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(FFFF/M) The Sock Shop II: The Annual Sale (a fan sequel by Knave) - NEW

So the main participant and the winner of my story contest is our dear Knave. He took up the task of making a sequel to the Sock Shop, and he's done an admirable job. Let him know in the comments below if you enjoyed it!

The Sock Shop II: The Annual Sale (a fan sequel by Knave)

Travis’s eyelids fluttered open slowly as the bedroom flooded with the golden sunshine of another Santa Fe dawn. Looking down, he couldn’t help but smile upon the gorgeous woman cradled in his strong arms. Her honey blonde hair curled around her porcelain face, framing it like a portrait. In her sleep she too was smiling, no doubt dreaming of the potential fun every new day brought.

Very gently, taking great care not to disturb his beautiful wife, Travis slipped away, replacing the warm covers where he had been. Then he tip-toed into the kitchen to start the coffee and make breakfast. Travis saw to it that Cindy began every day with a healthy, delicious meal. Cindy saw to it that Travis began every day with a different kind of treat.

When he had finished making his famous strawberry and mascarpone crêpes from scratch, he topped them off with a delicate dollop of whipped cream and arranged the dish on a serving tray decorated with a small vase of freshly picked irises from their back garden. He then nudged the bedroom door open with his toe and let the tantalizing aroma of coffee and cooking wake his sleepy spouse.

Yawning, Cindy stretched into a sitting position and smiled lovingly at her husband as he positioned the tray across her lap.

"Good morning my love." he said, leaning in for a kiss which Cindy happily reciprocated. Unable to stop herself, she reached down and squeezed Travis’s substantial package through his sheer, silky briefs, eliciting a deep, manly moan from him. The tight, tailored undies were his customary costume when at home. He was only allowed to wear "normal" clothing while out and about, or working at the shop. The briefs were designed in such a way as to always allow for easy access to his heavy scrotum and the large, lovely ovals contained within. Cindy purred as she rolled his orbs around in her palm, squeezing and pulling them gently.

"Good morning my dear." she said with a smile after pulling away from their kiss. "I see you’re quite happy to see me." she beamed, looking down at the thick erection her feminine hand had coaxed from him. He smiled back unabashedly.

"I’m definitely ready to start the day." Travis said with a slight smile.

"Well, rub my feet while I eat and we’ll get those balls of yours nice and swollen for the sale." Cindy said, sliding her soft, sock-clad feet out from under the comforter and wiggling her toes expectantly.

Travis gladly obliged, hopping on the bed and sliding his crotch under her soles as usual, so the foot he was not busy massaging could crush his balls and cock. Cindy did just that, loving how her husband’s goolies felt under her sock heel.

"Today’s sale promises to be the longest we’ve ever had, with stock from over 20 countries." Cindy reported between sips of coffee and bites of crêpe. Travis smiled and nodded, concentrating on Cindy’s left arch while her right one rhythmically pressed against his trapped testes like a gas pedal.

The term "sale" as Cindy used it did not actually mean what most retail stores’ "sales" meant. Every year, once a year, Cindy’s Sock Shop held a very special, incredibly exclusive event for its most valued customers. Wealthy, influential women from all over the world were invited to join Cindy and Travis for an all-day, non-stop ballbusting, cock teasing extravaganza to test out the newest, most expensive products for the upcoming year. The socks were all available for purchase after the fun of course, but not at any discounted price. The "sale" was always very hard on Travis physically and emotionally, but he was always rewarded with the smiles and pleasure of the women he so loved serving, especially Cindy.

When her plate was clear and her coffee cup was empty Cindy placed the serving tray beside her and rubbed both of her feet into Travis’s groin, stomping his cock and balls repeatedly. Left, right, left, right, her pounding feet pummeled his spuds, signaled the beginning of his morning "session." Travis grit his teeth and bore the pain as best he could, his rock hard cock not softening in the slightest.

"Good job my love!" Cindy cheered, clapping her hands when she had finished. She then stroked Travis’s thickness with her soft, sock soles, up its length and down again while watching the expression on his face turn from agony to ecstasy. His brow furrowed as she teased him with her sock feet, a single drop of sweat running down his temple. As his pulse quickened and his breathing became short he eventually yelped out, cuing Cindy to remove her feet before her husband experienced an orgasm.

