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(M/m - cutting) Biology Class by Rob Cole

So this story was my inspiration for my own classroom series. It's a cutting story, there's no busting, and it's fairly clinical BUT it's high in humiliation, embarrassment and exposure, all themes I love. It's the story of a boy who has to let his teacher dissect his reproductive organs in front of a whole classroom, and as a teenager that would seem like a fate worse than death. So, enjoy!
Biology Class by Rob Cole
Master Mathias was known among the schola’s students for his puckish sense of humor and the boys in 8th Level Biology had been nervous since he had casually announced today’s vivisection demonstration several days before. Mathias was known to dislike vivisection of animals, but he had no such compunctions about teenage males.
When he had finished calling the roll, he smiled slightly, looked around at the boys and said, “Okay, for today’s demonstration, we need an unmodified boy with a large penis and testicles.” The girls giggled and most of the boys tensed.
“Josh, would you come up here.”
Josh, a slender boy with bright blue eyes, a shock of light blond hair, and a large bulge in the crotch of his trousers, gulped and stood up. There was no point in protesting. All the boys in 8th Level had their sperm collected at the start of term and were fair game for what he knew Mathias had in mind. Many of the boys in the class, including Josh, had spent the previous evening either partying with each other or jerking off, figuring it might be for the last time.
“Remove your clothing, please. All of it.”
In an agony of embarrassment, Josh complied. Of course his stupid penis began stiffening as soon as he pulled his pants down. The girls in the class tittered and the other boys, relieved at not being chosen, sniggered. Josh felt his face flaming. Mathias chose to take no notice.
By the time he had stripped naked, Josh’s male organ was hard erect and twitching, standing up a good 18 centimeters, the foreskin pulled back from the dark pink head. The testicles were large and heavy and hung slightly loose even with the erection. The skin of the sac was visibly crawling. There was a patch of silky blond hair above the base of the penis, but little hair on the organs themselves.
Mathias pulled on a pair of white latex gloves, prodded the rigid penis with one finger, his expression indicating mild distaste, and nodded. “Yes, these will do. And fortunately, there isn’t enough hair on them to require shaving, which will save some class time. Very good. Does everybody know why I use an unmodified teenage boy to demonstrate vivisection? Yes, Jana?”
“Because we have too many boys anyway and it would be unfair to use a dumb animal.”
The class howled at this, even the boys, and Mathias smiled. “That’s correct, basically. Though the Founders' Way is no longer as religiously observed, sanitary insemination and ex-utero gestation have for all practical purposes rendered retention of male genitalia by adults an indulgence in the service world for which the schola is preparing you.
“What do you call an organ that has survived its original purpose and no longer has any important function. Anyone . . . Amanda?”
“Correct. The penis and testicles are essentially vestigial organs. Thus they’re ideal for teaching purposes such as ours, being readily accessible and easy to work with-particularly specimens as prominent as this.” He chucked Josh’s testicles with his gloved fingertips. Josh managed a sickly smile. He wondered resentfully how “indulgent” the master was. It was impossible to tell since he’d never seen him without his academic robe, but he sure acted like he still had his nuts.
Mathias spread a thick white towel on one end of a steel work table next to the lab bench at the front of the room.
“Josh, get up on the towel facing the class. Spread your legs as far apart as you can and lean back on your hands.”
Josh sullenly complied. Mathias took a loaded hypo from a tray. Reaching between Josh’s legs with his gloved left hand, Mathias pulled Josh’s testicles up for the attention of the class.
“As I’m sure most of you know, these are called 'testicles’ or 'testes’-'balls’, 'nuts’, eggs or sometimes 'onions’ in teen vernacular. They are contained in a thin skin sac called the 'scrotum.’ Their primary function is to produce sperm, and Josh has already made his contribution to the bank. Right, boy?”
“Yes, sir,” Josh said miserably.
“Can anyone tell me what their secondary function is. Yes, Kurtis?”
“Production of the male androgen called testosterone,” the blond boy answered.
“Correct. A hormone which feeds anti-social aggression. Genetic enhancement of the endocrine system since Harmony was settled 200 years ago has reduced the need for testosterone to maintain such desirable adult masculine characteristics as lean muscle mass. On the other hand, continued production of this hormone subjects the unmodified male to an almost constant need for sexual release, which can be a major distraction. So testicles are not only unnecessary but also undesirable in adult males. You boys have reached an age where all of you must think seriously about that in relation to your future careers.
