Monday, March 28, 2016

(MMMMM/m) Uncle Tom's Revenge - NEW!

This story is my contribution to race relations in the US, and has been a long time in the making. It was rather fun to be naughty and use the "n" word several times, as it is to use the "f" word for my gay stories. Anyway, hope it pleases and I'd love to hear from ya'll.
Uncle Tom's Revenge
The shed was hot. Sweat trickled down the faces and bodies of all the men in it. But none of them noticed. They were all too focused on the helpless teenage black slave hanging from the center of the room. He was naked and his cock and balls tied up so that they could be better punished, or even better . . . destroyed.
Big Pappa Jake, his muscled arms bulging, sized up his victim. Him and his boys had nutted quite a few slaves, but this was going to be especially satisfying. No matter what that insipid president Lincoln said, niggers were to be hung, not freed, if they dared to disobey their masters, and this little nigger was not going to leave this shed a man. He had tried to escape the plantation, and now he was going to pay the price.
"Well, you little piece of offal. You gave us quite a chase, but anyone with common sense would have known you can't hide from my bloodhounds. They could track you to hell and back without losing the scent. It was foolish of you to run. Now we're going to take away your urge to do anything. For a quite a while." Pappa Jake smiled grimly, his perfect white teeth glowing in the dappled light. To his right were Ned and Thomas, to his left were Chris and Jacob. The five men, together, had emasculated dozens of male slaves and enjoyed every second of it. These niggers were nothing but chattel, and their bodies, especially their balls, belonged to Pappa Jake.
The burly man with pale skin ordered Ned and Chris to take one each of the boy's legs and spread them so Pappa Jake would have unhindered access to the boy's goods. His two fat nuts and his dick hung before him, and as his two legs were pulled apart the boy's fat scrotum swayed.
"Say goodbye to your manhood, little nigger." With that Pappa Jake backed up, took careful aim, and kicked the black boy's nuts with all his strength. A scream rent the air in the hot shed. Pappa Jake kicked them again, and again. Each time eliciting more screams from the helpless boy. It was sweet music to their ears. As the boy writhed and screamed Pappa Jake gave teenage Toby's testicles a pulverizing barrage of percussion.  SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Pappa Jake's boots were making a wonderful dent in Toby's groin.
After about twenty solid kicks, Pappa Jake motioned for Jacob to have a turn. The rugged groom took his place in front of the boy and began to ram his knee straight into the swelling cock and balls naked before him. Toby screamed all the louder. He wailed, he moaned. Then it was Thomas's turn. He walked up and began to pound his fist home, straight into Toby's swinging sack. Soon the boy sagged in his restraints, his eyes rolling back into his head, and he just twitched with each nut pulverizing punch. He was nearly comatose, and only fifteen minutes had passed. This was hardly good enough. The boys wanted hours of fun not just a few moments. Pappa Jake motioned to Ned who was holding Toby's left leg open to "do his stuff". Of all the men only Ned was willing to get sexual with the porch monkeys. Ned let go of the leg, kneeled in front of Toby and gently sucked in the boy's cock. He sucked and licked for several minutes and to their delight it began to swell. And it seemed to revive Toby a bit. His eye's steadied and he began to stare down on the white man giving him head. Despite the pain in his groin, this treatment was bearable. Ned took some breathers to note his progress, and jacked the boy off a bit. Soon the erection was a healthy nine inches, with a firm head and a long straight shaft. Ned swirled his tongue around every inch of the boy's tool, and got up to suck on the boy's nipples. He even kissed Toby on the lips, exploring the boys pert pink tongue and feeling Toby moan into his mouth. This pleasant treatment went on until the boy was relaxed and moderately awake. Pappa Jake even noted a little pearl of precum forming on Toby's tip. Perfect.
Pappa Jake backed up and just before kicking told Ned to move. WHAM. The teenager was thrown out of bliss and back into hell. Toby's monster cock flounced around as kick after kick arced into his nuts. Tears of pain and sadness ran down the boy's face, but all too soon Ned was back, licking, sucking, touching, and kissing the tears off Toby's beautiful face. Back and forth, pain and pleasure. By noon all the boys had taken turns busting the boy's balls while Ned kept him conscious and it was time to destroy the little cliff-ape's manhood once and for all. While Chris stoked the pot-belly fire and put the sheers in to heat, Pappa Jake walked up to Toby. This was his favorite part. He looked in the boy's eyes and reached down to finger his fruit. The cock was semi-hard and the testicles had swollen to the size of Dixie peaches, pulling the boy's scrotum taught. Pappa Jake singled out the boy's huge left testicle and began to squeeze it while Ned jacked the boy to keep him hard. Harder and harder Pappa Jake squeezed the huge fruit. A keening sound in the back of Toby's throat could be heard as a result of the unrelenting pressure being applied to his big black plum. Pappa Jake was making a huge dent in the thing and it was sure to burst any time soon. The room became very quite. And you could actually hear it. All of a sudden the testicle "POPPED" rather loudly. White sperm gushed out of Toby's dick as a sort of weird response to the bursting and all the men in the room smiled and hooted at this boy who'd creamed himself at his own emasculation. The semen coated the boy's legs and belly, and he looked to be one mass of hot mess. But of course, he had one ball to go, and it was Ned's turn.
