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(f/groupmM) Jill and the Football Team - Part 1 - NEW!

So I thought I'd get this out there, as promised. It's only part one, but I'll continue to work on it next month.
Anywho, hope it pleases,
Jill and the Football Team Part 1
Jill jumped with excitement. It was to be a two and a half day weekend retreat to the cabin in Tahoe. Seven acres of land, and a beautiful three story "cabin". Called a cabin but actually more of a million dollar house. Built out of cedar wood with lots of windows, all the modern conveniences and a commanding view of the lake. And, she was to be surrounded by eleven hunky football players, two towel boys, and two coaches offering up their neither bits for her to torture and abuse. It had been their coach's idea. Take the boys on retreat to harden their bodies through nut pain. If they could stand to be kicked, hit and busted in the balls for two and a half days, then they'd improve their game, become sports field juggernaughts, impervious to pain and suffering. The team's coach, Tim, was one of Jill's Friday night regulars. He still had both his balls intact, and he promised Jill she could take one at the retreat, but not until some of the boys had given up their own most prized possessions. Tim was a brick-shithouse of a man, tough, sexy and only 24. He could take lots of ball pain without flinching, and expected his boys to be as stoic and resolute as himself. Tony, Jill's father, had only agreed to let her go on the trip if all the boys personally pledge themselves and their cock and balls to her, up to and including their complete destruction. And that's what they were doing right now, at Tony's house, each boy was lined up, and one-by-one kneeled before their little princess, pledge her unrestricted access to their cock and balls. Jill jumped with excitement.
Hunky teenager after hunky teenager kneeled before Jill and pledge their cocks and balls to her. With each vow, Jill touched their faces, gently, knowing how brave theses boys were to do so. She'd already come to love them all. She loved all the men she owned and she'd come to covet the great sacrifices they made to her.
Formalities concluded, Jill hugged her father and Sasha her dog goodbye and ran out to the driveway. She climbed into the closest school van and waited for the boys to pile in too. Soon they were in and the caravan was off. Tim drove the van Jill was in, Jarret, the assistant coach drove the other one. Both vans were full of teenage boys and luggage. It was a four hour trip to Lake Tahoe and the cabin and Jill decided to make the most of it. She had one player on each side of her, Aaron to her left and David to her right. Both were wearing extra tight jeans which showed off their assets quite nicely. Naturally Jill wanted to toy with them now that they belonged to her.
Jill squirmed in her seat belt. Looking at Aaron and David, she said "Let's play a game,"
"What sort of game?" was the reply
"Eye spy. You get your nuts out and we'll play 'eye spy', and if you guess wrong, then I get to slap your sack!"
Aaron smiled shyly. "OK." he unbuckled his belt, undid the button, zipped down his fly, and slipped his jeans off and then his white boxer-briefs. David did the same and soon Jill had two sets of reproductive gems at her fingertips. She grasped both naked sacks and began to grate them between her fingers. It was always a marvel that men had these little bubbles between their legs which in the right hands could make them do ANYTHING
"OK." Jill looked out the side windows and ahead. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with R."
"Uhm, road?"
"NOPE" Splat. Cough
"Red car?"
"Wrong" Splat. OOF
"I know," said David, "An RV."
"Yes! That means Aaron lost so you reach over and grab his right nut and pull on it and I'll pull his left nut. Lets see if we can pull him out of his seat." The two of them pulled and pulled and  Aaron was half giggling half moaning as his manhood was being pulled and mangled. "FUCK man. You're gonna rip my balls off." David let the one he was pulling on go, and it snapped back into place but Jill continued to torture her chosen goober until a thin line of drool escaped Aaron's mouth. Then she let go to.
"OK. Next Round. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with M." Jill had one hand between each of the boy's legs and was warming up their balls by groping and kneading them.
"Moose," shouted Aaron, "OH FUCK"
"I know, Marsh Warbler," Jill looked at David a, "a what? "Oh, it's a bird and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as Jill jabbed her thumb deep into his fat left ghoolie.
"Mountain," said Aaron triumphantly.
"You got it," said Jill. "Here, dig your finger's into David's junk." Both Jill and Aaron tried to pop, with their fingers, David's plump balls. David was sweating from the experience, but his balls refused to burst.
From behind their seat, Ian and Patrick noticed what was going on. "Jill, come back here and we'll play the same game," said Ian. Ian Ito was half Japanese and half Caucasian, whereas Patrick was half African-American, half Irish. Both had ripped bodies and sizeable equipment. So, naturally Jill assented. She undid her seatbelt and climbed over the seat into the back. She sat between Ian and Patrick and watched while they slid their pants and underwear down so she had access to their bulging scrotums.