"You were very close that time, weren’t you?" she asked with a giggle. Travis could only nod while the pain in his blue balls wrenched through his stomach.

"Only a few more edges and then you can take a shower and prepare the store." she said, returning her warm, soft feet to Travis’s pulsing rigidity. Through the thin layer of stretchy silk encasing his turgid member, Travis could feel every fiber in Cindy’s fuzzy socks as they slid up and down his shaft. His hands gripped the blankets beneath him as he fought the urge to let her push him over the edge, but each time he obediently chirped, letting his wife know exactly when to stop her maddening ministrations.

First five, then twenty, then fifty edges later, Travis’s body felt like one enormous, fused cock nerve. He shivered and shuddered uncontrollably with the overwhelming sensations. Cindy, for her part, was thoroughly enjoying the spectacle, just as she did every morning. "You’re going to get a lot worse treatment than this during the sale, my love." she said, stopping her feet once again just at the razor’s edge of Travis’s climax.

"I know dear – I know." Travis sighed, the crown of his silken speedo now seeping with precum.

"That will do for now I think. Go wash up and get everything ready. I need to come a few times after all that teasing." Cindy stated happily, pulling her small, pink vibrator out of her bedside drawer and turning it on.

After clearing her plates and watering the flowers, Travis started the shower and slid off his tiny, stained undies. Not even freezing cold water cascading over his furious, red cock could make his erection subside. It was going to be a hell of a day, and he was as excited as he was scared.

* * *

After masturbating to a few glorious orgasms, Cindy took a soothing bath in scented bubbles and got dressed for the big day. She wore a form-fitting, yellow angora sweater dress with a scandalously low neckline and a thin ruby belt cinched around her tiny waist. A simple necklace of silver adorned her heaving cleavage and her flaxen curls were piled atop her head in a stylish up-do. Upon her feet she chose to wear her matching yellow angora ankle socks which complimented her patent, peep-toe Louboutins perfectly. Today was a very special day, so she dressed to impress.

Unlike his usual uniform of a crisp button-down shirt and casual, fitted slacks, Travis wore a pair of pristine, white socks, his special "sale day" underwear and nothing else. Like his typical underwear, they rode low on his chiseled hips and were tailored to present his cock and balls with anatomical precision, but unlike his usual daily undies, they were made of a super-thin poly-silk blend which promised to convey every sensation he felt that day with enhanced clarity and resolution. The fabric shone the brightest white, with an adorable black bow sewn just above his thick, twitching dick.

"You look very handsome." Cindy cooed, preening his brown hair and running her fingers along the length of his impressive pecker. Travis smiled proudly, a delicious shiver running down his spine at her tantalizing touch.

Just then the store’s doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of their first guest. "You get that. I’ll open the wine!" Cindy chirped, her excitement glowing on her face. She sent Travis off with a firm smack to his confined balls before descending into the wine cellar/play-room beneath the store.

Travis traipsed to the front door, his erection bobbing up and down above his bouncing bollocks. Through the glass window panes he could already see who was waiting to be let in and his heart skipped a beat. This was going to be difficult, but also a lot of fun. Travis unlocked and opened the door.

"Dahhhling!" the first guest yelled ecstatically before her high-heeled foot flew through the air and careened into Travis’s silk-clad scrotum with a THUMP, sending him to the ground in a mewling heap. "Oh come on, I barely kicked you!" she laughed, nudging him playfully between the legs. Cerena DeVere was one of Cindy’s most loyal customers, and over the years had purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the softest, most sinfully luxuriant socks conceived by human minds.

"I’m afraid you’re not going to get any easy treatment from me this year my dear man." Cerena said, kicking his hands away from his crotch and grinding her heel into his left nut. "I intend to finally break one of these fat balls if it kills me!" she punctuated her promise with a grievous stomp before stepping fully onto Travis’s swelling groin and skipping off of him on her way to the wine and cheese. "Helloooo dahhling!" Travis heard her shriek as she found Cindy.

Fighting to his knees Travis was suddenly greeted by a second impeccably aimed kick to his precious testes. It wasn’t nearly as forceful as Cerena’s had been, but it was timed perfectly and sent Travis to the floor again where he writhed, clutching himself.

