Friday, June 17, 2016

(f/m) Highschool: Socks'n'balls - NEW!

So here's the story I submitted to Knaves story contest. He gave me permission to post it on my site, and since the contest is over, I thought I'd post it now. It's short, and sweet and has lots of fuzzy socks in it.

Hope it pleases,



Highschool: Socks'n'balls


Diana and Chris had been dating for about two years now, since sophomore year, and in that time they had grown together as they learned about what it meant to be in a stable relationship. While their peers were switching partners every three weeks, Diana and Chris were learning how to compromise, trust, let go and renew their love day by day by day.


Diana's issues were centered around which college she should ultimately go to and what career she should be seeking, while Chris was working on his athletics (and whether he could get to the Rio Olympics in track and field), and overall identity as a person. Part of that identity was sex and Chris had two things he wanted to explore: socks and ballbusting. Ever since he was a child he'd wanted girls in fluffy socks to kick him between the legs for all they were worth. He wanted to feel pedicured toes punt him squarely in the nuts, or heck, even pop a ball or two! I mean why not, right? Chris loved Diana, and he loved so much about her. Her sweet smelling brown hair, her limpid hazel eyes, her cherry red lips and her overall fashion sense. And every month Chris bought her a new pair of fuzzy socks which he insisted he apply to her each and every time he got her a new pair. But he never told her why, and it wasn't until just recently that he divulged the rest of his fetish to her. He had to be certain that it didn't warp or pervert their relationship.


It was on a warm summer day during the school break that Chris opened up to Diana. They were sitting in the park. There was a cool breeze and they were sitting together under a huge old maple tree.


"Diana," he started, tentatively, "I wanted to talk to you about something."


Diana gave him a smile and looked up from her novel. "Sure, what is it."


"Well, you know all those socks I've been getting you?"




"Well they're for a greater purpose, and not just because I know you like new socks."


"A greater purpose? What do you mean?"


"Uhm, what I mean is for a long time now I've been wondering what it would be like to have you kick me in the nuts with them on. I mean, I know it sounds strange, but to me, at least, it also sounds sexy. And since it's not intercourse, neither of us could get in trouble for doing it. I could stand there, my legs spread wide, fully clothed and you could punt me square in the nuts and I'd love it! Seriously."


Diana cocked her head and looked at him for a few moments, and then slowly a smile broke over her lips and she actually laughed. A rich, wonderful laugh. "Chris, I have something I need to tell you too. For the longest time now, I've been wondering what it would be like to ram my toes into some guy's poor nuts. I hadn't considered what I'd be wearing when I did so, but fuzzy socks sound just fine to me."


Chris's eyes went wide. "You're joking."


Diana shook her head. "Nope not at all. I've seen so many movies where guys get pegged in their privates and it always gave me an illicit thrill, although I never knew why. Until we had health class and I learned about those delicate little things you have between your legs. And then it dawned on my that I've always wanted to see them destroyed. Or at least owned."


Chris gave a cry of joy and hugged Diana fiercely. She returned the hug. It would seem that they were truly made for one another. Fast forward a month, still in summer break, and Diana and Chris were to be found at Diana's house when her parents had gone away on a second honey moon. During the daytime the two lovebirds had a house all to themselves, and they made the most of it. They started off with simple experiments. Chris would kneel before Diana and take her naked feet and gently slip on some lovely fuzzy socks, the colors varied each time, and then he would slip off his pants until he was in his boxer-brief underwear, put his hands behind his head, spread his legs and let his girlfriend go to work on his nuts.


Diana, for her part, liked to tease Chris a little by walking up to him and gently rubbing his crotch, just to see him get a little excited, then she'd back up, aim, and fire a good solid foot right into his plums. Chris would let out an "Ooof" and sway a little, sometimes drop, then get back up and let her have another go. Sessions could last anywhere from ten minutes to almost a half-hour before the pain got too bad for Chris to continue. Then they'd take a break, maybe go for a dip in the pool, or have a make-out session which involved a lot of French kissing. But being well behaved, it never went as far as sex.


At one point, on one of the days, Chris asked her to squeeze one or both of his testicles during their sessions, and it let Diana become more intimately familiar with what a guy carries between his legs. As she squeezed and kneaded his nuts, Chris told her about the epididymis, the prostate, the seminal vesicles and what it was like to have a penis. She listened with rapt attention and explored his privates through the thin material of his underwear.


