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(MFgroup/m) (harvesting story) Festival of Male Delights (mini story) - NEW!

Just a little thanksgiving cheer for you all. Bon Appetite!

Festival of Male Delights (mini story)


Jacob shaved off the last bit of hair from his groin. His hand was trembling slightly in light of what he was about to endure but it was a sort of giddy fear, because he among all this male relatives, had been chosen to offer up his cock and balls for the feast tonight. Oh, there'd be other centerpieces, too, a Turkey, standing rib roast, freshly shot fowl, a whole salmon and such like, but as tradition demanded, a human male set of tackle was to be consumed as well. Since time immemorial male genitalia was served at the religious festival for fertility to show the gods just how much fecundity meant to human kind. And although animal genitalia was often used, the highest devotion to god was to sacrifice a human boy's testicles and penis for the whole family to share. These days people just bought some at the store along with their other groceries. Thanks to puppy-mill style all-male orphanages there were plenty of sets of wedding tackle on the market, especially around the holiday season. However, it was much more meaningful if a male family member, preferably a teenager, offered up his own junk for the feast. And today, that person was Jacob.


He looked one last time at his naked 17 year old body. It was white, smooth, hairless (now) and muscular. He was the male physique in its prime. His aunt knocked on the door.


"Are you ready sweety? Everyone's eager to swell those testicles for you."


Jacob raked his fingers through his short cropped brown hair, took a deep breath and steeled himself.


"I'm just coming, Aunty Val." He opened the door. His Aunt gave his body a quick glance and stopped at his equipment. "This will be a lovely feast. You're testicles are already bigger than the set we bought last year, and we haven't even kicked yours yet." She grabbed him by the arm and walked him down stairs, through the living room and out into the back porch where a wooden rack had be set up. A cross of planks with a metal circle all the way around, allowing the victim to be tied up and his legs spread. Putting his manhood on display. About fifteen people of all ages stood around and cheer at young Jacob. This whole process was something people looked forward to all year. Val and her sister Julie (Jacob's mother), tied the naked boy up. Then Julie crouched before her son's groin. With a bowl between this legs and an electric super-hot knife, Julie very carefully cut away Val's scrotum leaving his white testicle naked and vulnerable. The scrotum she carefully removed and set it to soak for a while. later ti would be breaded and fried as part of the dish's presentation. Next Val took a large plastic bag and rubber banded it to his package. This would allow everyone to kick, hit, and squeeze his nuts without getting them dirty or bloody.


Jacob watched all this with a sort of detached fascination and then yelled, "OK, Common'ya'll. Give me what yur got." and smiled his brilliant white smile.


The Gildy twins were the first to run up and punt their cousin in the nuts. Jacob "ooofed" but didn't move. Then up came old uncle Josiah, "We're proud of you boy, your gonna go far in life . . . WHAM" The old man brought up his knee straight into Jacob's spuds. OOOF. Then it was Jacob's aunt and uncle, Janet and Mike, Janet squeezed his balls and told Jacob how much she was going to enjoy tasting them, while Mike pretended to be a boxer and made a flurry of punches into the plastic ball-bag. Jacob's head thrashed about.


The party continued with hors d'oeuvres and champagne being served, people paddling around and cooling off in the pool, and from time to time kicking their young sacrifice between he legs. The idea was to swell them until they could decently feel the whole family for at least a taste. WHACK, SPLAT, WHAM, The other male teens took turns between rotations playing basketball to pummel Jacob's balls into mush and then go make out with their invited girlfriends. Jacob's own girlfriend, Lil, spent more time kneeing his nuts than anyone else. She wanted to make her boyfriend's package more impressive than anything the family had ever seen or eaten. There was laughter, cavorting and highjinks combined with people just sitting around talking and eating. An hour before dinner Val and Julie came out from the kitchen. Val turned to Lil. "Since he's your boyfriend, would you like to do the honors and get him hard for us?"