"Hello Ms. Verstrum. Welcome." he grunted between gasps for breath. Alexandra Verstrum, 18 years old and gorgeous, was the heiress to the Verstrum oil fortune and also the youngest girl to ever be invited to the sock shop’s annual sale. Today she was decked out in a short sun dress of nearly transparent blue, her young, pert breasts tantalizingly visible through the sheer fabric. Her long, golden hair fell like a waterfall down her back, glowing like a halo in the sunshine. She looked down at Travis with a naughty grin and a friendly wave.

"Hello Travis! It’s lovely to see you again! It’s been too long, hasn’t it? Move your hands, please." she greeted Travis while prodding at his groin with her eager toes. Travis obeyed, laying on his back and spreading his legs to make his balls an even easier target.

Alexandra slipped off her alligator skin Blahniks ($4,600) and stepped lightly onto Travis’s nut-pouch in her sky-blue cashmere knee-highs. She bounced on his balls, loving the panting noises he made every time her full weight crushed his nuts against his pelvic bone.

"Do you remember these socks, Travis? You sold them to me on my 18th birthday. I thought for sure I would pop your balls that day, but they proved too resilient for me. Maybe today will be my lucky day." she mused gaily. Travis could only nod and struggle to breathe.

"Let me have a chance, child." a familiar voice issued through the doorway behind Alexandra. Travis’s eyes went even wider at the sound. He hadn’t heard that particular voice in over a year, and his cock stiffened further in response.

Alexandra stepped off of Travis’s flattened berries, revealing behind her the stately figure of Teresa Wheatherbuilt, the store’s very first and possibly wealthiest customer to date. She was a truly handsome woman, with shock-white hair cut into a fierce bob. She wore a stylish white, short-sleeved sweater which barely covered her generous breasts, and a tight pencil skirt which begged the eye to slide down to her feet. There Travis saw her trademark puffy white angora socks beneath strappy heels, cobbled for her feet personally by a crew of master Italian craftsmen. Her piercing eyes gazed down at Travis, a wicked smile playing across her deep red lips.

"It’s so good to see you down there, where you belong." she said seductively, sliding her own white angora foot out of its shoe before grinding her toes into his right bollock and twisting it viciously, as though she were trying to kill a huge, round bug. Travis’s boner throbbed visibly in the air.

"I am so happy … to be at your … feet again, Mrs. Wheatherbuilt." Travis whispered, the pain in his groin stealing his full voice. Despite the agony, his erection was literally bobbing back and forth with every beat of his heart.

"I somehow doubt you’re going to finish the day with all of your boy bits intact and functioning." Teresa purred, leaning into her grinding with more of her weight. Travis’s deep moan only spurred her on, but her activities were soon interrupted by Cindy’s beckoning voice.

"Teresa! My dearest Teresa, do come in!" she waved the multi-billionaire over. Teresa gave Travis’s plump plum one more good twist of her foot before stepping onto his groin with her full weight en route to the other women. Travis knew not to recuperate too long, and got to his feet quickly to join the rest of the group, but not before closing and locking the front door. It was an especially short guest list this year, he thought to himself.

* * *

The women all caught up and chatted for awhile, sipping expensive wine and enjoying decadent appetizers whilst Travis wandered among them, being groped, fondled, pinched, squeezed and generally objectified. He moved from one to the next, massaging their sock feet and calves as they reclined on comfortable lounge chairs.

"Cindy, I’ve been dying to ask you, why isn’t Mrs. Vandertroy here this year? I remember she nearly made Travis pass out at last year’s sale while wearing those amazing orange mohairs. Did her invitation get lost in the mail?" Cerena asked, trying her best to make the question seem like anything but gossip, which it obviously was.

"Oh you didn’t hear? Her husband, the governor was caught fooling around with their maid. When Mrs. Vandertroy found out she not only took him to court for every cent he was worth, she also took his left ball from him with a pointy stiletto heel!" Cindy laughed, reaching out to pinch Travis’s own left testicle as he knelt at her feet. "She’s spending the season in Portugal at a stud ranch I told her about. It’s very exclusive, of course. I imagine she’s busy fucking or nutting some handsome boy. Or maybe both!" she finished with a throaty laugh which the other women echoed.

"I do hope she can make it next year. She has a mean right leg." Cerena said taking another sip of wine.

