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(M/M) My Punishment by M. Hammer

So here's a wonderful "period piece" story. Although I myself have only done two, Overboard and Overboard: the French Connection, I have always been fascinated by historical BB/TT. Indeed it always seemed plausible to me that public emasculations must surely have taken place at sometime, somewhere. Can you just imagine being the in the audience of a public nutting, watching the torturer mutilate a set of once proud balls? yum



My Punishment by M. Hammer

The Judge spoke in a loud and commanding voice.

“William, you have been found guilty of sedition against his majesty the King. Although your role was a secondary one in the plot, you must suffer a severe punishment. You will be taken to the cells at the Tower and there over the course of a week, will endure the treatment reserved for men who conspire with traitors. After that week of torment, you will be brought out to the central courtyard of the city and there you will be publicly shamed and genitortured. Following this you will me emasculated by the circumcision of your scrotum and the removals of your testicles. Guards, take him to the Tower.”

Two guards then grabbed my manacles and dragged me out of the court room and into the street. A crowd of rabble awaited and jeered as I was loaded on the wagon that would take me to the Tower. The wagon had a tall post in the middle of the bed and my hands were tied to the top of it outstretched. The guards then grabbed my shirt and ripped it off and pulled off my pants too. I was exposed naked to the crowd and they hooted their approval as the guards then looped a strap under my genitals and around behind the pole. They then tied it tightly, pulling my balls and cock up in front of me in full view of the crowd. This signified to them that I was to be genitortured in the Tower then emasculated in public.

I rode the distance to the Tower like this with my manhood exposed to the ridicule of the people who lined the streets. And the discomfort of my balls so stretched and pulled.

When we arrived at the Tower and the gates were opened, the cart wheeled in and I was unloaded and brought in manacles to the Captain of the Guard in his private chamber. He walked over to me and examined my naked body in detail. His hands ran over it and aided his examination.

He drew close to my face and spoke in a low tone so only I could hear. “William my boy, you have a fine lean body and your manhood is of generous size. You will make for an interesting guest in our Tower. At the end of your week you will have a new appreciation for your man parts that you will then be losing. Take him to my bath. For his first night he will not be tortured.” The guards then lead me off to the Captains private bath where I was pushed into a small pool of water. The Guards let one man do the scrubbing of my flesh, and he was thorough in every way, leaving no crack or crevice neglected. Part of his washing was the administering of a warm water enema to flush out my bowels, which he did three times until I squirted pure water out of my anus.

Then I was taken to the Captain’s room where he awaited. “Guards you may leave us now. Come by in the morning to pick up the prisoner.” He took me by the manacles and pushed me on the floor. His large strong hands ran over my back and down the crevice of my ass. His middle finger stopped at the bud of my anus and rubbed it almost gently. I let out a small moan as he slowly inserted his finger into me and began to massage my prostate. I half noticed that while he was doing this he was disrobing himself. He had me on all fours and was behind me as he lowered his face to my upturned ass. He began to run his tongue around my anus and inserting it in as far as it would go. My anus relaxed and became moist from its own lubricant and his saliva. I gasped in pleasure as he reached for my hard cock and cupped my large balls in his hand, squeezing them firmly.

“Now you will experience a man inside you and all the pleasure your balls can produce, for the last time. For tomorrow your torture begins and that will not be as pleasing.”

He then proceeded to fuck my asshole for several hours. Making me cum three times with his 10 inch cock inside me. The first time was while I was on all fours and he rammed me from the rear. I felt as if I was being split in two as his rigid shaft battered my prostate and as my own stiff cock wagged and flapped about, spitting long jets of sperm as I came hands free.

Then he flipped me over and put my spread legs on each of his shoulders. I was then impaled on his manhood as it pumped my ass for an hour. Eventually he released me by yanking on my semi hard penis. I came in a delirium of pleasure from my balls and anus.

Finally he put me on a sturdy table in the room. As I lay on my back with my legs spread he them pumped me like a savage. The slapping of his balls on my ass was all I could hear as he rammed his penis into my raw anus. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure and pain flush over me as he pumped away. Then he reached down with his left hand and encircled my scrotum between his thumb and fore finger. With his right hand he began to slap my scrotum. At first it was a jolt of pain as he beat my testicles hard. He just kept doing it as he fucked me harder. His fingers bit into each ball as they slapped and slammed them. Then the pain started to change. It became a numbing tingling feeling as the sensation turned to a form of pleasure. I looked down at my groin to see that my penis had grown hard again and he had found the sweet spot on my right nut. He concentrated on that spot and beat harder. But there was no pain, only tingles of pleasure as I began to cum. Not in jets, but a slow flow of sperm that lasted for almost a minute while he beat my balls. Then he groaned and came himself in a huge ejaculation that flooded my ass with hot fluid. I passed out.

“There men, take him down to the torture cell. I want him to start his week of pain right away.” Were the words that I awoke to as the Guards dragged me off.

The cell was dark and cold, making my manhood shrink. They tied me to a table spread eagle and helpless. I looked down the table, between my spread legs and saw a strange device standing up about three feet between my feet. It was made of wood and looked like the oar of a boat, only the paddle end was smaller. At its base it was on a pivot and the whole thing was kept in place by a latch at the top.