"OK," said Jill. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with W."
"Willow tree?" asked hunky Patrick. SMACK, "Oof"
"Winding freeway?" asked Ian. A strong punch to his nuts with Jill's little fist
"Wind mill?" said Patrick.
"Yay! You got it," said Jill. "Help me punch Ian's balls."
"OK," said Patrick. WHAM WHAM WHAM both whaled on Ian's almond shaped balls in his tight gray scrotum. Jill giggled. She loved watching balls bounce, stomach muscles ripple and the priceless faces men made when their nads were being worked over. By the time they were finished, Ian was breathing heavily.
"Shit, that's intense," he said.
"OK. Next one," said Jill. "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with I."
"Igloo?" said Patrick quickly. SPLAT. Ian looked askance at this ridiculous suggestion.
"Something beginning with 'I' out here? I can't imagine what it could be," said Ian.
"So you both give up?" said Jill.
"I guess so," replied Patrick.
"Hah. It's I-80. the freeway we're on," said Jill. "Just for that, you both get punished. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Two full scrotums were smashed with Jill's surprisingly painful little fists. The seat shuddered as Jill really let the two boys have it.
The game went on for some time, and when the caravan stopped in Auburn for a bathroom break, Jill switched van's and had a go at some of the other boys on the team. By the time they'd reached South Lake Tahoe, all the team had made acquaintance with Jill and her two little fists.
The cabin was up above the lake, on a one-lane road, surrounded by other cabins. The cabin itself sat on 7,5 acres of land and the property was bordered by a little stream that ran down from the mountains and into the lake.
Parking in front of the building which housed the septic tank, Tim had the team get out of the vans. and Jarret went over the cabin and knocked. The person who answered the door was none other than Sean, the army nurse who had stitched up the scrotums of so many of Jill's willing victims. He and he alone was exempt from her games and activities as there needed to be someone to heal those she neutered. He had been there for a week, shoveling snow, cleaning house and making everything ready for the team's weekend stay. He was also responsible for acquiring the drugs that would be used during that time. An extra strong dose of Cialis would be given to all the males there, ensuring they had raging boners all weekend long (Jill like to see erect men, she loved to watch their cocks waggle back and forth as she busted their nuts), as well as cantharis to make their balls itch internally.
The boys all piled in to the living room/kitchen area while the coaches brought in the luggage and took it to the third floor where the beds were. The house had three stories, each having a fireplace. The ground floor had the kitchen, a living room, and a work-out room. The second floor was one big lounge with sofas, chairs, a huge flat-screen television set and a sauna. The third floor was all beds, three queen sized beds and a dozen or more singles. And out in the back, on the porch, was a hot-tub which had been prepared for use. It had been cleaned, chlorinated and turned on, its cover taken off and moved out of sight.
When everything had been brought in, coach Tim had all the boys gather in the living room.
"Ok boys. For the rest of our stay here you're going to be naked except your socks. You'll be taking these Cialis pills here to give you healthy erections plus this additional cantharis pill, and we'll be playing porn movies on both TV's. As well there will be beer for you to drink and we'll be ordering pizza's on Sunday. Eric, Jarret and I will be fixing your meals. Healthy stuff only, and I expect all of you to use the sauna and workout room at least once. Moreover, when you feel yourself getting horny, jack off and our team's towel boys, Jake and Nicholas will be on call to clean up after you. Is everything clear?"
"Beer? Fuck yeah!" yelled Paul.
All the boys lined up to receive their pills, swallowed them, and then marched up stairs to unpack and then take all their cloths off. Jill, meanwhile was wandering around the house, familiarizing herself with it. She poked into every room, opened every door, and peered here and there. She did notice there was a huge wrapped present downstairs next to the fire place, but she had no clue as to what was inside it.  Christmas was a week off, but perhaps she'd get to open it this weekend!
Now it was time for the boys to settle down, get naked and let Jill have her way with them. The porn was running on the big screen TV and beers were being handed out and opened. The teenagers were now lounging on the second floor, some sitting on the two sofas, others sitting on the chairs or on the floor and a few were just standing. More than one was stroking their magnificent woodies as they watched the porn. All of them were comfortable with being naked and sexually excited together. Many of the boys regularly jacked off together over internet porn, and they were used to seeing each other's equipment. It was about then that the cantharis kicked in and the boys all felt their nuts itch, from the inside out. Suddenly the needed Jill to paste their eggs because they each instinctively knew there was no other way to scratch the itch.
