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(M/M) My Punishment by M. Hammer

So here's a wonderful "period piece" story. Although I myself have only done two, Overboard and Overboard: the French Connection, I have always been fascinated by historical BB/TT. Indeed it always seemed plausible to me that public emasculations must surely have taken place at sometime, somewhere. Can you just imagine being the in the audience of a public nutting, watching the torturer mutilate a set of once proud balls? yum



My Punishment by M. Hammer

The Judge spoke in a loud and commanding voice.

“William, you have been found guilty of sedition against his majesty the King. Although your role was a secondary one in the plot, you must suffer a severe punishment. You will be taken to the cells at the Tower and there over the course of a week, will endure the treatment reserved for men who conspire with traitors. After that week of torment, you will be brought out to the central courtyard of the city and there you will be publicly shamed and genitortured. Following this you will me emasculated by the circumcision of your scrotum and the removals of your testicles. Guards, take him to the Tower.”

Two guards then grabbed my manacles and dragged me out of the court room and into the street. A crowd of rabble awaited and jeered as I was loaded on the wagon that would take me to the Tower. The wagon had a tall post in the middle of the bed and my hands were tied to the top of it outstretched. The guards then grabbed my shirt and ripped it off and pulled off my pants too. I was exposed naked to the crowd and they hooted their approval as the guards then looped a strap under my genitals and around behind the pole. They then tied it tightly, pulling my balls and cock up in front of me in full view of the crowd. This signified to them that I was to be genitortured in the Tower then emasculated in public.

I rode the distance to the Tower like this with my manhood exposed to the ridicule of the people who lined the streets. And the discomfort of my balls so stretched and pulled.

When we arrived at the Tower and the gates were opened, the cart wheeled in and I was unloaded and brought in manacles to the Captain of the Guard in his private chamber. He walked over to me and examined my naked body in detail. His hands ran over it and aided his examination.

He drew close to my face and spoke in a low tone so only I could hear. “William my boy, you have a fine lean body and your manhood is of generous size. You will make for an interesting guest in our Tower. At the end of your week you will have a new appreciation for your man parts that you will then be losing. Take him to my bath. For his first night he will not be tortured.” The guards then lead me off to the Captains private bath where I was pushed into a small pool of water. The Guards let one man do the scrubbing of my flesh, and he was thorough in every way, leaving no crack or crevice neglected. Part of his washing was the administering of a warm water enema to flush out my bowels, which he did three times until I squirted pure water out of my anus.

Then I was taken to the Captain’s room where he awaited. “Guards you may leave us now. Come by in the morning to pick up the prisoner.” He took me by the manacles and pushed me on the floor. His large strong hands ran over my back and down the crevice of my ass. His middle finger stopped at the bud of my anus and rubbed it almost gently. I let out a small moan as he slowly inserted his finger into me and began to massage my prostate. I half noticed that while he was doing this he was disrobing himself. He had me on all fours and was behind me as he lowered his face to my upturned ass. He began to run his tongue around my anus and inserting it in as far as it would go. My anus relaxed and became moist from its own lubricant and his saliva. I gasped in pleasure as he reached for my hard cock and cupped my large balls in his hand, squeezing them firmly.

“Now you will experience a man inside you and all the pleasure your balls can produce, for the last time. For tomorrow your torture begins and that will not be as pleasing.”

He then proceeded to fuck my asshole for several hours. Making me cum three times with his 10 inch cock inside me. The first time was while I was on all fours and he rammed me from the rear. I felt as if I was being split in two as his rigid shaft battered my prostate and as my own stiff cock wagged and flapped about, spitting long jets of sperm as I came hands free.

Then he flipped me over and put my spread legs on each of his shoulders. I was then impaled on his manhood as it pumped my ass for an hour. Eventually he released me by yanking on my semi hard penis. I came in a delirium of pleasure from my balls and anus.

Finally he put me on a sturdy table in the room. As I lay on my back with my legs spread he them pumped me like a savage. The slapping of his balls on my ass was all I could hear as he rammed his penis into my raw anus. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure and pain flush over me as he pumped away. Then he reached down with his left hand and encircled my scrotum between his thumb and fore finger. With his right hand he began to slap my scrotum. At first it was a jolt of pain as he beat my testicles hard. He just kept doing it as he fucked me harder. His fingers bit into each ball as they slapped and slammed them. Then the pain started to change. It became a numbing tingling feeling as the sensation turned to a form of pleasure. I looked down at my groin to see that my penis had grown hard again and he had found the sweet spot on my right nut. He concentrated on that spot and beat harder. But there was no pain, only tingles of pleasure as I began to cum. Not in jets, but a slow flow of sperm that lasted for almost a minute while he beat my balls. Then he groaned and came himself in a huge ejaculation that flooded my ass with hot fluid. I passed out.

“There men, take him down to the torture cell. I want him to start his week of pain right away.” Were the words that I awoke to as the Guards dragged me off.

The cell was dark and cold, making my manhood shrink. They tied me to a table spread eagle and helpless. I looked down the table, between my spread legs and saw a strange device standing up about three feet between my feet. It was made of wood and looked like the oar of a boat, only the paddle end was smaller. At its base it was on a pivot and the whole thing was kept in place by a latch at the top.

“You are really going to learn to hate ‘The Paddle’.” One of them said as he wound a leather cord around my scrotum. He tied it of tightly so that my balls were sticking up a bit and my sack was high and tight. My penis flopped on my belly. He then reached under the table and moved something that started a whirring noise and the base of the paddle began to turn. In about a minute it had been pulled back with some force behind it and the latch was about to let go. When it did I only saw a blur then blinding pain. WHAP, it came down on my tied up sack. I started to vomit from the pain as it spread up my belly. My body writhed in agony as my balls felt like they were on fire. The paddle slowly was pulled back by the mechanism and rose upward toward the top again. It was a journey that took ten minutes or more. A time that my balls used to recuperate, before it came crashing down on them again. Then the Guards just laughed and left the room. Left me alone with this infernal paddle and the mechanism that drove it. Every ten minutes it did its job. A job of producing increasing agony to my manhood. After what seemed an eternity, my testicles started to swell from the beating. But it just kept beating them. All red and swollen, tied up tight. Until my cock started to grow hard and the pain was turning to pleasure, just like it did at the Captain’s hands the night before. But I did not cum, or at least was not allowed to, as the Guards returned and shut the machine off.