“However, the subject of this course is biology, not sociology or religion. So to proceed . . .”
He reached across Josh’s right thigh with the hypo and jabbed the hypo into the root of the boy’s penis, making him flinch and gasp.
“Vivisection should not be an ordeal for the subject,” he explained, “and this will allow Josh to pay close attention, along with the rest of you. Incidentally, when we’re finished with Josh, I will call on one or two more boys, depending on how much time we have, to dissect or partially dissect their own organs and demonstrate what we have learned.”
The other boys stirred restlessly at this. Someone groaned, sotto voce. What might have been a droll smile appeared momentarily on the master’s face.
Putting the hypo aside, Mathias tapped Josh’s penis with a short white plastic pointer. “This is the 'penis’, which teenagers also call 'dick,’ 'cock’, 'johnson’, 'peter’, 'prong’ and many other slang terms. Its main function is to insert the sperm into the female in an activity called 'copulation’, an indignity which sanitary insemination spares Harmony women today. In one of nature’s little jokes, it also serves for urination. In other words,” he added in his driest tone, “Waste disposal.”
This got an uncertain chuckle or two. Most of the class didn’t seem to know whether to laugh or not.
“So, uhmm, can anyone tell us why Josh’s penis has gotten so stiff?”
There was a beat of embarrassed silence. Then one of the girls spoke up. “Because he’s enjoying all the attention.” The class laughed and Mathias smiled indulgently.
“Because he’s sexually aroused, which almost any attention to the penis will produce in an adolescent boy. Without the anesthetic I just administered-and sometimes despite it, in a boy Josh’s age-the slightest manipulation can trigger a muscle contraction and ejaculation, producing a thick white fluid called semen, which carries the sperm, accompanied by a nervous rush known as an 'orgasm.’ I’m sure some of you boys know about that.”
More titters. Some of the boys had red faces and several were trying to cover their crotches with their hands or books, as if by accident.
“What is that kind of manipulation called? Anyone?”
“Masturbation,” a girl said, and broke into a fit of giggles. Josh’s face, which had almost regained its normal color, went brick red again.
“Correct.” Mathias allowed himself a more open smile as he picked up another waiting hypo.
“This would be useful, since proper vivisection procedure, where practical, is to demonstrate an organ’s function before removing it. But proprieties must be observed. So, while Josh might enjoy showing us his technique . . .”
As he spoke and the class tittered again, he gave Josh another shot in the root of his penis.
“This injection will allow us to observe ejaculation without the need for unseemly manipulation.”
He lifted Josh’s penis with the pointer again so the organ pointed straight up, and set a meter stick at the tip of the glans. For a few seconds, nothing happened, then the already erect shaft seemed abruptly to stiffen further. Josh’s eyes widened, then he sucked in his breath as semen jetted from his penis. His face went brick red and the class erupted with nervous laughter. Another jet of semen shot up. Josh let out a howl. He arched his body backward, lifting his hips slightly off the counter. He twisted aside and brought up his right hand as if to grab for his penis, then apparently thought better of it and settled back on the counter. He sagged a little, gasping for breath, then jerked upright again as a third, thinner jet of semen emerged. This time he sat rigid for a long moment. His penis bucked again but only a drop or two came out. His organs had no more to give.
The class had gone silent, finally impressed. Many of the boys looked stunned.
Mathias’ expression remained bland. “Note the force of the ejaculations,” he said calmly, “somewhat enhanced by the trigger injection we gave him but not untypical for a teenage male. The first gout of semen reached a height of a bit over a meter from the tip. Can anyone tell me where the semen is produced. Cort?”
“By the testicles?” the black-haired boy in the first row answered.
Mathias shook his head. “That’s a common belief. But over 99 percent of the ejaculate by volume is produced by an internal organ called the prostate, which surrounds the urethra between the penis and the bladder. Dissection and examination of the prostate is not practical in a class room situation, so we will concern ourselves only with the exterior organs today.”
Thank the Founders for small favors, Josh thought. He wished Mathias would get on with it. Whatever the bastard had injected him with was still working somewhere in his balls and the root of his numb cock, making him feel like he was right on the verge of shooting off again but couldn’t quite manage it. He couldn’t believe how hard he’d just cum after spending half the night jacking off. He squirmed involuntarily, wanting desperately to get his hand on the stupid thing and knowing it wouldn’t do any good. At least maybe when Mathias cut it off he’d get a little relief.