"Jill," said Peter, who was standing against the wall, one hand on his dick the other squeezing his balls. "Jill come do me a favor and kick me in the nuts. They itch like a motherfucker."
"OK." said Jill, always happy to oblige. "Spread your legs, and put your hands on top of your head." The handsome team quarterback smiled and did as he was instructed. He had a magnificent penis, about eight and a half inches long, fairly thick and with big walnut sized testicles. It was a perfect package, and Jill smiled back at him as she slipped out of her shoes and began to punt him in the nuts with only her fuzzy baby-blue socks. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Several of the boys stopped watching the porn and just watched their little princess wale on Peter's gonads. They were stroking to his pleasurable agony.
"Shit yeah, OOF" said Peter. "Fuck yeah, Jill, kick me hard in the nuts. Oh, yeah." Peter's balls were bouncing around, and his scrotum was becoming a vivid red color, but his hard-on never diminished. In fact it seemed to be getting bigger, its head a bulging purple helmet and his shaft an orangey-red.
"Fuck," said Dean, "I need some kicking too. The insides of my balls feel like they're being stung by fire ants." Dean stood beside Peter and spread his legs. Now Jill had two targets and began to alternate kicks between the two boy's legs. Their scrotums hung low from the heat of the fireplace, and Jill loved watching how the individual testicles rolled around the top of her foot as she smashed it into their groins. Some of the other boys had started either squeezing or punching their own nuts in an effort to relieve the fiery redness inside their orbs.
Meanwhile Jill was organizing her own fun. She had Peter and Dean on all four on the floor and she also had Chris, Patrick and Ian down with them, and she was now punting their nuts from behind. She loved to see the hanging, swaying goobers of men down at her level. Like dogs. And what do you do with dogs? Kick them where they live. HARD. And so in her fuzzy socks, Jill would run up behind them and KICK, their ballbags would then slap up against the base of their shafts, and swing back down again, ready for more. Between the porn, the ballbusting and the blowjobs, all the boys were leaking precum, and were sweating slightly, despite the fact that it was snowing outside. It was getting loud too. Boys were moaning, crying out and gutterly exclaiming as their livelihoods were being worked over, by chemicals as well as by manual application.
Down the line and back up again she moved. She decided this was going to be a weekend of ballpopping, and she chose Dean to be the first she would partially ruin. She stood behind him and kicked him repeated in the balls until she could feel his smaller right testicle begin to rupture. Dean, a dark-haired, tan god of a boy, could only moan in agony as Jill ruined him. When his ball began to rupture, Jill got very close and began to squeeze the doomed bollock between her fingers. She could feel it hemorrhage. Bits of the inside of his testicle oozed out into the scrotum, and she decided to punch the thing to help the process along. She squeezed his right ball down to the bottom of its sack and began to punch it with all her might. The ball was trapped and had no where to hide. Dean collapsed but didn't try to stop his little princess from ruining him.
SMACK SMACK SMACK. The testicle was bloating and squishing in her hands, and she stopped smacking as everyone in the room heard a loud "SQUISH" as ball ripped in two. Jill dug her fingers into the ruining nut and began to pull it apart and she could feel the coiled strands of his testicle liberated from their tough outer shell and they filled up his scrotum nicely. Soon Dean passed out from the overwhelming sensations in his crotch, and Sean, the nurse, was sent for to open his man-purse, dig out its contents, and reverse the damage done. His squashed testicle would be put in jar of honey and added to her growing collection of man-trophies which she kept at home, labeled "Dean" of course, so she could remember exactly how it happened. Dean was out of the game for the rest of the vacation. But Jill certainly had many more to go.
The next few hours was a bacchanalia of ball-busting. Jill got to kick, squeeze and hit twelve sets of testicles. She attacked not only the team but the towelboys too The beer flowed freely and the porn played on. Things quieted down, though, as the night wore on and several of the boys ejaculated. Their hard-ons remained and the itching in their balls got, if possible, even worse.
The last thing that happened that night was Jill asked for two volunteers to play a game. Chris and Paul volunteered. Jill had then stand at opposite sides of the room. The she tied a rope around each of their ballsacks and handcuffed the boys hands behind them. Then she weighted down the middle of the rope with a jug of milk. Next two lines were taped out with carpet with duct tape. The rules of the game, the first person to get the milk jug over their own line won, and the looser had to lose a ball. Chris and Paul began to struggle, pulling with their distended ballsacks to pull the milk jug towards them, causing them great pain. Their scrotal sacks were stretched unnaturally long and their balls were turning purple as they pulled and pulled, and each boy's faces were becoming red as beets as they pulled and pulled, hoping they wouldn't have to loose a nut. The cords in their necks stood out as the other team players were all rooting for them, and the room was filled with the chant, "Pull, Pull, Pull". Finally Chris began to tire, and with a mighty pull, Paul got the milk jug over his own line. Everyone clapped and cheered, hooted and hollered.