The hours and days that followed were more of the same. They devised different and ingenious ways to torture my testicles just enough to produce unimaginable agony, and yet I was not allowed to cum once the pain turned to pleasure.

Now let me say this, my manhood was respectable in size. My penis was average in length and of substantial girth. But my testicles were even more impressive. Lemon sized and with a tight scrotum that resembled a large orange. After days of testicle torment, my balls had swollen to twice their original size and the scrotum was stretched to accommodate them, a shinning purple ovoid showing each separate nut inside an almost transparent skin. They ached constantly in between torture sessions where they gave me increasing agony. I was beginning to look forward to the executioners knife that would end the pain with their amputation.

Finally one day the guards told me the torture was over, for a while anyway. As a man was always allowed to have one last ejaculation at the castration podium in the city square. I was going to be given a three day rest before my castration. BUT.

It was a big BUT.

They tied me to the torture table.

“Hey what’s happening? You said no more torture. You said I could rest before my gelding.”

“We are going to stop torturing your balls for three days. But that is partially so that your cock will have some time to heal. You see mate, we are now going to cut it off. You will be nutted in the public square, with no penis.

They then worked quickly. First inserting a bulb ended hollow shaft into my penis. The bulb looked weird as it passed down inside the shaft of my cock until it entered my bladder.

“This is so you can pee during the healing process.”

They then tied a leather cord around the base of my dick, as close as they could get to my body. It was tight to the shaft in my dick and the whole cock became numb. Then they took a razor and circumcised my dick just above the cord and pulled it off the rod. Very little blood and hardly any pain. If it wasn’t my cock they had just removed, I hardly would have complained. They rubbed a salve on the stump and lead me away to a bed where I rested for the next three days. I was drugged so that I would sleep all the time and not pick at my dick stump.

After the days had elapsed, I awoke to my guards chaining my feet and hands. Then they shaved my pubic hair from my groin and scrotum. It felt wet and cold.

“Brace yourself. This is going to hurt some.’ One said, and quickly reached between my legs and yanked the tube out. POP was the noise it made and it burned like fire for a minute, but that passed.

I looked down at the remains of my manhood. There wasn’t hardly a stump left of my cock, but my balls had retained their swollen size and the scrotum was still tight and shinny. The twin orbs standing out proud in front of my dickless groin.

“No sense wasting any time. The nutter awaits you now.” They lead me to the wagon with the post and I was tied to it the same way as I arrived. The crowd cheered and hooted at the sight of my shaved and dickless manhood.

Upon arriving at the city square I was lead up the steps to the podium and tied to a frame. My legs spread wide and my hands above my head.

“William, you have been sentenced to be emasculated and shamed in public, for the crime of sedition against His Majesty. Your penis has been removed so that you will retain no traces of manhood. Once your balls are removed, you will be set free, but you must forever walk the streets with no clothing below the waist. In this way you will serve as a reminder to all those who imagine committing sedition. Now I will commence the nutting ceremony. It will consist first of a milking of all sperm from your body, then the removal of your testicles.”

My body shivered naked in the cool morning air and I could feel my balls draw up a little tighter in shame and anticipation of what was to come. It was fairly quick. The executioner took a five foot long pole and lubricated the end of it. He then rammed it into my anus and pushed it in until it stood up in a notch in the podium. It made me push my pelvis out in front. Then he looped a cord around my scrotum and tied the other end to a ten pound weight. He let the weight fall, yanking my balls downward about six inches from my groin. That hurt. He then took cactus needles, about ten of them, and pushed them into my testicles. That really hurt. I looked down and saw my poor balls, hanging there, needles sticking out of them, like a pin cushion. They burned like fire. My body wretched in spasms of dry heaves and the pain spread up to my belly. He took a small club and started to beat my testicles. Slap, Slap, Slap … For an hour. Then pleasure and the flow of sperm in a long hot outpouring from the hole above my balls. It splattered in loud streams as it landed on the podium’s floor. My anus was in spasm as the pole stretched it and I came. He tied off my sack a second time, closer to my groin, and with a razor, sliced through the skin of my scrotum and the cords of my testicles, letting them fall to the floor and into the sperm puddle.

The agony subsided and I was untied. The pole was removed from my ass. I was given a shirt to wear that ended at my waist. I stumbled down the steps and the crowd parted to let the eunuch pass. I could feel the cool breeze between my legs where my manhood once hung.

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(F animal/MMMM) Four Toys by Marbles

Whereas the previous story was gentle and benign, this story is vicious and brutal, and was very inspiring to me for my own stories. Unlike my own animal BB story where the animals receive the busting, here the animals are giving a lot of the busting. It even reminds me of another story I once read where a guy is immobilized and a colony of ants slowly devour his balls. Talk about painful. Anywho, this story is long, well written and full of brutal humiliation, and I love it. I hope you do to.


Four Toys by Marbles

It was going to be another interesting few days of work for Angela. They had brought 4 new prisoners in for her to play with. Well, it was play for her. For the prisoners, it would be intense suffering and humiliation for their crimes. You see, each one of these prisoners had committed heinous sex crimes, ones that Angela considered worse than the ones she was about to commit.

She pulled up to her usual location, a small dilapidated looking farm in the middle of nowhere. The sole entrance to the facility was guarded, and there was no escape for the individuals kept within. As she entered the building, she wondered what new tricks she would try on these men. She had to admit that she kind of liked the job, and enjoyed the suffering inflicted on these types of individuals.

Angela decided that the first game would be one of humiliation. Already the men had been securely tied up securely on the same wall, with their legs spread apart. All had been gagged. They were left clothed, but that wouldn't remain for long. Angela liked the hands on experience of seeing what kind of men she had.

The men all tensed up as she arrived. They had some suspicions about what would happen, but they truly could not expect what was in store for them. Angela never said a word to them. She went to the first man tied up on the left, and began to undress him. She did the same for the other 3 individuals as well, making sure to cup each mans balls and get a feel for what kind of stuff he had. The first 3 prisoners were fairly average. The 4th prisoner was pretty well endowed. He had a long hanging cock and balls double the size of the first 3. They also hung very low and she spent some time groping his balls, wondering what special punishment she would inflict on this one.

