Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sequel Story Contest

I have a number of stories which, as such, are stand alone stories, but are so popular that people want further stories in that universe. I generally don't like writing lots of sequels. I find them boring.
So instead, here's a chance for YOU make a difference and get your name on the author line. I challenge all of you to take one of the stories that I've written, such as The Classroom Series, Big, Blond, and Dumb, Being Rich, Denial, Let the Punishment Fit the Crime, The BallBusting Ranch, Pussy-boy Mike, Cabin Boys, The Orphanage, The Wives Club, Men of the Empire or really any other one-off story I've written and write a sequel! Then submit it to me for editing and such. And if I really like it, I'll post it!
Here's your chance to shine, and break into the stand with all of us big boys of ball busting literature.
You have three months to complete the project starting this month, May.
I'll also include my email address in case you have questions or need help.
A couple of rules:
1. No pilfering wholesale from someone else's story.
2. Keep violence directed mostly to the cock and balls.
3. Deep sexuality is encouraged, whether male on male, male on female, or bisexual.
4. Pedophilia must be handled with exceptional care. No penis/vagina penetration no matter which one is young/old. The focus must be on ballbsting (BB), testicle torture (TT) and penis destruction with no sex between the participants.
5. No other fetishes except shoes, socks, feet, needles, leather, bondage, or general S&M. will be accepted. Necrophilia and water sports and fecal play are RIGHT OUT. Also, keep the blood to a minimum. No one here thinks blood is sexy.

Cheers and Have FUN!

and PS, I reserve the right to refuse, alter or otherwise re-edit any submission given to me in order to keep it in harmony with the other stories on this site.


  1. Oooh! This could be a lot of fun! Hmmm....what story would I continue????


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