His hands still cuffed behind him, Chris kneeled before Jill and asked her how she was going to take his nut. Jill ran downstairs, got several telephone books, and piled them between Chris's legs so that his nut-sack was supported. Then with some difficulty, Jill stood on the books and asked Chris which ball she should burst.
"Well, that's really up to you," he said.
"No, I want you to choose," replied Jill.
Chris looked down at his equipment and decided. "OK, take my left ball, it's bigger and might give you more pleasure."
"OK. But only if you say the magic word," replied Jill
Chris gulped and braced himself -this was going to hurt. "Please take my ball from me, little princess. Please crush it into paste." He looked up into her eyes as Jill placed her cute little heel on his left testicle. Stabilizing herself by putting her hands on his head while he kneeled, she began to put all her weight on it. Meanwhile all the boys were jacking off, waiting for the moment when they heard his nut pop to cum. The whole thing was thrilling and the only sound to be heard was slick hands beating meat and Chris's moaning as his ball was being flattened. Deeper and deeper Jill dug her heels into his left ball, and nut meat was oozing out in all directions, trying to escape its undeniable fate. And then, with a loud "POP", the thing ruptured and went slack, and eleven boys came at the same time. It was just too exciting. All around the room, ropey ribbons of cum landed on the carpet or the sofa or the wall as everyone but Jill and Chris had an orgasm at the loss of his nut. Chris passed out and Tim came in and told them that their bedtime had come. By this hour the cantharis had run its course, and their balls no longer itched. All the boys were replete and satiated sexually, and so it was off to bed. Jill changed into her nightgown in the bathroom and was tucked into bed by Tim. The evening till dawn was peaceful and uneventful.
Come morning Jill woke up and climbed out of bed. She was going to be the cruelest form of alarm clock - kicks, knees and punches to testicles to sleepy, hot teenage athletes. Carefully and quietly she went from bed to bed and gingerly drew back blankets, stepped between naked thighs, and rammed her foot into helpless ball-sacks. Or she reached underneath sheets and pulled and punched nuts. Either way she woke everyone up to groans and whimpers from ball-pain. It was delicious.
Breakfast was a huge egg, cheese and vegetable frittata and all the boys ate it with gusto. Then they swallowed their medications and went back uptstairs. Some boys went to the sauna, others went to the Jacuzzi and others plopped down on the sofa to watch more porn. Regardless of where they went, the boys were horny, hard and had itching inside their man-eggs.
Jill changed out of her pajamas and into a lovely pink swim suit and joined the boys in the Jacuzzi. It was the first time for her in one, and she loved the heat and the bubbles and the odd smell of chlorine. It made her relaxed and likewise it relaxed the ballbags of the boys inside the hot tub. Naturally, Jill's playfulness came to the fore and she started to go underwater and randomly squeeze and pull on the boy's eggs. She could barely see underwater but she could feel their floating ballsacks and she targeted each of four boys in the pool and then come up for air. One guy, David, had exquisitely sensitive balls, and groaned loudly each time she squeezed his nuts. The other three boys were more stoic and just grimaced. What she really wanted to do was pretend she was a shark and bite the boys big balls but she couldn't hold her breath long enough underwater so she had to settle for squeezing. Then the wide receiver, Aaron, got partially out of the tub and sat in its rim, his naked testicles dangling between his legs. Jill, pretending to be a shark, swam around until she could get to where his nuts were and sucked on of them into her mouth. She began to chew. Testicles are tough, of course, but not indestructible and Aaron let out a high pitched whine as his right bollock was being eaten by this little girl, but otherwise made no move to stop her. He, after all, had pledged his manhood to her. She chewed and chewed on the tough teste while the other boys jacked off to his pain while watching little Jill eat his ball. The testicle was slippery and filled Jill's whole mouth, and it kept sliding from one side of her mouth to the other. And then, it happened! His fat jewel went "POP" and Aaron let out a scream, and collapsed on the deck, now completely out of the hot tub. The boys watching all came at the sound of the pop, their semen creating ribbons that drifted around the Jacuzzzi, and Jill, pleased with her success grabbed a towel and went off to find Sean so he could patch up her latest willing victim.