Angela kept the room nice and warm, for obvious low hanging reasons. She readied the first humiliation punishment. Usually this would inflict no damage, but occasionally an accident did happen. She took a white powder and carefully applied it to each mans penis and testicles. Then she uttered her first and only sentence of the day, "See you boys tomorrow." With that she exited the room the way she had entered. She then went to the other side of the building, and found the calf she had asked for tied up, and rather hungry looking. This trick was always one of her favorites, and she led the young beast into the room, where the expressions on the mens faces were priceless.

She released the calf, and then closed the door and proceeded to the observation room. Yes, she had the classic 2 way mirror and would enjoy the festivities, and make sure that the men were sufficiently humiliated. The calf was confused at first, not knowing the place it was in. Eventually, it started walking around, and came to the left-most man. It sniffed the powdered milk on the man’s genitals, and then its hunger instinct quickly kicked in.

The man tried to draw back, such as he could in this position, but the calf was not to be denied. He felt his dick quickly engulfed, and then sucked on vigorously by the hungry animal. It was not very gentle, bucking and trying hard to get milk that had wetted its appetite and would not come. The man was sure he was going to get some bruises from the excessive bucking it was doing. Eventually, nature took over despite his best efforts, and he got a hardon anyway. The calf was unable to get the boner into its mouth, and went to the next available target, the man’s dangling testicles.

Angela always liked this part of the scene best. The man made a muffled screams as he felt his testicles engulfed in the hungry animals mouth. This feeling was not pleasant at all, as he felt his twin orbs being swished around between tongue and teeth, and was very frightened that the animal might begin to chew. Fortunately, the chewing never came, but the stretching did. The animal begin pulling back and bucking forward like it had done on his dick, but his balls had a lot more give and they went quite some distance before being pulled tight. The sensation left his balls feeling pinched and painful.

Soon the calf went to a fresher target. The 2nd man was probably the smallest of the bunch. The calf was able to get both the penis and testicles in the mouth. The calf was very hungry now, and was none too gentle in trying to get some milk out of what it thought was a nipple. The man never got an erection, and Angela could swear he was starting to cry. The calf continued on with this man for quite some time. After a while, it became bored, and went and stood by itself in a corner. The two men who had not been violated looked somewhat relieved. Angela knew that the night was long though, and eventually the calf would try again. At any rate, she needed some sleep for the fun day to come. With that, she retired, leaving the men to suffer humiliation to the calf on and off throughout the night.

The night brought very little rest to the men. Every time one of them would get some sleep, the calf would eventually walk over and painfully awaken them. It seemed to favor the 2nd man, the one who would not get an erection. By the time Angela walked in in the morning, he had started to bruise and had minor cuts along his penis and scrotum. Angela tied up the calf in a corner of the room, and then proceeded to hose down each man to clean them up. She was sure to use high pressure on their genitals, causing them to wince in pain each time their turn came.

Angela decided the 2nd man would be her first victim. Already, he was in a tender and painful state, and she liked to get rid of the smallest first. She approached the man, and then grabbed his limp penis in her fist. She then started pulling the bruised member with all her might. The man at first tried to jut his groin out as far as he could in this tied up state, and then fell limp to the pain being caused to him. He felt things stretch in pain that he had never felt before. Suddenly, there was a snapping sensation inside of his penis, and a red hot stabbing pain that throbbed with each heartbeat. Angela let go after she felt something inside his cock give. His cock was about an inch and a half longer than it had ever been before. However, this man would probably never get an erection again, and the damage would cause him great pain whenever somebody tried to handle his penis. As if confirming the fact, Angela took the man’s penis in her hand, jacked him for a while only to hear muffled screams. Finally, she tired of this torment, and gave him a warning, "This pain is nothing compared with what you are about to experience."

With that warning, she reached down to the man’s hanging testicles and separated them, one for each hand. She then started to squeeze and pull the man’s testicles away from his body. The man started quaking with pain, as he felt his vulnerable gonads compress in ways they were never meant to be, not to mention the ache of the extreme stretching his testicles were feeling. Angela took her time, enjoying this man’s suffering and the looks of fear on the other men’s faces. Eventually she felt what she was expecting, a small squishing sensation in first one testicle, and then the other, indicating that they had been partially ruptured. The man had stopped struggling now, and just sat there with his head rolling back and forth in extreme pain. Angela then once more covered his genitals in powdered milk. The first suck was for humiliation. This one would be for pain.

Angela watched the man weakly squirm as his genitals were engulfed yet again by the calf. The calf was even hungrier now, and the suction it was applying to his broken penis and ruptured testicles was excruciating. Soon the man’s scrotum began to fill with blood, and his testicles started ballooning up. The calf still tried to suck on the inflamed orbs, causing the ruptured testicles to worsen, and eventually causing enough pain to make the man pass out. Angela let the calf suck for a while more, and then finally led it out of the building. The man’s genitals looked hideous and were bloated to inhuman proportions, and would ache like hell when the man regained consciousness.

The first man squirmed a little as Angela approached him and started fondling his genitals. Right now it was pleasurable to the man, but it wouldn't be for long as soon as Angela decided which way to torture this man. She gave the man’s testicles a harsh tug and then left the room letting the man ponder to what his fate was going to be.

She returned with a strange looking device. It had two metal bars positioned fairly close together, but with some space between them. It was attached on both ends to some chain, which Angela attached to a hoisting hook on the ceiling. The man began to suspect what was in store from him and could only squirm as Angela took his testicles and fit them in between the bars and then clamped them down, trapping his testicles on the outside. She then unlocked the man’s chains, being careful not to let him take any cheap swings at her. It was fun to watch to see how long he could try to hold on before being hung by his testicles. She didn't give the man much time to think as she went over to the hoisting switch and turned it on, slowly lifting the bars. The man began to panic as he stood on his tip toes trying to figure out a way to save himself. He grabbed the bars with both his hands and flipped upside down voluntarily before being lifted off of his feet by his testicles. He knew he could only go so long hanging on like this, but didn't really have any more options at this point. Angela turned off the lifting process, and the man struggled to hold on in this position. He then came up with a slightly easier plan, and took one arm off the bar and placed it on the floor. His other arm joined him slightly afterwards, and he as doing a handstand. This was easier on his body than before, but he would still eventually run out of energy.

