Monday, July 27, 2015

The Torturer's Apprentice - What did you think?

It's currently the fourth most read story of this month, and I'm just curious what people's reactions to it are. I consider it the classic of all classics and read it decades ago, when all stories were new and fresh.

Do you'll like it? And if so, why?

do tell,



  1. I like these classic story, remind me excitement when I first read and into ball crushing. I like this story that people enjoying ball destructions and made the guy fear. I also like the Dr choose and send big balls guy to girls

  2. I really liked it. The stories you post and write are purely amazing!!

  3. As a general rule, as the number of victims goes up, my attention to the story goes down, but it was still a nice read. I didn't find it as, erh, arousing as other stories, but I appreciate good writing as much as any other lol.

  4. It was good until she said "my fanny is pretty wet" Lmao wtf dude, fanny is a word that grandmothers use for butt. You just basically said her butt is wet but you said it like a sweet old lady would say it. The word you are looking for is pussy. "My pussy is pretty wet". Anyway, this takes the story from hot, to just funny and not very good. Definition:
    a person's buttocks.

    1. Two things. First of all I didn't write Torturer's Apprentice, so I can't be responsible for it's construction or details. All I can do is post it, as the final to my May Madness posting spree.

      Second the term "fanny" in British English means "vagina", just as in America I means butt. If you don't believe me, look it up online, on Urban dictionary. I would assume that the author is British since he uses that term that way.

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  6. I love it please write a sequel!! I love to fantasise about numerous men being dominated by women


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