"Oh, wow. Yes of course. My first taste of his dick." Lil grasped his soft wiener and began to suck on it. A few people watched from where they sat. Others just kept on with what they were doing. Soon Jacob was moaning and his swollen pecker was filling Lil's pert little mouth.


"I think that's good. Stand back, dear," Said Val. She whipped out a glowing red-hot butcher's knife while Julie held a wooden chopping block beneath it. Without ceremony Val brought the cauterizing blade down and WHACKed his cock right off, still stiff and rigid with blood. Jacob half fainted, but those who were watching clapped. The organ was brought back into the kitchen and placed in a countertop rotisserie to cook and baste in its own juices for an hour. They left Jacob to come back to life which he did once his little brother Brad came and began to squeeze and twist and pop his brother's balls around in the plastic bag. The little kid was brutal. Then the little kid squeezed and punched the two orbs, making them swell and swell. Without the constriction of their scrotum, Jacob's two glands were swelling to ginourmous proportions and could easily feed the whole family, if only for a taste.


Ten minutes before dinner time everyone went inside and took their places. The multi-leafed table was groaning with the weight of the food upon it. Hams, pies, roasts, root vegetables, wines, beers. But one thing was missing, Jacob and his junk. He was out back getting ready to fry up his fries. Val was helping him. First the plastic bag was removed and a new bag, loaded with flour, eggwhites and panko bread crumbs was brought up to contain his dangling huevos. Val tossed Jacob's nuts in the batter until they'd been fully coated. Sitting on a stool just a few feet away was a home deep-fat fryer full of boiling oil. It was just the right height for Jacob to drop his manly danglers in so that they could cook. Jim and Ben, Jacob's father and Jacob's uncle helped to stand over the deep-fat fryer. he looked into their eyes look for courage. This was going to hurt. His hands were bound behind him, and he stood over the fryer looking down at his own doom.


"You can do it son, just think that a billion boys have stood right where you're standing and didn't flinch from doing their duty. Now steady yourself, and drop those bloated knackers into the oil."


Jacob swallowed. "Yes sir." Jacob counted to three, took a deep breath and then swiftly lowered his hugely swollen and damage balls into the boiling oil. A scream ripped through the air as Jacob's testicles dropped to the bottom of the bowl and began to crisp. Ben stuffed a sock into Jacob's mouth to keep down the noise while Julie tended to her frying. She knew that once they'd risen to the top of the oil and began to float they'd be ready. For five uncountable minutes the hunky teenage let his testicles fry in 500 degree oil while they were still attached to his body. It was the kind of pain that professional torturers liked to achieve on their more delicate subjects. But Jacob was a tough boy. He was going to stay awake throughout the process and show that he was a man. A real man.


Finally the two crispy glands floated to the top and with a pair of scissors cut them free from Jacob. Ben, a former army surgeon took care of the gibbering boy, while Val brought Julie her son's orange size testicles to her to put in the dish of honor. First the scrotum was fried into a shallow dish, the some pieces of lettuce were laid down on top of it, then the two breaded testicles were laid on top of that, and then the cooked penis was laid between the two huge orbs. The whole thing was dusted with parmesan cheese and a light sprinkling of lemon juice with some Italian parsley for garnish.


Ten minutes later, when he'd been cleaned up and revived, and the whole family was at the table, basking in the subtle flickering glow of dozens of candles, a hush fell as the now fully clothed and fully castrated Jacob carried in his dish of honor. His boner and hushpuppies transformed into a beautiful centerpiece for the meal. And everyone clapped. Jacob sat next to his girlfriend and everyone began to eat. Naturally, Jacob made sure his girlfriend to got to eat his dickhead. He'd always wanted her to get the best piece of him, so she'd remember the taste of his dick forever.


Everyone ate and cheered at Jacob's sacrifice, which was not only impressive but tasted delicious. It was a good night for one and all - even for Jacob. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. This story is HOT! I love it when young studs like Jacob offer up their manhood for extreme torture. I'd like to imagine when little brother Brad is all grown up he'll follow in his big brother's footsteps. ;)


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