Wednesday, February 11, 2015

(M/M) The shortest (and most gruesome) m/m testicle torture story in the known universe.

I found this story on eons ago. I only have a physical printout and it doesn't say who the author is, so I have no idea. And it's very, very short, but very, very intense. This one is for the true pervs out there.

Alex and I have been working in the sequel to Towel Boy, and it should be up on his blog at the beginning of next week, so . . . hang in there!



Balls Wanted for Torture and Removal
My add read: Balls wanted for torture and removal. At first no replies and then they started to roll in. My first respondent was waiting for me in his motel room, blindfolded as ordered. I entered his room and took him by the hand led him into his bathtub. I handcuffed him to the shower curtain and asked if could give me a good reason why he should keep his nuts. No answer but his cock stood at attention so I bend over and sucked it while I squeezed and pulled his nuts. In what seemed like seconds he shot his final load. I pulled down on his sack and with my scalpel I made a circle around his sack. With a little trimming it came off in my hand and I set it aside to start my collection. The balls were hanging by the cords so I had to pull them down as far as I could to see his reaction. A few muffled cries but surprising self-control so far. I told him it was going to get rough from here and asked if he wanted a gag. He shook his head. I doused his exposed nuts in isopropyl alcohol and lit them on fire. He screamed and I had to put out the flames and wait to see if anyone heard. I told him I had to gag him but if he wanted to change his mind, now was the absolute last chance!! He sobbed and said my balls are yours, sir, do with them what you will. I gagged him and placed the vice around his lower hanging and bigger left nut, slowly I tightened the vice until it had the nut squashed almost completely flat, sweat was running down his body so I quickly tightened the vice until there was a popping noise and he slumped against the handcuffs. I removed the vice and took the flattened nut into my mouth. I took a deep breath and bit off his nut, chewing and swallowing it; almost like a raw oyster but a lot tougher. My cock shot out the most intense orgasm I have ever had. He passed out, and I took this time to clean and close the wound from where I had bitten off his nut. By this time he was starting to come to, so I squeezed the remaining nut until he let out a muffled groan. I dropped to my knees and took his last nut in my teeth, he groaned and I bit it in half. He slumped against the handcuffs and I stood up and rubbed the half of his ball all over his face. Then while looking him right in the eyes I slowly chewed and swallowed it. He looked so sexy with only half a ball left that I had to slowly push a large needle through his cock head. Just as the needle pushed through I bit off what was left of his ball and slowly chewed and swallowed it. Again he passed out so I stitched up the wounds and waited for him to come to. When he did, I slowly removed the needle from his cock and undid the handcuffs. I gently laid him on the bed and told him to call my pager if he wanted me to cut off his cock.
NOTE: I have now castrated and eaten the balls from three men. However I have been in too big a hurry to cook them and now am looking forward to cooking a huge pair of balls while still attached and eating them while you watch your manhood disappear.


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    1. Well, I I'm glad you liked it, but I think most people would NOT want more like it. It's very intense. Most people on like things only mildly violent, and this is seriously violent. But I like it, so . . . And I didn't write it and I have no idea who the author is.


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