"At the risk of sounding rude, I for one am glad she’s not here." Alexandra said coyly. "It means more Travis for the rest of us!" she snorted, her third glass of wine having a bit more of an effect on her young system. To punctuate her point she slid her blue sock foot between Travis’s kneeling thighs and rapidly kicked his dangling nuts from behind, twenty times in a row. He merely grunted, never ceasing to massage his wife’s feet. When Cindy had enjoyed his strong hands enough for the moment she delivered her own forceful kick to his groin, and stood up, stretching her calves.

"Alright ladies, it’s time to get down to the real business of the day." she announced in a very official tone. "Travis my love, be a dear and wheel in the cart." she said with a clap of her hands. Travis scurried to his feet and headed to the back room, catching a few extra slaps to his raging hard-on from the gathered women as he passed them. When he returned it was with a hand-trolley, stacked high with boxes of every color and shape.

"Ladies, I present to you, the fall collection!" Cindy said, her exuberant flourish met with wild applause and cheers from her guests. "The theme of this year’s sale is angora! Yes, that delicious, soft, heavenly fabric comprises every single pair of socks on this trolley. For those curious, the socks are outrageously expensive because we ensure that the fibers are only sourced from ethical, licensed angora breeders. No bunnies were hurt in the making of these socks." Cindy informed, meeting the combined approval of the gathered women. "Up first, some lovely ankle-highs from Seoul. Travis."

With that, Travis unboxed the first round of socks. They came in a rainbow of pastels, from pink to violet and all the colors between. Cindy chose turquoise, Alexandra chose light pink, Cerena picked out a pair of daring reds and last but not least, Travis helped Teresa slip on a pair of fluffy whites, since it was her favorite "color." After he had devotedly adorned each woman’s feet, Travis knelt dutifully on the floor, spread his knees widely and clutched his hands behind his back securely.

"Please rack me as hard as you can in my balls, ladies. They are your playthings today and I sacrifice them to you completely." he said with heartfelt honesty and conviction. It would have been enough to bring a collective tear to the women’s eyes, if they weren’t gearing up to plaster his nuts utterly and irreparably.

"Age before beauty." Teresa said with a laugh before walking brusquely towards Travis’s spread legs and pasting his potatoes as hard as she could with her fuzzy white instep. He coughed hoarsely and bent at the waist but didn’t fall over, or even reach to cover his aching crotch. "Let me try that again. I don’t think I got the right spot." Teresa said, bouncing Travis’s swelling gonads on her foot, gauging the distance.

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Went her sock foot three more times, each kick harder than the last, until finally Travis keeled over, wailing and moaning like a banshee.

"That’s more like it." she said with a self-satisfied smirk. She flipped her white bangs out of her eyes and relinquished their toy to the next woman in line, Cerena.

"That looked like it hurt!" she laughed heartily, stepping forward and rubbing the top of her foot deep into Travis’s wounded groin. She rolled his enormous orbs around, loving their heat and weight upon her dainty sock toes. She especially liked the looks she could summon upon his grimacing face as she ground his testes up into his hip bones.

"Travis, Travis, Travis." she purred. "You’re beautiful, you know that? A perfect specimen of masculinity, and I’m going to put you in your place: on the ground!" she finished with a vicious kick directly to his left bollock.


With a high-pitched whine Travis fell instantly to the floor, shaking uncontrollably.

"Holy shit, did I pop one already!?" Cerena exclaimed, a look of cruel giddiness on her face. So excited was she from the prospect of Travis’s neutering, her nipples threatened to rip right through her thin red sweater. Cindy rushed over to her fallen husband and rolled him over onto his back.

"Move your hands, sweety. Lemme see what we’ve got here." she gently prised his hands away from his tortured scrotum and felt around with her fingertips, pinching and probing, rolling and groping. She smirked and shook her head. "Nope, sorry Cerena my dear, he is fully intact yet. That was a hell of a kick though!" the other women nodded their agreement.

"I’ve been continuing my leg strengthening exercises with a new personal trainer, Raoul. He was the best yet, but I finally broke him just last night. It’s a shame too, he was such a good fuck!" Cerena cackled.

"You’re so bad!" Alexandra scolded her mockingly, a wide grin on her pretty face. "Is it my turn yet?"

Cerena pouted a bit. "Oh, alright. I’ll break at least one of them at some point today. Go ahead ‘Xandra. Give it to him good."