“You are really going to learn to hate ‘The Paddle’.” One of them said as he wound a leather cord around my scrotum. He tied it of tightly so that my balls were sticking up a bit and my sack was high and tight. My penis flopped on my belly. He then reached under the table and moved something that started a whirring noise and the base of the paddle began to turn. In about a minute it had been pulled back with some force behind it and the latch was about to let go. When it did I only saw a blur then blinding pain. WHAP, it came down on my tied up sack. I started to vomit from the pain as it spread up my belly. My body writhed in agony as my balls felt like they were on fire. The paddle slowly was pulled back by the mechanism and rose upward toward the top again. It was a journey that took ten minutes or more. A time that my balls used to recuperate, before it came crashing down on them again. Then the Guards just laughed and left the room. Left me alone with this infernal paddle and the mechanism that drove it. Every ten minutes it did its job. A job of producing increasing agony to my manhood. After what seemed an eternity, my testicles started to swell from the beating. But it just kept beating them. All red and swollen, tied up tight. Until my cock started to grow hard and the pain was turning to pleasure, just like it did at the Captain’s hands the night before. But I did not cum, or at least was not allowed to, as the Guards returned and shut the machine off.

The hours and days that followed were more of the same. They devised different and ingenious ways to torture my testicles just enough to produce unimaginable agony, and yet I was not allowed to cum once the pain turned to pleasure.

Now let me say this, my manhood was respectable in size. My penis was average in length and of substantial girth. But my testicles were even more impressive. Lemon sized and with a tight scrotum that resembled a large orange. After days of testicle torment, my balls had swollen to twice their original size and the scrotum was stretched to accommodate them, a shinning purple ovoid showing each separate nut inside an almost transparent skin. They ached constantly in between torture sessions where they gave me increasing agony. I was beginning to look forward to the executioners knife that would end the pain with their amputation.

Finally one day the guards told me the torture was over, for a while anyway. As a man was always allowed to have one last ejaculation at the castration podium in the city square. I was going to be given a three day rest before my castration. BUT.

It was a big BUT.

They tied me to the torture table.

“Hey what’s happening? You said no more torture. You said I could rest before my gelding.”

“We are going to stop torturing your balls for three days. But that is partially so that your cock will have some time to heal. You see mate, we are now going to cut it off. You will be nutted in the public square, with no penis.

They then worked quickly. First inserting a bulb ended hollow shaft into my penis. The bulb looked weird as it passed down inside the shaft of my cock until it entered my bladder.

“This is so you can pee during the healing process.”

They then tied a leather cord around the base of my dick, as close as they could get to my body. It was tight to the shaft in my dick and the whole cock became numb. Then they took a razor and circumcised my dick just above the cord and pulled it off the rod. Very little blood and hardly any pain. If it wasn’t my cock they had just removed, I hardly would have complained. They rubbed a salve on the stump and lead me away to a bed where I rested for the next three days. I was drugged so that I would sleep all the time and not pick at my dick stump.

After the days had elapsed, I awoke to my guards chaining my feet and hands. Then they shaved my pubic hair from my groin and scrotum. It felt wet and cold.

“Brace yourself. This is going to hurt some.’ One said, and quickly reached between my legs and yanked the tube out. POP was the noise it made and it burned like fire for a minute, but that passed.

I looked down at the remains of my manhood. There wasn’t hardly a stump left of my cock, but my balls had retained their swollen size and the scrotum was still tight and shinny. The twin orbs standing out proud in front of my dickless groin.

“No sense wasting any time. The nutter awaits you now.” They lead me to the wagon with the post and I was tied to it the same way as I arrived. The crowd cheered and hooted at the sight of my shaved and dickless manhood.

Upon arriving at the city square I was lead up the steps to the podium and tied to a frame. My legs spread wide and my hands above my head.

“William, you have been sentenced to be emasculated and shamed in public, for the crime of sedition against His Majesty. Your penis has been removed so that you will retain no traces of manhood. Once your balls are removed, you will be set free, but you must forever walk the streets with no clothing below the waist. In this way you will serve as a reminder to all those who imagine committing sedition. Now I will commence the nutting ceremony. It will consist first of a milking of all sperm from your body, then the removal of your testicles.”

My body shivered naked in the cool morning air and I could feel my balls draw up a little tighter in shame and anticipation of what was to come. It was fairly quick. The executioner took a five foot long pole and lubricated the end of it. He then rammed it into my anus and pushed it in until it stood up in a notch in the podium. It made me push my pelvis out in front. Then he looped a cord around my scrotum and tied the other end to a ten pound weight. He let the weight fall, yanking my balls downward about six inches from my groin. That hurt. He then took cactus needles, about ten of them, and pushed them into my testicles. That really hurt. I looked down and saw my poor balls, hanging there, needles sticking out of them, like a pin cushion. They burned like fire. My body wretched in spasms of dry heaves and the pain spread up to my belly. He took a small club and started to beat my testicles. Slap, Slap, Slap … For an hour. Then pleasure and the flow of sperm in a long hot outpouring from the hole above my balls. It splattered in loud streams as it landed on the podium’s floor. My anus was in spasm as the pole stretched it and I came. He tied off my sack a second time, closer to my groin, and with a razor, sliced through the skin of my scrotum and the cords of my testicles, letting them fall to the floor and into the sperm puddle.

The agony subsided and I was untied. The pole was removed from my ass. I was given a shirt to wear that ended at my waist. I stumbled down the steps and the crowd parted to let the eunuch pass. I could feel the cool breeze between my legs where my manhood once hung.


  1. Hi Nicholas,
    I read Hammer's stories but haven't read this one. Thank you for share. In Japanese history of public execution in Edo period, chop off head and "Haritsuke" that was like Crucifixion and Pierced the body by spears, then burned prisoners genitals. It makes sure that bad genes eliminate. Well, all over the world ancient executions are cruel and involved genital destruction. Cheers, BBcrusher.


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