What was most fun was kicking Chris from different positions. Standing up, on his knees, on his hands and knees, in the pool, etc. And what Chris particularly enjoyed was putting on a new pair of colored socks on Diana for each position. Peach colored for standing, rose for on the ground, purple for on the stairs, and so forth.


By the end of that weekend, Diana had come to feel like she sort of owned Chris, or at least his nuts, and she was eager to take it to the next level.


Fast forward another two weeks, and it found Diana and Chris together in the town library working on personal research. They used books, they trawled the internet, trying to find out all the things you could do to a man's balls and bring him pain. They discovered needles and weights, and presses/vices and filling the ball with saline, and all sorts of cruel and delicious tricks. Chris was a little leery of doing any permanent damage to himself so young in his life, but Diana felt that they should at least try to do something more interesting than plain kicking.


So, Diana toddled off to Walgreens to buy some hatpins (does anyone even wear hats these days?) That weekend her parents had gone off to see relatives, but Diana said she wanted to stay at home. So they let her. Chris came over and Diana showed her the setup. A wooden chair, lots of straps, a gag made of two balled up fuzzy socks and some rubbing alcohol. Chris got undressed, and a little nervous, and then he let himself be tied to the chair. Diana shoved the socks into his mouth, and set about sterilizing the pins and his nuts. This was the first time she'd seen his balls. And his dick. And she watched how he got a boner from her handling his privates. She stroked and then smacked his wiener a bit just to see it bob. 'Man, men's bodies are truly a wonder' she thought to herself. Then she held up the first sterilized pin so he could see it, and then watched him watch it as she slid it into his big, fat left nut. There was an explosion of air from his nostrils. Then a second pin. Then a third. His left nut looked like a shishkebab. Then it was time for his right ball. First one pin, then another, and then a third and fourth. She was skewering his balls, and man did it hurt, but despite the pain, Chris maintained his erection. And just to be extra cruel, Diana decided to flick the exposed pearled ends of the pins with her fingers. Chris jumped and moaned in his throat after each one. Then Diana pulled out the pins, and doused his whole sack with more alcohol, and wrapped his scrotum up in gauze. However, later in the day, when he'd recovered, she had him put some more socks, pink ones this time, and she kicked and slapped the dangling jewels that she'd perforated only that morning.


That evening Chris asked for something special. He asked Diana to kick him while he jacked off and then came. She agreed since she'd never seen an ejaculation before, and was intrigued by the idea of sticky white stuff spurting out of his body. Chris reverently slipped Diana's feet into some baby-blue cashmere socks and then sank to his knees and began to stroke himself, looking up at her. She was SO beautiful and she was enjoying herself SO much. It was just too perfect. He stroked and as she looked down at him, she began to methodically punt his cahones. THUNK THUNK THUNK. Chris started out slowly but then went faster and faster, and in response Diana went faster with her kicking. Oh, the pain, it was terrible, yes, but sweet too. Like a broken tooth.


"Oh My GOD Diana, i'm going to cum, kick me harder!" WHAM WHAM WHAM was the response. And in a few minutes Chris's whole muscular, sexy body shuddered, and his sperm spurted onto the white carpet. Diana watched in fascination. When the last little dribble of cum seeped from his cock-head, Chris collapsed in a heap of pleasurable torment, and Diana bent down to cradle his head.


"There, there," she said. "If you thought that was something, just wait until we graduate. You're going to give me one of your balls in celebration!"


  1. Hi there, glad to see your new story ;-) It is as good as your other stories.
    She will became real ball buster soon, and I think Chris willing to her to pop one or both his precious balls? I can't wait that thrilling moment Nicholas. Please write detail of his ball destruction, how did it go.

    1. Thanx Crusher. I tried to make it appeal to knave's sensibilities, thus less violence, some denial, and lots of sexy women in socks.

      Just glad you enjoyed it!



  2. I can't put my finger on it but there is something oddly charming about this story. Is it the fact that they are slightly innocent? Can we even call them that?

    1. It's young love. Innocence. Purity. With a touch of perversity thrown into the mix to spice things up!

      Thanx for commenting, John.

  3. Hi Nicholas
    I love your ballbusting stories, especially f/m (or group), but i really would like to read a f/gay m story (but not that the boy want to be a girl). I hope that you will think over this idea and write an another fantastic story. :)
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hey Anon. Uhm, not sure how a straight female would derive satisfaction for nutting a gay male. Not sure that he would derive satisfaction either. I like my stories to express sexuality in a realistic way, and I think that having a women beat up a gay man would just be sad, not sexual.


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