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(F/MMMmm) Being Rich - NEW

Well, I *almost made last month's deadline. So here's a little something I've had in my pile for a while. I finally decided to finish it last month. Enjoy!

ps. Spanish Fly is a real substance. Check it out!
Being Rich

Silvia looked over at her sunning boyfriend, Troy. His toned body, his smooth tan skin, his handsome face, and his close-cropped blond hair. Yup, he was pleasant to look at, but so dumb. The big lug couldn’t think through ordering a latte, let alone doing any normal life task, like doing his taxes. But Silvia wasn’t in a relationship with him because of his scintillating personality. She let him hang around her mansion because of his sculpted body and his massive assets. Her eyes traveled down to his bikini thong. It was bulging so much his cock and balls seemed ready to pop out at any moment.
The two of them were sunning themselves by the pool, a pool which was being attended by their pool boy, Guillermo, who also had a ripped body and a Speedo and a massive bulge. And not too far away was Alex, the gardener. He was wearing jeans, but naked from the waist up, and was sporting a sweat-soaked bulge of muscles and a six pack ab.
In short, Silvia was surrounded by hot, hung guys, and she felt it was about time she did something about it. Just yesterday she’d been reading her monthly rich-women’s magazine, Rich Bitches, and there had been an in-depth article about the relationship between orgasms and men getting their balls pasted. The author said that there was scientific evidence that kicking, hitting or otherwise injuring a guy’s plums gave guaranteed orgasms and preorgasms to women of all ages, and that full testicular destruction made women have multiple orgasms right on the spot. Well, if there was one thing Silvia was down for, it was multiple orgasms. Troy could usually only manage one on most nights, if that, and despite his hunkiness was bad at tonguing her. Well, all that was about to change.
She leaned over, “Troy, dear, would go round up Guillermo and Alex and bring them over here? I want to try something out.”
“OK,” he said, blinking into the bright Florida sunlight, and then toddled off to collect his two fellow males. Soon the three of them were standing at attention at the end of her chez longue waiting for instruction.
“Well boys, recently I’ve developed a fascination for testicles. You know, those two little dangling objects that hang between your legs, and that you protect so instinctively. And I’ve decided it’s time to put your manhoods to the test and see how manly each of you are. Alex, it’s in your contract that you get paid for extras to your job, and I’m willing to offer you an extra 20k for the free use of your balls. Guillermo, you’re here illegally and pretty much have to do anything I say, and Troy, well, you’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you sweety?”
Troy just nodded dumbly. “Sure thing, cupcake.”
“Good. Alex take off your jeans and your shoes, I want you in your underwear. And the two of you, spread out, spread your legs, put your hands on top of your heads and close your eyes.”
Soon all three guys were standing there, cool breezes braiding around their mostly naked bodies, and Silvia, in her white thong and halter top stood behind them. She decided to test Alex first. She took careful aim, backed up a little bit, and then WHAM, kicked his big fat pouch. Alex let out a warbling wail, and sank to his knees in the grass, holding his huevoes. Next was Guillermo, also not the brightest, nor did he understand much English. Silvia savored his ultra tight butt and then SPLAT, scissored her leg right into his Speedo clad bulge, nailing his nuts dead on with the top of her foot and her toes. The muscular teen dropped into the fetal position and lay motionless, making not a sound.
And then, finally, there was Troy, who didn’t seem to realize what was in store for him. Silvia back up QUITE a ways, so that she could get a running start, and punted his cahones from behind. The sound was a solid THOCK. It knocked poor Troy on his stomach, and he just lay there, writhing and squirming, and making weird mewling noises. All three males seemed completely incapacitated by what Silvia’s pretty, pedicured little foot could do to them, and although her pussy tingled, for sure, it was a far cry from the promised orgasms. This simply wouldn’t do. Leaving the males to fend for themselves, Silvia walked inside, found the magazine, and called the info line, a 1-800 number. A woman with a Hindu accent answered.
“Yes, I’d like to get in touch with the author of one of your articles, printed in this month’s edition. A Ms. Hillary Duff.”
“One moment please.” Several seconds elapsed. “That number is, do you have a pen? That number is 1-756-984-8463. Can I help you with anything else?”
“No thank you. Thank you, good bye.”
“Have a nice day.”
Silvia turned the phone off, then back on, and immediately called the number. It rang a few times and then a woman with a well-manicured accent answered it.
“Hi, is this Ms. Duff?”
“It is.”
“Hi, my name Silvia Carnegie, and I’m one of the subscribers to Rich Bitches and I was so in love with one of your articles that I decided to try it out on my own males. But they don’t seem to be able to take more than one kick to the nuts before not getting back up again. I can see all three of them out there on the lawn. They’re still holding their pathetic little balls like nothing else in the world matters. How am I going to get my orgasms out of that?”
“Mrs. Carnegie, you have nothing to fear. I did lots of research in preparation for that article, and there is a simple and elegant solution. Have you ever heard of Spanish Fly?”
