Friday, May 1, 2015

(f/M) A Crush for Father and Love for Mother, by Millie

So I've always loved Millie's stories. They're on the short side, but so wonderfully brutal. She has a strong lesbian theme running through her stories but I actually enjoy that because it emphasizes the idea that men and their genitals are disposable and inconsequential. Anywho, hope you enjoy it too,
A Crush for Father and Love for Mother by Millie
John walked into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes and started to run a bath for himself when his 10-year-old daughter Sophie burst into the room. Noticing her father standing naked next to the bath she walked up to him and stared at his large cock and balls. Without warning she reached out with her right hand and grabbed hold of his cock and pulled on it hard stretching it making her father gasp. As she pulled and tugged hard on his cock she felt it become bigger and start to harden. Sophie began to pull harder and harder on her father’s cock and was surprised to find that he just stood there and let her. Taking his left ball in her left hand she started to squeeze it as hard as she could making him fall onto his knees groaning in pain.
Watching him groan in pain and fall down clutching his aching ball in fascination Sophie started to experience some strange new feelings. She felt guilty at hurting her father in his privates but strangely excited and happy that she had hurt him. Waiting to be told off bu him for being naughty Sophie was astonished when her father smiled at her and said “Good girl, did you like hurting daddy?” Feeling very relieved Sophie admitted that she had enjoyed it. “Would you like to hurt Daddy again?” She felt a surge of excitement rush through her body as she nodded. “Daddy wants you to punch him in his face.”
Sophie took her right hand and made a fist and gently tapped her father on his left cheek. “Go on hit me harder!” She didn’t need to be told twice and started to punch him harder and harder in his face. The feeling and sound of her fists striking his face coupled with the moans and groans of pain she heard from her father got her very excited. She began to feel a lovely tingling feeling between her legs as she beat up her father. After punching him in his face for about 5 minutes she hit very hard on his nose making it break with a loud crack. Sophie felt a power and wonderful pulsating feeling in her young pussy as she had her very first orgasm and she punched her father’s nose flat against his face. She savored the sight of his face and the blood flowing out it as she enjoyed the feelings of her first orgasm. The power of her last punch knocked him backwards on to his back on the floor. A bright sadistic smile filled her face and lit it up as she looked down at her father as he lay on his back groaning in pain. Sophie slipped her right hand into her skirt and knickers as she lovingly caressed the organ that had just given her so much pleasure. Caressing her lovely young pussy she savored the power she now had over her father.
Taking a step forward to look closer at her father as he lay on his back her left foot came down onto his cock. Rubbing her bare foot over his cock she enjoyed the feeling of it stiffen under the sole of her foot. Pressing as hard as she could she placed all of her weight onto his cock and began to grind it in to the floor. Rather than push her left foot away her father took it and pulled her harder onto his cock and got her to grind it harder. This sent shivers of pleasure through her young body and she again felt that lovely feeling in her pussy start.
Her father then grasped her right leg and placed it over his left ball and begged her to crush it. Teasing him she slowly applied her weight onto his left ball as she continued to crush his cock with her left foot. As she increased her weight on his left ball she started to feel giddy and dizzy with excitement. Her face glowed brightly with sexual excitement as she pressed down with her feet onto her father’s manhood. It didn’t take long for her start to get breathless with excitement as she felt his helpless left ball being roll about under her right foot.
As she felt his left ball start to flatten as she slowly increased the weight she was placing onto his ball she left the sudden urge to play with her pussy. Giving into the strong desire she rubbed her young slit finding her clit and rubbed wildly losing control of her breathing as she leant heavily onto her father’s left ball. Sophie brought herself to her second orgasm as she felt her father’s left burst with a loud pop. As she enjoyed her orgasm she lifted her right leg up and stomped hard down onto her father’s remaining ball and burst it as well. As she recovered from the orgasm caused by destroying her father’s manhood she used the toilet to urinate.
As she finished urinating her mother came in and saw her naked father lying on the bathroom floor. “Mommy he’s doing bad things to me do I hit him to get him to stop.” Her mother ran over to her father’s body and grabbed him by her hair and dragged him to the toilet. Her mother then pushed her father’s head down the toilet into the urine filled water and held his face down. The sight of her mother drowning her father in her urine made her play with herself again as she watched him struggle for air. Sophie watched with delight and had another powerful orgasm as her mother drowned him in the toilet.
Turning to her daughter she took her in her arms and said “Did her hurt you darling?” Sophie nodded and took one of her mother’s hands and put it inside her knickers and said, “He hurt me there Mommy.” Enjoying the feeling of her mother touching her pussy she kissed her mother on her lips and thanked her for saving her from her bad father. Without knowing it Sophie’s mother was now being manipulated into playing with her daughter’s pussy. Later that night after the police had collected all the evidence they to prove Sophie and mother had acted in self-defense she slipped into her mother’s bed.
Before her mother realized what was happening Sophie climbed on top of her mother and pulled up their nightclothes and rubbed her young pussy onto her mothers and started to kiss passionately on her lips. Sophie then put her hands up her mother’s nightdress and played with her breasts. Her mother tried to stop so Sophie told her that she would tell the police that the death of her father had not been self defense but murder and that he had been murdered by her mother.
Sophie pinned her mother down and said, “I’m going to take Daddies place in your bed and be your lover, OK?” “Yes darling.” Said Sophie’s mother. Sophie told her mother that she had always wanted to push her father out and become her mother’s partner and then made love to her mother for the first time. As she enjoyed making love to her mother Sophie thought to herself you’re going to do anything I tell you to and you’re going to help do what I did to daddy to lots of different men.


  1. Good story!! Loved it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, BB's! It's an old old story, but still wonderful, IMO.

  2. OMG I never read this before it is soo hot where do I find more stoires from this writer are all her storys like this one?

    1. Millie has a number of stories that are in the same vein as this one. I plan to publish at least one more this month. Glad you enjoyed it!



  3. Underage ballbusting? By a family member no less? So fucking hot. ��

    1. I thought so. it's a killer story, IMO. It helped inspire my own family BB.


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