Oblivious to his subject’s discomfort, Mathias moved back to the sink built into the lab table and rinsed Josh’s semen off his gloves and the meter stick, talking back over his shoulder to the class as he did so.
“Typically, the penis even of a boy Josh’s age will soften after ejaculation. The second injection I gave him will help to counter that, since it will be easier to see what we’re doing if Josh’s penis remains erect while we dissect it.
Finished at the sink, Mathias pulled down a large colorful chart showing the anatomy of the male sex organs. He picked up a black plastic cylinder about 20 centimeters long and six thick, with a power cord trailing from one end and a stubby point at the other. He held it up and pressed a stud on the handle. A barely visible beam of intense violet light sprang from the tip, oddly truncated at 5 or 6 centimeters from the tip.
“Do we all know what this is?”
“Yes, sir,” a boy spoke up. “It’s a laser scalpel.”
“Quite right. An essential tool of modern surgery, it seals the blood vessels as it cuts, producing an almost bloodless incision.”
Leaning over Josh’s right knee, he grasped the bottom of Josh’s scrotum with a large pair of tweezers and stretched it down.
“Keep your knees apart and try to hold still, Josh. Are you still feeling the effects of the stimulant?”
Joe nodded, miserable with apprehension and embarrassment.
“Just relax,” Mathias said soothingly. They should subside shortly after we start the dissection.”
“Yes, sir,” Josh said in a small voice.
“Good. Mathias looked around at the class. “Can everybody see?” There were murmurs of assent. “You, too, Josh. Pay attention.”
Mathias applied the laser beam to the scrotum just under the boy’s stiff penis and slit the thin skin sac down the middle. Putting down the scalpel, he picked up a stainless steel instrument with a small rounded hook on one end and pulled Josh’s testicles out of his scrotum one by one. Josh watched intently, intrigued in spite of himself.
“This is the simplest part of the procedure. It’s almost as if nature designed these for easy removal.” He hooked the cord attaching the right testicle and pulled it out taut. “This is called the spermatic cord, which contains a tube called the vas deferens carrying the sperm from the testicle into the prostate and then into the urethra.” He cut it with a flick of the laser scalpel, then repeated the procedure with the right testicle. “As most of you probably know, this process is called castration, or more technically, 'orchidectomy.’ I’m going to place these on a tray and then remove the scrotum itself.”
He twisted the empty sac with his gloved fingers, pulling the skin of the penis tighter, and grasped it with the tweezers, then used the scalpel to slice it off close against the penile shaft. He deposited the severed scrotum on the tray where he had placed the testicles along with a pointed stainless steel probe.
“Now I want you to pass these around and each of you take a moment to examine them as I point out the anatomical features on the chart. Use the probe, not your fingers.”
He handed the tray to a boy in the front row, who hesitated, then picked up the probe and poked at one of the testicles.
“Josh, please turn sideways so you can see the chart. You don’t have to keep your knees as wide apart, but don’t touch your penis.”
Sure, sure, Josh thought. If anything, watching his balls cut off had intensified his impotent arousal. His cock remained hard erect, the head glistening with cum and pre-cum.
“Now, these are called the efferent ducts . . .”
Josh tried to pay attention as Mathias lectured, using a laser pointing device to note features on the chart. But his attention was distracted both by the continuing insistence in his crotch and the knowledge that his classmates were examining what had been intimate parts of himself. He sneaked looks as his testicles and scrotum made the rounds. A girl looked up and caught him staring as she probed at the tangle of tubing where the sperm cord was attached to one testicle. Josh quickly looked back at the chart, but Mathias had noticed.
“Josh, please pay attention. You will have your own chance to examine the organs before they are discarded. And there WILL be a test.”
“Yes, sir,” Josh murmured. Get on with it!
“All right, I see the tray with the exhibits is still going around, but we need to proceed. Josh, turn and face the class and spread your legs again so we can begin the dissection of your penis.”
He poked the glans lightly with a gloved fingertip. Josh felt it despite the anaesthetic.
“This structure is the glans penis, and could be regarded as a sensory organ. It is densely packed with nerves, and its main function is to trigger ejaculation. To shield it from casual stimulation, the penis is equipped with a foreskin that slides up over the glans, like so.”
Using thumb and forefinger, he tugged Josh’s foreskin up over the glans, then pulled it back down.
