Tuesday, August 9, 2016

(FM/m) Hahreem Part 2 - NEW!

Part 2 of the Hahreem series. Hope it pleases.


Hahreem Part 2


Xeiva lounged languidly on her dais, a gilded throne with cushions heaped on it so that she could lie down instead of sit. On either side were two handsome guards and at her feet, equally languid was her pet leopard - a muscular cat with dangerous teeth and beautiful  green eyes.


Xeiva was dressed in a silk shift with an overlay of satin, she had a beautiful nose ring and an emerald anklet with jeweled sandals on her gorgeous feet, small and delicate. She had previously ordered a servant to go and finally fetch the young Jahmine Temujin, former king of Roihas. It had been three months, and by now, the Empress was sure that he had sufficiently "conditioned" for being her servant, nee slave. The cleverness of the thing was that inserted into her male hahreem  were specially trained servants whose job it was to brain wash its members into linking pain with pleasure. It was their duty to make sure that each new male was able to expect, enjoy and savor pain by linking it intimately with sexual ecstasy. As Jahmine was brought into the room, Xeiva could see traces of the hardening torture that he had endured and now, presumable, expected in his new life. In his eyes she could see conflicting emotions but his body language was still defiant. Since his incarceration he had bulked up, his head was almost shaved and had some new scars and bruises on his person, but he was no less handsome for them.


"Well now, let's have a look at you." Xeiva got up and circled her new sex slave, a man built of royal flesh and royal ego but now no more than a sexy play toy for his mistress. He was clad only in a leather jock strap and his bulge, even now, was impressive. Xeiva let her eyes drift over his muscles, his perfect male form and his ample assets. So wonderful, so impressive, but she must see where his loyalties now lay.


She whispered into his ear from behind, "Spread your legs for me, slave." She could see his head drop a bit. Presumably his eyes had closed and he was processing her request. Stiffly his legs widened.


"Good. Now, beg me to kick your privates."


Haltingly, softly he murmured "Kick me, great mistress."


"Why what a sweet thing to offer." She stood in front of him and then smashed her jeweled foot into his big bulge. The bulge jiggled madly and Jahmine coughed a bit. "You see," she said. "It's not all that difficult to please me. Come and sit with me, and we shall be entertained." Xeiva clapped her hands as she lay down and the chamber orchestra started up a lively tune, while male and female dancers capered and cavorted in front of them. This went on for a while until Shan, Xeiva's leopard began to seem restless. Xeiva snapped her fingers and motioned for her chamberlain. "Shan is hungry. Send in a feeding slave."


The "feeding slave" turned out to be a well muscled, oiled naked man with a huge set of wedding tackle swinging between his legs. The man loped in and then went and kneeled before the cat, presenting his cock and balls to the beast. The leopard immediately began to lick the man's cock and balls until the man developed an erection. Then, the slave began to stroke his woody while the cat licked his heavy balls. LICK LICK LICK, STROKE STROKE STROKE. The feeding slaved moaned loudly and Jahmine could also see his dick-head swelling. He was close. Just as he was about to cum, he rubbed the big cat's mouth with his cock so that Shan would accept it, and the man ejaculated down the cat's throat. The big leopard purred deeply at this. Then, while the man became quite still, the cat began to chew on the man's big dick, first gnawing off the man's purple helmet and then further down until it had eaten the man's whole penis. Then it started licking the man's ballsack and chewed an opening on each side so that the testicles could drop through. The man's head was thrashing, but his body remained still. The leopard began to chew on first the man's larger left testicle until it had been completely consumed, and then it started on the right one. Everyone close to the pair could hear the cat's canine's piercing ball-flesh with a crisp "snap". Then it chewed the tough man oyster until it was gone. The man collapsed, moaning, and several other strong slaves gathered him up and carried him away, to be sent to the salt mines like all the other used up slaves.


Xeiva clustered around her pet and stroked its head while it purred and licked its lips. While its mouth was still limed with the remnants of the man's baby-makers, Xeiva coaxed the leopard up and she spread her own legs. The cat began to lick her snatch, which was wet from having watched the slave's emasculation. Shan's rough tongue made her tingle all over and this pussy on pussy action continued until she had experienced several juicy orgasms.


"If only you men had tongues like that," murmured Xeiva as the cat resumed its place on the dais. "Do you see, Jahmine, how all here serve my pleasure?" There was a dubious look in his eyes. "Don't worry, you will, soon enough." she said to him.