“It is an extract from the secretions of a certain insect and has been used for literally centuries to induce inflammation in the vagina and erections in the penis. Now, in large doses it is fatal, but in small doses it produces a swelling and an itching and an inflammation of genital tissue. But in modern times, science has discovered a way for it to do so much more. There is a company in Brazil which has developed a derivative compound which actually makes the insides of men’s testicles itch and throb and become irritated. It causes men to actually want and need to have their balls busted to relieve the itching. And when combined with a variant of Viagra, it makes them horny as hell. Now, I’ll give you their number and you can have several doses flown to you overnight. They have three products, and suggest you get some of each of them. The first, the least concentrated, makes them want to be kicked and hit in the balls. The second is more intense and they end up asking for you to put needles in their nuts to alleviate the sensation, and the third product is so concentrated that they’ll ultimately beg for you to totally pop their balls and cut them from their bodies. It’s literally that intense of an itching/burning sensation. Trust me, your men will be begging for you to paste their livelihood.”
“That sounds great! What’s the number, I want to order some right now!”
Silvia called the number and ordered a month’s supply of everything they had to offer, and then called up a hot carpenter guy she new to come over and do a quick retrofit of one of the downstairs rooms of the mansion. She wanted chains and hooks and exam tables and gyno chairs installed so that she could properly secure her men. Then she called up a medical supply place and ordered a bunch of needles, in all sizes and thicknesses. And then she called up a friend of hers who always had the pharmaceuticals a person needed, and had him send her some GHB. She wanted to ultimately have lots of guys submit their nuts to her, and if they didn’t remember it happening she could never be culpable. Ah, it was great being rich and having connections. Consequences were for the little people.
Within a week everything was done and had arrived. The Spanish Fly/Viagra distillates came in small, clear pouches and were odorless and tasteless. The carpenter and his son, both sexy American guys, she invited to undress and enjoy the pool before going home. Troy was taking a swim, Guillermo was fixing a pool pump and Alex, the gardener was trimming some bushes. Silvia got out five ice cold beer mugs, put a GHB in the bottom of each glass, squeezed a healthy dose of the Spanish Fly good in each (two of the mild strength, two of the medium strength, and one of the terminal strength), and then filled the rest with ice cold beer. Artisan beer of course. She had all of Hourglass Brewery’s beers on tap. Only the best for her men! She waited a few minutes for the GHB tabs to dissolve, then brought them out to the cabaña.
“Boys! Come and get it!”
Soon she was surrounded by all five guys, and they chugged down their beers with gluttonous abandon. Silvia had forgotten to ask how long these chemicals would take to work, but she hoped quickly. The guys wandered back to what they were doing, but all ready she noticed that some of them were scratching their crotches. She waited a few minutes, then she noticed that Troy was holding himself and talking to one of the work men.
“Wow, my balls sort of itch, and I’m getting a woody.”
“Yeah, me too. Wow. What a weird sensation.”
“Dad,” Said his teenage son, “My balls ache.”
“So do mine son, don’t know why.”
Guillermo had stopped working on the pool pump and it looked like he was squeezing himself between the legs, and the gardener was just sort of holding himself, kneeling, as if he’d been weeding and then stopped suddenly.
“Guys,” said Silvia solicitously, “why don’t you all come inside and undress and we’ll see what’s going on with you.” For some reason the request sounded completely reasonable to all these macho guys, and they all headed for the new sex dungeon. Inside, Silvia helped them all undress until she was surrounded by six hot, sexy guys, their naked balls twisting in their sacks and their thick cocks twitching in their hands.
She went over to the carpenter. “It feels like my nut’s been stung by a fire ant.” He said plaintively.
“Here, let me help.” She plucked on testicle from him and began to squeeze it, at first lightly, but then harder and harder. “Does that feel better?”
“Yeah, oh yeah. Oh, that feels great.” Silvia squeezed his bollock firmly and found it large and springy. Outwardly it showed no sign of being damaged, but from the look on his face she knew the Spanish Fly was doing its thing. “Here what if it hit it?” She squeezed his two balls together by wrapping her hand around their sack, and then began to punch the organs. “OH YEAH, OH YEAH. God damn my balls. MY BALLS.” Said the carpenter. “Me too,” said his handsome teenage some. “Come bust mine, FUCK they itch, and damn it’s making me leak precum.” All the men in the room were standing with their balls outstretch waiting for Silvia to scratch their itch.
“Well,” she said, “If I’m going to have to take drastic measures, I’d better string you all up so I can effectively work on each of you.” All the men seemed eager to have their balls worked over so some she chained to the floor and ceiling, while others she strapped down to the gyno chairs. Secretly she knew that the carpenter and his son had been given the more concentrated version and would soon be begging her to destroy the insides of their balls with needles, but she wanted to make them wait for it, so she started on Troy and Guillermo first.
She stood in front of her lame-brain boy friend, and watched him writhe in his restraints, trying to reach his own balls so he could bust them.
“Do you want me to splatter your balls, Troy? Tell me you do.”
“Oh FUCK yeah, kick my nuts PLEASE. Hurry, they itch so bad.” The chains held his muscular legs open, and his head was lolling from side to side. His fat prick was waggling back and forth as he writhed – the itching in his balls was making him as horny as hell.
Since the men were all too wrapped up in the sensations in their balls, and all of them had their eyes closed and were moaning, Silvia slipped off her bikini and had started to finger her perfectly shaved hooch. She had a perfect body, nice ripe breasts, smooth tanned skin, a flat stomach and a nice ass, and she knew how to use them. Right now though, she was going to use her legs and knees to give these men a little “relief”.
