up for busting, those that would love to do either, and finally those who would simply like to watch and not participate.
Which are you?
Tell me in the comments below which role you'd ideally take, both in real life ballbusting as well as in the virtual world of Ballbusting Stories. I'd really like to know!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Knave wrote a story!

Yes, it's all true. Our dear, wonderful and in all ways lovely original artist Knave has written a tease and denial story while he was waiting for death to come and claim him. Somehow he wriggled out of death's clutches to produce a masterpiece, so go and read it!

I give it my own personal stamp of approval. *takes out big shiny brass stamp, dips it in wax and stamps the poor guy's balls with it, WHAP. There, it's now approved.

The Chamber, by Knave



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