Monday, February 23, 2015

Changes in Blogger Policy

So I'm going to have to take down all my photos of guys. Blogger won't allow them anymore. *sniffle. I'll miss them, that's for sure. Presumably you will too. Unless there's some better place to have a blog, though, I'm stuck with their rules.

Sorry guys!




  1. I got their message, too. "...we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually
    explicit or graphic nude images or video."

    What a shame...

    May I ask for your opinion on a question that's bothering me?

    I understand that photographs with nude guys are a violation. So I'll have to take those pics down or censor them, right?

    But I'm not quite sure what to do with the artwork by Corsair and Knave in posts like these:

    Do you think I should censor those, too? I'm not sure whether they qualify as "nudity
    presented in artistic (...) contexts" which seems to be permitted. Probably not, right?

  2. Say if they still force you to take it down do you have a backup, like this site:

  3. I got this e-mail too, and am glad they've since come to their senses. I think the mandatory adult warning page is more than enough for them to cover their butts legally, not to mention their TOU agreements. Here's to free speech!

  4. You can just dump them all on imgur and link to the galleries you need. That way us straights can just ya now, avoid clicking that link altogether.


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