  1. Awesome!!! I've been checking every day for this update. You know what my favorite part was ;D

    Can't wait to

    1. Kicking them in the balls whilst wearing fluffy socks? Just a guess.

    2. Hahahaha!! God I'm so predictable.

  2. I love anything having to do with poping balls with teeth

    1. Me too! Part of my brain wonders weither popping a testicle with your teeth would be more or less painful than standing on it or squeezing it with your fingers. I wonder if anyone knows.

  3. I once had a male friend of mine whom I often had sex with. He also likes busting my balls in many ways. The most painful thing I had experienced was when he wrapped his powerful arms around my waist to prevent me from escape then sucked my baby makers in his mouth then started chewing them like some musky, hairy chew toy. HOLYSHIT! I can take his squeeze, his kick, punch or his hard dick slapping my balls but that HURT so bad! I Thought my balls bursted right then and there to a paste. It's like squeezing. Not only did my testes felt the hurt but also my scrotum really felt those sharp gnawers. He really made my scream like hell but that made me cum like geyser. Fortunately my balls survived and is still whole for now.

    1. Amazing! You should write up your experiences as a story and share it all with us! It sounds hot and sexy as hell!

  4. I really excite about Jill is back ;-) Her stories always men submit their most precious balls to her, and she take very interesting way. I like she feels everysecond that man's precious balls popped and ruined. As I said always, your BB stories are the BEST.

    1. As always, thanx Crusher! I do my best. Or at least SOMETIMES I do my best. lol. Sometimes I'm too lazy to do my best. :P

  5. Where's part 2????

    1. Still in production, I'm afraid. Other projects grabbed my attention.


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