Angela enjoyed this allot. At about 20 minutes, his energy started to wane. He would start to collapse his arms, only to receive a vicious yank on his balls. This would give him a new well of energy and he would push up with his arms again. However, he could only last a minute or so before his energy would leave him again. After the 5th or so time of this 2nd wind effort, he finally became too exhausted to keep himself up. Angela watched his arms give slowly, increasing the tension on his testicles and causing him excruciating amounts of pain. Finally, his arms went limp and his full body weight was being supported by his balls. Usually after a few minutes one of two things would happen. The scrotum and testicles would be unable to support the body weight, and they would literally rip from his body. The other thing that would often happen is that there was also space left between the bars, and sometimes the testicles would collapse under the pressure, and would slowly pull through the bars, ruptured and in great agony. However, this man was pretty small, and neither seemed to be happening. He just hung there, his scrotum extending 6 to 7 inches away from his body. She was sure some of the tendons had torn by how far the testicles were away from his body, but they would just not fully give way. After about half an hour of hanging, the man passed out.

This would do no good, Angela thought to herself. She lowered the bars, until the man was slumped on the floor, and then released his testicles. She then hooked the man’s chains back on, and hoisted him slowly back on to the wall. His testicles still hung incredibly low, unable to retreat, and there was bruising and stretch marks along his scrotum. She got some smelling salts and woke the man back up. He slumped in his restraints. Angela then slapped his testicles, causing the man to try to curl up in pain. Good, she thought to herself. He still had feeling in them. She then began rolling his testicles around in her hands roughly, marveling at how they had been deformed from the hanging. They didn't quite feel right, but they had not ruptured.

She began to idly think of what to do next to the man. While in thought, she took the man’s testicles at the base and began swinging them around, much as one would an old watch. This entertained her, and she began to twirl them with great force, enjoying the smacking sound they made when they would hit her arm, or his thighs. Inspiration soon struck, but only after she had added a few more bruises to the man’s scrotum. She took his penis, and then began jacking it to see if he was still able to get an erection. After a few minutes, it responded and became erect. She kept this up until she sensed the man was about to orgasm. She stopped at that point, and left the room to get a vice.

The man could only silently squirm in fear as he saw what she came back with. The vice was pretty standard, with only a small modification at the top to add to small indented bars to prevent the testicles from escaping while being crushed. These testicles were easy to fit in the vice due to their distended state, and Angela quickly applied enough pressure to be able to let the vice hang freely and painfully from his abused testicles. She then jacked the man back into an aroused state. When he was close to orgasm, she started to turn the vice slowly, further compressing his testicles and causing excruciating pain. As soon as his dick would go limp, she would stop turning the vice, and began jacking him again. She was able to repeat the process 5 times. After the 5th time, she was unable to jack him into an erection, but she hadn't completely crushed his testicles yet. This had to be about as painful as it could possibly be for him, and Angela decided to keep him there for some time. She attached 20 lbs of weight to the vice, causing the man extreme agony, and then simply walked away from him.

She stopped by her previous victim, and kicked the man in his partially ruptured and ballooned testicles, abruptly waking him from his state of half consciousness. She had half hoped his scrotum would pop like a water balloon, and scowled at the man when this did not occur.

Angela then studied the remaining two untouched individuals. She had already used some of her best stuff on the first two men, and she was wondering what to do with these two. She decided to scale down a bit, and went to the back and grabbed a small propane blow torch and a knife with a heat resistant handle. She pulled a chair she kept in the room and sat down next to the third man. Quickly, she fired up the blow torch, and began to heat up the knife. When it became extremely hot, she held it up to the man’s face for a second. She then grabbed his penis, and burned the end of the man’s cock with the knife. This created quite a sizzle, and Angela knew the knife was ready.

His scrotum would be no match for the knife, and she carefully cut around the neck of his scrotum, being careful not to get the testicles themselves. The burning hot knife made sure to cauterize the wound quickly, keeping bleeding to the minimum. It would do no good if the man bled to death before she could have some fun. After about 5 minutes worth of work, she carefully pulled the scrotum away from the man, leaving his naked testicles hanging in the air. The man was now rocking in his restraints, both afraid and in pain, and worried about what was to come. Angela set the knife aside for a moment, and put on a plastic glove. She then began to probe the exposed testicles, compressing them, flicking them, and roughly stroking them.

She then picked the knife back up. "I’m afraid I need to cool this off.", she said. She took the man’s left testicle, and pinched it between two of her fingers. She carefully took the knife and put the side against the testicle, and immediately there was a sizzling sound as the testicle began to burn from the heat. The man thrashed violently, unable to cope with the pain he was being caused. Angela casually took the right testicle and did the same thing to it. There was much burning, but the testicles were still intact when she was done, all the more ripe for abuse.

Angela left for a second to find the freezer. She grabbed some ice cubes from it and went back to the man whose testicles she had just burned. She squeezed his left testicle between her fingers, and applied the ice cube directly to it. It took some time to melt, and the man shook his head back and forth as she cooled his testicle off. In fact, after the initial pain, this was almost merciful as the man’s testicles were somewhat numbed to the blistering pain the burning had caused. Eventually she had melted an ice cube on each testicle.

She decided she had done enough for the day. She left for the night, leaving 3 of the 4 men in total agony. One with a vice hanging from his distended testicles, one with ruptured testicles and penis, both of which had swelled to extreme proportions, and one with his scrotum removed and naked testicles burned. The forth man could only ponder the torments the other 3 endured and was extremely worried what would happen to him, being the most well endowed of the bunch. The best for last could not be a good thing here.

When Angela returned the next day, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that none of the 3 tortured men had died during the night. Sometimes the shock was too much and they would expire. She went back to the man with the vice on his testicles. She pushed the vice, causing it to swing back and forth between the man’s legs. He started to bang his head against the back wall, indicating he still had feeling in them. This was good. She removed the vice from his testicles, and began to grope them. They were still intact, but they did not feel at all like normal testicles. His scrotum was extremely bruised, and literally hung an 8 unnatural inches from his body. She was quite impressed at all they had endured.