Alex stretched her dainty feet in their fuzzy pink socks and skipped up to Travis, who had managed to fight through the pain and return to his posture of total submission. Cindy had coaxed him with some kissing and cock-teasing. His erection pulsed strongly in his thin briefs, bobbing up and down in mid-air.

"God you’re a lucky woman, Cindy. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t jilled off to the thought of Travis’s cock on more than one occasion." she confessed while stroking her foot along the length of the shaft she so desired. "I bet he cums gallons." she mused before slamming her small foot as hard as she could into Travis’s bulging pouch, sending him once again to the floor in a quivering, groaning pile.

"He does indeed. When I allow him to cum, that is. He tastes that treat rarer and rarer these days though. I find blue balls hurt him so much more." Cindy explained, again checking her husband’s sack for permanent damage. "Jesus, at this rate you ladies are going to end the fun before it’s even begun!" she said. "He’s fine though. Alex, you too seem to be stronger than last time you visited us."

"Well…" Alex blushed, "I’ve been running half marathons for the charity my family supports. That and my Krav Maga training have improved my athleticism significantly."

"Oh that’s brilliant. What charity is that again my dear?" Teresa asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It’s for victims of spousal abuse, mostly women of course. We raise money to bring their abusers to justice and then we...well this part is of the utmost secrecy, you understand." Alexandra said while grinding her young foot into Travis’s crotch as he lay on the ground. "We have a secret task force of women that finds the husbands and boyfriends, and teaches them a lesson they can’t forget." her soft foot squished Travis’s balls against the floor. "I don’t think I need to explain what happens to them." she said, a delicious smile playing across her rose-colored lips.

"That’s marvelous. You can count on my donation this year." Teresa said, joining Alex in her groin-grinding.

"And mine as well!" Cerena added, stepping up onto Travis’s cock, pressing it hard into his tensing stomach muscles.

Alexandra had claimed Travis’s large left nut while Teresa was busy crushing his equally enormous right one. Travis was doing his best to be brave, but none of his prior experience with ballbusting could have prepared him for the levels of brutality he was now suffering. And yet, against all odds, his boner raged even harder, especially being trod upon as it was by the beautiful sock feet of Cerena DeVere. The sensations of pain and pleasure began to mix into a heady brew that was threatening to bring him closer and closer to orgasm.

"God I just love the feeling of a nice big man-ball under my sock foot." Teresa grinned evilly as she twisted and ground the ball of her foot harder and harder into her chosen testicle. "It gets me all hot and bothered."

Alexandra’s cheeks were also flushed, her vibrant young skin glowing with the exertion behind her own twisting foot.

"Um - ladies - uh…" Travis stuttered, "I’m - um..." he wheezed through his gnashing teeth. Intense pre-orgasmic electricity was coursing through his cock, signaling the approach of an inevitable climax.

"Oh my God, is all this action getting you close to the edge? Do our sock feet all over your cock and balls feel good?" Cerena asked rhetorically, grinding one of her fuzzy arches on the plump, sensitive crown beneath her. "I don’t know if you have permission to cum my dear man." she teased happily.

"He doesn’t, I assure you." Cindy said, crossing her arms and grinning. "You’d better stop that impulse right now, hubby."

The look in Travis’s eyes was priceless, and gave Cindy a kind of pleasure that only dominating her handsome, manly husband could give. She could see the tumultuous conflict all over his pale, pained face. He wanted to cum so badly, since it had been well over two months since his last ejaculation, yet despite his own desires, he knew he wasn’t allowed to, within the femdom guidelines of his marriage. Thus he was forced to fight his body’s own natural urges, trying to shut down the increasing sensations of eruption now stampeding up his erection.

For their parts, Teresa, Alexandra and Cerena just gave it to him even harder. They squished his huge balls and trampled his gorgeous cock beneath their sexy sock feet, smiling from ear to ear as they watched him writhe and struggle.

"Please…please..." he begged over and over again, his eyes wide with fear and panic. His body raced towards the finish line even as his mind fought it tooth and nail. He thought about baseball, but his cock became the bat and his nuts the balls. He thought about politics, but the candidates all became the women in the room. He thought about religion, but Cerena became a goddess towering above him and he, her high priest. There was nothing he could do, so he steeled himself for the unavoidable consequences.