"Tomorrow," she continued, "We will hold a Crush-ball game and you will pleasure me while it goes on. That is all, for now, you may leave me." Xeiva motioned slightly and two guards came and led Jahmine back to the hahreem.


The next day found Jahmine summoned not to the throne room, but instead to the amphitheatre at the back of the hahreem. Tier up on tier was host to hundreds of men, and there was a special box set up at about dead middle where Xeiva would be. Jahmine was dragged along by his "escort" until they'd reached the box. Inside was the Empress, reclining on a mound of pillows with four males already attending to her. Some were massaging her feet, others were giving her a manicure, But Jahmine would be servicing, well, her feminine parts, he assumed. He didn't know what a "Crush-ball game" was nor had he spent much time pleasuring women. Usually the woman was pleasuring him, so this would be a new experience.


"Come young king, lay between my legs and have a 'let's meet' with my fertile valley. I will direct your progress." Jahmine did as instructed and got face to face with her hairless slit. The thing smelled of jasmine and was already dripping in anticipation of what was to come - brutal ballbusting in the ring. Jahmine started to lap at her snatch while the other men offered their balls to Xeiva to fondle while she watched. She had a set of balls in each hand, and one set each between her toes. The amphitheatre darkened and a man walked to the center of the floor. He was the announcer.


"Tonight we have the defending champion, David of Arganoth who has won seven consecutive victories, pitted against a new boy, Peter of Gath. The rules are simple. Whomsoever is able to land three separate strikes against the opponent's balls wins, and gets to destroy the other man's bits and pieces as he desires. The participants will be naked except for boots and the will each be issued a bat with which to brutalize their opponent. Please Welcome DAVID," and the crowd cheered. David was a 6'10" man with a ripped body and sandy blond hair. His blue eyes surveyed the crowd and he nodded acknowledgement of his accomplishments but refused to be overly drawn out by them.


"And tonight's newest participant, PETER!" Peter turned out to be a shortish young man with a gymnast's body and light brown hair, cut short. Both men were naked, oiled and carrying their bats. The bats were like staves which had each end wrapped in white cloth so that bludgeoning damage could be dealt without breaking bones or the skin. The bats looked like huge Q-tips. The two combatants faced off in the center of the sand covered floor, and the announcer exited, stage left. A hush fell over the crowd. Then Xeiva's voice could be distinctly heard, "Let the battle begin, boys!"


The two males circled each other, each looking for a sign of weakness to exploit, each trying to anticipate the other's first moves. It began when Peter aimed a blow at David's head which David blocked with one end of his bat and followed up a repost at Peter's left knee, hoping to make the thing buckle. Peter dodged aside and they resumed circling.


Next David launched a series of hits, coming at all angles, to destabilize his opponent and catch him off guard. It worked slightly as Peter had to deflect so many hits, and when his arms were raised to deflect blows coming to his head, it left his crotch open and WHAM David's bat caught him squarely in the nads. First point scored for David. The men retreated to opposite sides of the stage to regroup. Peter had one hand between his legs, nursing his nuts, while David strode confidently back to the center stage for round two.


This time Peter kept his head low, by semi-crouching. David was unperturbed. He circled Peter while Peter merely pivoted in place. His über defensive position although a seeming safe bet, would not prevent the destruction of his two most prized possessions. David made a false move, apparently aiming a blow at Peter's right arm, but then switched at the last minute to hit Peter's left hand - to smash the finger's holding his bat. It was a direct score and Peter dropped the left side of his bat in surprise and pain. David swatted the young man's right hand and in seconds Peter's bat was on the sandy floor. David had an open field and with a SMACK cracked his bat right between Peter's legs to peg the guy's soft balls. Peter folded instantly into a ball of abject pain, hands between his legs, and in the fetal position. Second point to David.


Jahmine, meanwhile was lapping away at Xeiva's jasmine scented snatch. It wasn't half bad, he thought to himself. The Empress was moaning and writhing while she watched the game through half-closed lids. She was squeezing the ball-bags in her hands, pushing her toes into the ones at her feet, and pressing her pelvis up to drown her young king's face into her perfectly formed crevice.


It was minutes before Peter could get back on his feet. By now he was sweating, both from pain and from anticipation. He obviously was reevaluating his game plan as he was only one point away from losing. He now appeared to be going all offensive. Hopping in place and moving back and forth to provide a moving target to his much larger opponent. David took it all in stride and was unruffled. Peter let loose with a flurry of volleys all of which David successfully blocked. David returned the favor with a series of blows followed up by a full force smash with his bat which knocked his enemy off to the side, but before David could use that to his advantage, Peter jumped up and recentered himself.