She decided to go back to the original torment for this man. She fetched the calf, which was not as hungry as before as it had been fed (unlike the men who were only given water). However, it still looked feisty enough. Angela applied some more powdered milk to the man’s genitals. Again, it went for the man’s penis first. Angela was surprised as he got an erection despite all the abuse he had taken. The calf though seemed to be a little smarter this time. It kept the man’s penis from escaping and kept sucking with a vengeance. Angela laughed at this, and it became apparent that the man was going to ejaculate. This was something she had not seen happen before, and the man could only take it in humiliation. Then it happened, the shudder letting her know that he had just cum. The calf however did not care. It simply kept sucking. Soon, the pleasure turned into an ache as his penis was still being worked over.

It soon became distracted as no milk came out from the "nipple" it was suckling, and went after the man’s powdered testicles. This time it was all pain as his testicles swished around in the animal’s mouth. Unlike before, they were a lot longer now, and were flopping around the back of the animal’s mouth, dangerously near the molars. There were many pinching sensations as his testicles were caught in between the jaws, but pinched painfully to safely as they came together. He realized it was only a matter of time before one would not escape, and would be crushed in the animal’s mouth.

Then it happened. A searing pain worse than any he had felt before engulfed his right testicle as it smashed between the molars of the calf. It had just ruptured. The calf didn’t care, and still sucked away. The man kept banging his head against the wall in total agony as his ruptured testicle was crushed further and further in the calf’s mouth. Somehow, his left testicle escaped this punishment, and eventually the calf tired out, and his wounded testicles were left hanging in agony. Angela removed the calf once more, and sprayed down the man, causing his testicles even more agony. Angela then took the man’s testicles in her hands to survey the damage. Sure enough, one testicle had been smashed. She took this testicle in her hand, and began to brutalize it further. She started peeling the ruptured parts further from each other, trying to turn the testicle into one long strand. The man howled in silenced agony behind his gag, as this woman tortured him in ways he could have never fathomed. Eventually she had accomplished most of her goal, and the pieces of testicle felt like small tubes in his sack. She then turned her attention to its neighbor. This one had somehow survived all the punishment, and she decided she would now personally deal with the issue. She grabbed his sack and forced both his smashed and deformed but intact testicle to the bottom of his sack. She then started to punch it. She wasn't exactly boxing caliber material, so it took about 20 punches before she hit his left testicle hard enough to begin its destruction. After about 20 more punches, she had really ruptured it, and there was no longer a whole testicle left in his sack. She thought this was fun though, and kept punching his testicular remains. After about 100 punches total, she finally became exhausted and let go. This man was now totally ruined and would not be fun anymore. She left him to suffer the pain of internal bleeding.

She examined the first mans genitals, who now had turned a nasty shade of black. The man didn't seem to respond to it though, and it was likely they had suffered too much damage to be fun with anymore. To confirm it, she punched them once more, and barely got a reaction out of the man. Yep, two down and two to go.

The third mans testicles looked like they had dried out nicely since their first night in the open air. They did look painful though, and had clear burn marks from the knife. To confirm this theory, she took a nut in each hand and began to squeeze it. His tensing indicated that he indeed did still feel agony when this happened. She then surprised the man by suddenly releasing him from his bonds. He was not in any condition to try anything, and fell to the floor under Angela’s guidance. She made sure he was back up, with his genitals pointing in the air and not covered under his body. He just lied there and Angela went and fetched her friend the pit bull. The man looked horrified as she led it to the room, and then shut the door. He was only able to sit up though, and would not be able to put up any kind of fight.

It stood around for about 5 minutes getting acclimated to its new surroundings before getting up and began sniffing around. Eventually it found the man with the missing scrotum. It sniffed his testicles, and then began to lick them. The man whimpered in fear and in pain. Eventually it licked higher up onto his penis. Suddenly it clamped down on the man’s penis. Angela was pleasantly surprised by this. Usually they didn't go for the penis without some incentive on it. The man felt the teeth penetrate his cock. This was not enough to remove it though. The dog released it and tried biting down again a little higher up. Again, it was not quite enough, and this seemed to piss the dog off. It began to pull viciously. The man was dragged a short ways by his penis, but it was not enough to remove his penis, only horribly mutilate it. The dog then settled for second best, and began to chew on the man’s penis sideways while it was still attached to his body. It eventually got enough to take off the man’s cockhead, and began working down his shaft, until it had consumed the whole thing. The man was in severe agony during this, and was too weak to do anything about it.

When the dog had finished the penis off, it began licking around the gaping wound in the man’s groin. Eventually, it began licking the man’s testicles again. It first concentrated on the right one, and eventually started licking it into its mouth. The first few times it fell out, and landed back on the floor with a painful smack. Eventually, the dog tired of licking and gripped the man’s testicle in the middle with its teeth. The man howled in agony as it clamped down, piercing his testicle down the middle. It then began to chew the man’s testicle in its mouth while still attached to the cord. After about 5 crunches, it finally cut the cord and the agony that was the man’s right testicle was no more. The man whimpered in pain as it began licking his left testicle. It took a while this time, about 5 minutes before it got impatient. Again, it grabbed the man’s testicle in the middle. However, this time, it was enough to cut the testicle in half. It chewed and ate the half testicle, and began licking the remains of the testicle for another good 15 minutes. The man was in total agony as the dog took its time on his doomed testicle. Eventually the dog tired though, and it just left him laying there with his half testicle in total pain.

Angela came to get the dog, and removed it from the room. She then went to the bleeding man, and slowly stepped on his half remaining testicle. She enjoyed crushing it beneath her foot, as the man convulsed on the floor. After she was done, she went to get the guards to remove the 3 ruined men from the room, and to clean up. She really had a good deal in that she didn’t have to clean. The last man watched as the 3 other man were roughly removed from the room. He could only wince as the man with the crushed, distended scrotum was actually pulled from the room by his ruined testicles. He had no idea what fate awaited them after this, but he was sure it wasn't good.