“Removal of the penis is a modern development but removal of the foreskin, called 'circumcision’, began in old Earth societies centuries ago as a religious or social ritual. Its practical effect is to expose the glans to constant stimulation, with the end result of desensitizing it and supposedly reducing temptation to play with the penis.”
This produced predictable titters.
“Obviously, removal of the entire penis is more effective,” he added drily.
He picked up a device that looked a little like a tri-di remote.
“Although we gave Josh an anesthetic, his young male organs remained so responsive that he ejaculated strongly when we stimulated them artificially. Now we’ve removed his testicles. But the nerve concentration in the glans makes it so sensitive that I’m going to try a little experiment, using this device, which produces electrical pulses at varying intensities and frequencies.”
He touched the device to Josh’ glans. His penis twitched. “Let’s turn up the intensity slightly.”
The penis jumped and Josh sucked in his breath. “Good, a little more.” Josh’s penis spasmed, he gasped, and his hips heaved up, but nothing came out of the tip. If he could just shoot one more time . . .
“What did that feel like, Josh?”
“Like cum . . . like an orgasm,” he answered in a strangled voice. “Almost,” he added plaintively.
“Good. Once more.”
This time, Mathias wielded the device for several seconds. Josh moaned and humped the air, but only a few small drops of fluid emerged from his penis. A couple of his classmates laughed, but most just stared. “Wow,” a boy in the front row said softly. Josh shuddered.
“What did I just do? Beth?”
“You demonstrated the sensitivity of the glans,” the girl answered.
“Right, another test of function. Which we’ve concluded. So let’s proceed with the dissection.”
Grasping Josh’s penis with his gloved fingertips, he ran the scalpel beam around under the crown of the glans, removed the glans and placed it on a tray. “There we go. No more orgasms for Josh,” he added in a mock rueful tone as he sliced the glans in two to show its internal structure.
The removal of the glans had, in fact, given Josh some relief.
“Now let’s finish the skinning process. All we have to do is cut the skin around the base of the penile shaft. Like so . . . and slip it off. There. Again, very simple.” He held up the skin of Josh’s penis, commenting, “No more masturbation for Josh, either. Maybe his grades will improve.”
Josh was still capable of going red in the face, and did.
Mathias ran a fingertip along the underside of Josh’s skinned penis.
“This is the urethra, which we’ve mentioned several times. It serves both for urination and ejaculation, as we’ve seen. The interior portion is rerouted to the anus in the modified adult male. We’ll remove only the exterior portion.” Mathias adjusted the beam of the scalpel and carefully separated the urethra from the shaft, cut it at the bottom and placed it on the tray. Josh’s main feeling was relief. His skinned and headless penis still stuck up but the urgency in his crotch had almost subsided.
“The penile shaft is made up of three longitudinal spongy bodies, the corpus cavernosa, which inflate with blood on arousal, producing the characteristic erection of the male. Watch closely as I separate them.”
A couple of minutes later, he finished removing the last section of Josh’s penis and laid it on the tray.
Finally! Josh thought, looking down at himself. He still felt vaguely turned on but there was no urgency about it. He would miss all the fun stuff but at least now he would have a smooth adult groin.
“Jana, would you take this, examine the sections, and pass it on. Josh, you can get down now, but you don’t need to dress again just yet. Take this towel and put it on your chair. You will be reporting to the clinic to finish the modification when the class concludes.”
“I think we have time for at least a partial dissection of another set of male organs.”
Mathias glanced around the room, lit on a blond boy in the third row who was holding a book over his crotch.
“Mikel, please take off your clothes, come to the front of the room, and show us what you’ve learned . . .”
Josh watched glumly. But five minutes later, he laughed with the rest of the class when Mikel’s induced ejaculation brought an even more vocal response than Josh’s and then watched his classmate’s fumbling attempts to dissect his own organs with amused sympathy, feeling vaguely superior. He was past all that now.


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    1. Isn't it just? It would be so awesome to be a girl in that class and watch the boy's bits and pieces being removed and then discarded.

  2. That would be so awesome to see!! Amazing.

  3. yes when i would be his classmate the balls would have disapere from tray -) but very hot , please more,

    1. Isn't it a great story? Humiliation is such powerful psychological theme for ballbusting.

      Are you saying that if you were in that classroom you'd steal his bits and pieces? Intriguing.


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