Troy’s legs were split and clamped to the floor, so she had a perfect shot. She stood in front of him, and while fingering herself began a methodically kicking to his testicles. WHAM WHAM WHAM. “Fuck yeah Silvia! Paste my nuts,” Troy screamed. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The tortured balls were beginning to swell, his sack was turning a bright red, and his dick had a line of prejack dribbling from its slit. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Troy gurgled in the back of his throat. It hurt so bad but he’d endure anything to scratch the itch in the middle of his gonads. Silvia kept kicking the dangling orbs, and she could feel the fire in her own snatch begin to burn. Her fingers were getting slick and slippery and her juices were flowing. After about six minutes of unrelenting brutal busting of Troy’s balls, the 23 year old blond sort of collapsed on himself and went limp in his restraints. Silvia had made him pass out from a combination of pain and relief. What a wimp. So, she moved on to Guillermo.
The young teen, with his tan skin and hard muscles just looked tortured as his balls twisted inside their sack, oh dear Holy Mother they itched so bad. The young Catholic was mumbling Hail Mary’s in Spanish when Silvia gently caressed his thick erect cock and began to squeeze his ghoolies. Silvia really dug her thumbs into his balls, they were springy and tough, but his heavy breathing showed that he really did need her to hurt him. Hurt his manhood. Hurt his life essence.
“Mas duro” he whimpered over and over. And Silvia complied. Her fingers turned white from squeezing his nuts, his big fat Spanish nuts. Fat ball meat oozed out between her hands and the poor boy began to cry. “Mas duro” he sobbed over and over again. “Mis bolas, mis bolas,” he pleaded with his mistress whose pool he kept clean. Silvia stopped squeezing and grasped his whole package with one hand, making it taut. Then with her other hand she began to punch his massive latino cock and balls. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Her punching hand was getting covered with the sticky white fluid leaking from his dick and his fat nuts were only getting fatter. Silvia marveled at how dynamic male genitalia was. It had so many dimensions – pain, pleasure, semen, erections, orbs, bags, tubes. The list was endless. And her own genitalia was starting to making shooting arcs of pleasure in her own body. Like waves on the ocean her orgasm had started. Just from punching a teenager’s balls. The waves built up in her groin, and then flash flooded her entire body. She was so aroused that small amounts of milk began to flow from her breasts and she put one up to Guillermo’s mouth so he could suckle on it. And suckle it he did. Her breasts were so big and perfectly shaped, how could any red blooded male not want to swallow them whole? He licked and sucked on her pert pink nipple – anything to distract from the burning sensation in his balls. His nose nuzzled the fleshy orb of her right tit, and he groaned. Silvia really began to punch the ball bag hard now. She wanted to see his balls swell, and swell they did.
Larger and larger the teenager’s nuts got until they were quite tight in their sack. She then let the sack drop back down between his legs and began to kick the things. Guillermo began to scream in Spanish, a sort of odd wailing gibberish and with enough kicks his dick spurted out cum and he passed out too. The cum went all over the white carpet, lying in a pool of white on white, a sticky mess and Guillermo’s whole scrotum was as big as a grapefruit, red and shiny and swollen. Silvia found herself breathing heavily. She had experienced now three massive orgasms, the echo’s of which were still rippling through her small body, but she knew that, unlike a man, she could have many, many more before becoming too tired. It was now time to do something about Alex. She had given him the most intense dosage of the Spanish Fly, just to see if he really would beg her to crush his balls, and she discovered, in the end, that he really did.
Alex was slightly hairy, with massive arms, pecs and six pack abs. He was merely a gardener, true, but one who loved to work out at the gym and keep fit and healthy. He ran seven miles a day, and was ripped as hell. And his package? Enormous. His cock was a good nine inches hard, and his balls as big as lemons. And unlike a lot of guy’s with big cocks, his wasn’t weirdly shaped. It was perfect. It stuck straight up, had a nice thickness the whole of its length, was perfectly straight and smooth, with a nice big fat pink helmet head at the end. The rigid thing was dancing in air as Alex moaned. The itching in his nuts was like being stung by a gigantic bee, where its five inch stinger had pierced directly into the heart of his ball and injected venom. Venom that made him only want to have his balls pasted. And so Silvia did. She pressed her whole naked, nubile body against his and started to knee his nuts as hard as she could. And she whispered into his ear, “Do you like that Alex? Do you want me to burst your balls?”
He moaned, “Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah. Crush my nuts, Ms. Carnegie. Harder, HARDER. PLEASE!!!!” Silvia complied, her bone-hard knee cap pummeling his nuts into mush. She could feel his fat testicles slide around in their sack, trying to escape their torture, but her knee fit perfectly between his legs and left them nowhere else to go. Silvia jabbed his big fat balls as hard as she could but she decided she wanted some sexual relief from a real dick and not just her fingers. So she stopped kneeing him, and with one hand she guided his bobbing penis into her while the other hand began to squeezed and grate his rocks together. Alex screamed for her to pop his balls even as his hips began to buck his penis into her vagina. “I can’t stand it, SHIT! POP MY BALLS.” Silvia wasn’t even sure he was fully aware that he was inside her. It was hard to tell what he was aware of. Sweat poured off both their bodies, him from agony and her from pleasure. His fat cock filled up her void and she rode him like a virile young pony but her hands were down in his groin squeezing his balls. And as she fucked him she felt one testicle begin to split its seams. She had actually managed to crush one of his balls! She orgasmed from the realization, Her whole body shuddered and Alex’s dick spurted cum into her snatch, and he let out one long, loud moan as the itching in his destroyed nut actually began to lessen as its contents leaked into his ball bag. But of course, Silvia kept squeezing both balls. She squished around his nuts and felt his erection inside her throb. He was still hard. Maybe she could get a second orgasm out of him, and maybe one for herself. He still had one whole ball after all! She kept up the fucking while she now used both hands on his still intact left testicle. He was moaning and sweating, and she could smell his armpits, that wonderful masculine scent from male blue collar workers. Alex was such a man’s man. Silvia pressed both fingers into his last ball. Further and further and further. Ball meat warped and bulged. Silvia again whispered into his ear, “I’m about to take your manhood Alex, tell me how much you want me to take it.”