Many hours went by after this, and the man looked to be spending another night thinking about what fate was in store for him. As he was about to fall asleep, he heard a snap, and there was this excruciating pain in his left testicle. He looked down in teary filled eyes, and saw a small wound on his left testicle. Then there was another snap, and his right testicle was in tremendous pain. His body reacted, and pulled his wounded gonads into his body, and his scrotum shriveled up farther than it had ever been in his life. Then it had occurred to him that he had just been shot by a bb gun. Another shot came, this time it hit him straight on the top of his cock head. After he got over the shock of the pain, he noticed that the bb had penetrated his skin and was embedded in his cock. He was worried by the pain in the testicles that they might still have those viscous pellets in them. His cock started to retreat as much as it could from the pain. In its deflated state, it pointed nearly straight out from his belly. Angela liked attempting this shot. She aimed right for the opening on his penis, seeing if she could get a direct bull’s-eye. She shot, and bam, it hit. This hit was vicious on the man. He was in total shock and the inside of his penis felt as if it were on fire.

No more shots came that night for the man, but he was largely unable to sleep due to the wounds his genitals had taken. They were throbbing, yet he somehow knew this would probably only be a taste of the pain to come. He whimpered as he thought of this. When morning came, Angela noticed the man’s genitals were still largely in a state of retreat in his body. She decided to combat nature with nature, and dramatically increased the temperature in the room. She left for a few hours, and came back. It had worked, the man's wounded genitals were hanging in the open. His testicles were slightly swollen, and had bruised around the entry wounds where she had shot him. His penis looked a little worse. His cock-head had turned a nasty shade of purple.

She walked up to his penis and took it in her hand. She then began to squeeze it, hard. The man jerked in pain from his wounds from this new assault. She then began to examine his testicles. She was more delicate here, carefully probing with her fingers. She first felt over the right one, and felt around the sac. Soon she felt what she was looking for. The bb was freely floating around in his scrotum. It had not penetrated his testicle but surely had bruised it, judging from the man’s anguished look. The left testicle proved to be in the same condition.

Angela then went to the back and came back with a toolbox. The man cringed in fear as she opened it. The first thing she pulled out was not a tool at all, but a syringe. She carefully took the man’s penis and injected it near the base. In almost no time, he got a raging, yet painful erection. She then took out some superglue from the box. She carefully inserted the nozzle into the man’s cock, and then spewed some out. This was Angela’s twisted form of birth control. After she had finished applying the glue, she stripped. This job was not without some fun. The man had a great set of genitals and she decided she wanted to use it.

She rode the man for what seemed to be hours to him. Despite his wounds, he was soon approaching orgasm from this fucking. He knew it would not be a good one due to the glue though, and held back as long as he could. However, he could hold no more, and he soon felt soreness in his cock as his fluids backed up in his tube. The worst part is the erection was induced with whatever she had injected him with, and she kept riding him despite his orgasm. At first there was soreness, but then her motions began to affect him again. It didn't take long before he had a 2nd orgasm, despite his predicament. This one was very painful, as there was no place for it to go. He felt the inside of his penis stretching unnaturally. It felt like somebody had inflated a balloon in there. Soon Angela finished having all of her fun, and she dismounted the poor man.

The man’s cock looked like it was pretty sore from all the fun Angela had had. She left for the back and came back with an almost vacuum looking device. However, the end was something that looked like what you would put on a cow when you milked it. Angela had designed it personally and always had some fun with it. She turned it on, and placed it on the man’s penis. It sucked it in, and began to massage his penis. It took a while, but eventually, the thing did its job and forced him into another orgasm. Luckily there was not as much fluid to add to his backed up load, but it still hurt like hell. Angela then left the man in this condition, being milked by her machine.

She returned an excruciatingly 12 hours later. The drugs causing the man’s unnatural erection had worn off by then, but the machine plus the backed up cum had caused him to remain erect anyhow. She then turned the machine onto extra suction. The man was taken totally by surprise as his penis was pulled viciously into the machine. This was very painful for him, and his bruised cock felt like it was being sucked inside out. Eventually, the pressure from his backed up cum and the incredible suction started to work loose the glue that was in the man’s cock. He felt a tearing sensation, and then an explosion as finally it worked free and all his cum was released. Judging by the small “tinks” made as well, it had also sucked the bb's right out of his balls.

Angela left the machine on for 10 more minutes. This would add extra bruising, and she wanted to see the man’s cock limp and totally black and blue. She finally turned the machine off. However, the remaining suction held his cock fast into the machine. Angela grabbed the nozzle, and started pulling as hard as she could. Finally, after a minute, his cock came free with a popping noise. She started slapping it around, hard, enjoying the pain it caused the man.

Then she abruptly left the man. This did not give him much comfort though, as his penis had been severely damaged, and was causing him pain even when kept perfectly still. It did not take long for Angela to return, and the man recoiled in horror when she walked in with a set of jumper cables. Angela had taken great care to find a set of large cables, as she had to make sure the jaws would open large enough to fit the man’s testicles. She roughly grabbed his testicles, and massaged them to make sure they were hanging nice and low. Then she took one of the grips, opened it, and placed his left testicle in side. Then she let go. The man began to gyrate as crushing force was applied to his testicle. The inside of the jaw was slightly smaller than his testicle, and it took a moment before it compressed the testicle trapping it completely in the inside. The right one went much the same way. It almost looked as if the man had no testicles, only a scrotum.

Electrical pain then added to the crushing pain as Angela turned on her special machine. This would start out slow, doing a shock every 5 seconds. The intensity was low, but would increase over the next hour to damaging but not killing pain. Of course electrical and crushing was not enough for her. She took the jumper cables and began to pull on them. She had designed a special hook in the cable around the middle, and took a bungee cable she had lodged to the floor and attached it. This was her 3 for 1 special, and she enjoyed watching the man break down of the next hour.

By the time it was over, the man had broken down mentally. She took off the jumper cables, and his scrotum was burnt, scraped, and his testicles started to swell. However, they were still intact which would let her fun continue. She then took the man off the wall, but left him tied up, and began to drag him outside.

The man vaguely noted he was on a farm, and he was being dragged inside a barn. Angela enjoyed all the methods she could use on a farm, and it would be a pity when they had to move on and not use it anymore. The man squirmed as Angela drug him past some calves, but that was not to be his fate this time. She brought the man to where there was a hole in the wall. It was a little small, and Angela had a fun time manhandling the man’s genitals and forcing them through it even though they didn't want to go. She then tied the man up so he had no room to move at all, much less struggle. Directly underneath the hole was a long, old board, which the man’s testicles rested on heavily. Angela then walked some distance away, took a chair, and was very quiet. For this one to work, she had to be patient and silent.