"He’s there!" Cerena suddenly yelled, feeling his cock thicken as it engorged fully with semen. She quickly jumped from her perch atop his crotch and watched as Alexandra and Teresa also removed their feet entirely. The look on Travis’s poor face was absolutely magnificent as his orgasm was ruined utterly. Without any further stimulation to his aching genitals, the mouth of his iron rod yawned open and merely oozed a steady, thick stream of hot, bubbling cum. It seeped through the thin fabric of his speedos and dripped down his hips, collecting in a pathetic puddle beneath him.

All Travis could do was wail. Bitter tears streamed down his face as he was denied any of the pleasure that comes with a fully realized orgasm. This aborted excuse was more painful than even the kicks to his balls had been. It felt like a wrench was clenched down on his testicles and was biting them flat. His blue balls deepened three shades darker and all the women did was point and laugh.

"Oh Cindy, I know you told me how funny a ruined orgasm was, but I didn’t believe it until I finally saw it for myself! Look at him! He’s absolutely tortured!" Teresa exclaimed, delighted.

"I know, right?! The best part is, his cock will remain just as hard, since he didn’t enjoy that at all!" Cindy said, positioning herself to stand between her husband’s legs. Throughout the ordeal, he had kept them spread obediently. "Oh, and now his balls are about five times as sensitive as before." she added, pulling back her foot and slamming her heel deep into Travis’s bulging package.


Now the pain was more than Travis could bear. He flipped over onto his belly and wriggled around like a dying fish on the deck of a boat. The gathered women laughed and hugged each other, their hands exploring each other’s bodies freely.

"Let’s get him strung up and do some real damage." Cindy said, cracking her knuckles and smiling.

* * *

When the women were finished, Travis was immobilized with his hands secured to a crossbeam above him and his legs spread wide, tied to eye-hooks in the ground. Cindy and her guests gathered around Travis to admire their captive. Sculpted arms lead down into strong pectorals with hard, pink nipples. His ribs extended down into firm obliques and tight abdominals which trailed deliciously into his shaven pubis. They had removed his ceremonial underwear to get a better look at his pride and joy, which they oggled openly with lust in their collective eyes.

His proud pecker raged even harder than it had been while Cindy teased him earlier that morning. His swollen testicles filled out his scrotum, having the appearance of two large oranges clutched tightly together in a delicate pink balloon. His heart raced with excitement and fear. The room was heady with hormones of both genders.

"Ladies, this is the final round, as it were. To the victor go the spoils." Cindy announced while stroking her husband’s substantial cock with her soft hand, coaxing a pearly bead of precum from the bright red slit. "Kick him as hard as you can, but take turns, only one kick per turn. If you break a ball, you keep the socks you’re wearing as our gift!"

The look of wicked desire in the eyes of the gathered women sent a thrilling chill down Travis’s whole body, culminating in the literal and visible quivering of his aching plums.

"Teresa, as is tradition, you have the first kick." Cindy said, taking a position behind her husband to continue her maddening ministrations on his eager erection. Travis could feel the excitement in Cindy’s own nipples as they pressed against his back.

"Travis, I’ve been to twelve of these annual sales and I’ve never been able to break your balls. We’ll see if you’re so lucky this year." Teresa said with a seductive grin. Approaching slowly she leaned up against him, her right hand joining Cindy’s to grope his long cock. Her bountiful breasts rubbed against his chest in her soft sweater. Travis could not stop his eyes from plunging into her cleavage. She leaned in close and raised his head to kiss him deeply, curling his toes and drawing sighs from the other women.

Releasing Travis, she took a step back, flexed her right foot in its fuzzy sock and launched her first kick directly into his huge balls.


All the women cringed in unison, huge grins on their faces, before breaking into applause. Teresa smiled and sashayed to the back of the line, pride painted across her beautiful face. Cindy stopped her cock teasing momentarily to check the damage, and shook her head. Teresa stamped her foot. "I thought for sure I had it that time!" she fumed.

"Don’t worry dahling, you’ll get him next time. Unless I break them both right now!" Cerena comforted before running forward and slamming her own sock foot deep into Travis’s bruised groin.

WHAM! Went her pointed foot, sending Travis’s whole package bouncing. He yelped loudly, unable to slump or cover himself in any way. Before Cindy could reach down to perform a manual diagnostic, Cerena beat her to it. "Let me check!" she nearly screamed, reaching out to grab Travis’s pouch savagely, twisting and squeezing it brutally before pouting. She slapped his balls hard with her open palm before standing up and joining Teresa at the end of the line. "He’s fine." she frowned.