Ned sucked the softening cock until it was hard again, and licked up all the cum covering the boy. He gently kneaded the boy's calves and then his thighs while he brought the little coon back to life, and when he was, Ned, with some difficulty, sucked in the remaining whole nut and began to chew on it. Crushing the thing between his pearly white teeth. This was always Ned's reward for keeping black males conscious during their tortures. And of course chewing a ball is far more torturous than outright bursting for it hurts the scrotum too. Toby squealed and writhed in his restraints as his nut was compressed by a set of excellent molars. Suddenly Ned's cheeks puffed out and Toby's testicle burst. Another shot of cum erupted out of the beleaguered boy's cock and ran all over Ned's hair. It was the last cum the boy would ever produce. And the last orgasm the boy would ever have. Ned let the huge bloated bag of mush fall from his mouth, and refocused his attention on Toby's dick. Yes indeed, he sucked the thing back to life, amazingly, and made sure it was at full mast for the last part of this ritual. Chris retrieved the glowing red shears from the fire and stood ready. When Ned had finished his work he stood and stepped away.
"Time to lose your manhood boy, say goodbye to being a father." Pappa Jake nodded to Chris. The shears opened, were placed over Toby's cock and balls, and with one clean motion sliced them off and effectively cauterizing the tissue left behind. The organs fell to the hay-strewn floor with a splat. Toby finally passed out and just hung there, like a raggedy doll, useless and spent. The blob of genitals would be fed to the pigs, and the boy would be retrieved by his relatives. The boys slapped each other on the back for a job well done, and cleared out. Each went back to their assigned tasks, and Pappa Jake returned to his beautiful home. It was time to get cleaned up and then later have dinner.
Late that night, when the main house was quiet and the dogs had been kenneled, Pappa Jake snored loudly, sleeping in a separate bed from his wife (his wife refused to sleep with the bastard out distaste for his personality). In the dark creeped eight men, each barefoot and holding various tools and items, through the living room, into the foyer and then up the grand staircase. They headed, unerringly, to Jake's bedroom. Quietly they opened the door, making sure no light crept in, and then surrounded the huge poster bed and in synchronized motion at once gagged the sleeping white man, and bound his arms together with sturdy cordage. They hauled him out of bed, and though the burly, muscled man fought them every inch of the way, he was no match for eight strong cotton pickers.
Outside in the dark they lifted him on their backs and carried the helpless man through the fields and into the collection of shacks that served as the Africans' homes. A huge bonfire had been built and there was a wooden frame set up with lots of ropes. Rough hands stripped Pappa Jake of his nightclothes and tied him spread eagle on the frame, his legs spread wide and his arms perpendicular to his body. He looked both sexy and helpless. His huge member hung in front of two ample balls, and his muscular arms and legs flexed as he tried to extricate himself from his situation. To no avail - slaves knew how to tie unbreakable knots.
In front of him was the bonfire, and in front of that was Old Elisa. Old Elisa was a queer fellow, only five years taken from Africa and a witchdoctor of sorts. Or at least he held a religious position in his tribe before he was kidnapped and sold off by a rival tribe to the white traders. Pappa Jake had always found him creepy and weird, but not now. Instead the old man instilled absolute terror in his white owner. Because the man was holding a snake in his hands and was bringing it close to Pappa Jake's groin. Old Elisa smiled grimly and held the black adder to the two balls dangling in front of it. The snake reared back as it coiled around the witchdoctor's hands and struck first the right ball and then the left, its fangs sinking in deeply into each testicle and injecting its poison. The moment it did so a pain of life ending intensity shot through Pappa Jake's body. Not only from the fangs but from their venom. His testicles immediately began to swell and turn a dark purple. It felt like someone had put his nuts in a vice and were squeezing them for all they were worth. But this was only the beginning. All the male slaves lined up, many of whom had been personally emasculated by Pappa Jake, and they each took turns kicking their bastard master between the legs. They pummeled his manhood until the insides of his nuts began to rupture. They were huge, purple and misshapen from all the abuse. Some of the men kneed his nuts others just kicked them. Pappa Jake vomited from the pain, but none of the slaves cared one lick, they kept at his testicles until first the left one, and then the right one ruptured inside their sack. Pappa Jake screamed in agony. Old Elisa then took some poisoned thorns and pierced his penis with them and after doing so groped the white man's naked nuts, squeezing ball-pulp like it was taro root or poi. The black man twisted and squished the spermy goo in the swollen scrotum until Pappa Jake could stand it no more and passed out. But many of the slaves kept kicking his genitals until the whole mass turned a nasty shade of black. Then the witchdoctor took a knife which had been buried in the fire, and with one fell swoop lopped off his master's manhood, which he picked up and threw into the fire. Then he plunged the knife into Pappa Jake's heart and slew the man who had tortured and emasculated dozens of innocent men for no reason other than abject cruelty. The wound killed Jake instantly, and that was the end of a wicked white man, and this is the end of the story!


  1. Hey there,
    It is hot and cruel ball crushing story which I like you know lol. I enjoyed to read that white red necks get his balls tortured and crushed. I have question who is Uncle Tom in the story? and other four guys not get punished? or following story coming?

    1. Uncle Tom's Cabin is a famous story from the slavery era which depicts the nobility of the blacks in the face of the adversity of slavery. So the title refers to that, not a character in the story. This would be something you'd know if you'd been raised in America.

      As for the other guys, no, I have no plans for an additional story to emasculate them. This story is mostly about Pappa Jake and his just punishment.

  2. Yes I thought so, I know Uncle Tom's Cabin ;-) I hate slavery, so cruel and sad. But in your story, I love all method of ball busting and crushing, especially Papa Jake's big balls smashed ;-) Great.
    Thank you for keep writing intelligent sexy story Sir.


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