It didn't take long at all, which pleased Angela. A hungry looking rat cautiously crept down the board, and started to sniff the man’s genitals. Then it started to chew at the man’s scrotum. It was slow painful work, but eventually it chewed off enough to expose the man’s left, huge testicle. The rat managed to get it's forepaws around it, and sunk them in viciously. It then began to pull backwards, trying to get the man’s testicle free. It was nowhere near strong enough, but the pain it must be causing the man was priceless.

The man’s testicle looked like it stretched an amazing 8 inches without it's sack to stop it. Eventually, the rat slipped up, and the testicle bounced off the left side of the beam, and hung down the side. It then went back to work on the man’s scrotum. Eventually, it freed the right testicle as well. It must have learned its lesson though and largely avoided it. Then it got to the man’s penis. It was rather large for the rat, but the head was soft, and it found it a very good meal. It devoured slowly but steadily. This man was really hung though, and soon it found itself full. The rat left content, and the poor man was in excruciating pain.

Angela was surprised at what happened next. Apparently rats weren't the only scavengers waiting around for a good meal. A crow swooped down and landed next to his right testicle. It gathered it into its talons, and then began to fly away. It must have been surprised as the testicle was still attached to the cords, and suddenly pulled taught. The crow comically jerked in mid flight, falling dazed. The testicle roughly smacked down the right side of the beam and hung there. Angela could not help but laugh at this maneuver, and the bird hastily flew away once it knew it had company.

The man was bleeding a fair amount, and might not live if Angela waited the necessary amount of time for those animals to return. So she untied the man, and dragged him out of the hole. She was amazed at how large his testicles truly were outside his scrotum, and the agony they must be in right now. They hung an amazing 8 inches below his legs outside their sack, and she was mesmerized by their pendulous swinging motion they made as she dragged him to a pen. Once there, she untied the man, and locked him in. He was able to stand, but he would not be able to escape in his current condition. She then went to the neighboring pen. It contained 3 pigs. She opened the gate, and they immediately began to go in to the man’s pen. At first the man wasn't afraid of them, and simply backed up to a corner. The pigs sniffed the blood on the floor from his earlier position, and then began to lick it up. This made the man scared. They then looked his way, and started to slowly chase the man around the pen. It took about 10 minutes for the loss of blood to get to the man, and he finally fell down in exhaustion on his hands and knees. He then tried to squeeze through the bars, even though they were just smaller than his frame would allow. He managed to wedge his shoulders in, but then was stuck sideways. He then collapsed, laying sideways and stuck, as the pigs began to sniff his bleeding genitals. Rather than just simply eat them, the pigs began to ram their snouts into the mans testicles. He felt their tongues lick up the blood around them as they were brutally smashed into the dirt. They then got to the biggest source of blood, the man’s penis. They didn't ram it though; rather one took the whole thing in its mouth, and then began to chew.

This was exquisite torture for the man. Pigs are known for their crushing bites rather than sharp bites. His cock was slowly crushed into a pulp over the next few minutes as the pig chewed it slowly but surely right off his body. Finally it crushed it enough that it was totally removed from his body, and the pain was lessened to some degree. Until the pigs realized that only the testicles were left.

They kept ramming them into the ground for the next few minutes. They could not get a grip on them, and kept trying to reposition them to get them in their mouth. Finally one bucked the man’s legs, causing him to roll on to his back to some degree. This lifted his balls out of the dirt, and hanging there, ready for the pigs to get to. His left testicle was the first victim. He felt it enter the pig’s mouth. And then there was just pain.

Its jaws mauled his testicle twice. Then it apparently decided the taste was not for it, and ran away. Another pig took his other testicle into its mouth, and had much the same experience. The man still had his balls, although they both had been severely mauled and were causing him extreme pain. The last pig licked around his testicles, causing the man to wince as his orbs registered unbelievable pain. Then it managed to suck both testicles into its mouth. Unlike the other two, this one just kept chewing and chewing the tough testes. Eventually, the pig pulled back, stretching the man’s testicles to their limit. It did not take long, and they mercifully came off the man. He had passed out around that point.

Angela quickly summoned the guards. She would have them try to save this one. The thought of these men being forced to live as eunuchs pleased her greatly. She wouldn't lose a lot of sleep if the scum died though.

Another job well done, thought Angela. It would probably be some time before they found some more criminals that needed disposing of. After all, the kind that needed this type of punishment was rare. Until then...


Monday, April 20, 2015

(Ff/Mm) Mom and Daughter, Father and Son by Stubby

So to start of with here is an oldie but goodie which was the inspiration for my daughter/father stories. This story is unlike them in most ways, being so gentle and calm, but it got me thinking about the thrill a little girl would have in emasculating the man who sired her. And I've always liked family oriented castration themes. So here you go!



Mom and Daughter, Father and Son by Stubby

John was a long haul truck driver and was on the road most of the time. John and his wife, Sara, had recently purchased a small ranch with the idea that when the ranch became profitable John could retire from the road and spend more time with his family. Sara had been raised on a farm and knew what had to be done and knew how to do it. Peter, age 17, and his sister, Cindy, age 18, loved living on the ranch. Having been born and raised in the city, they both loved the peace and quiet of country life.

One hot summer day, while John was on the road, Sara, Peter and Cindy were working a new group of calves John had bought at auction last week. The calves had to be given the required inoculations, be dehorned and the males castrated.

Sara had become very skilled at using the Burdizzo clamp. After Sara had done the last calf, Cindy asked her, "Mom, the calves didn't put up much of a fuss when you clamped them. I always assumed it would hurt like hell, but now I'm not sure. What do you think?"

Sara replied, "Not having balls I'm not sure if it hurts or not. Why don't you ask Peter. He might have some idea."

Turning around to face the two women Peter saw that both were smiling. Feeling a little cocky Peter answered, "I don't know if it hurts or not, but I'm willing to find out!"

"You're not serious?" asked Cindy.

Looking at his sister Peter replied, "If Mom says it's ok, it's ok with me".

Peter expected Mom to say something, such as quit talking like that, but his Mom and sister just kind of smiled at each other. Sara stood up and said, "Peter, if you are serious go into the house and wait for us in the kitchen. Strip down and let us see what you've got between your legs."