The crowd meanwhile, was going nuts. An all male group, each guy was naked, pumped and hard. At lot of the guys were giving each other hand jobs while they watched the action, and a few were even giving head. Each time a point was scored the audience went wild with cheering and whoops and glee. They couldn't wait for David to nut this little punk, and for their Empress to get off on it.


Peter appeared to be slightly injured from his fall, and had a limp as he moved as far out of range of David as he could. David followed, his massive form towering over Peter. This would be his end. David aimed a jab of the pointed end of his bat straight at Peter's chest. Peter blocked with his left side up. But David used the momentum of the thrust to turn in place and like an action/reaction experiment brought about a repost to Peter's left side, smashing the young man's left side with a two handed hit. This was followed by a tremendous blow to Peter's right temple, and a final blow to Peter's left hip. The boy went down, and David went in for the kill. As the boy's body hit the sands his legs opened and his balls became the main target. WHAM David smashed his opponents' balls into the sand. Peter immediately sat up, and then vomited from the pain. David raised his arms in triumph and the crows roared it's approval. The rules of the game were quite clear, David now got to neuter his opponent in any way he saw fit to. David motioned for the assistants, who hovered just outside the ring, to bind Peter's hands and blind fold him, which they did, then they set the young man on his knees. Peter's cock and balls hung down and were ready for their own demise. David decided he was going to kick the boy's balls into mush, and that's exactly what he did, He stood behind the boy, launching kick after toe kick to the hanging huevos The crowd was milking its collective hardon for all its worth and Xeiva was eager to hear Peter's nuts go "SQUISH".


WHAM WHAM WHAM. Peter was drooling onto the sand and couldn't believe that ten minutes ago he was whole man, but now was doomed to the life of a neuter. To be sent off to the salt mines of Adaban like all the other used up hahreem slaves. WHAM WHAM WHAM more and more punts to the dangling cahones, until with a superbly placed kick by David, first one, then the other nut exploded in its sack SPLAT, and Peter was a man no more. Everyone in the crowd came, and so did the Empress, her body shuddering with ecstasy. Once more David had pleased her with a victory, and he would be rewarded with gifts and gold and servants, marking him as the Empress's favorite minion. Jahmine nearly choked on the flood of juices which coated both his tongue and his face, and he felt Xeiva's hands come up and force his face ever deeper into her. She came again, and then again, while the crowd was stroking the last dribbles of cum from their dicks. Finally there was moment of stillness, as everyone relaxed into bliss.


Xeiva looked down at Jahmine. "Very good, my young king. You have pleased me, and pleased me well. Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Or perhaps I should pit you against David, to see how good your battle experience is. Would you like that, young king, to be humiliated in front of a group of men? And to feel your balls explode for my pleasure? Well, we will see. Your career in my hahreem has just begun!"


  1. HOT!
    Oh gosh, I can't wait for part 3. Jahmine has it coming!

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure what I want to do with this story. Or even if there is another part. I'm gonna have to sit on it for a while to decide.

  2. My comment gone again....
    Damn Nicholas very hot many hot guy gave their balls for her. I hope Jasmine fight with David and least pop one of strong big guy's balls before he lost all his manhood.
    Thanks again for share great stories.


    1. As always, you're welcome Crusher. Actually, it's my fault your comment disappeared . . . I accidently posted the story twice, and not paying attention, deleted the one that had the two comments. So, it's my bad. But thanx for commenting again. It really means a lot to me to get responses to my stories. I live for feedback!

    2. Oh thank you Nicholas, your criative hot stories feed to my desire, such a great writer you are. Often I copy situation of your story and bust, crushing guys balls in real life hehehe.

  3. Did u read my comment before u deleted it about if u would like to do a story like the purge but with people going around ruptureing nuts

    1. As with Crusher's comment, I apologize that your comment got delted. I posted the story twice, by accident, and delted the wrong one.

      As for your question - I don't know "the purge". Is it a story? Perhaps if you provide a link I can read it.

  4. The purge is a movie series about crimes being legel for 24hrs even murder so it's crazy all over the city so I was thinking like a band of ball busting girls going around town popping guys nuts and stuff

    1. Interesting concept. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!


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