A single tear slid down his cheek and he moaned, eye’s closed. “Yes, fuck YES take my balls from me. Make it stop. ANYTHING!!!” then he whimpered. “Crush my balls,” he whispered. “OK” replied Silvia. With all of her strength she squeezed his last testicle and felt it pop between her hands. POP. It just gave way and became mush between her fingers. His dick dumped another load of sperm into her gaping hole and she had another intense orgasm that rocked her body.  SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH. Amazingly he was STILL HARD. So she continued to fuck him and smush his soggy testicles around in their bag. This went on until a miraculous final orgasm came from Alex. He spurt the last seed of his life into his employer, and that last seed sent Silvia into paroxysms of pleasure. It made her feel so powerful to know that she had extracted the final bit of seed from a male, a male that she had herself emasculated. Alex passed out and went limp, just like the other two men she’d used up before him. His fat dick deflated and Silvia disengaged from him. Silvia slid her hands across her own body. She was so sexually charged that her quinny felt like liquid lightning. She looked down at the three men hanging in their chains, two with bloated ballbags and one with a destroyed bag of marbles. All that was left now was the carpenter and his son. This would be more contemplative torture. Quiet and more visual.
She went over to the carpenter, whose name was Bill, and she caressed his body. “Do you need some relief Bill?” She asked.
“Oh god yess, Ms. Carnegie. My balls ache somethin’ fierce. Help my son too, please.” He sounded desperate.
“Ok, then,” was all Silvia said. She rolled her little trolley of needles over to him and sat down between his legs. She unwrapped a fat spinal tap needle, reached between his legs to grasp his right testicle and carefully slid the needle into his ball, from top to bottom. She felt the beginnings of a new round of orgasms. It was amazing to see the fat needle smoothly slip into his testicle.
“Does that feel better?” she asked.
“DAMN my balls itch. Wiggle it around, PLEASE!”
“OK.” Silvia carefully began to rotate and move the fat needle inside his ball. It began to destroy and liquidize the innards of his nut. All that orange paste that created sperm cells. She waggled and wiggled the needle. Then she got another one, and slid into his ball, this time sidways. Then another and another. In totally she put twleve fat needles into his fat ball. Then she picked up some even longer needles and put them through his left testicle. She twirled them and made them ruin his manhood from the inside out. All Bill did was moan and pull at his restraints. “Oh FUCK my balls. They hurt so bad. JESUS!”
“How about I add some electricity, Bill? Maybe that will help.” Silvia had a special battery used for CBT and ball busting, and she took its contacts and touched them to the needles embedded in his balls. Energy arched between his two nuts and began to fry them. Bill screamed. Thank goodness her mansion and compound were miles from anyone else.
She kept the electricity up until his balls started to swell as they were cooked from the inside out. She watched the testicles expand and expand as they tried to release their internal moisture as steam. Bigger and bigger they got and louder and louder Bill screamed until both his testicles exploded in their sack with a loud double CRACK. She had cooked his balls completely. Indeed the metal needles still in his nuts had melted from the heat and electrical contact. And Silvia? She had two massive orgasms in a row. Destorying men’s manhood’s was the most intense, exciting sexual thing she’d ever done in her life. And . . . it seemed to be addictive. She had one more set of balls to torture. What should she do? Bill had passed out without orgasming himself, and so she moved her chair to be between his son’s legs.
“What’s your name, boy?” asked Silvia
“Kyle mamm. Are you going to help me. My nuts ache so much.” Kyle had a boyish body, slightly muscular, and a pleasant hard dick and two medium sized gonads, in a thin pink sack.
“Do you want me to stab your balls, Kyle? Do you?”
“Oh yes please. Take them out of their sack and stab them, PLEASE, anything!” This Spanish Fly stuff must really irritate, thought Silvia to herself. She picked up a scalpel and cut a small slit in his scrotum. Then she grasped his ballbag and squeezed. With some effort she was able to pop out both his balls, and they hung there, naked, between his legs. Then she got out her thinnest, sharpest ice-pick and began to stab at his hanging orbs. Stab, stab, stab. She was making a mess of his proud young balls. Bits of ball meat were flying here and there, and Silvia felt like some vicious Hollywood femme fatal in a film noire. Sometimes she hit the back of his balls and their delicate tubes, and Kyle would scream at that. After a while his testicles were just a dripping mess of sperm, and Silvia had her final orgasm as she looked at the pathetic remains of this young man. She brought the pick up to her lips and licked off his raw sperm. Mmmmm. Delicious. Kyle was just moaning and only half conscious with his half hard dick dribbling semen onto his stomach.
Silvia left the room of ruined men and went to and took a shower. Then she called her family doctor to come and fix them up. She knew that the date-rape drugs she’d given them would wipe away any memory of what happened, and once she ruined Guillermo and Troy she could get herself a new batch of men to nut. Ah, it was so good to be rich!