Alexandra skipped gaily up to Travis and reached out to soothe his agonized sack. "Poor ballsies. They look like they’re in so much pain! But this cock sure looks like it’s having a good time." she noticed, running a silky finger up the length of his turgid shaft. Travis shuddered and sighed. "I’m going to try to hurt you terribly now." the spritely young woman said before creaming his cantaloupes with frightening speed. Her soft, pink sock rocketed between his spread legs, sending visible shockwaves rippling through his muscular thighs. Again everyone winced, and again Cindy checked for damage, but shook her head. Alexandra shrugged and leaned down to kiss Travis sweetly on the cockhead. "Next time." she said, looking up to meet his terrified eyes.

So the women took turns, trying to outdo each other with each horrifying kick. First Teresa would pummel his potatoes, followed swiftly by Cerena’s crushing foot and then Alexandra’s killing kick. With each attack Travis’s scrotum darkened and swelled as his cock grew harder and more frustrated. The ruined orgasm he had experienced earlier only magnified the torture of the women’s continued kicking. Cindy, for her part, never stopped cock-teasing him, reaching forward to also pinch his rigid nipples.

After a eight long hours of non-stop, full-force kicks (with breaks for wine and light banter) Travis was fighting the urge to hurl and also fighting to remain conscious. His whole body was a wreck. His muscles were weak and ached with straining. Sweat dripped down his tanned skin and his genitals were so bruised and swollen it looked like he was harboring eggplants between his legs.

Cindy called a pause to the action, "Ladies, as always you have all performed valiantly, but I’m afraid this will be your last kick, each. Make it count!"

Teresa prepared herself, stretching her calves and bouncing in place. Her predator’s gaze locked onto Travis’s enormous balls, nearly boring holes through them. She licked her lips, set herself and sprung. Her foot flew through the air in a perfect parabola, culminating in an incredible strike directly between her targets. It was perfect. Travis moaned and wailed, precum seeping out of his crown and flying into the air to splash against his slightly stubbled chin. Pinching both of his bloated bollocks between her fingers, Cindy shook her head.

"I’m sorry, Teresa. Not this year." she reported, unable to hide the pride in her voice at her husband’s incredible strength.

"Well, fuck!" Teresa swore, stomping her foot again in a miniature temper tantrum. "My pool boy’s balls are in for it tomorrow. I’m gonna stomp them into paste and make him eat them, huevos rancheros style!" she said, stomping back to her chair and pouring another glass of wine.

Cerena wasted no time, hoping to capitalize on Travis’s weakened state. She ran forward at full tilt and launched an unbelievable kick, catching only Travis’s left ball with all of her strength. So powerful was her blow that Travis was physically lifted off the ground for a second, raised up entirely by the force of her soft, red sock foot. When he landed, it was only by the grace of his restraints that he did not collapse into a gurgling heap.

Cerena jumped for joy, her huge breasts bouncing wildly in her tight sweater. She cheered her success, shaking her hips and laughing. Cindy had to still Travis’s shivering torso to feel his wounded balls. Cerena just kept jumping and cheering.

"Don’t count your balls until they’re popped." Teresa warned, sipping her wine bitterly.

"You’re just jealous because you didn’t break them." Cerena mocked, sticking out her tongue and thumbing her nose like a child.

"Um, Cerena. You haven’t either." Cindy said, another triumphant smile on her face.

Cerena turned around slowly to glare at Travis’s balls, impudently intact despite her best efforts.

"That’s impossible." she fumed. "I’ve destroyed whole watermelons with that kick. You’re lying!" she almost yelled, stalking towards Travis and hurling her foot into his groin in a barrage of fast-paced kicks. Again and again her sock foot pounded into his pubis with incredible power. Travis wept openly, screaming to the ceiling.

"Cerena! Stop it!" Cindy scolded her vehemently. "Your turn is over! You lost! Stop!"

Cerena would not hear it. She kept raining blow after blow up into Travis’s vulnerable crotch, a look of pure, unbridled insanity in her wicked eyes.

It was Alexandra who finally wrestled her back, away from her target.

"No! No! Let me go! I need to break them!" Cerena raved, kicking her feet into the air before her.