Too proud to back out now, Peter got up and began walking toward the house. Once in the kitchen Peter began undressing and soon was completely naked. Normally he would have been very uncomfortable being seen naked by his mom and sister, but now his only thoughts were that he hoped his mom would really go through with this. He simply couldn't wait to be nutted.

Sara and Cindy came in the kitchen a few minutes later and stopped when they saw Peter standing there naked.

Cindy giggled and said to her mom, "His dick is kind of small, isn't it?"

Sara answered, "Yes it is. Just like your Father's."

Peter had a full erection by then, but his penis was less than three inches long and no thicker than his thumb.

"You mean Daddy's got a teeny weeny too?" asked Cindy. "How do you guys, you know, . . ."

"I learned a long time ago that the only way your Father could satisfy me was for him to wear a strap on rubber dick. His little cock just isn't big enough to do much. Looking at your brother, it looks like castration might be the best thing for him. As long as he has his balls, he's in for a life of frustration and rejection," stated Sara, matter-of-factly.

Sara handed the burdizzo to Cindy and asked her to wash it off in the sink. Sara told Peter to bend over the table and spread his legs. After drying off the clamp Cindy brought it over and gave it to her Mother.

"It's kind of weird knowing that Peter won't be a real man after you clamp him," Sara said to her Mom. "Can I help?"

"These are your brother's nuts. Ask him if he minds if you help castrate him," Sara answered as she inspected the burdizzo.

"Peter, may I take one of your nuts, please?"

Peter looked back lovingly and  longingly at his Mother and his Sister and said, "Sure, I want both of you to enjoy this."

Sara began feeling for the cords in Peter's scrotum.

"Which one should we do first?" Sara asked her daughter.

Cindy replied, "Peter is always saying he'd give his left nut for this or that so I say do the left one first."

Sara placed the jaws of the burdizzo over the cords of his left nut and asked, "Peter, I do believe that this is the best thing for you, but I won't do it unless you're sure this is what you want. Once it is done, there is no going back. Your sex life ends here, today, at the hands of your Mother and your Sister. What do you say?"

Peter was silent for a moment, then said, "Mom, I'm a virgin. I've never even touched a girl because I know that she wouldn't want me. All I do is jack off all the time. Yes, this is what I want. Please crush first my left nut, and then my right. Crush them hard."

"Ok. Brace yourself," Sara said and closed the handles of the clamp very fast.

Peter yelped in pain and began moaning loudly as his Mother counted to thirty. After she removed the clamp, she handed it to Cindy and asked, "Are you sure you can do this?"

Cindy kind of laughed and said, "Shouldn't be any harder than a calf."

Cindy had castrated quite a few calves and knew how to work the tool. Cindy felt her Brothers balls and noticed that the left one was rolling around free in his scrotum. She found the cord to the right nut and placed the jaws of the tool on it. Looking at her brother she said, "Peter I love you, but I've wanted to do this to you for so long. Thank you for letting me castrate you!"

Peter looked back with a sloppy smile, "You're welcome sis and I'm super excited to become a gelding."

With that Cindy tried to close the handles of the clamp too fast and one of the handles slipped in her hand. Sara told her it was ok and to move the clamp up a little and start over.

Peter screamed and began to cry because the pain was much worse this time. After she was done, they both helped Peter to bed and held him as he cried. Both women got an illicit thrill rolling round his now free balls in their sack, and this seemed to lull Peter to sleep.

John got home the next day and asked why Peter was walking funny. All four of them sat down and Sara and Cindy explained what they had done.

At first John was very angry.
You crushed my son's balls? How could you do that?"
But he began to calm down as Peter told his story. "I asked them to, Dad. Now I'm free of sex, and can live a normal life." After Peter finished telling all the details of his castration, everyone could see a small bulge in John's pants.

Placing her left hand on her Father's shoulder Cindy said, "Daddy, it was such a thrill nutting my brother yesterday. I'll remember that moment for the rest of my life. Daddy, I can see that this is making you excited. Daddy, would you like us to castrate you too?"

John didn't know what to say. He looked at Sara and saw that she was nodding her head.

"Peter had the same problem as you, John. Yes, I told them everything," Sara said as John looked at his children.

John turned red in embarrassment as he realized his lifelong secret was now known by all of his family. After a moment Sara said to her husband, "John, this would help you too. You want sex all the time, but you aren't able to please me with such a small penis. Castration would help you control your urges and we'd get along much better."

The room was quiet for a minute as John thought about what had been said. He rubbed his own crotch and rolled around his small little eggs. Perhaps it was time to lose them. Finally he turned to Sara, "Do the two of you want to castrate me? Like a horse? Just crush my cords and make me sterile?

Both women nodded in unison. "It would be a thrill and a joy."

"OK, Then. love you, Sara, and would do anything to make you happy. Yes, I want you to castrate me."

Sara and Cindy both smiled at each other.

"I'll be right back," Cindy said as she ran out of the back door to the barn to get the burdizzo.

Sara had John get undressed and had him lay face down on the kitchen table the same way Peter had done yesterday. In a minute Cindy returned with the clamp and handed it to her Mother.

Sara told her, "You do the first one and then I'll finish him off."

Cindy walked up behind her Father and began feeling for his cords. Finding the cord to his left nut she placed the jaws of the tool carefully and said, "Daddy, this is so exciting. Castrating the man who sired me! Are you sure that you want us to do this, Daddy?"

John looked at his wife and saw that she had a very happy look on her face. He looked back towards his daughter and said, "This is such a special moment for both of us. Yes, Cindy. Take my manhood. And make it hurt. Hurt me, hurt my ball."

Cindy closed the handles of the burdizzo quickly and started to count to thirty. John was moaning loudly and let out a sigh of relief when she removed the tool.

"Thank you, Daddy," Cindy said softly and handed the clamp to her Mother.

Sara found the cord to his right nut and placed the tool. "I love you very much, John. I wish we'd done this years ago." Sara squeezed the handles together and started her count. John was crying and moaning as he had had all the pain he could stand in one day. Sara and Cindy helped John to bed and held him until he felt better.

"Wow!" said John. "I had fantasized about both of you doing this to me, but I had no idea it would be so exciting. But, we've still got one more issue to deal with. Sara, you've never liked me being uncircumcised …"

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