  1. Woohoo!!! I check your blog every day, and I have been rewarded! GREAT story my friend. Fabulous, fun theme. Incredible action and brilliant description as always! So thrilled to wake up to this delicious surprise! Yaay!

    1. LOL. You're a great cheerleader, my friend. Thank you for your support.

  2. Wow, excellent story Nicholas. I love the premise you set up here. I only made it half way through before I needed to grab the tissue box, lol. Well done sir!

    1. (((HUGS))) I miss you Mr. Mal. I miss our chats.

  3. Another well written and entertaining story as usual Nicholas. Much like Knave I check your blog daily. I was very excited to see it posted last night but I even in such a short time period I am late to comment and ride on the hype train. You did very well just like you always do but I particularly appreciated the creative theme and the multiple male victims.

    Thank you very much for sharing another great story. I only selfishly wish I could stories like this every week because I can never get enough of a quality bb story.

    1. Well, it makes me wonder why there aren't more people writing BB stories. Too niche of a fetish? People not confident enough about their writing skills? Too difficult to come up with plots? One wonders.

  4. Wow Nicholas, I read this story on my Birthday travel in Japan. It was very hot that sexy big balled guys almost begged to crush and pop their precious balls to destroyed. And she set up those situation,that is so evil but always rich people do that to other people. I really want to know or feel completely mashed testicles and paste their big balls in my bare fists

  5. C'est une des histoires les plus chaudes que j'ai lu et j'ai adoré!J'espère une suite!


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