Cindy quickly grabbed her husband’s scrotum with both hands, feverishly feeling for structural damage. Miraculously, both balls remained complete and whole, if not grossly swollen and tenderized.

Eventually Cerena was calmed and seated with a large glass of merlot in her hands and a dark scowl on her face.

"Really Ms. DeVere. How unbecoming." Alexandra said, taking her place in front of Travis. "Look at me." she said gently, lifting Travis’s weary head to meet her gaze. Her gorgeous blue eyes smiled at him, raising his cock to full mast once again. "I’m going to pop one now, okay?" she asked, as if she wanted his permission. As if she wanted him to want it as badly as she did. Travis had no voice left from all his screaming, and so could only nod.

Alexandra retreated one step, pulled her right sock foot back like a ballerina and sent it flying forward at a speed never before witnessed by any of the women in the room.


At the same time as her lovely foot collided with his left ball, Travis’s vein-ribbed cock clenched, shooting a jet of hot cum like a high pressure fire hose. As he wailed and cried, burning jism kept spurting from his cock hole in great gouts. Cindy’s hand was nowhere near it the entire time.

There was no need for anyone to check the damage. Everyone in the room knew exactly what had happened. Alexandra’s dainty sock foot had finally ruptured Travis’s weakened left ball, ruining it completely.

"Kick it again, Xandra. Send it to meet its maker." Cindy encouraged, gripped Travis’s cumming cock with one hand while her other slipped up the front of her skirt to finger her dripping slit.

Alexandra didn’t need to be told twice. Raring back once more she kicked Travis’s doomed gonad with all her might ,pulverizing it utterly. Travis kept cumming and cumming, thick, white ropes of semen pouring out of his deep purple pole.

After a few more kicks to cement his half-destruction, Alexandra moved in to kiss Travis passionately on the mouth, reaching her young hand down to squish the tiny tubes and veins out of his demolished ball. When she pulled away she met his eyes again, and saw in them emotions of love, adoration and gratefulness.

"Good boy." she whispered, a warm smile on her flushed face.

* * *

After the goodbyes had been said, hugs and kisses shared and socks paid for and packaged, Travis and Cindy were alone again, together in their bedroom.

"I called nurse Becky, she’s on the way to remove lefty." Cindy said softly, stroking her husband’s forehead. "You did very well today, my pet."

Travis could only smile and sigh, having not yet regained his voice. Despite all the agony he had endured, and the buckets of cum he had spewed, his cock remained firm and plump, resting against his washboard stomach. Cindy reached down to play with it, eliciting some more throbs from its impressive girth.

"Now it’s time for you to serve your wife, husband." she said, positioning herself to straddle his hips, and guiding his hard cock into her eager pussy. "This is probably going to hurt you, what with your ball and all, but I think you’ll enjoy it all the same." she said, beginning to fuck her husband slowly.

She had every intention of making love until the nurse arrived, and then even afterwards until Travis was drained completely dry. God, she did love the annual sale!



  1. I WON!?!?!?!? YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! :D :D :D Thank you!!! This is awesome! I've never won a story contest before!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!

  2. OUTSTANDING STORY KNAVE! :) This is one of those rare cases where the sequel was better than the original. No offense to Nicholas of course. It seems like every story you write Knave is exceptional and you have quite the knack for articulating the action in a diverse manner.

    Any hint as to when you might write Cinderelvin part three? Part one and two were quite amazing.

    1. Thank you Erica! If this humble sequel is of any quality at all it is due to the excellent source material of the original. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
      Cinderelvin III is in the works and I hope to release it next month, thank you for asking :D

  3. Awesome story! I absolutely love it! And I'm glad Travis has a nut left so Cindy has a reason to look forward to next year's sale... :-))

    Great work and a worthy winner of the competition!

    1. Thank you Alex! I would have felt really bad completely nutting Travis. Although if he keeps up this lifestyle, who knows how long he'll remain intact ;)

  4. Now that he's won the writing contest.. Knave should make a fully colored, drawn comic about this very story. I would love to see that!

    1. Haha! Oh man, I have too much on my plate already, and this story is LONG. Maybe too long to draw. It would take forever. Thanks though, Anonymous ;)

    2. Hehe. It would be well worth the cost, I'm sure. ;D Alas, you're certainly right and quite a busy man. Not a problem and thank you for this wonderful read!


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